Lai Lok Yi and Queen Chu to Break Up in “Come Home Love”?

Surpassing the 500 episode mark, sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家> still manage to capture the attention of audience members through the three intricate love stories in the series.

AJ Love

The most popular storyline in Come Home Love is without a doubt the love between Alex (Queenie Chu 朱慧敏), and John (Lai Lok Yi 黎諾懿). Initially feuding co-workers, Alex and John eventually fell in love. Producers revealed that Matt Yeung‘s (揚明) character will be added to test the strength of this relationship.

Lok Yi and Queenie have different views on the outcome of their on screen love relationship. Lok Yi wants Alex and John to break up. He believes that their relationship has too many problems, and separating would do both characters good.

Queenie states that she has confidence in the AJ romance. Queenie said, “After 500 hundred episodes, I believe that AJ love will bloom. Even though their characters are different and extreme, they’ve been through a lot, and they understand each other. However, Alex is a very successful lawyer, while John is only a paralegal, so there are differences in their status and how they solve problems. When you work under the same company, it’s easy to have disagreements.”

Return of Eric

Angel (Florence Kwok 郭少芸) was initially a woman who had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Before meeting Eric (Kenny Wong 黃德斌), Angel’s boyfriends treated her with upmost care and followed her every command. In contrast, Eric is opinionated and equally as outspoken as Angel. Even when Eric left for Australia, Angel’s love for him never ended.

When Eric returns, Florence has confidence that Eric and Angel will eventually tie the knot. “I actually don’t like ‘Yes Man’ types. I like men who are stronger. So I think that Angel will still love Eric in the series, and won’t go back to Jacky.”

Love Triangle

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) plays Li Si Si, who eventually becomes Leslie’s (Joey Law 羅天宇) girlfriend. However, their relationship hits a bump when third party, Shang Koon Fei (Auston Lam 林師傑) falls in love with Si Si. Even though Si Si and Leslie broke up, Roxanne said there is still a chance for the couple to get back together.

Joey believes that the romance for Si Si and Leslie has come to an ultimate end. He disclosed that no matter whom Si Si chooses, the three of them would still remain as good friends.

Auston’s character has been very well received by the audience so far, with many hoping that Koon Fei and Si Si will end up dating. Auston is also cheering himself on and hopes that his romance with Si Si will come to light.

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  1. They should add more new characters to the series. Amanda and KC should date. If there are running outta ideas, just end the series. I wanna watch a new sitcom.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOO alex and john cannot break up!!!

    1. By the way, did you ever see a Kindred Spirit Puff? I heard many say it is really long but good.

  3. Li Si Si x Shang Koon Fei shipper.

    Type the following words behind youtube . com to watch a cover sang by the “manager” of Shang Koon Fei in the series: /watch?v=aTSGzWOf0pk

  4. I hope Queenie + John stay a bit longer together, Angel + Eric and Roxanne + Shang Koon Fei, but I also hope more characters come in, especially VICKY CHAN from miss HK Pageant 2014.

    1. Er who? There hasn’t even been a miss hk 2014 yet

  5. KC and Amanda should experience a brief relationship for several months and their idiosyncracies and lifestyles cause them to realize that Amanda still has feelings for Cha Cha while KC still has feelings for his ex-wife. It would be a stretch for TVB scriptwriters to bring in a new and unexpected relationship for the female lawyer at KC’s firm (“#2 in charge”) to chase the “office boy” despite their educational and social standing because he is witty, with common sense savvy and macho due to his martial arts skills when he rescures her at the PushUp Bar from a few drunkards harassing her. Both of them will need to rely on their co-workers to give each pointers how to handle this relationship.

    1. But isn’t she married? I remember that there was an episode base on her getting marry to her husband.. But I could be wrong since I didn’t get a chance to see the last 20 episode

      1. If you’re talking about Nicole in KC’s firm, then yeah. She’s married to some middle aged scholar many episodes ago.

  6. I dont think Angel and Eric is gonna stay together. I personally think they are gonna end up separated. Alex and John will probably break up in the future too

  7. Is this series over yet?? I wonder why it is so long???

    1. it is because they have run out of ideas for a sitcom drama.

      It is not because this sitcom is good, it is because they don’t have any ideas

      1. I agree and they are out of ideas. After making series for so many years,they are bound to run out of ideas. They really should adapt more Wu Xia novels and other historical series,not just make modern series only because they get boring after awhile.

