Liza Wang and Angie Chiu Continue Their Fight 34 Years Later

In 2014, TVB’s two legendary fadans will bring their fight back to the TV screens. TVB’s first generation fadans, Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Angie Chiu (趙雅芝), will go head-to-head in Wong Jing’s (王晶) upcoming television drama, Across Heaven and Earth <風雲天地>.

Liza and Angie’s “fight” started over thirty years ago, when the two starred in 1978’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龍記>, which also starred Adam Cheng (鄭少秋). In the series, Liza’s “Chiu Man” and Angie’s “Chow Chi Yeuk” fought intensely for the love of Adam’s “Cheung Mo Kei”, leading the actresses’ respective fans to clash with one another. The fight grew so intense that rumors of a real discord between Liza and Angie spread like wildfire.

After collaborating in 1979’s Chor Lau Heung <楚留香>, Liza and Angie never starred in the same television drama again until this year, when the two were brought together again in a historic reunion to star in Wong Jing’s Across Heaven and Earth.

Liza will star as Kwan Yeuk Nam, a very capable businesswoman who is caught between a large inheritance fight with her three sons, Cho Chi Wang (Kenny Wong 黃德斌), Cho Chi Yuen (Hawick Lau 劉愷威), and Cho Chi Ko (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠). Her husband Cho Wan Hon (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) died at an early age, leading Nam to single-handedly raise her three sons. Angie stars as Mok Ngah Man, a famous barrister who was Hon’s lover and the biological mother of Nam’s oldest son, Wang.

Liza rarely accepts filming offers, but was touched by storyline of Across Heaven and Earth, which prompted her to accept her role. She revealed that she was very surprised when she heard of Angie’s casting and was very excited to be working with her again. “I was one of the last ones to know about it, so it was a surprise.” Liza praised that Angie has become much more mature, calmer, and looks much younger than her age.

Angie said, “It’s like meeting an old friend after a long time. It’s been a great collaboration.”

Sunday, October 27 was the last day of filming for the crew. Liza had to shoot a crying scene – which she completed in one take – and Angie filmed a scene outside the Hong Kong High Court. Several dozens of fans from mainland China visited Angie on set, and to not disrupt the filming process, the film crew allowed the fans to cameo as news reporters interviewing Angie’s character.

Liza received a standing ovation when she completed her crying scene in one take. It was said that the director originally allowed Liza to shoot the scene in several different takes, but Liza said no, insisting that emotional scenes would be more convincing if they were done in one take. For the scene, Liza also recited two pages of dialogue without any mistakes.

Across Heaven and Earth is slated to air in 2014.


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  1. I think it was meant for the two to be in the same series or it’s just fate.

  2. They are truly everlasting fandans. These young chicks are millions years far from Angie and Liza talents. Of course liza have better range than Angie though.

    1. Oh god you must be a joker. Liza is the worst actress of her time. Stiff, chicken voice and no facial expression.

      Jayne can you block the app from directing our phones straight to the app store? Every single time I access a page On your website I am directed to the damn store, it’s so annoying.

      1. Agree with you. And sometimes the button doesn’t have “no” option to deny to download.

      2. nah, they can’t do that. Because every time Jayne auto direct your phone straight to the app store, they get paid for it. Its part of the advertisement and that’s how they gain income. If they stop this, they can’t make money out of it. Do you really think the person who created Jayne have so much time to post these hong kong news, they created this for money making purpose.

      3. Same here. I’m annoyed at Liza’s voice and stiff expressions. I don’t get why she’s so popular with her bad acting and singing. I’m guessing she has great connections during her younger years and at that time there weren’t many artistes like now so audience has no choice but to accept her.

      4. Acting is subjective so each to their own. I personally enjoy Liza and Angie’s acting so it is great to see them act together again… They truly have fate and it will bring back so many great memories to see them together again.

      5. Hey guys, just download AdBlockPlus. It’s free and blocks those kinds of ads/redirections.

        Hope it helps.

