Hawick Lau Turns Down Work to Care for Daughter

After their short-lived five-year marriage, Yang Mi (杨幂) and Hawick Lau (刘恺威) parted ways in 2018, with them sharing the custody of their daughter Noemie, or “Little Sticky Rice”. Since then, Hawick’s dad Lau Dan (刘丹) revealed that Hawick has turned down many jobs in order to take care of the 4-year-old, and is thus appearing less onscreen!

160 Million Yuan Net Worth

Veteran actor Lau Dan spilled that Hawick has been turning down numerous job offers to care for Little Sticky Rice. The 46-year-old has reportedly returned home from China a month before the Lunar New Year, with plans to spend three months in Hong Kong with his daughter before he returns to work.

According to reports, Hawick has a reported net worth of 160 million Chinese yuan, from dabbling in real estate since starting out his entertainment career, thanks to his keen investment foresight. Having built a name for himself in the Chinese market by starring in many C-drama productions, he has since amassed sizeable earnings and acquired many properties in Hong Kong. The properties he owns, including the prestigious Po Shan Mansions in Mid-Levels West, are estimated to have a combined market value of over 200 million Hong Kong dollars, putting him ahead of fellow celebrities Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Rain Li (李彩华).

Romantic History

Hawick’s romantic history include rumors with many leading co-stars, including May Kwong (邝文珣) and Bernice Liu (廖碧儿). Later, he also dated Raga Ngan’s (颜颖思) sister Regine for a year and model Jaymee (邓慧琦) for two years. In 2011, he was rumored to be dating co-star Yang Mi in the drama Ru Yi <如意>. This was initially denied by both celebrities, who later surprised entertainment circles with a shotgun wedding, and welcomed their daughter in 2013.

When Hawick was hit by rumors of spending time alone in a room with co-star Angel Wang (王鸥) on three occasions in the year 2016, Yang Mi had then spoken up for her husband, and expressed her complete trust in him.

Source: Chinapress, Sohu

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  1. How dedicated of him, just wish we didn’t have to hear about it every month. If you’re going to continue putting your daughter in the spotlight intentionally or unintentionally when you’re practically doing nothing that deserves the attention you might as well just take her to work with you. Unless he’s feeding on the pity party.

    1. @YMF That sounds b*tchy… I really doubt he ask Paz to trail him and put gossips up about him. He is not looking for more screen time…he has many other source of income.. I don’t see him seeking attention… His ex-wife seeks so much more attention.

      1. Yes I’m sure of all the topics on the face of the earth, the media is very interested in how much time an actor with a stagnant acting career spares to spend time with his own daughter, funny enough that’s the only topic about him that pops up every few months. If Yang Mi won custody of her daughter (unlikely), he’d most certainly drop off the face of the earth. Yang Mi is attention seeking? Isn’t that the work of a star? At least at her level she doesn’t have to work that hard or low for it. Even Feng Shao Feng is still more relevant than him yet I haven’t heard anything about how he’s dealing with visitation since divorcing almost a year ago. Pls let’s not be naive, he and his father are attention seeking, it’s all thanks to them we even know what she looks like. I wonder what the headline will be next month.

    2. If there’s news about Hawick taking care of child, it’s Yang Mi’s fault. If there is news about Yang Mi visiting child, it’s her fault. That Hoeliu you talking to is so bias when there is anything about Feng Shao Feng being momma boy, his mother ain’t no celebrity but she needs to be under attack to make ZLY look good. She doesn’t say how her ZLY is attention seeking. Feng Shao Feng posted 1+1=4 and her fans will still say 1=him, 2=her, 3=child, 4=HIS 2nd WIFE, well then why the hell would he post that? Isn’t he hinting 4=Kris Wu? He didn’t throw her a wedding and divorced her quick, says a lot. Go count all those articles on Jaynestars saying he’s a momma’s boy and how he cheated with many actresses when shooting in Minglan. LMAO, she was on set with him, saw him dating many other actresses but still get pregnant with him, says a lot. Who’s attention seeking? Does Yang Mi hires water army to attack Hawick Lau? Which article says Hawick Lau abandons his child? He was caught cheating, which articles still say he’s a scum? Go look at FSF and all we see is “scum” “scum” “scum” and I wonder why FSF is so calculating to sabotage himself.

      1. @Freekyu Who is ZLY? I know Feng Shao Feng as a good actor and he has a very supportive and loving mum… Anything else, I dont know. He does not have much news. @Freekyu, are you high on Dru@s? Bless you..

