“Bounty Lady” Cast Celebrates 29-Point Series Debut

Dayo Wong (黃子華) is living up to his status as TVB’s ratings savior. His latest effort Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> achieved a twenty-nine point average during its first episode, making it one of the strongest series debuts in 2013.

After a string of lackluster productions, TVB finally revealed its trump card to boost its viewership before the year’s end. Billed as Dayo’s major comeback after four years, Bounty Lady premiered to positive reviews and satisfactory ratings, peaking at thirty-one points.

On November 26, the cast celebrated the comedy’s success over dinner. Dayo and leading lady Kate Tsui (徐子珊) dressed in matching outfits, hoping to attract money-making opportunities as a twins act.

Although he has been nominated for Best Actor multiple times, Dayo has yet to taste true victory. Due to his ability to guarantee viewers, some speculate that TVB is looking to entice him with the award this year in exchange for a long term commitment. The company allegedly moved up Bounty Lady‘s 2014 air date to give Dayo an edge, setting its premiere to just days before the official Anniversary Awards nominations announcement.

Dayo however denied these gossips, saying that making dramas does not fit well into his preferred lifestyle. “TVB knows how I am. I am someone who really needs sleep….” Although he is uncertain about winning TV King, Dayo is rather confident about Bounty Lady‘s performance. Kate revealed that her co-star had proudly declared that he will no longer act in comedies if the series fails to achieve satisfactory results.

Still looking frail, Dayo denied earlier claims that attributed his massive weight loss to a broken heart. He insisted that he and ex-girlfriend Annie Wan (溫安妮) are now strictly friends, and believes that there is no chance for reconciliation. He also expressed frustration and helplessness, angry that his former love had become an unwilling target of the recent baseless coverage.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This series was really fun and good. I hope they continue the great work.

    1. I know this series is great! A good hour of laughs! This role really suits kate cuz it brings out the funny side of her. So people say that her comedy acting is too OTT but I think that it just makes it more funnier! I will always support u kate! Fingers crossed for u to win TVB queen this year!

      1. I think the acting is supposed to be over-the-top because it’s a comedy! If we look at other comedies I think many actors/actresses over-acted to get the effect. I actually find Kate funny because of her over-acting!

      2. There is a difference between over the top pr over acted and being funny and comedic. Whilst I love Dayo who has great comic timing, the rest of the cast falters. Frankly Bounty Lady fails in the comedy aspect. I suppose it is more slapstick but I don’t find everybody else funny, especially Kate Tsui who seems out of her depth and is distracting. But the problem is the story. Episode 1 was so flawed. Am hoping the rest is funny.

      3. I guess some of the actors look like they are trying too hard to be funny. But i just don’t think that people should say that they Aren’t good or their acting is bad, after all they are all doing this so that we can watch them. Also we probably can’t do a better job than them so we shouldn’t be criticizing them. I think that all of the actors are doing a brilliant job, and those who need improving will improve as time passes. ( sorry I’ve written a lot! )

  2. Isn’t it a bit too soon to celebrate? Like counting their chickens before they’re hatched? Don’t understand why my post saying the same thing was deleted? Is it even remotely offensive?

    1. IKR Buzz that happens to me too. It happened to me with like 10 comments.

  3. hmmm…celebrating at 29 points? is that the new standard now? it doesn’t seem very high to me to be worth celebrating…

    1. Seems like ratings have been suddenly higher for dramas (like Will Power and Bounty Lady) after the 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala (on November 19).

    1. No Bk final and somewhere in the middle was over 29 but over it was like 24-26points and oc2 like 26.

      1. no, Bk never went below 26. Was 26, 26,26,27,27,26(affected by the blackout protest on Wed) and 29 for finale. Peaking was 31,28,28,30,30, 29 (blackout protest) and 32 for finale.

  4. A good dose of laughter for 1 hour each evening, only hope it’s more than 20 episodes. Dayo Wong and his own particular sense of humour is really hahahahoho

      1. Yh I wouldn’t actually mind if it was on every night like come home love!!

  5. just asking, is it possible that bounty lady will end right before the 16th dec? cause i saw it ends on 20th. so audience will not have chance to watch the ending before the award ceremony. its unfair then. if the drama doesnt end, how is it that the award should be given out???

    1. it’s never fair. Dramas broadcast early on in the year also have little chances of winning anything because a majority of the audience will have forgotten most of the plot by then 😛

      1. That is bcos tvb dramas plot is so lame that it is easily forgettable.

      2. Except “Rosy Business” which was aired from April 27 to May 29, 2009.

        It won Best Drama, Best Actor (Wayne Lai), and Best Actress (Sheren Tang) awards.

      3. both of kevin dramas which won him tv king was aired really early in the year

  6. As much as I think Dayo deserves BA, Dayo doesn’t seem to care for it. And he wouldn’t let them squeeze money out of him after he gets the prize (which he basically hinted in his quote above).

    1. Believe it’s not about the money, but rather the freedom which he is after.

  7. Dayo’s Cantonese speaking is excellent and very well verse with jargon and good cantonese language hard to find actors with his standard. He is an excellent actor…

  8. Kate Tsui is not suitable for comedy and her shoes are too big, not funny but awkward. However, May Chan can be given more in-depth serious shows. And Sharon Chan is funny and cute.

  9. This series better get high rating definitely going support this drama. I hope Dayo Wong doesn’t quit comedies roles if this series does fail on rating.

  10. May Chan reminds me of “Fei Fei” (Shum Din Ha – Lydia Shum) especially if May puts on a pair of spectacles

  11. So far I love this series. Dayo is hella funny and Kate’s acting is good. I wish it’s more than 20 eps.

  12. well I don’t know if it’s just me but I think Kate is very good with Jenifer, I like how Kate portrays Jenifer as a over-dramatically career-minded like that. And Jenifer’s childish behaviors are really funny to me, she’s an adult around other people, but always behaves like a child with Heung Kwong Nam around

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