Zhang Ziyi, Chen Kun Criticize Malaysian Government Over Flight 370 Tragedy

On March 24, the Malaysian government officially announced that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had crashed into the Indian Ocean without any survivors. Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement was made without producing further evidence, and no wreckage has been found of the plane, which has been missing since March 8. Since two-thirds of the plane’s passengers are Chinese, local celebrities Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Li Bingbing (李冰冰) and Chen Kun (陳坤) reacted with anger over the Malaysian government’s handling of the missing plane, criticizing its incompetency and accusing it of hiding information.

Zhang Ziyi posted on her Weibo, “Malaysian government, you have hurt the whole world! We are looking for the plane. You are looking for opportunity. Malaysian government, you are wrong today. You have misjudged how a government should handle international politics. You have misjudged the kind of respect a government should have for the people. You have misjudged the Chinese people’s persistence in finding out the truth.”

Huang Xiaoming posted, “I really could not take it anymore. The Malaysian government should give everyone an explanation. Give everyone the truth. Give the deceased respect! We want the truth!”

Chen Kun, who was never one to hold back his words, proclaimed he will indefinitely boycott all Malaysian produce and tourism unless the government provides a satisfactory explanation. He said, “With regards to the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines’ clown-like prevarication, lies, and disrespect for my compatriots, I speak for myself that I’m going to boycott Malaysian products and tourism…unless the Malaysian government removes their clown mask and gives us the truth.”

Director Wong Kar Wai (王家衛) expressed his sadness over the disappearance of The Grandmaster’s <一代宗師> stunt coordinator, Ju Kun (鞠坤), who was one of the passengers on board flight MH370. Wong said, “A very sad piece of news. The announcement was so sudden. Don’t even know if there would be more news today. But I will remain hopeful as long as the Malaysian government and the airlines have not found any evidence. I hope Ju Kun’s family will be strong. Hope there’s a miracle.”

Li Bingbing expressed her sorrow and also demanded to know the truth behind the missing plane.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Are you serious or saying this for the sake of saying something?

    1. Nope, it’s the truth. Everyone knows Hong Kong people and Taiwanese are much more civilized and clean than the mainlanders.

    2. im appalled that funn stood up for mainlanders. man. they must thank you for your gracious actions.

    3. @anon: stood up how? simply replying to a comment is considered as “standing up” for somebody in mainland China? Maybe all those peeing on the street have prevent mainlanders from thinking and judging something properly.

    4. dancy or whatever aliases you may use for all I know, I give up. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall so think what you like.

    5. “parler pour vous-même. Ferme ta bouch. Vous êtes méprisable”

      If you intend to post something harsh, why not use English rather than French to mask it?

    6. do u have solid evidence that thinner=mocking genius= dancy?

    7. No solid evidence unless the IP is checked which I have no wish to do so. A hunch is all I have.

      1. & if IP address isnt the same,
        d-amned if you do, d-amned if you dont.

      2. Funn: You have accused me of posting under different names. I have only posted comments on this website under “MOCKINGGENIUS”. You can go ahead and check the IP addresses of all the people whom you suspect are my postings. A person is innocent until proven guilty. If you find the IP address do not match I expect an apology from you.

      3. I wonder what Jayne would have to say about the IP address.

    1. Thanks for the link! This is the sort of response I have been waiting for. A bit of backup and support will go a long way.

    2. “We need to comply with the fundamental norms of a civilised society and need to show the demeanour of a great power.”
      – LMAO!!! Someone clearly sees themselves overtaking the position of Big Brother.

  2. I wonder what Jayne will have to say about the IP address.

    Oh Funn, I hope you have some comfortable knee pads, cause you might have to drop to your knees to do some serious grovelling. hahahahaha.

    1. I do not intend to if she doesn’t. Her comments about me and meant for me were vicious and uncalled for. So if she doesn’t need to, why should I?

      1. Interesting that yet again I get full blame for an observation also many by another commenter.

  3. As a Half Canadian Half Chinese myself, i personally think that Malaysia is a irresponsible country.That goes for Malaysian Airlines aswell. And tho those whom are mocking those heartbroken, mainland chinese, Shame On You. Thats not rude or mindless. that is human nature. What if it was you who were in their shoes, when you lost your every hope,you lost your loved one. What would you do? You cant expect them to sit back and just wait.. If you want to boycott these celebs well then try to do so. They need none of your help. Just by selling their movies or production in China can already make them a billionaire. Stop judging the chinese when you know nothing about their feelings. Yeah sure, there are others on the plane but more than half of them were mainland chinese. They visited your country Malaysia, earned malaysia money and supported malaysia’s economy. Their only hope was to return home. To go back and live on their life. Thats all they were asking. Their famillies are worried sick. They just cannot accept the fact that their loved ones are gone. Well,who could blame them? So stop mocking and judging them when your goverment is the one who deserves those.

  4. What a irony, Chinese citizens accusing foreign government of with holding imformation and not forthright with news and truth> I gather the Chinese government is best examples of a government that is very fair, open and always giving information in real time. The Chinese should be use to information withholding by its own government since cultural revelation. Before you pick on others, just look at yourself. thoughts by a non Malaysian citizen.

  5. I think all of you need to take a chill pill!

    All of us are posting comments and none of us are helping any of the victims’ families left behind from this tragedy.

    We are fighting over opinions of others who also are not contributing in helping the victims of families.

    1. No no, more like those people who are living in Malaysia aren’t helping, yet telling other people here to help or even better “Why Should I”.

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