Carman Lee: “Women Don’t Need to Sacrifice Everything for Family!”

Carman Lee (李若彤) was a very popular Hong Kong actresses in the 1990s, but after filming 2004 Mainland Chinese drama Legend of the Song Dynasty <大宋驚世傳奇>, she took an immediate hiatus from the industry.

Currently starring in the TVB drama Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, it has been ten years since Carman last filmed a television drama. Carman said it was Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) who had reminded her that she still has a place in the entertainment industry. Eric Tsang (曾志偉), producer of Never Dance Alone, offered her the role at the same time when Carman was prepared to make her comeback. Carman said all of this was meant to be.

Carman portrays Mo Siu Sze, a housewife who is disillusioned with her bland, everyday life and reminisces her past. She misses her old teenage life with M Club – her group of girl friends – as well as the Phoenix Dance Studios, an aerobics dance academy that M Club have helped set up. Many years later, Siu Sze comes across her old M Club friends again, rekindling their passion for life.

Carman finds her role sympathetic. “A woman doesn’t have to lose everything once she hits middle age. They can have their own views and their own careers. They don’t need to sacrifice everything for their families. I’ve had similar experiences. I once sacrificed everything for my family. But it is wrong to do so.”

Due to Carman’s similarities with the role, she said Siu Sze was exceptionally fun and easy to portray. Carman admitted that she has always been a rather wishy-washy person, but through Siu Sze, she has found a new spark of energy. “The role inspired me to go ahead and do it. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do my best. I need to keep an open mind. I have to stop closing myself.”

Never Dance Alone is based on the 2011 Korean film Sunny, which starred Yoo Ho Jeong. The series is told in two timelines – one in present day, and another during the 1980s when the series’ main stars were teenagers.

“Although we didn’t take part in the 1980s scenes, we can still relate to the script. The script said we were obsessed with Alan Tam (譚詠麟) – in real life, I also really liked Alan. My first concert was an Alan concert!”

Though Carman enjoys reminiscing the past, she said the past is something we should never dwell on. “I’ll rather look to the future.”

Mo Siu Sze has a husband, Wong Kwok Leung (Lawrence Cheng), and a 16-year-old daughter Wong Ho (Heidi Lee  李靜儀 of Super Girls). “She has a very good husband,” explained Carman. “Her husband supported her when she said she wanted to run a dance studio. However, in the end, after his mom’s complaints and their daughter’s rebellion, he tells his wife to give it up. I feel that, as a husband, you should always give your partner full support.”

Though Carman is not a mother herself, she said that the many years of taking care of her niece allowed her insight into motherhood. “I’ve managed to grasp the tone of a mother. This role really made me to understand how hard it is to be a mother. I will never see my mother as a hassle anymore!”

Source: TVB Weekly #878

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  1. Still very “Asian”. All these actresses answering questions about husband and kids. Just tell them you’re a lesbian or something and get it over with. It’s 2014, not everyone wants to get married and have kids. Leave them alone with these stupid family questions!

    1. She’s not a lesbian. Please don’t categorise her as one.

      And she love kids and had wanted to get married, only that these didn’t work out for her.

      Not every Asian who is single are either lesbian or not want a family. You from an upbringing in a western country simply do not understand this, and is quick to judge.

      1. I don’t think Nick is categorizing her as a lesbian. I think Nick is just saying to use lesbian as an excuse to get family friends and relatives to stop asking single individuals when they’re going to get married and have kids. That’s all.

      2. Even lesbians get married and have children. So the better answer is I am devoted to god and plan to shave off my hair to be a nun.

    2. Well she is answering to Asian media. I don’t think she has much of a choice.

  2. Anyone watches this series yet? Hoping they dub it in Vietnamese soon so I can watch it online in the USA! 😀

    1. Watching it at the moment in the US. If you understand Cantonese there are websites streaming currently streaming it.

  3. Really enjoyed Carman’s performance! Such a versatile actress. I’ve only seen her in ancient dramas, which IMO, is harder to film but Carman can also do modern.

    1. I like her role and flora’s role! Both are doing an amazing job! Carman is so pretty for her age.

  4. Carmen is an amazing actress. she still looks so youthful after all these years! love watching her in Mclub

  5. yes she is indeed a great actress.Hope she settles down soon.

  6. I love this series. but can we please talk about Carmen’s daughter…omg! What a little brat, I’d kill myself if I’ve selfish & rude daughter like that.

    1. Maybe Mo Siu Si/巫小詩 will get her respect back as the series develops? BTW, the wiki for Never Dance Alone does not list the actress for the daughter, Wong He/黃河.

      1. Wong he is heidi, from super girls, same group with cheronna, the one who played little talkative luk yuen chau

  7. Carmen Lee is still very pretty despite her age. I enjoy watching her in that drama. Among all, i think Carmen Lee is the pretties. She looks very elegant and beautiful.

  8. I’m happy to see Carman Lee back in the fame. She is so amazing on “Dance Never Alone” series. She should be the next TV Queen.

  9. Really enjoy the series and i love Carmen she doing very well!, i have not see her 90s series before.

    1. You should. ROCH 1995 was very good. The best Little Dragon Girl IMO. Only one to possess coldness, maturity, and beauty.

    2. Agree with the opinion about her Little Dragon Girl. As much as I like the classic version with Idy Chan, I think Carmen’s portrayal was spot on. She had the naive innocence and serenity of one who had no contact with the outside world.

      She was also very good in the Demi Gods and Semi Devils

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