Zhou Xun and Archie Kao Announce Marriage at Charity Show  

Zhou Xun (周迅) surprised the audience with a sudden marriage announcement during the One Night Children’s Charity Event in Hangzhou on July 16. Appearing onstage in a white wedding gown beside her boyfriend, Chinese-American actor Archie Kao (高聖遠), she held hands and loudly declared, “We are married!” Having publicized their dating relationship earlier in May, the couple was speculated to tie the knot soon.

Zhou Xun attended the charity event with many other singers as a guest star. The audience thought her time to shine was over after she sang two representative solos onstage. However, when Chen Kun (陳坤) later performed “Heart Sutra” <心經>, Zhou Xun reappeared in a Chanel wedding gown to announce her exciting wedding news. Zhou Xun and Archie hugged, kissed, and put on their rings. Shocked fans quickly rushed to congratulate the couple.

According to sources, the wedding took place in Hangzhou’s Dragon Hotel. The couple chose Hangzhou as the location since it is close to Zhou Xun’s family home and is convenient for her relatives.

Since Archie grew up in the United States, his Chinese skills were limited. However, Archie wanted to express his love for his wife in a meaningful way. Archie announced, “I want to say that the most important thing is love. Love allows all of us to be here right now, and it allows my wife and I to get together. I’m done with speaking Chinese.” He then continued his speech in English and thanked his family and friends for attending.

When it was Zhou Xun’s turn to speak, she revealed, “I have known Archie for over a year, and I would like to thank God for letting us meet. Not long ago, I accepted his proposal. We are extremely happy to be surrounded in this loving atmosphere today. It is amazing to mix our love and share it with everyone. I have portrayed a bride in many films and have expressed several vows, but tonight I will finally say my very own version.”

Speculations that Zhou Xun is pregnant spread quickly as soon as her marriage news surfaced. However, an insider was quick to deny the rumors and shared that she still has work plans scheduled for the rest of the year. Disproving the pregnancy rumors, Zhou Xun wore three-inch high heels and drank a glass of champagne at the afterparty with friends to celebrate her marital bliss.

Zhou Xun and Archie Kao Announce Marriage

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Zhou Xun wedding 6  Zhou Xun wedding 2  Zhou Xun wedding

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Its so sad. After the ABC said a speak in fluent English on stage, Xun Chiang replied, “ye…good”. And that’s the only English she can speak and had to result in speaking in Chinese only.

    1. Well, I guess you can’t expect her to speak fluent or even good English at all since she is populated just in Mainland/China. I do wonder and am amazed that some of these ppl actually are attracted to each other when they are so different in backgrounds thou.
      Just like how it always amazes me on how some Asians married foreigners when they can barely speak a word of English and I am in the U.S.A..LOL…Some marries for the card mostly but still you know…lol… My friends just say it’s called BODY LANGUAGE..whatever haha..lol…
      No idea who he is but he is kind of handsome… she is nah..haha lol…

      1. Isn’t she in cloud atlas where she needs to speak English? I would thought she would be able to speak some? Not fluent, but a bit better than demonstrating she can’t?

    2. Zhou Xun’s English will definitely improve much faster this way. And, his Chinese will definitely improve much faster this way too. 🙂

      1. From the video clip, I can tell that they both understand each other’s primary language but just not comfortable speaking it yet.

    3. why be sad when they are obviously happy? While the couple may have to struggle to communicate, they do share common interests in charity work, child welfare and the environment.

    4. As bad as Archibald’s Chinese was, the scary thing was that I understood him perfectly. That’s how bad my Chinese was, I guess. LOL

      1. I understood him perfectly too! I think his Chinese is definitely better than Zhou Xun’s English lol..

      2. Another scary thought is that Archibald’s Chinese is already much better than that of many HK’ers, many of whom can’t even speak it at all.

    5. It would have been great had he come out in his familiar Blue Power Ranger suit instead of the tux.

  2. Her reaction just felt so out of place after his touching speech. Probably because he poured his heart out and she doesn’t even understand what he said. I doubt he can speak Chinese either so he probably don’t understand what she said either.

    1. Why do you care? You’re not the one in the relationship.

    2. I saw an interview which a reporter asked him in Chinese. Though he couldn’t speak it well, at least he understood Chinese and can reply, albeit with American accent.

    3. It’s difficult for many Asians to express their feelings (especially in such a public event like that!) because it is not a part of their culture. It is easier for him since he’s American and that is encouraged here. His Mandarin is pretty good, considering there are many many ABCs who don’t know any at all. Like someone else said, they are probably just shy about speaking the other language in front of so many people. It’s a nerve wracking thing, speaking a language that you’re not fluent in!

  3. He’s Archie Kao from CSI (an American TV series) I always felt he was pretty Americanized. An unsual pairing to say the least.

  4. It’s such a touching wedding! Archie obviously understands Chinese, it’s just that he can’t speak well in it. As for Zhou xun, she was probably just a shy bride, so her simple ‘good’ was quite cute actually,

  5. They make a lovely couple, wishing them all the very best and hope their marriage last to prove the critics wrong.
    Just to clarify, some may be unable to speak another language fluently but that doesn’t mean they cannot understand what is being conveyed. We may be speaking the same language and yet that doesn’t guarantee that both of us can understand what the other is trying to convey. Communication can be through various forms. So don’t be a sour grape and just wish them well.
    The guy is not a cradle robber and the gal isn’t a cougar or marrying a man old enough to be her dad. This seems like a genuine and normal love relationship so be happy for them.

    1. Yeah at least she is not another actress who marry a rich old man like some others..

  6. Somehow, I don’t see them lasting very long…

    1. yeah.. the age difference, the language and cultural barrier.. let’s hope it will last ahhh

      1. Don’t you worry. It’ll last much, much longer than the numerous instances of HK/mainland China female starlets shacking up with some old white geezer perv.

        I’m just glad neither AK or ZX fell for the interracial b-llshite because statistics have shown interracial marriages don’t last long.

      2. What age difference. They’re about the same age. He knows enough chinese to communicate with her. Bet he understands more Chinese than my husband and she understand more English than my MIL. And they don’t have any problem communicating.

      3. I think is more like 3 years.

        He is 43 and she 40.

    2. Yup, she introduced him to the Chinese market. From the clip, it just feels awkward. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  7. I think they’re a really cute couple, despite the language barriers. (:

    1. I see a lot of good chemistry between Zhou Xun and Archie in the video. They’re a playful couple and seem very easygoing and relaxed with each other.

      Between speaking English and Chinese, I think they understand each other well enough. Having grown up in different countries, Archie can teach Zhou Xun about American life and he can also learn more about his Chinese roots. There will be times where there will be miscommunication, but also joy in discovering new things in each culture and plenty of stories to exchange.

  8. One question, did Archie change his name after acting as Archie in CSI or did CSI used his real name in the show? Just curious..

    1. He’s always been Archie David Kao. Just hope she doesn’t change her name to Veronica or Betty. What a coincidence that the comic book Archie got killed off about the same day of the wedding.

      1. LOL about Zhou Xun changing her name to Veronica or Betty!!!

  9. So they turned a charity event into their own personal marriage show…smh

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