    2. I’m with you HTS. This should be over a long time ago.

      1. Puff,
        I thought I was the only one. My mom kept wondering what can they be talking about for 500+ eps? She thinks it is from father to son and so on…it seems like the HK only care for sitcoms now or anything that can make them laugh.

      2. Hk people have really lowered their bars, they think comedy series are great, however, I think those are really stupid and ain’t funny at all.
        Hk people keep wanting more that they don’t even know what they want now

      3. Yes HTS, sad thing is it’s not going through from generation to the next, just same old people, rehashing the same storylines it seems – get together, break up, get back together. Not real sitcom – not short and no comedy. 🙂

      4. @mochs,
        I think you are right that HK people have lowered their bars and do not even know what they want anymore. Maybe they have found other things to do besides watch series?

        Thanks for the info! Oh my gosh,it is the same old people? Boy,it really sounds like what my mom says,they chew the same old stuff over and over again like a piece of used up gum that no longer has flavor.

      5. Sorry posted the message up there,but wanted to ask if you ever saw Kindred Spirit or not? I heard it was long but good. However, I am hesitant to see it since it is over 1000 eps.

      6. Kindred Spirit was long saga and dull; lots of cast changes, interesting story line. Watchable.

      7. @larry,
        Can you tell me briefly what the basic plot line was? They really did change the cast? How do they do so without changing the flow of the story? How do they keep that up for 1000+ eps?

      8. HTS, didn’t really watch Kindred Spirit. My mum loves it, especially because the cast is amazing. But I must say towards the end even she got bored. I like

      9. Sorry posted too quickly. I like sitcom but not when it’s overly long

      10. @puff,
        Thanks so much for the info! The only long sitcom that I thought was decent was Virtues of Harmony. My mom enjoyed it overall even though it was a bit long too,but still really watchable. I rembebdr once when my mom and I were renting videos at the videostore and thus lady recommended Kindred Spirit but we were very hesitant to watch it due to the length. She claimed it was better than Virtues of Harmony. I agree with you that sitcoms that get too long get really boring and redundant. The only thing that my mom loves to watch that is long is Ro,ance of the 3 kingdoms or any good adaption of any historical novel.

  8. I actually enjoy this series about 75% of the time. However, the reason this series is not over yet is because TVB has no quality ideas to transition a new sitcom. Think about it. Come Home Love is one of the few series that can bring in consistent half decent rating with some entertainment value.

    1. I like tvb off peddar more than the current sitcom because it has a storyline and not just random everyday situations

      1. Off Pedder is good.

        Come Home Love is boring. Too long. Please end it already!

  9. I want a sitcom set in the ancient times…something like Virtues of Harmony!

  10. NOOOOOO!!! it took them forever to get together! no matt yeung! don’t break them up!

  11. There’s still almost 200 episodes left (and maybe more if TVB extends it again). That’s enough time for John and Alex to break up and reunite.

    I’m still enjoying the series after more than 500 episodes. I’m glad none of the main cast members have left the show like many of the long running sitcoms preceding CHL.

    1. How many eps is it now? I think when we all last heard they wanted to add 200 more eps, but that has been awhile already. Did they add another 200 eps? I have lost track already.

      1. It was extended to 700 episodes and it’s currently in the early 500s. I don’t remember the exact episode number. Maybe 510 give or take.

      2. Thanks for the info! No wonder it is still going.

      3. Last episode TVB played is 515.
        Unless they will halt the sitcom when the World Cup is play, it may well be finish by Christmas.

      4. Thanks for the info! Do they show one a day or only on ep a week?

      5. TVB in Hong Kong air this sitcom 5 episodes per week, most of the times.

  12. The AJ storyline is my favorite.
    I feel like Lokyi wants the relationship to end because 1. he’s getting married to his real life girlfriend soon and 2. he doesn’t like working with Queenie. Maybe it’s just me, but he gives me the vibe that he feels Come Home Love and his John Ma character is preventing him from moving on from his life and taking on other dramas & better roles. Which is true, but he sounds a bitter about it.

    1. How do you know he doesn’t like to work with Queenie? Were there news in the past that they didn’t get along on the set?

      1. I think there were news earlier that many of the actors/production team didn’t like Queenie, and thus, the AJ relationship lag. It was a while ago though.

