Eric Tsang Invites Tony Leung to Film for TVB

While Eric Tsang (曾志偉) is busy preparing to launch the premiere of his Chinese New Year film I Love Hong Kong 2013 <2013我愛HK恭囍發財>, he also revealed to the media that Tony Leung (梁家輝) has intentions of returning to TVB to star in a drama. After all, Tony Leung is a graduate of the acting academy and “TVB Blood” still runs inside of him.

Eric said, “Tony asked me how TVB has been lately and I told him that it’s much better than before, so he asked me to help him arrange a good script and role. Tony signed with the Shaw Brothers after he graduated from the acting class so he never filmed a series before. He believes he owes TVB a favor.”

Veronica Yip (葉玉卿), who returned to Hong Kong from New York to star in “I Love Hong Kong 2013 “ may also have the opportunity to star in a TVB series. Eric shared that Veronica’s acting received rave reviews after a pre-screening preview and hopes that it will reignite her acting itch. Eric said, “It’s a shame if she decides to retire from the big screen. Before she came back to Hong Kong, she did say that she wanted to star in one movie and one series, but after the rumors broke about her financial troubles, I didn’t dare to bring it up again. In fact, there is a good script that I think is very fitting for her so maybe we can wait until her daughter is on summer vacation so she can spend an extended period of time in Hong Kong.”

Eric is definitely pulling all the stops and personal favors by asking his friends such as Andy Lau (劉德華), Tony and Veronica to return to TVB. Hopefully viewers will not have to wait too long for their favorite big screen actors and actresses to grace the small screen.


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  1. All we hear is he asks him, asks her, throw a lot of names in, but at the end of the day any concrete signing?!

    1. agreed. i believe that some of them merely said ‘ok’ out of courtesy.

    2. Funn,
      Someone should go ask Alex Man. Although he may be an actor with high work expectations, he would make a welcome comeback for audiences.

      1. Asking is one thing, but whether they agree to and stick to their word until the end is a different story…

      2. Is Alex Man in the clique of Eric Tsang? Because this is becoming more and more like name dropping of the inner circle of Eric Tsang.

      3. i like alex man,s acting very convincing and powerful when he speak.

      4. @jayne

        alex man went a little crazy … not enthusiastic about him coming back, unless it’s the 80s and early 90s him.

      5. Pandamao,
        Are you referring to his personal life, or his acting went overboard?

        He was in Wong Jing’s “Young and Dangerous: Reloaded” but I didn’t watch the film yet. Don’t know when I will opportunity to see it either.

      6. Didn’t there is a report in the past that He is a wife beater?. I think he is a bit crazy in his personal life.

      7. @jayne –

        he was on this atv anniversary show and he kept blabbing on and on… so ridic.

        i didn’t watch Y&D reloaded either so … maybe give him another chance and see.

    3. if any of the big names will come back to tvb to film a serie they surely will loose big money,so i dont think any of them will do it,unless tvb will compensate its looses.

  2. At first I thought they were referring to the other Tony Leung(Chiu Wai).

    1. Haha, me too! Tony Leung Ka Fai is also a fine actor, so if he does film for TVB, it will be great too!

  3. even if they agree to act it will only be for one series, what happens after that? let’s face it, it the wraps for tvb, they can do it gracefully, they had their good times, it’s enough, right? eric tsang’s family are doing okay now, he should retire, afterall he is old already, let the world go round, let other people /co have that chance

    1. At least we have chance to see them on TV show again for the first time in a very long time.

  4. I haven’t followed the latest but is Eric all clear with the assault charges?? If not, he might be going to jail so it doesn’t matter who he ask!

    1. Famous people never really go to jail.
      And if they do, they never stay long.

      1. Did Stanley Ho’s daughter get stopped by the police for texting whilst driving this week?

    2. has it ever been reported exactly what Eric Tsang’s role in TVB is now? It must be powerful hence Oscar’s propping up of ET.

  5. hahaha @ Eric saying “it’s much better than before” to trick Tony into filming for him.
    This is a slow mo train wreck waiting to happen. – Like having an Oscar winner act in a primary school play. – You really don’t want to watch it, but won’t be able to resist taking a peek and immediately regret it.
    No matter how good his series could be (let’s face it , its TVB afterall), it will lower his rep and perceived acting abilities after it is aired.
    I hope he can come up with a believable excuse to get out of this “verbal contract”

    1. Yeah agree. I also wonder what’s better than before. The way TVB treat their artists and/or the quality of their series?

      Get Aaron as well and we can have the “Cold War the series” LOL

      No need to find an excuse. Tony only asked E.T find him a good role/script but not that he will be filming it assuming he even said that in the first place.

  6. Eric is pimping around like a gangster. When is this midget gonna go away?

  7. Has anyone watched Cold War yet? I am so lost in this one part …

    Did Chin Ka Lok betray Aaron Kwok?

  8. Another round of rumours of big names returning to film for TVB? I’ll believe it when it actually happens.

  9. haha. only those no movie to act will come back to tvb and act la. People like andy lau and this fellow , and many others no way will come back tvb.

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