Kevin Cheng is Living Life like a Superstar

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For 20 years, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) struggled to make a name for himself in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, but after starring as the eighth prince in the 35-episode Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> in 2011, Kevin became an instant star. Currently earning at least 600,000 RMB per episode in mainland China, Kevin is the highest-paid Hong Kong television actor in the country, and the TVB actor’s annual incoming is still increasing year by year.

It is unsurprising to hear about Kevin rejecting his TVB filming offers after hearing about his superstar life in mainland China. Currently shooting in Hengdian World Studios for the mainland Chinese television drama Hua Xu Yin <华胥引之绝爱之城>, Kevin has employed two assistants – one personal female assistant and one driver – to help him throughout his 12-hour filming day. Between breaks, Kevin would have at least five crew members helping him to hold his props and change his wardrobe.

Even Kevin’s Chinese costars, Jiang Xin (蒋欣) and Yuan Hong (袁弘), did not receive this special five-star treatment on the set of Hua Xu Yin.

Shooting for Hua Xu Yin began in March 2013, and production is expected to end by June 2013. Kevin reportedly gets to pocket at least 20 million RMB this year, including his remunerations from last year’s Ip Man <叶问>Hero<英雄>, and Rush of Red Dust <滚滚红尘> television dramas.

The production crew of Hua Xu Yin also provided Kevin the latest model of the Iveco motor home as a resting trailer, and is reported by tabloids to be the only cast member to receive one. The motor home included a double bed, an open kitchen, and a restroom. An insider revealed that renting the van – including the driver – cost approximately 50,000 RMB per month, which was entirely sponsored by Hua Xu Yin’s production team.

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6 comments to Kevin Cheng is Living Life like a Superstar

  1. RLF Lover says:

    Slightly off topic, does anyonek now how many episodes there are to Ip Man?

    Back on topic, wow, good on Kevin! But I hope he doesn’t let fame get to his head. He may not be the most humble star around but he has always known that hard work is key to success.

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  2. Rachel says:

    wow definitely living the life haha. i’m glad kevin’s becoming successful 🙂 have always been a fan of him, and super glad that he’s being noticed~

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  3. P. Tan says:

    I am really very happy for Kevin especially when he is always so gentlemanly and thoughtful even through difficult times. I, too, hope that he remains so always.

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  4. HeTieShou says:

    I am happy for Kevin as well and hope that he remains humble and down to earth and does not allow fame to get to his head.

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  5. jasmine7 says:

    Kevin has struggled and worked hard for 20yrs but I think dividends only came 6yrs ago. It’s lovely that he’s getting star treatment and he’s still striking while the iron is hot because according to his plans most of this $$$ will be invested into his own production company.

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