Mandy Wong, Sisley Choi, and Katy Kung Lead Best Actress Nominations

With the TVB Anniversary Awards taking place on January 10, there are a total of 18 nominees for Best Actress, but the competition is mainly between Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝). Another dark horse candidate also in the running is Katy Kung (龔嘉欣).

Mandy Wong Nominated for Line Walker

After participating in Miss Hong Kong 2007, Mandy first started her acting career through small supporting roles. Climbing up slowly through the years, Mandy landed her first breakthrough role in 2018’s Threesome <三個女人一個「因」> in which she believably portrayed a character with three split personalities.

Nominated for her role in Line Walker 3 <使徒行者3> as Madam G, a character with high-functioning autism, Mandy was able to bring to life a straight-edged character who appears outwardly cold and heartless, yet boasts a high IQ. Reflecting on her character, Mandy said, “I like portraying challenging roles that hover in the gray area and are eccentric. I enjoy the balancing act of walking on a tightrope. I feel that this character is quite unique.”

Sisley Choi Nominated for Legal Mavericks 2

Although Sisley’s extroverted image was perceived as flirtatious in her early career, the 29-year-old actress has come a long way since. Initially, Sisley’s acting was criticized for being amateur and unnatural, and she did not project her voice well. Rather than defending herself against such criticisms, Sisley worked hard to improve these shortcomings.

Seven years since her debut, Sisley is now nominated for TV Queen for her role in Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II>. Her portrayal of the righteous and loyal Dina in the drama, as well as her onscreen chemistry with Owen Cheung (張振朗), was met with praises.

Katy Kung for Hong Kong Love Stories

Playing supporting roles for the majority of her career, Katy is the dark horse nominee for TV Queen this year. Her portrayal as Dark Angel in Death by Zero (殺手) was refreshing and believable while showcasing her improvements. Successfully growing out of her “little sister” characteristics, Katy demonstrated her range of acting abilities in her four dramas aired this year, including Death by ZeroThe Dripping Sauce <大醬園>, and Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事>, and The Offliners <堅離地愛堅離地>.

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  1. What? How could that even be possible? I love Sisley and I also think Katy did well in Offliners, but not BA level yet- if the even have a matrix to measure. I’m hoping it will go to Priscilla or Joyce Tang! I think Joyce is good in come home love. Did not watch line Walker but Mandy is just boring in my opinion :/

    1. I’m also hoping it will go to Priscilla as she did a great job in Life After Death. Although Katy and Sisley have improved, I think it’s still too soon for them. Was not too impressed with Mandy’s performances.

      1. @khoobunny Priscilla did well in ‘life after death’. Katy not that fantastic although she did make audience dislike her in ‘dripping sauce’.
        Mandy not that convincing as Madam G with high-functioning autism. I support Priscilla and Sisley for this award. Sisley performed well as 癫姐 and the heartbreaking scene towards the end when she was so sad when her character’s father died.

  2. Katy really demonstrated acting range based on her four very different roles (assassin in DBZ, villain in DS, rich girl in Offliners and poor girl in HKLS)…I can definitely see her winning even though it seems so quick.

    Sisley has also been improving and I can support it…wouldn’t be one of my favorite BA.

    But Mandy…no. I agree with the above comment, boring… and her acting just isn’t convincing (but that’s just me).

  3. Thanks I needed a really good laugh tonight, Katy Kung best actress, silly TVB she can’t act.

  4. If I really have to pick then it would be Joyce Tang or Mandy Lam or Alice Chan…Meanwhile Priscilla Chan in Life After Death was her best performance to date but not BA material. Selina Lee maybe next year. Ali not bad but not this year. Majority of the nominees should be in the Most Improved Category instead of Best Actress.

  5. It’s all a joke, best actors/actresses is no longer about acting. It’s a case of if one is cast in a popular drama

  6. In my opinion I would like to see Joyce Tang or Alice Chan to win the best actress. For Katy and Sisley they’re only for either improvement or supporting actress they need a long way to go to win a best actress. If they choose either of them I would rather watch Yoyo Chen to get the best actress award or Griselda Yeung. As for Mandy maybe she can win favorite actress.

  7. I think Sisley has improved a lot but not best actress yet. Katy did will in HKLS and offliners (DBZ was terrible) but nothing groundbreaking. Mandy has always been boring as hell for me and so forced and fake in her acting.

    Where’s Priscilla in this conversation????? What the heck.

  8. how sad…everyone is getting an award. so meaningless. stopped for watching 5/6 years now ever

  9. No Priscilla? I am surprised because not only did she do well in LAD and was also in the big production of LW3, but I thought they would like some promotion of her for next year’s 7 Princesses. She showed versatility in the 3 series she was in. She is very likeable in acting and also personally.

    Ali was charming in DBZ and should get some recognition, but she won’t win for political reasons.

    Mandy’s going to win. I didn’t think she was convincing as high functioning autism, and she was so dull in her other 2 series, but she is in line for the award.

  10. I am probably in the minority here because I actually think Mandy ss Best Actress material, at least among this crop of actresses. I am noticing, though, that her roles have gotten less interesting over time. So while she may not have deserved Best Actress for this year, to say she doesn’t deserve it at all, is unfair. I think she was great in A Chip Off the Old Block, L’Escargot, Divas in Distress, The Exorcist’s Meter and Threesome. Can she beat Ali? No, but Ali is in a class of her own and transcended TVB quality.

