Anthony Wong Admits Altering Dialogue in “Lord of Shanghai”

Yesterday, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) attended a promotional event for Ten Month Relationship <十月關係>, a book on sexual power for women. It is written by the clinical psychologist Ho Nim Chee (何念慈), who is also the wife of Anthony’s good friend Cheung Tat Ming (張達明). A portion of the book’s profit will be donated to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.

Anthony said he has always lacked a sense of security, and said his own wife is his protector. In order to repay her, Anthony joked that he had to sacrifice his body to her. He also added with a laugh, “My wife is very aggressive! It’s miserable! When I’m in the house, I’m at her mercy.” Asked if he will be planning to go on an overseas vacation with his wife, he said, “I don’t like traveling. I’m in charge of earning the money so she can go on them.”

Anthony has made a long-awaited return to television and is currently shooting the TVB drama Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Kent Tong (湯鎮業). Anthony expressed that filming has been going smoothly and he is having great fun.

Asked if Anthony has improvised and changed some of the dialogue in the script, he said, “Of course, I have. I’ve altered the dialogue so it can be more reasonable and more in tune with my character. While reading the dialogue I can tell that the writers are really young. They most likely have not had enough life experiences. The general meaning and idea is there, but they don’t know to properly write it down. It’s not a big problem; we’ll just take it as it goes, but many actors would have to pick that up on their own.”

Mentioning that Anthony may be one of the few actors in TVB who is bold enough to completely alter a script’s dialogue, he disagreed. “There’s nothing bold about it. I’m still telling the same story and going through the same main points. It’s just straightening details out and making it even better.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. good for Anthony Wong! 🙂 hope this will help produce a worthwhile drama that has higher standards than those in the current years!

  2. i have faith in anthony. he is a very good actor and he doesn’t budge to correct things when it’s not done correctly.

  3. He has a wife? All this time I thought he was gay. LOL

    1. he even has a son! I think he’s in college now.

  4. If you read between the lines, Anthony is saying that the TVB scriptwriters are just not up to par or experienced (which TVB is not willing to hire due to their high salaries) to handle big productions which will be scrutinized by discerning viewers. Thus, Anthony is improvising to make it work as not to drag his star status down and maintain some semblance of a quality production. Kudos, Anthony for being upfront and going the extra mile mentoring the inexperienced scriptwriters as well!

    1. Haha! I thought he was indirectly calling TVB out for their inexperienced script writers. Perhaps that’s why their quality has decreased.

      1. @Hannah: That’s exactly what he’s doing, as it’s no secret that TVB doesn’t have very many scriptwriters left (the ones who have stayed with them for 10 years or more we can pretty much count on one hand). The most experienced scriptwriters are the script supervisors and almost all of them have to lead a team of newbie scriptwriters who have to learn the ropes while trying to meet one deadline after another…it’s really no surprise the series have been so badly written in recent years.

        With Anthony’s experience, both in TV / movies as well as theater, I also have confidence that the changes he makes to the script will be way way way better than what TVB’s current scriptwriters are capable of coming up with.

  5. It makes sense. Really good professional actors/actresses turn themselves into the character they play so they know their character better than anyone else. He knows how his character would react in a given situation…much better than someone sitting behind a desk and writing dialogues to meet deadlines.

  6. It is great that Anthony is doing so and other veteran actors and actresses have done so before too. Of course the new and inexperienced actors and actresses do not dare. I think TVB needs that because a lot of their scripts have not been good lately.Maybe it is because they are too cheap to hire any good ones due to the high price they would have to pay.

    Anthony sounds like a good husband too. His wife is lucky.

    1. Hi HeTieShou,
      Yes, he seems to be a good husband.

      I cant wait to see him again. Not sure some of you watched this movie “yan yoke char siew pou” it’s disgusting starring anthony wong, he was really good, he could potray that character really, really well.

  7. Sort of off topic,but just rewatched an old ATV series recently called the Bitter Conflict and Anthony was so young and sweet there. It is great to see what a long way he has gone and so successful today.

  8. Anthony is hinting that TVB have incapable scriptwriters.

  9. Good! Really wanna watch some good drama rather than some that were made just to meet deadlines. Some years ago, I wouldn’t even glance at any Mainland Chinese drama and now I find them way better than TVB ones. Had it not because my childhood was filled with TVB dramas and where I improvised my Cantonese, TVB would have long gone forgotten.

  10. It will be a hot series; I love Wayne’s acting. Can’t not wait to watch this series.

  11. Have to agree with him. It’s hard to find good series nowadays. Now, it’s soo repetitive.

  12. He’s right TVB writers are not up to par now. Some of the characters they churn out, are down right annoying!

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