Kelly Fu Flirts on Set of “Captain of Destiny”

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Model-turned-actress Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) possesses a killer body and is quite popular among her male co-stars. Formerly linked with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) on the set of Triumph in the Skies 2 (衝上雲宵II), Kelly apparently set her new target as Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) during the filming of Captain of Destiny <張保仔>.

Ruco is Kelly’s New Love Interest?

Kelly has numerous scenes opposite Ruco in Captain of Destiny. Since Ruco and Kelly have many scenes together, Kelly would grasp on to this opportunity to get close to Ruco. In Hengdian, Kelly was spotted gluing herself by Ruco’s side on and off the set. She often grabbed Ruco to take photos together during their filming breaks.

Since Ruco stars as the main lead of the drama, he is often occupied with a busy filming schedule. Although Ruco is her top target, Kelly also did not let other male co-stars out of her eye. While Ruco is busy filming, Kelly would then turn her attention to Joel Chan (陳山聰) and even the married Otto Chan (陳志健). She was spotted wiping Joel’s forehead and asked Otto for workout tips at the gym.

Although Joel often initiated dinners with the crew after filming, many of the drama’s actresses, such as Katy Kung (龚嘉欣) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) often do not tag along. However, Kelly did not mind joining the all-male gatherings after filming and went supermarket shopping with the men. Kelly got along well with the men and was seen flirting with them frequently.

Grace Chan Isolates Herself

In contrast, female lead Grace Chan (陳凱琳) distanced herself from the rest of the cast. With her mother tagging along to Hengdian to take care of her on the set of Captain of Destiny, Grace was reportedly unpopular among cast members because of her frequent outtakes. An insider spilled, “Grace was promoted to leading actress quickly after winning Miss Hong Kong, so many actresses [do not like] her and will not even say hello when they see her face-to-face.”


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28 comments to Kelly Fu Flirts on Set of “Captain of Destiny”

  1. Mike says:

    She was in Triumph in the Skies 2? Is she the coffee shop girl?
    I remember that coffee shop girl said the ridiculous monologue. I wanted to smash the tv after listening to such fake crap written by tvb’s prized writers.

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    • melody replied:

      I also remember the scene where she kissed a vitaminwater bottle. I think it was the one that Issac drank from, weird script indeed.

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    • Passerby replied:

      I think she’s quite ugly. i don’t know about the killer body

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  2. evoFan says:

    The reporter must’ve hated kelly for something to write **** like this, lmao.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    1. maybe she is a friendly girl
    2. maybe she is playing his love interest and so she wants to stay in character
    3. maybe she gets on well with her male costar. I see Tavia as friendly so how come she never has such rumours?
    4. Ok so maybe she likes him. Who doesn’t? He is single ad available and has this article pointed out, Ruco has a taste for women with “killer body”.

    Question is did Ruco flirt back??

    As for Grace, even a veteran has NGs. Was watching The Hobbit TMO and guess what? Even Sir Ian forgets his lines and has to do a scene like 10 times or so. Give her a break. As for isolating herself, is that like everyday or maybe on her emotionally off days?

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      I like Kelly. She is ok. I like Grace. She has potential. Both as skinny, except Grace is difficult to look at because she is just too thin. The male stars look ok except I worry about Tony Hung who will probably fail this series for the lack of charisma. Come on, he didn’t have that in other series even if he is a capable actor. So Ruco has to step up and hopefully his character is intriguing enough. That being said, I worry most about the female cast. None of them has star power, even if by the way this article and previous articles go, they have chemistry with the male costars which is good. But the idea that I should turn on the TV to see at best 1 up and coming actress in a lead role and another who is at best 3rd liner is to me not very appetizing. I don’t see a strong female actress in this series. Maybe this will show how strong they are but again I just feel maybe just maybe Ruco should have an A list female with an A list male co star with an A list script. He is always missing 1 or 2 elements. Maybe at some point Ruco will morph into Kenneth or Wayne but right now, Ruco has a heavy burden. It is a positive thing because he gets to stand out but it is also negative because to stand out, people must first switch on the TV and the actors in this series do not inspire an urge to switch on the TV unless you’re curious, interested or massive fan of one or the actors. I will tune in for Ruco and the storyline.

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      • wp replied:

        Tbb has given too heavy burden to Ruco and too little return to him. Maybe they assume he has great drawing power and so no need for list A female co-star and that’s unfair to him. The lack of list A fadans are also a serious issue.

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      • RC replied:

        Same for me. I will tune in only for Ruco. Poor chap…he’s always cast alongside 2nd/3rd line co-stars. The producer is smart to cast Ruco as the main lead as he has drawing power and a huge fan base.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Remember he wasn’t meant to be the main lead and Tony Hung changed that dynamics.