        I just feel like he doesn’t like to work with her. Just a personal opinion and the vibe he gives me. There doesn’t seem to be much offscreen interaction between them for such a “popular onscreen couple”. And he doesn’t seem to be too happy about the CHL extension and as mentioned in the article, wants AJ to break up. Also, in a recent Weibo Q&A he expressed he rather pick Qing Qing and likes working with Oceane Zhu.

        Oh, if you google their names together, the second line would be 黎諾懿 朱慧敏 不和
        Even though they both deny it, I still feel like Lokyi doesn’t like her. Also, I feel like it’s rare for male/female costars to have news like this.. it’s usually between the own sexes.

      2. **
        I remember the weibo question to be “which actress do you like working with” and he answered with Oceane Zhu.

        Out of everyone he’s worked with, I’m personally surprised by his response. In a way, I feel like he’s dissing or “暗寸” Queenie.

        Or maybe I’m just thinking to much in it! haha, again. it’s just a personal opinion/observation.

  13. I want si si and ah fei to be togetherrr 😀

  14. “Even though Si Si and Leslie broke up, Roxanne said there is still a chance for the couple to get back together.”

    Seriously? That would be a HUGE disappointment. Fei Si netizens will be flipping, lol.

  15. John (Lok Yi) and Alex should break up and let him sulk for awhile and then bring in his actual fiance soon to be bride for a guest appearance.

    She can play the meeting her ex-BF (separated prior to Lok Yi becoming a police officer) in an unplanned encounter at Stanley Beach while Lok Yi is contemplating his recent breakup with Alex. After the meeting, the series can end that note. I know I am stretching the TVB’s ability to make that happen.

    As for Angel, her character is too strong-willed and opinionated to get stay in any long term relationship.

  16. Three dating couples in a small office is a couple too many. In fact, all three couples should break-up.

  17. I don’t understand why so many complain about this drama and some didn’t even watch it yet complain that this drama is too lengthy.
    I find this drama a real good one. Of course except from some disappointment (I want Leslie with Si Si!!) and also the sobsobsob hurtful breakup Angel with LeongFan, I truly enjoy the drama especially the family part.
    Be it the Ma’s family, Amanda with her brother, Ha jie with her family (her ex hubby and her son) and also with Richard and also Maggie with her in-laws.
    It’s so warming!
    Everytime after watching this, I will want to love and treasure my family more and more.

    1. And also LeongFan with his mom.

      Also all the lovely parts Richard and Ha Jie, Angel with LeongFan and also Ah Wik, Maggie with her hubby and the funny ChacHa with Amanda + KC!
      I do hope the guy that work for AhKeong will re-apper! At first I so hope he will be with Amanda!!
      And yes also the sweet ChingChing with AhYau 😉

      Worst acting gotto be on Sing Gor!!! So many episodes yet his acting … URGHHH

    2. It is very boring and not exciting with everything so predictable.

    3. Off Pedder is good.

      Come Home Love is boring. Too long. Please end it already!

      1. Get out of here. Off Pedder good? No way. Does not match this show. Go watch something else.

  18. still enjoying it. Grows on you and become part of you I guess..Quennie looks like LLY real girl friend (Her face).
    Wonder will Angel chiang end up with a hou?..

    Prefer Angel return to Jacky..

  19. The past few weeks have been a bore for me as well. I used to love this series but for some reason, they keep talking about KC and the 2nd brother that I got bored of it.

    I’m ready for a wuxia sitcom as well. VOH was the last sitcom where I can watch again and again!!!! Off Pedder was good but it was forgettable. Nothing came close to VOH!!!!!

    1. Well with up to 700 eps, what more is there up talk about? They are bound to keep on repeating the same old stuff over and over again. It is like chewing a piece of gum to the point that it has lost its flavor.

  20. What 700 episodes? Is this drama very good? I got bored after watching 50 episodes. I think all tvb dramas are perfect except this one. It just talks about that guy’s family thats all.I do not understand how people could keep watching till ep 700.

    1. lol, you’re the type of person to read a book for 30 pages and conclude the book sucks.

  21. If Tvb wants to boast ratings, they have till cancel this drama, this sucks compare to other tvb drama now. Very long and boring. Just replace this drama with Tiger Clubs 2 Rear Mirror. I am sure Tvb ratings will be over 40.