      6. I got no prob no prob and I don’t sound chick and love liza wang and her acting. She and fei fei shum tin har have very good discipline and respect others. Your stiff, chick voice, out of breath is linda chung.

      7. I got no prob no prob and I don’t sound chick and love liza wang and her acting. She and fei fei shum tin har have very good discipline and respect others. Your stiff, chick voice, out of breath is linda chung.

        Cm says:

        I got no prob and I don’t sound chick and love liza wang and her acting. She and fei fei shum tin har have very good discipline and respect others. Your stiff, chick voice, out of breath is linda chung.

    2. I’ve never liked Liza Wang’s acting. She totally overacts and has no subtlety. I think she’s like an older, more experienced version of Kevin Cheng. Cries when she has to, gets angry when she has to etc., but doesn’t have a more compelling layer that the audience can engage with and has no real emotion.

      One of the most overrated people at tvb. If only she had rejected the project, it might be watchable. Get someone like Susanna Kwan instead. Now there’s one lady whose acting is so convincing you end up hating the character but loving her acting. Its completely the opposite with Liza Wang, I just hate her acting

      1. i’m glad I wasn’t the only one that hates her acting and fuzzy chicken voice – SO annoying that my ears bleed

  3. Among the four TVB veteran fadans, Liza Wang, Louise Lee, Gigi Wong, Angie Chiu, I like Louise Lee’s acting the best. In terms of face and look, Angie keeps her look and figure the best.

    1. I’m sticking to Liza Wang .. she’s got the best on screen presence. Angie Chiu was pretty much a vase, with limited depth in her acting.

      Gigi Wong hasn’t really played any series with much range. It’s always the same character over and over.

      The lady that recently passed away was my fave. I can’t remember her name but she was mainly in the 80s and then moved to movies. Now that woman is my favorite!

      1. Among the four of them, Angie Chiu is still the prettiest and youngest veteran fadan. Agree that her acting is the worst one. She acted and spoke the same in every character and every drama series.

        Liza Wang used to be the best in old days, but I think Louise Lee has caught up a lot and outshines her in acting.

      2. sandcherry, agree with you on Louise Lee. Miss her acting. Don’t know about Gigi Wong, I am neutral for Angie Chiu and Liza Wang.

      3. I used to think highly of Gigi Wong’s acting until I watched her in “Curse of the Royal Harem”. Her acting was awful. I think Gigi did better in modern series than in ancient ones.

      4. @pandamao, do you mean the past away women is soh han suen who played in many mother types such as with felix wong in the legend of condor heroes and looking back in anger?
        if thats the women you meant,agree her acting was awsome.

      5. I don’t recall Soh Hung Shuen was a TVB fadan among the top veteran fadans. She was always a supporting actress and was not that pretty even when she was young.

      6. @Sandcherry: I don’t think Gigi Wong was as bad as you say she was in Curse of the Royal Harem. She was okay. I do think she excelled in her final scene though – she and KK Cheung were great there.

      7. @sandcherry – I wasn’t saying she was a top fa dan during at tvb since she didn’t have the looks … lol. i just liked her acting a lot! HEHE.

      8. I personally enjoy both Liza and Angie’s acting and have seen them in numerous series. That is just my opinion though.

        Yes, So Hang Suen was an awesome actress and her passing was a big loss to this industry and to anyone that knew her. She is a good example of someone who truly has talent and does not need to be really beautiful in order to attract the audience.

    2. In terms of acting, Louise Lee is my favourite. She always delivers a serious and touching performance. Her recent role in Brother’s Keeper is a notable example… i couldn’t imagine if the role had landed with say Liza Wang or worse still, Shuet Nei who in my opinion is one of the worst veteran in TVB.

    3. SandCherry, why did we forget Michelle, Mi Suet. I actually think she’s great in those sassy roles!

      1. Michelle Yim was not a TVB fadan when she was young. She worked for ATV or another TV station (Gai Si) with Dodo Cheng as a top fadan. She only joined TVB about 10+ years ago.

