Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng to Get Married on June 29

After dating for two years, Wang Feng (汪峰) successfully proposed to Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)  at her 36th birthday party in February. The couple applied for marriage registration in Hong Kong in March. Due to local policies, the couple must be married within three months after registration. It has been reported they will get married on June 29, which coincides with Wang Feng’s birthday.

Prior to dating Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi had a slew of tumultuous relationships, including dating wealthy heir Eric Fok and businessman Vivi Nevo.

Similarly, Wang Feng has experienced two failed marriages previously. Despite these relationship setbacks, the 43-year-old musician did not give up on love and met Zhang Ziyi through their mutual interest in mahjong. Known for his romantic gestures, Wang Feng publically declared his love to Zhang Ziyi during his concert in 2013.

“I imagine that when we are both in old age, we will walk every road of life hand in hand. I will make you the world’s happiest woman!” declared Wang Feng. Zhang Ziyi, who was seated in the audience, was touched to tears by his heartfelt declaration.

When the couple’s managers were contacted in regards to this piece of news, they responded, “We really do not know.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m sorry as I don’t think these two will last…one from numerous marriages and another is a well known gold digger…just dunno what they find in each other?!

    1. @tess
      A wealthy woman like Zhang is hardly a gold digger, and most likely earns more than Wang Feng. She probably like his voice, music and personality, and he admires her for her successful career.

      1. @msxie0714
        I agree and do not know why people always say Zyz is a gold digger? She is very wealthy herself so why would she go for money only? I find it hard for celebs. If they marry rich people say they are gold diggers,but if they marry someone with less money,they are marrying down. It is so hard to please everyone. In this case,she is
        definately marrying for love since she most likely makes and has more money than he does.

  2. I suppose after a lifetime digging for gold literally and hunting for billionaires, you will end up either miserable, rich tai tai or if available, marrying your true love who isn’t that rich to begin with. I wish her happiness. If you want to be foolish do it when you’re young. As you mature, time to live as you are meant to live.

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