May Chan Stands Out in “Bounty Lady”

Touted as TVB’s secret weapon to save TV ratings, Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) hilarious comedy drama Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> officially started its 20-episode broadcast on November 25. As it has been four years since Dayo’s last TVB drama, Bounty Lady quickly became a hot sensation online when it premiered Monday night. Netizens praised the drama to be one of TVB’s most entertaining dramas of the year, but many also found that it has not met their expectations in a Dayo Wong production. Some say that while Bounty Lady is funny, much of the humor is “forced.”

Though not considered to be Dayo’s best work, fans are having fun collecting the “golden quotes” that are found in the Boundy Lady script. Quotes by Dayo’s character Heung Kwong Nam, such as “It’s okay to forget the food you just ate, but don’t ignore it,” or “sponsor pseudomodels and the family will go bankrupt” have attained popularity online.

Despite her lack of experience in comedies, lead actress Kate Tsui (徐子珊) has earned favorable reviews in her performance as the money-minded Jennifer, a rival of Heung Kwong Nam. Other supporting casts, such as Benz Hui (許紹雄), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), and Jazz Lam (林子善), have also garnered praises, but supporting star May Chan (小寶), who shot to fame earlier this year through Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, is the one who became the real star of the Bounty Lady. Netizens praised May’s clever comedic timing and described her as “an alien who really came to earth.” May’s gym scene with Dayo in the first episode was also said to be one of the funniest segments of the show.

With the release of Bounty Lady being only a few weeks from the TVB Anniversary Awards presentation, there is a high chance for Bounty Lady to compete for top awards. Judging from the viewership success of Dayo’s past dramas, specifically the record-breaking War of the Genders <男親女愛>, To Catch the Uncatchable <棟篤神探>, and You’re Hired <絕代商驕>, critics are expecting Bounty Lady to achieve some of this year’s highest TV ratings.


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  1. I didn’t see her in Inbound Troubles, but definitely enjoying her performance here.

    1. she played wong cho lam childhood friend and one of the people who was in his band

  2. Her acting is slightly exaggerated. I find Benz Hui, Lousie Yuen and Jazz Lam the funniest in the show. TVB should really start to acknowledge their acting skills.

    1. Agreed! The trio are proper comedians and their comedic acting skills are so natural!

      May Chan is okay though. A bit cringing at times but you can tell she’s trying her best to play the role. She deserves some credit 🙂

  3. Nope, I don’t like her at all. Hey acting is extremely exaggerated. The way she throws English into the conversation just grates on my nerves. Perhaps, if she speaks it fluently, that might not be so. “My name is Juuuuuudy.”

    1. That meant she played her character well as a spoilt daughter of a rich village head

    2. I think her character was meant to be played like that. I found it to be pretty funny and realistic because unfortunately, some HK ppl are like that…always throwing random english words in the conversation (no offense).

      1. I agree she played her character well. They way she said My name is Juuuudy. Cracks me up! lol.

      2. I love your comment. It’s funny how there are people who are really like that!

  4. I like her because she’s FAT – rare size to find in the industry. WELL I SAID IT, WHAT EVERYONE WAS SCARED OF SAYING. You’re welcome.

  5. funny series, enjoying it so far. didn’t realise Kate could do comedy so well. 小寶 is really over exaggerated and funny – need cheering up after the naff TVB dramas recently

  6. She stands out cause she’s loud, exaggerated, and takes up half the screen. Her acting sucks.

    1. Well, it did leaves an impression on you. So I do believe she had achieved the role she was given. Who are you to judge her acting not like your a qualified acting director or could you do any better?

      You are totally entitled to your own opinion towards her but to actually discriminate her because she is fat is totally not cool.

      Judging from your critique – what credentials or judging check-list you had referred to? Or is it just purely because of her weight which she took up your half of your TV screen?

      Please don’t be an obnoxious and inconsiderate as toxic words from one’s mouth could scar someone badly.

      1. It’s never cool to judge people by there appearance despite people still do that – don’t really know what they are thinking but some will always throw an excuse ‘Everyone has their own freedom for their own opinions.’ Yeah fair enough but it’s not when something harsh is said, which seems to have no respect but not that anyone could do anything about.

  7. Sorry, I have no laugh at all when I watch through two first episodes of “My bounty Lady.”

  8. So far episode 1to3 the whole scences is talking about May chan is she the leading actress. ..very confused leh….or Kate.

    1. the early episode the story line and focus is on her, it should be shifting as we go

  9. I watch de drama mainly for sai sai lap n dayo wong.. Can’t stand Kate tsui, ugly hair, like rusty colour n makes her look dirty..has she always been this tanned??! They even make her dress like taiwanese dramas’ OLs shorts n blazers.. Just like Sonia Sui in The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) but of course, Sonia looks so so much better than Kate .

  10. I really like this girl she deserve an award!!! im watching its all because of May Chan … Kate doesn’t really stand out.. and Dayo is funny as always !!!

  11. May Chan reminds me of “Fei Fei” (Shum Din Ha – Lydia Shum) especially if May puts on a pair of spectacles.

  12. TVB is only good for cheap slapstick comedies. They are losing their grip and passion in delivering to the world. Time for HKTV to give them a run for the money.

  13. May Chan is absolutely fantastic and is very pretty too!

  14. May chan is adorable. And her acting was so refreshing and funny!!! Cracked me up every scene shes in!!!!!

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