      2. Yup…both Michelle and Dodo worked for CTV back in the 70s and jumped ship to ATV (technically RTV, as that was the name it was still known as back then) and TVB respectively. And no, Michelle didn’t just join TVB 10 years ago…she had filmed series for TVB back in the 90s as well, it’s just that she left and came back. Michelle is sort of like Damian Lau in that both jumped back and forth between TVB and ATV back then….

    4. Well, to me, it’s kind of hard to compare the 4 now, since 2 of them aren’t very active in the industry anymore. It’s more fair to compare their acting from back in the 70s/80s when all 4 actresses were in their prime and were equally active in the industry.

      With that said (and this is after having watched most of their older series), my favorite out of the 4 is still Louise Lee, followed by Gigi Wong. Liza has always been a a pretty good actress (not great, but good) but her style has never been my cup of tea. And Angie isn’t bad either, but unfortunately, her acting back then was never really versatile.

      1. Personally I think Louise Lee has improved a lot in her acting ever since she rejoined TVB in “Heart of Greed”. I used to like Gigi Wong’s acting more in the 70s. Okay with Liza Wang, but never liked Angie Chiu’s acting. She was more like a pretty vase to me. She always moved her head a bit when she spoke her dialogues in any characters.

      2. @sandcherry: Agreed! Louise has definitely improved a lot and to me, she is the most versatile out of the 4, as she has portrayed a wide spectrum of roles whereas the other 3 were pretty much stereotyped throughout most of their careers. I also prefer Gigi’s acting back in the 70s as well (not to say her acting isn’t good currently, but her focus nowadays is different, plus she was in retirement for such a long time that her acting will definitely be more ‘rusty’ compared to Louise and Liza)….though overall, I also like Gigi for reasons other than her acting (my mom is a huge fan of her cookbooks and even has autographed versions of them…LOL).

        For some reason, I’ve never been able to bring myself to ‘like’ Liza and even though she’s a good actress overall (though way better back in the 70s than currently), I’ve never been able to ‘connect’ with any of her performances on an emotional level….and to be honest, after close to 30 years of watching her play those ‘annoying’, ‘bossy’ roles (and not just in series either), it’s hard for me to not get ‘annoyed’ myself.

        As for Angie — actually, yes, she has played a lot of ‘vase’ roles, though I don’t have too much problem with her acting except for the versatility piece. To me, she was always more known for her looks (she did come from Miss HK pageant after all) than for her acting….

      3. I feel so sad to see that Gigi Wong has changed so much …… both in face and size. She does not age well. She was quite pretty when she was young, tall, slim and has a pretty face. If she isn’t that good in cooking, perhaps she would stay slim, like Angie Chiu.

        Agree with you also that Gigi Wong may be rusty in her acting skills as she has not acted regularly in the past 25+ years. She is okay in modern series, but not good in ancient ones.

        As per Wikipedia:
        Liza Wang – 66 years old
        Gigi Wong – 64
        Louise Lee – 63
        Angie Chiu – 58

        However, I found that Gigi Wong looks quite old among these four veterans. Of course, Angie Chiu still looks quite gorgeous (though not closeups).

  4. HK celebrities have really babysat society – providing them with enduring old friends when in real life, relationships tend to fray into nonexistence.

  5. I think Liza shines best in career woman strong roles since she has decisive look. I rather hate her in physical comedies, stresses me out.

    I don’t know if louisa lee has kids in real life but she def handles mom roles better. Feel Liza is much weaker there. Louisa seems to do less well with ambitious roles.

    1. Louise Lee has a daughter living in Toronto. Therefore, she is a real mother.

    2. Louise Lee, Mary Hon, Susan Tse, Gigi Wong and Mimi Chu handle mother roles better. Liza gives the impression of a bossy and controlling rich mother. Louise Lee is the best, I can almost feel her devotion towards her children.

      1. Maybe Liza’s character in WOILs are derived from her real life bossy, controlling, difficult personality to make it easy for her to act. Yes Louise is a real mother, she knows how a mother should feel and devotes herself to the children and the hardships from pregnancy to child’s growth, while Liza never has any children or experience any of that. She only has a boyfriend.

