Zhao Lusi Sold Wontons in College

Experiencing another popularity boost during the broadcast of Love Like the Galaxy (星漢燦爛), Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) has always been known for her lovable spunky heroine roles. Before becoming a leading lady, she was actually a budding entrepreneur.

A throwback photo of Lusi when she was studying fashion at MingDao University in Taiwan started circulating online. Although only her back and side profile were seen in the photo, Lusi was still recognizable with long hair flowing down her backside. With one hand on the ladle and another over a plate of wontons, Rosy appeared to be quite skillful.

A teacher from the university was interviewed regarding Lusi’s time there. The teacher revealed that Lusi was quite creative and investment savvy. Due to her love for cooking, she applied and opened a food stall at the school selling wontons. She would personally visit the food markets every morning to pick and buy ingredients for the wonton pork fillings. The teacher recalled also frequenting her food stand and purchasing wontons.

However, Lusi would eventually shine the brightest in entertainment arts. After winning Hunan TV’s Super Girl in 2016, she landed roles in idol dramas that would propel her to greater stardom.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That’s pretty cute that she started her own side business like that. Isn’t Super Girls a singing competition? I recall Li Yuchun winning it a long time ago. I didn’t realize Lusi was that strong of a singer.

  2. I thought she was rich. I mean how many go for fashion as a major unless s/he is wealthy…

    1. I thought she was too….her Antis spread such bad rumours about her over the years. She is rich enough to get a stall to setup her business. The initial investment may come from Daddy/.mummy bank…. maybe she does not want to be too dependant on her parents…

  3. Wow…I am extremely impressed!!! She is not a spoilt brat as some antis like to spread about her!!! Well Done Young Lady!!!

    1. Rich girl can cook. Poor girl cannot cook. Why isn’t ZLS crying about how much she suffer from being a sales worker in food industry? Could have done it sooner and get famous the easy way instead of overworking for so long.

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