Zhang Ziyi Announces 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

Although rumors of international superstar Zhang Ziyi’s (章子怡) pregnancy have been flying around since April, the 40-year-old actress made an official announcement yesterday to confirm that she is indeed pregnant with her second baby.

Currently 30 weeks pregnant, Ziyi gained some pregnancy weight and now weighs 127 pounds. Sharing her good news on social media, Ziyi wrote, “I have some good news to share with everyone! Today, I’m the chairman of the critics’ panel at the Tokyo International Film Festival and in the following eight days, four other critics and I will judge and give out seven important awards for the fourteen feature films.

“But today, I also have another special title – a hard working mother-to-be. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and weigh [127 pounds], although the weight is slowly increasing. I’m incredibly proud to have these two titles! Really grateful for everyone’s support and concern!”

Making an appearance at the opening ceremony for the film festival, Ziyi shared the news again in person after accepting interviews in both English and Mandarin. Besides being excited for her second baby, the actress also thanked everyone for entrusting her with the important chairman position at the film festival.

Married in 2015 to Chinese musician Wang Feng (汪峰), Ziyi welcomed her first daughter Wang Xingxing (汪醒醒) that same year.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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