Dayo Wong and Kate Tsui Film “My Prime Lady”

Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) long-awaited TVB comeback has finally started filming! Dayo, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and May Chan (陳嘉佳) participated in the first day of filming for their new comedy My Prime Lady <My盛Lady> today. Dressed stylishly with sunglasses, Dayo looked fit and in good spirits. Kate and May spent the majority of the day filming together. The actresses praised each other and expressed both excitement and anxiety over working with Dayo.

Synopsis of “My Prime Lady”

My Prime Lady is a 20-episode modern comedy from director Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻), who collaborated with Dayo in 2009’s You’re Hired <絕代商驕>. Dayo plays Heung Kwong Nam (香廣男), a stylish modern bachelor who works as the creative director of a public relations firm. Due to past events, Kwong Nam finds himself sympathetic to the plight of “leftover women”, and decides to help them find true love by guiding them through complete life make-overs.

Kwong Nam’s life took a huge turn when a woman from his past suddenly re-appeared in his life. Sing Fa Lui (盛花蕾) [Kate Tsui], rumored lover of his boss and with whom he had a one-night stand, showed up at his firm one day. Due to an unfortunate mistake on Kwong Nam’s part, Fa Lui was given the opportunity to work at the firm as his equal. The two immediately became archenemies, each fighting to surpass the other in an epic career battle. Over time, Fa Lui discovers that Kwong Nam is not as bad as he seems, and Kwong Nam also finds the truth beneath Fa Lui’s facade. Seeing the good in this “leftover woman”, Kwong Nam decides to turn her into his next project, repackaging her into the perfect woman fit for her Prince Charming.

At the set, reporters expressed concern over Dayo’s slim physique. Dayo reassured that he is absolutely healthy. “Don’t worry! If I take off my shirt, you will be scared by my toned biceps! I’m not just skin and bones, I have a bit of a tummy.” When asked if friend Cheung Tat Ming (張達明) may guest star in the series, Dayo replied, “Let’s wait until his health improves. He is a bit skinny for now. He is working behind-the-scenes at the moment and full of energy.”

Kate Tsui, who could not sleep due to anxiety over working with Dayo, worked extra hard to lose weight after seeing her co-star’s slim figure. “I’m worried after seeing how fit Dayo is. I feel too embarrassed to even show my feet! Luckily I ran to keep fit.” Kate shared that she enjoyed working with Dayo and that he is relaxing and fun to be around.

May Chan, who shared a scene with Kate during today’s shoot, was also very anxious about working with Dayo and suffered from insomnia the night before. May also praised Kate’s slim figure and hoped to achieve the same. “The more I read the script, the more I want to lose weight! I will try [to lose weight] three years from now. I definitely see Kate as my goal. Either I lose a lot or don’t lose anything at all! I definitely will be able to get married!”

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  1. Geez – someone please put a stick of butter down his throat.

    1. I was just going to ask…did he always look this thin? He looks sick or something.

      LOL….stick of butter? If he doesn’t die of starvation, he’s going to die of a heart attack! Haahaa!!

    2. I’m a little worried about his health. He seems a little too skinny for his build and height.

  2. wow, Kate is really thin now but if comparing to Dayo, she’s pretty healthy.
    anyway, just look at the video about this series’s first day, it seems hilarious and quite funny. And I love the colorful clothes Kate wears and the Dayo’s shoes too, suits my style

  3. Mhm Dayo looks really skinny in that photo. It’s a bit scary! :3

  4. Anticipating for Dayo’s performance. However, it’s hard to link Kate with comedy. Hope it’ll turn out good.

  5. Kate has done a few comedies in films rarely on series and she pulled it off since most of the time she’s involved with something more dramatic.

    1. yeah, I think Kate got “Buddy cops” as comedy, the movie hasn’t come out yet but by the look of her outfit in the movie, I can’t help but LOL

  6. He’s one of my favourite actors. Hope he can take good care of his health! He really looks so weak. Kate Tsui has aged considerably too.

  7. Looking forward to this (despite the fact I don’t like Kate’s acting…) and definitely a refreshing group.

    I enjoyed You’re Hired and War of Genders so can’t wait for this =)

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