    1. @coralie if only the locals can see beyond politics and able to separate entertainment from politics. TVB can never find another Ali in the near future . She is the whole package, she has the looks, the acting skills and the onscreen chemistry

    1. @mulder99 the results are shocking tbh. How does Mandy Lam go from supporting to main with the same role??? Priscilla is cheated. heck even Mandy is cheated.

      1. @bubbles23
        I would have preferred Mandy win if Priscilla wasn’t going to win…but Sisley Choi who only been with TVB for 7 years…
        A lot of the results were shocking…what about best suppporting actor , went to Bak Bui wtf.. and his acceptance speech was so long and full of crap talk.. it was embarrassing

      2. @mulder99 ikr.. I feel that the past few years the recipient of best supporting actor got really random like hey just pick this guy. I didn’t watch any speeches yet.
        Hard to believe Sisley’s fan base is big enough to get her there. Selena said it on her ig, not attending = no awards. I don’t get the point of handing BA to Vincent again

      3. @mulder99
        Some good results there. Brian Chu and Bak Biu I can’t complain. Best actress was the the weakest category. Probably would have been unhappy whoever won. Maybe should have gave it to Katy again for HK Love Story…

      4. @bubbles23 I don’t think the results were that bad compared to last few years, at least I think all the winner were well deserved based on their acting skills.

        I mean once I realized Raymond wasn’t in the ceremony, I knew Vincent was winning BA, it’s was two horse race between Raymond and Vincent, as you said not showing up means no awards. I was just a bit surprised that Vincent won the Malaysia award as well, felt like it should have gone to someone else, like a Moses or Wayne.

    2. @mulder99 Sisley’s acting in LM2 was actually really good, so I don’t know why she got so much backlash, I know she is young, but I think she deserved it (more than Mandy)

      I can agree that Priscilla should have got top 5 instead of Mandy Lam

      1. @scre after my initial shock I think the results are fair to the performances of the actors/actresses. But I don’t think we’ve had such skewed results since No Regrets where one drama swept so many awards. Both BA awards should have been renamed Best Overall Performance of the Year because Sisley definitely outperformed her competition. BA could have swung to any actor imo.
        Priscilla not getting a top 5 nom is an insult. I thought her fan base is the biggest one of all of them.

      2. @bubbles23 What about 2016? when A fist within four walls won all the major awards, I think it was a good drama, but don’t think it was deserving of all those awards.
        Also, is it just me or I feel like tvb has changed in terms of how the awards used to be, they would almost all the time give the BA based on seniority or like someone who hasn’t won it before

  11. I was going to wait for the official post to post my thoughts but since everyone is starting….

    1) I’m a bit surprised at all the al cappuccino love… it definitely was a terribly written drama but filled with good actors. Also if they wanted to make it a Vincent year, why not legal mavericks for best drama? Definitely a better drama out of the two. But also the ratings probably ****** them over as it aired online weeks before TV. Al cappuccino surprisingly had high ratings. That was interesting to me

    2) I’m a big Vincent fan so I’m happy he won BA. But I really thought it was Raymond’s but he didn’t show up so I guess that’s why. Vincent thanked the wrong drama tho I think, again so much al cappuccino love that I didn’t understand. LM2 was much better. Also — he thanked YoYo someone tell me did she looked annoyed or uncomfortable? Lol

    3) I’m SHOCKED Priscilla did not make the top 5 like wtf. She definitely got robbed. I mean she should have won. I am also shocked that Mandy didn’t win she was a fave this year. I am not sad that Sisley won because I think she performed really well this year even though I should Dino was so annoying this time around in LM2. She deserved to win.

    4) Ok, as much as I loved HKLS, how the hell did Owen not win BSA??????!?!? Like what? I’m so confused. The range he showed this year, every character people were a fan of, HOW. This was another shocker to me but I’m glad he won fave character. His speech was so touching just shows what a great person he is. And his friendship with Vincent, so sweet.

    5) SO HAPPY WINKI WON!!!!! But I think that should have gone to Yoyo. Like she was definitely a sure win but Winki’s character was more popular I believe thanks to her relationship with Owen. I think they both have a cute friendship it’s very sweet.

    6) and just so happy Ali got top 5 for the categories she was nominated. TVB needs to know they made a mistake lol

  12. Sisley is good and I prefer her over Mandy. Just surprised that Mandy wasn’t given the award. Priscilla should be top 5, that was a definite snub.

    Vincent won? I am having a hard time finishing LM2. He’s good but it doesn’t have the heart of the first one.

    So will there be no LW4? I would not have minded a Raymond win due to his overall history.

    1. @potatochip I was a bit surprised that Vincent won with the same character, but since Raymond didn’t show up I knew Vincent would win. Still a bit bummed out he didn’t show up otherwise he would most likely would have won.
      Hope they do a LW4 and he is in it and hopefully win BA, if Raymond never wins BA it will be a shame because he got snubbed a few times.

      1. @scre I wonder why he didn’t show?
        I have been binging old shows and am totally obsessed with Twin of Brothers because of his story with Li Qian. They had such great chemistry and spark that doesn’t exist nowadays. His acting was very subtle and touching then.

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