  22. BIG NOOOOOOOOOO ! Alex n John has to stick together. I’m gonna stop watching if they gonna break up.

  23. hi there

    1. come home love is one very entertaining series.
    2. but honest, I think its ending is already long overdue.
    3. it should have many many happy endings too.

  24. i love this sitcom,,, but A&J should really love each other,,, and be together,,,, they are just too cute,,, i watched this sitcom just because of AJ

    Angel getting on my nerves,,, she gets more blind in Eric .. and her character is out of style,

  25. i like the Tracy x Ah Ho storyline

    like the puppy loves, it’s so cute

  26. I like parts of this sitcom but it is getting too long and some parts are getting boring.

    Ending – hopefully Alex and John ; Cha Cha and Amanda ; Angel and Leung Fun ; Si Si and Fei

  27. Unfortunately for all sophisticated viewers, Come Home Love is the best TVB has to offer compared to the other TVB series shown prior, currently and possibly in the future. Like all sitcoms, they all have a lifespan of popularity before artists leave, scripts/storyline getting stale, or viewers latching onto something better or in vogue. “Cheers”, “Friends”, or the oldies like “I Love Lucy”, “Dallas” or even “Star Trek” episodes were shown once a week for about 24-36 weeks each year.

    If the proposed CHL episodes were shown weekly for 36 weeks each year, that would be equivalent to 19 1/2 yrs. Showing CHL for weekly for 52 weeks is equivalent to 13.5 years. Many of the US series did not last that long.

    I have to commend the crew and the artists working to get the daily CHL episode out in a timely manner although some of the scripts are sometimes too unrealistic or phony for an “educated and sophisticated” Ma family. If the Ma family is portrayed as “normal” HK multi-incomed family, I am surprised that there is not a domestic helper. Since this series brings up many societal issues and topics, the treatment and interpersonal relationship issue between family and the domestic helper is an important one.

    1. Have you been watching aptos? If so,what do they talk about for sooo many eps?

    2. Well crafted and intelligent comment. I fully agree with your comment on why/how this is the best series TVB has to offer so farfor 2013, 2014, and possibly 2015. At this stage, this show is truly carrying the good image TVB has left.

    3. But American sitcoms take a longgg time to develop and plan out, not in a rushed way like how HKers do it. So each episode of theirs is quality which means even if they do reruns, Americans can still enjoy them. I can watch Friends over and over again and not get bored, but can you say the same for HK sitcoms/dramaa nowadays?

      1. That’s because American shows take forever to develop. You go through several processes before the show going on screen. Choosing the right script out of __, getting sponsorships, making a pilot episode, seeing the viewership before continuing.

      2. Yeah they do, but that’s my point. They will take time to plan everything out before production, which means the end product is high grade. And because they don’t always care so much about when they air, the audience can watch quality reruns. If HKers do what Americans do, yes the drama will eventually cease to exist (nothing lasts forever), but they will at least last several years, with less shows but higher quality and viewership.

  28. PLEASE STOP THIS PROGRAM TVB!!!!!! It’s be on for like 2 years, i think we would appreciate something new. The story line is stupid anyway, John before had a nice girlfriend then they broke up for some silly reason…. what next? John has cancer.

    1. I really wonder what they talk about for sooo many eps?

    2. You obviously didn’t watch the show enough, especially seeing your comment on John’s previous statement. A new sitcom at this stage would not be popular enough and will not get sufficient ratings. Please go watch something else then.

  29. who is the actor playing ah hou (waiter in the cafe/ma chi lei potential bf)

    1. 李豪Leo Lee

      He’s “ah hou” in real life too!

      1. ya I just watch that episode. he’s cute. hope they will last haha

  30. why should john ma end up with anyone? he’s nothing but a childish, lying, manipulative guy..would any girl really want a guy like this? i also feel that he should also get a taste of his own medicine. he’s just such a shifty guy..yukkss.

    1. While I agree he has gotten more crazier and ridiculous throughout the series, his character is an essential element in the success of this show. His comedic act adds into the balanced atmosphere that made this show so popular. Him being paired with a lawyer (who happens to be higher positioned than him in the office) really shows that anything is possible, and that love blossoms over time.

      Truthfully, John Ma is getting more and more annoying. Let’s see how TVB screws this up.

