Myolie Wu and Edwin Siu Impersonate Whitney Houston and Leslie Cheung

One of Hunan Broadcasting System’s most popular game show, Your Face Sounds Familiar <百变大咖秀>, recently invited a string of Hong Kong TVB stars to record several episodes for their show. Hosted by two of China’s highest-paid presenters, He Jiong (何炅) and Xie Na (谢娜), Your Face Sounds Familiar is mainland China’s version of the original Endemol-produced entertainment show, in which well-known personalities appear on the program to impersonate various celebrities.

In the past several weeks, HBS has invited numerous TVB stars to guest star in an episode, which included Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Leanne Li (李亞男), Mimi Chu (朱咪咪), and the Three Gods trio – Louis Yuen (阮兆祥),Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), and Johnson Li (李思捷).This week, HBS has invited Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) over to the show, and their starring episode will be aired this Thursday.

Myolie and Edwin donned wigs and tight dresses to impersonate Whitney Houston and Leslie Cheung (張國榮) respectively. Myolie showed off her vocal range by performing Whitney’s famous cover of “I Will Always Love You.” Edwin performed Leslie’s best-selling single, “Adore” <愛慕>.

Now back in Hong Kong, the costars will return to TVB Studios and prepare for the shooting of the highly anticipated blockbuster drama, Rosy Business 3<巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>.

Having to sport a boy cut for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II >, which is slated to air this summer in Hong Kong, Myolie expressed that she hopes to grow out her hair for the filming of Rosy Business 3. To have long hair again is also Myolie’s dream this year, exclaiming, “It’s been too long. I really want to be feminine again!”

Although Myolie is single again and has openly decreed that she is welcoming all pursuers, she admitted that she is afraid to go on dates again. In January, Myolie professed that she was observing a new pursuer of hers, but they decided to become friends only.


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  1. Both of whom are dead, from tragic circumstances. If it is a comedy, then it is sorta not funny. If it is singing, not funny too because they can’t sing, I mean the impersonator. Why not impersonate someone alive?

    1. Don’t be so sensitive. It’s not like they were making fun of them. This seems like they were doing a tribute.

      It’s China. They’re not going to be doing any scathing impersonations like they do on SNL or MadTV. Just be happy they didn’t have Myolie perform in blackface like TVB asks Wong Cho Lam to do.

    2. Funn,
      There are countless Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators for decades since they have become larger than life. Wong Cho Lam has impersonated Leslie Cheung before (the look from “Farewell My Concubine”) and there will no doubt be more. The impersonations do not make fun of the tragic nature of their deaths, but rather the memorable images and performances they delivered while alive. No doubt the performances are meant as tributes and not disrespectful in nature.

      1. But these 2 can’t sing so I suppose they will make them funny. Maybe not Leslie, enough time has passed but Whitney who in life was as messy as in death? This is not being sensitive but perhaps a bit of respect, maybe a few more years. Whitney is too soon.

      2. Funn,
        Myolie has sung Whitney’s “I Always Love You” before. I think Myolie sounds decent, given the high notes of the song.

        I don’t know whether she will be making the impersonation funny, but if she were to sing it in the same manner as in earlier concerts, it may not be a disrespectful parody but perhaps imitate Whitney’s stage gestures.

      3. Funn,
        You sound like a bitter ‘B’. So many comments and negativity from you. Maybe you are just bias toward them like you had always been.

      4. agree with funn,at least invite 2 artist that can sing,myolie has a nice voice but lacks the skills and her high notes are not good enough in my opinion. edwin siu imitating leslie cheung is such a disgrace to leslie cheung the most talented chinese artist ever.

      5. People who think Myolie’s singing is not good must not have heard Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and the like on stage. IMO, these are all just staged for fun and I am sure Leslie Cheung won’t be offended, coz it’s better to be impersonated as it shows that you are still remembered and highly respected. what about people impersonating superheroes and artist on Halloween? Would that be a disgrace also? Tsk tsk tsk..don’t understand you people. So critical.

      6. Myolie cannot sing. Why did the article implies that she can. It shouldn’t have read her “showing odd her vocals”, it should be more like “embarrassing herself with her vocals”. Sorry, her vocals not even close to Whitney’s. What a joke.

      7. those who say myolie can’t sing must’ve never heard kate and linda chung sing especially live. now these two are the real embarrasment.

      8. Must you always bring down others to prove your bias to be great? If myolie is a great singer, there is no need for any comparisons. Her excellent singing would be able to stand alone.

      9. I am no comparing singers. Who can compare to WHitney Houston even at her worst was a good singer? These 2 are not singers. What I am saying, if you have read my comments instead of jumping into the hate bandwagon, is that I feel it is too early to spoof/imitate these 2 dead singers, but later I revise it to Whitney Houston whose death is too soon to be impersonated because I don’t see the singers angle, I see joke angle.

        Superheroes are not real people. Celebrities during holloween is personal. In your personal time you can impersonate whoever you want, even Hitler in a full Nazi costume. Unless you’re Prince Harry. But in public, caution must be given. But since this is Chinese entertainment no one will care unless they impersonate someone closer to home.

      10. Myolie’s singing might not be up to the calibre of Whitney Houston, but, she can sing. I’ve heard her sing some english songs live and she’s decent. I like her tone.

        As for Edwin, base on his singing in that Daddy series, he also can sing well.

      11. Myolie has excellent range in terms of HK standard right now. All she needs is some vocal training and tips to sail her off high.

      12. @Crystal –

        I notice her high notes were reached but didn’t sail off the way you said .. definitely something she needs to work on but it seems hard to improve.