        All I am saying is I am happy TVB feels Ruco has the goods to be the main and probably biggest name in a series but I just wish for once he gets to act alongside stars of equal footing but please no more his frequent loverboy or persistent rumoured lady love. I don’t mind Ankie though!

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      • anon replied:

        “…but please no more his………..rumoured lady love”
        ……not his fault, he didn’t create those rumors. Blame the pap dogs!

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      • RC replied:

        @Funn: Ruco was supposed to be the main lead in COD alongside Raymond Wong who was replaced by Tony Hung (actually Raymond replaced Bosco Wong who was supposed to play the pirate). Anyway, regardless if it’s Bosco or Raymond or Tony playing the pirate, I will still tune in only for Ruco. And don’t blame Ruco for all those rumors, it’s the paparazzi. But seriously, who can resist Ruco? 🙂

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Just saw the photos in the link. Ahhh Kelly is such a cheerful playful girl! Yes a bit of flirting there or maybe they are practising a scene. Why not eh? Go for it girl if you’re interested. At least Ruco can understand you.

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      • melody replied:

        Kelly doesn’t have a good record, that’s why the media is picking on her.

        She was spotted shopping with a married old man and later kissing in a taxi.
        Here’s the source:

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      • K replied:

        Another ugly rich guy, lol, she’s just another gold digger.

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      • purplecat replied:

        OH! So this is the girl that was caught with a Singaporean senior officer in a government office. And he’s so daring as to go out with this gold digger when his wife was also with him in HK. Tvb is so desperate! Previously, if any of their artistes has bad publicity, they will freeze them, but not anymore.

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    • RC replied:

      Can’t blame Kelly (or Ankie). Ruco is too handsome and charming. He’s such a hottie !!!

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  4. Tess says:

    I like Kelly! I think she has potential. As far as I’m concerned she did make a small role in TITS2 memorable. I still remember her as the stunning barrister in the coffee shop. That’s a plus on her side! Whether or not she’s a flirt that’s personal life. Who cares as both Ruco and her are still single and if it’s true they do make a cute pair together don’t you think?

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  5. mike says:

    take a few pictures u can make up a 100 stories, thats what writers are paid to do…make up garbage every day

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  6. MW says:

    Maybe Ruco Chan is just “dating” and has not gone to the next stage with anyone yet? Only Ruco knows what is right or not for himself.

    Nothing wrong with developing friendships. There’s a HUGE space between “hot” and “cold”. Such wild imaginations out there. Sheesh!!!

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  7. lawls says:

    Check out Graces instagram, she just shared a photo of her and kelly and all the other girls having a good night out. Why dont the tabloids try framing another story using that then.

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  8. bbbb says:

    Ruco’s a sexy and desirable man so it’s hardly surprising his female co-stars fall for him (eg Ankie) especially if she happens to be gold digging manhunter Kelly. Wasn’t she the one who also shame1essly flirted with Ron till he distanced himself from her? Hope Ruco has better sense than to pick up Ron’s reject.

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    • RC replied:

      Did Kelly shameless flirt with Ron on set of TITS? Can’t blame Kelly or Ankie. Ruco’s too sexy and too hot to miss! He’s the total package – excellent acting, talented, great personality, charming and good looking. 🙂

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  9. jj says:

    I like Kelly. She has acting potential. She’s pretty good in Swipe Tap Love.

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  10. DramaAddict says:

    Something about Kelly’s teeth, jaw and chin that’s quite distracting. Her looks are just average, not understanding why all this talk about how hot she is. has an article about her looking bloated and gaining weight recently. She looks homey, average girl you’ll find on the streets.

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  11. Zowie says:

    Ruco Chan, I will support u by making a point 2 watch this TVB television series. Hopefully the weekly rating, once aired, will b at least in its 30-point mark. Fingers crossed!

    Ruco, u r a good actor. Ur performances in all TVB television series to date r perfectly natural. A job well done because ur performances r seamless and uncontrived. U have convictions for everything that you say and do in ur performances. U make the audience forget u r acting. U live in the role u play so convincingly. U studied ur characters well; presumably u take directions well from directors, pursue objectives and manage changes. U develop specific relationships with each of the different characters u portrayed. Ur colleagues trust u as an artist and enjoy collaborating with u.

    It would b wise of TVB executives 2 acknowledge ur reach of an audience and start giving u the support u deserve a TVB artiste.

    I also hope TVB has enough sense to support u as TV King. I hope 2 c u win 2015’s TVB’s Best Actor and My Favourite Male Lead Actor awards amongst other accolades. Otherwise, Hong Kong citizens should petition, similar to Sheren Tang’s case, to TVB to award u these long overdue awards.

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