    3. So what is your problem with Hawick and his dad, Lau Dan that you have to attack them making baseless assumptions. Unless yo are just a Yang Mi fan who is trying to trash them for taking care of the daughter. Hawick and Lau Dan don’t any extra screen time or attention. Lau Dan is doing just fine with his Come Home Love series. And Hawick made a name for himself in China. Have you ever thought that reporters are the ones who always ask them these questions and likes to report on these topics? Please don’t be so judgmental.

      1. “… Unless you are just a Yang Mi fan who is trying to trash them for taking care of the daughter…”
        I know jaynestar is full of double standards and bias, but really keep it to yourself. You are willing and entitled to eat the crap the media is feeding you and I’m only interested in seeing it for what it is, if you don’t like it scroll away. I’m not interested in your majority rules, to each his own. Even weibo is pretty much fed up with this pity play, you can go trash all of them too because they refuse to be brainwashed.

    4. Read the story before you comment. He didn’t brag about anything, his father was the one when asked said he turned down work to care for his daughter not him.

    5. You must be a die hard Yang mi fan to trash a man just for spending time with his kids. In ur eyes When hawick does it he seeks attention when Yang Mi does it awww she a great mom lol. Judgmental much @YMF

      1. BRIECHUNG: YUP, that person is a die hard yang mi’s fan hahaha. Always defending her while she’s the attention seeker hahaha
        Just ignore that person or report lol

      2. Read the post before you reply, I never said it was wrong to spend time with his daughter, I said getting the media involved all the time is quite obvious and honestly not good or beneficial to anyone especially little sticky rice. If pointing it out makes me a die hard Yang Mi fan I guess you’re very into Hawick since you only read first sentences before you attack.
        And seriously why is everyone on this page being so defensive. For those that have children and spend better time with them how many times have the paparazzi pressed you to share the details? And would you consider yourself a good parent for jeopardizing your children’s privacy like that in this cyber age? When you are a celebrity it’s even more suspicious.
        Seriously trying to shove your opinions down other people’s throats is really arrogant and immature. On that note, Talking with everyone has been a total displeasure, have a good time.

  2. As long as his daughter grows up healthy, happy and level headed…that is great. She is clearly very loved at home. I am very happy for her….

    1. I agree. The child seems very happy, and I also respect that YM knows she’s not mommy material, because not everyone is and that’s fine. The important part is she isn’t being selfish and allowing her daughter to be with whom can make her happy. Hawick is trying his best probably so he’s not putting any more responsibility on Lau Dan.

      1. @Abcd , I am glad YangMi left her daughter with the best family to care, love and bring her up. She may not be Mother material but she is not pretending to be…her daughter’s happiness does matter a lot to her.

    2. +1.

      Her daughter, Noemie, is in a happy and loving home with her grandparents and occasional visits with her parents. It’d be better if she had her parents around, but this is the next best thing. She doesn’t lack familial love or care or in need of anything.

      I still think the backlash Yang Mi gets is harsher than if she was a man. So many workaholic husbands get praised just for never cheating on their wives or for spending money on family while missing family time. I would rather the mom skip out on the family if she really doesn’t feel suited for being a mom than to force her to resent her own kid. Neither parties will be happy this way.

      1. “I still think the backlash Yang Mi gets is harsher than if she was a man”
        I agree with your statement. ym is an absent mom, but why always bring this up all the time. I mean it’s not like she’s the only absent parent. Look at Jackie Chan, he never wanted his daughter. Does the media bring it up every couple of month to criticize him?

      2. Agree with your views that judgement on women as mothers are harsher.
        No one except her will know the sacrifices she made for her daughter’s happiness but media isn’t helping. If media painted only the father as the one who cares for daughter’s well-being and she’s being teased by classmates of her purported absent mother it may not be easy for YM to establish close relationship with her daughter later. So, I sincerely hope YM does make efforts to ensure she kept in touch regularly with her daughter before she reach rebellious age. YM doesn’t need to show others but her daughter must know and be aware that the mother loves her as well.

    3. @Hohliu ,totally agree that the happiness of the little daughter is the most important factor heee.
      I don’t see Hawick Lau seeking attention. If a journalist likes, respects and admire an artist, that mexia personality will promote that artist, whether the celebrity likes it or not.
      I agree that letting the grandparents raise the child was the best thingYang Mi did for her daughter, as YM is not cut out to be a mother figure. The child is loved, nutured and happy.
      What bigger and better attention can a celebrity want than putting their work out there for the public to see. Hey!!, and they get a pretty penny for it too. If the man is turning down work to care for his daughter, that does not sound like a man seeking attention, or driven by the dollar bill.
      And @Hohliu, you might be onto something, lol, lol,lol, wink, wink.