  31. ” However, their relationship hits a bump when third party, Shang Koon Fei (Auston Lam 林師傑) falls in love with Si Si. “

    I won’t consider Fei the 3rd party. Yes, Leslie and Si Si dated first, but, it was due to Si Si mistaking Leslie for Fei. Fei has already love Si Si before Si Si and Leslie started dating. Leslie feels more like a 3rd party to me, albeit unwittingly. He didn’t know Si Si first got interested in him because of a mistaken identity. Si Si broke up with Leslie after knowing her mistake. So, that shows that the one she loves is still the masked singer (Fei).

    1. I agree. Whoever wrote this obviously didn’t watch the series close enough. Leslie was the 3rd party, technically. Ah Fei was truly the first dude to come across Sisi. Everything you said was spot on.

      Pairing Ah Fei and Sisi together down the series would only make sense. It is best for lame old TVB to add in a new female character for Leslie to pair with. I am freaking sick of watching love triangles on TVB. Nothing new and freaking ridiculous.

  32. Why does this series have to have such complicated relationships–it’s tiring after so many episode. Why can’t I see a couple just be happy and get married and have kids. I mean virtues of harmony did that and people liked it just fine. No draggy drama was needed! I was actually hoping that Carlos and Florence wold get married and have a family– It’s not like she’s getting any younger. 😛

  33. Alex and John breaking up? I will slaughter that idea because it took ages for them to be together!

    Amanda and Cha Cha, please be back together too.

    Si Si should go with Ah Fei, while Chi Yan can go with a new character (The female Mok Ngou Kor, perhaps?)

    Chi Lei, please also stick with Ah Hou!

  34. Noooo! I love Alex and John together! The scriptwriters led us along for such a long time before they they became a couple!

    Other couples I would like to see/stay together:
    Fei and Si Si/Chi Yan and Si Si
    Angel and Eric
    Ah You and Water
    Yim Ken and Ha Jie
    Cha Cha and Amanda

    I also want a pairing for Sing Gor and Ah Dung because they’re the only 2 in the office without a proper storyline! I don’t really care about Chi Lei because she’s such an annoying character…:/

    1. Don’t forget Maggie Jie and Mr. Little Yeung! I found their storyline very good as well. Little Yeung is quite a promising actor and Maggie Jie is proving herself as a great actress. They need to showcase the side characters more, not break couples up! Develop develop develop, and then go for new plot holes.

      1. Agree, should not break the couples but develop the relationship, show how they address issues, have side stories. Just getting them together and then breaking them up is meaningless.

  35. hi I Really like Angel and leung fan can be together again I don’t like Eric and Angel to stay together .

  36. Holy crap these predictions will not be good for the show. I firmly believe this is one of TVB’s best sitcom drama to date, but if they are going with breaking AJ together (which happens to be the shows most favorite pair) because of Matt Yeung’s character, then this is no good. NO GOOD. Viewers literally waited ~400 episodes for them to be together. Breaking them up will no doubt signify the end of this show. Love triangles are also stupid and cliche, they need to end! I’ve been watching this series up to 500 and it has been a seriously good run, but again, there is no doubt that the quality of this show is declining. The production crew is losing interest and ideas. If they implement these changes, it will be the death of this show. The Ma family was very good, but now they are ridiculous.

    Such a sad outcome for an awesome sitcom. Because of stupid decisions, 2014 will be the end for Come Home Love…

  37. Does anyone know of a site i can watch this online? Preferably with English Subtitle.

  38. Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) plays Li Si Si, who eventually becomes Leslie’s (Joey Law 羅天宇) girlfriend. However, their relationship hits a bump when third party, Shang Koon Fei (Auston Lam 林師傑) falls in love with Si Si. Even though Si Si and Leslie broke up, Roxanne said there is still a chance for the couple to get back together.

    Why is this written? It was a fact long time ago that Auston’s character liked Sisi. This was way before Sisi chose Leslie as her bf.

  39. For those viewers who wrote that Come Home Love was too lengthy or episodes too boring, etc., the TVB scripters for this show brainstormed specific day to day real-life experience topics and experiences and play them out with their version of dealing with them. Whether the outcome is “right” or “wrong” to the viewer, it offers a “what-if” solution and the consequences for the viewer to consider. Of course, there were some episodes which I thought did not make sense or could have been deleted as it did not have major relevance to the workplace or to the family setting but it must have been relevant to other viewers to show it. But thank goodness, I only had to sit through only 20 minutes instead of the longer 40 minute episode in other series. In my opinion, like in life, nothing is perfect so one must be accomodating to take the bad with the good.

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