Zhao Lusi and Dylan Wang Couple Up for Pepsi Commercial

Winning over viewers, Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) and Dylan Wang (王鶴棣) rose in popularity after the success of their respective dramas Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛·月升滄海> and Love Between Fairy and Devil <蒼蘭訣> last year. Recently, news of the two pairing for a commercial generated waves of fan interest!

Dylan Wang’s Star Draw Lesser Than Rosy and Wu Lei?

Heating up Sanya island where they were filming a Pepsi-Cola commercial for beverage brand, the two stars were casually dressed in matching blue and white. Channelling youthful, couple vibes while looking endlessly compatible, the idols left their fans eager for a full-fledged onscreen romance very soon!

However, word circulated that photos of Zhao Lusi and Dylan commanded RMB3,000 from fans, but a photo of each individual artiste apparently fetched only RMB300 – the huge 10 times difference raising heated discussions.

While Zhao Lusi was announced as Pepsi Cola’s ambassador for the China market recently, Dylan Wang became the face of the brand’s Zero Sugar series, which had fans posting remarks that Love Between Fairy and Devil and Unchained Love <浮图缘> was no match for Love Like the Galaxy. Putting one and one together, they further questioned if the fact that both Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei (吳磊) were named ambassadors for the brand’s China market showed they were above Dylan in their star power.

Unusually calm in their response to the saga, fans from both sides brought out how Dylan won the deal in end August 2022 while Love Between Fairy and Devil started airing only start of the same month, whereas Zhao Lusi had partnered Pepsi Cola for various events after close to 3 years before securing the sponsorship deal.

Although both launched their careers in 2018, the 95-drama flower had consistently focused on dramas, putting out 3 dramas a year whereas Dylan, who emerged winner in a reality talent show before starting out, consistently appeared on more variety programs, but only starred in 8 dramas so far.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Well…what baffles me is how popular Pepsi is. Everyone knows Coke is superior (lol flame war coming!)

    1. Sorry your comment made me chuckle so much. I definitely prefer Coke more then Pepsi… not that I dont it much.

      1. Yea same. Pepsi always had this artificial excess sweetness to it that I didn’t like. Coke is more dry and taste less sweet (though the sugar content is prob around the same.) Pepsi in my area is kind of dying – I remember them doing all these ads before in the U.S. with huge stars. Now they’re super low key.

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