      2. Recently an ex TVB kelefeh who is a HKTV actor now revealed that Liza angrily scolded him and accused him of not doing homework on the first day of filming WOIL, and caused him trouble with producers possibly because of her seniority. This is just one of the examples of how difficult and bossy she can be.

      3. Liza Wang is well-known for this kind of behaviour. She is very professional and expects everyone to be like her. She does not understand that she is privileged to be a top veteran and does not have to worry about living expenses.

      4. Scolding and being over demanding to costars on the first day of work isn’t exactly the nicest way to start off a team project. The guy is only lowly paid a kelefeh, who knows that he might be simultaneously being a kelefeh in 5 series at once due to TVB orders vs Liza who could be getting ample rest due to her senior privilege.

      5. In real life louise did not get along with her daughter.
        Liza is given roles as bossy mother.
        Sometimes one cannot judged a person’ s character by her roles. I only knew that louise did not get along with suzanna kwan, nancy kit. The news I found fr internet also stated louise has a very strained relationship with gigi wong. Should I believed and judged louise as a difficult person?

  6. Yup, I remembered the old HSDS 1978 version. Beauty Chow Chi Yeuk v Mischievous Chiu Man, really well portrayed by Angie Chiu and Liza Wang respectively 🙂 After more than 3 decades they collaborate once again in this upcoming drama, wanna see it 😉

  7. Jayne, just to equire; most of the Sunday there were no new postings but come Monday, there will be 6 to 10 postings. Does it mean Jayne and others do not post on Sundays?

  8. I do not agree with the above.
    Liza wang do not have a chicken voice.
    Her voice is very sweet especially when
    she sings Mandarin songs when young.
    I was surprised how entertaining, talented
    she is when I view her younger days MV
    on Youtube and other channels. Angie is the one who does not know how to act.
    She has no expression. I just watched her
    role of “Kwang Yin” and really got so
    frustrated when her expression always the same. Plse speak the truth.

  9. Do you know that Louise Lee has a lot of
    dispute with her female co-stars during filming?
    She has been on long bad relationship with Gigi Wong. A
    Liza was famous, please not because of connections. She sings well in English and Chinese songs. She able to dance well too. Plse go to Tudou or Youtube to look for her younger days MV and you wll know what I mean. She is a very hardworking artiste. That is why Andy Lou admired her. Why so hardworking when one can be famoust due to connections ? Think.
    Now she is very old looking and really her voice no good.

  10. When I see bbfanny’s comments on liza I was shocked. A lot of viewers commented it is angie
    Chiu who has no expressions. All she can do is charming her audience with that beautiful smile and hwavy makeup. U seldom see her act as a poor simplw character. U will love liza not as an actress but entertainer. Go to todou and youtube. I like her
    after watching her younger days variety shows. She
    did all kinds of dancing -latin dance, folk dancing
    Etc. She sings chinese folk songs. Her voice then so nice and clear. That is why she so popular not as an actress. I only agreed that she is not good in comedies.
    She aged a lot and I cannot stand her singing now.
    U will feel sorry that for her that
    her voice has changed. I saw her performance in a teochew opera. She is so pretty and talented.
    Feel sorry for liza that bbfanny remarked she got her
    fame due to connections. No female artiste
    can dance, sing., perform opera like her.
    U should appreciate her hard work and talent.

  11. Xiang yun our mediacorp artiste is the one whom I suspect is so famous due to connections. I remember she is he only lead actress in many drama.

    All the good roles will be given to her. In most of the drama she is the main role or character . But for other female artistes of her time, the main character or role is the male actor. Her co star did mentioned she got her role without auditioning.
    For other artistes during her time, they only played a small part in the drama. The actress not given a good opportunitybis lim mei chiao. When young she is quite pleasant and nice looking like xiang yun.
    Unlike Hong Kong actresses like gigi, louise, liza, angie, michelle – they are the lead actress and not the male actors.

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