      1. @teddy Let me add that anything that has to do with the media is publicity and publicity means attention. The media cannot force anyone to say what they don’t want to say especially if you’re not in the spotlight unless you are forced to clarify fake news. Everyone here is aware of this.
        “…What bigger and better attention can a celebrity want than putting their work out there for the public to see…” Let me remind you that the three tv Queens Zhou Xun, Liu Tao and Betty Sun put out “works” this year, and did not get any attention or praise. The same for traffic Queens Zhao Liying and Yang Mi, the criticisms were very harsh. And in general hit dramas this year are not many. Now consider Hawick who hasn’t had a hit work in almost ten years, no disrespect but what are the chances gaining attention by putting out another possible flop. Of course his daughter is more important in more ways than one.
        I know Hawick is a prince on this page and i’m not even trying to argue YM’s fault in the matter but whether his intentions are harmless or not the involvement of the media can only be harmful to Little sticky rice, there’s no disputing that.

  3. While he may not be one of the more famous actors, I’ve always like Hawick. From his early TVB days when he was part of Kindred Spirit, to the more mature (and good looking) version of him when he made a name for himself outside his father’s shadows. I appreciate this article for what it is, a father taking care of his daughter, with a good support system at home, even though the mother is not there. I also respect the fact that he has made millions, and perhaps realize that’s more than enough to support his family. After a certain point, any more money doesn’t necessarily make one any happier. I’m hoping he realized this and as a result, decided to spend more time with little sticky rice. These younger years go by so quickly.

  4. Hawick is a good father to his daughter unlike her mother she doesn’t even make an effort to visit her own daughter and spend time with her!!! Lil sticky rice is better of with dad and grandpa whom treasure her!!!

    1. I agree and there’s nothing with her not being mother material. She has her dad and grand parents. Just hope Yang mi doesn’t regret it later in life.

  5. Maybe YM does visit her child now and then but it’s not reported.
    Personally I don’t agree on any parent who chooses to have kids yet not spending enough time with them however like what some of you have shared, it is better for her to place her child with family members who are able to take better care of her rather than winning the custody and place the child with nanny and other hired help.

  6. What I do like about this place is the ability to express a different view and can share a decent and amicable conversation despite differing opinions and where everyone respects each other and their views.
    However it seems that there’s an increasing conflict, not always but it’s happening more frequently these days.
    Can I seek everyone’s understanding not to get personal?
    It feels good when someone shares our view on something but even if we do not agree with everyone on everything, let’s stay respectful and kind to each other, shall we?

  7. Very happy to see lots of YM haters thinking she’s a busy mom who doesn’t visit her child. I know these haters always disappear when it comes to their boss who hates YM, making it obvious who hired them.

    Can anyone imagine YM still being married and purposely copied Xiao Zhan/Wang Ybo/Gong jun’s signature necklace? If she does that will she still be alive? No, the water army here would drown her to death. So how did that other insecure competitor do that to Wang Yibo but only received nice words saying let’s wish the couple the best? He seriously lose a necklace meaningful to him because of some actress too desperate for attention. And her child is no victim? She divorced because she’s busy, her child is no victim? Her husband isn’t a victim either? He posted 1+1=4.
    So it’s only a crime to be YM’s child, just because the child belongs to YM they are victims? Hawick Lau was caught cheating. Excuse me, where did FSF get caught cheating ever? Did he create those bogus text messages saying he cheated, such fake evidence. Next time I like to see this type of hate on YM when it comes to that sensitive competitor too, otherwise these haters here are obviously hired by her. Very unfair treatment! Go head and bully YM but she isn’t shameless like someone else to hire the media to destroy her baby’s father.

  8. Why is it that there’s an article every couple of month related to old news like this? We literally all get it already, yang mi is not a perfect mom and hawick lau is starting to put more effort in taking care of noemie. Noemie is 7 yrs old already and similar articles like this has been written for 7 yrs already. Literally all the comments and article content is more or less the same.

  9. I am not a hater or a fan of either parent but the child seems like she is happy and growing in a loving environment. Whilst the custodial and visitation arrangements might not make everyone happy, it seems to be working out.

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