    3. Not really sure what the complaint is .. this is just a show to poke fun. You don’t have to put the best singers on the stage to impersonate, just someone that captures that person’s character. So for me, not having the best singer is fine. Some of HK’s best impersonators will fail in the actual music industry but did fine pretending to be someone.

      Are you wanting someone else to impersonate Whitney Houston and Leslie Cheung instead?

      Thanks jayne for myolie’s clip – she didn’t do too bad. of course compare to the great and even other amateurs that tried singing this, she’s ranked fairly low. for an asian, her english accent was good and the song had the needed emotions.

      🙂 kind of sick of people whining about myolie can’t sing. she can sing fine, just don’t have enough singing skills to make it big in the music industry.

      1. Myolie isn’t the best singer, that’s correct. But agree with you that she isn’t that bad. She has the voice, singing technique, but not enough to shine.

    4. Of course their singing abilities are not as good as the original, but they’re not as bad as you say. Myself and many others have watched the video Jayne posted on Myolie singing I Will Always Love You. Her performance is quite decent, considering she’s mostly an actress, and the song is a difficult one to sing. Edwin was a singer before acting for TVB. I was never a fan of his, but I have to agree his singing is not bad at all. He just didn’t have much luck as a singer, thus he’s pursued acting now. You sound like you’re judging them without knowing much about their experience with singing, or, you just have super duper high expectations.

    5. Myolie doesn’t give me an impression that she’s impersonating Whitney because hairstyle like that are very common to find. To me, myolie looks like she just got herself a new hairstyle which somehow more “IN” and glamourous. AS for Edwin, he sure looks like he’s impersonating Leslie with that hair and outfit.

      1. hopefully her gestures make up for the fault of the dressing and make up department.

        edwin really reminded me of leslie but he had it easy. that look was soooo leslie that anyone can spot leslie a mile away.

    6. Your Face Sounds Familiar is a gameshow where ppl impersonate other famous ppl, including the alive ones. Men sometimes have to impersonate woman and vice versa. The show dun intend to find the best singer but to find who impersonate the one assigned to them the best (including the outfit, the acting, singing, etc.)

      Don’t be oversensitve and know about the show first.

      1. It is not about the show or even being oversensitive. It is about the artiste’s very very recent death of dubious circumstances. Unless she is singing her song but not impersonating her, it is ok. But by impersonation, it may be a bit too soon. But if it is dressing up like Whitney (and I doubt she can do an impersonation in itself but more like dress like her, hoping to sound a tad like her) then it is ok. No comedic element, no opinionated element, is ok. But other than that, it is off limits until a sufficient time has passed. Consider it an act of respect for your seniors unless you’re a comedian.

      2. The game is that to impersonate other artists, including the alive and passed away one. The artists to be impersonated are chosen by a wheel. Hence the impersonate is a part of the show.

        It’s really oversensitive of you in this react. So do you think ppl that dressed like Micheal Jackson in the memorial night of MJ are heartless?

      3. How many times do I have to repeat? MJ is ok. He died some time ago. Whitney is too recent. Her name should be taken out. Anita Mui is ok. Leslie .. alright, it is ok. Some time must pass. And please don’t put words into my mouth. I never said heartless. That is wrong word to use. Fox, I must say, you used to have better grasp for English words. Why nowadays I can’t quite understand you anymore?

      4. Mind you that the memorial night of MJ was held few months after his death.

        And it doesn’t like they use the death of Whitney to joke (example: a cartoon used the death of Diana to joke and then being bashed) but they only want to impersonate the personality, the song and performance. There is nothing wrong with the new/old death as long as they don’t joke the death. If they joke the death, it’s bad. They are still respecting the passed away artists.

        You really overreacted and had a prejudice before watching the real show.

      5. edwin siu imitating leslie cheung is already a joke,invite some a better singer to impersonate leslie,his look is too villainous,dont like him to impersonate leslie for tribute or something like that.

    7. that’s right, shouldn’t impersonate the dead, sing their songs or even watch her old videos cause it will hurt (cause pain) the dead very much esp if they are not in heaven

  2. Myolie is not only a great actress, but a wonderful singer too. Hit all the high notes perfectly. So, unless someone can sing better or as good even, then that person can criticize, otherwise just sit back and enjoy the show.

      1. Selina, stop being so critical of others. It is people like you that makes teenagers have low self-esteem. Why can’t we just appreciate individual talents? if Myolie can’t act, then you must be strangling yourself when you see Kate or those Eliza, Aimee, and Christine on screen?

      2. selina – Myolie got her areas of improvement but over the years, she’s gained my approval for her hardwork and dedication.

        i was amazed at her performance in johnnie to’s movie too.

        she’s not bad unless u have standards where only a small handful of great artist are out there in the tv industry.

      3. Marie, get off your high horse. Talk about a hypocrite.

      4. Selina, I am just asking you not to be so critical. And I was making a statement aka my personal opinion. Last time I checked, I didn’t ask for your reply. So please don’t question my opinion. To me, all actresses/actors have talents, some may be better than others, and who we favor is a very personal thing and it is not for someone to judge.

      5. is that ‘name’ genuinely yours or are you just using that name to spite ‘someone’ from other website? i hope it’s not the second one because that’s ao unclassy.

        myolie is a great actress and a great singer. fact.

      6. if you want to take revenge on someone from other website which coincidentally is a myolie fan by purposely stealing that person’s name, very unclassy. hopefully not and you’re genuine.

  3. I know it is for the laughs. But just no… :/

  4. Edwin is not bad of a singer, but Myolie? Ehh, none of the current fadans sing well.

    1. you should listen to Myolie sings live. I think she is not bad even compared to some popular singers singing live.

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