Myolie Wu’s Bed Scene in “Rosy Business 3” Revealed


Bob (林盛斌) glistened the television screens earlier this year with his hilarious bed scene with Angela Tong (湯盈盈) for the TVB comedy drama, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>. The former DJ will return to bed once again for an episode in the upcoming war drama No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>, but this time, his partner will be 2011’s TV Queen, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒)!

No Reserve, the third installment to Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) critically-acclaimed Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> franchise, is set during the years of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The period epic stars Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and Myolie Wu as a trio of Chinese spies, whose lives are forever changed by the outset of the war.

Bob will guest star as a Japanese soldier who is seduced by the promiscuous secret agent, Myolie. She seduces Bob in order to obtain military secrets from the Japanese army. Bob later discovers that he was being used, and feeling guilty, he commits suicide by cutting open his stomach.

The Inbound Troubles star will briefly appear in just two scenes of episode five.

Bob wrote on his Weibo yesterday, “Two scenes, four lines, and they’re in Japanese. Why am I doing it? First, Tim Gor. Second, Rosy Business 3. Third, and also one of the most important reasons, is that my opponent is the TV Queen. I think this is worth it, and I hope to do my best.”

For his scenes, Bob hired a Japanese language teacher to give him some quick lessons. Bob was very nervous during the shoot, but completed it without many problems. “Thanks to Myolie for helping me out throughout the filming process! The scene was quite bold, and [I] was very embarrassed during the shoot. The crew members kept on laughing! I hope once the drama airs the audience will not treat it as a comedy!”

Bob added, “I also want to thank Tim Gor! A guest star can also have bed scenes with the TV Queen.” Bob admitted that he had given his wife a warning about the scene beforehand, and also expressed that he does not wish his daughter to watch it. “I don’t want her to get jealous!”


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  1. “I hope once the drama airs the audience will not treat it as a comedy!”

    LOL Bob, I will try not to 😉

      1. thanks dd, ahha. i just meant that it was dramatic compared to No Regrets

  2. “I hope once the drama airs the audience will not treat it as a comedy!”

    lol sorry Bob.

  3. lol, the third one in this trilogy will be a comedy. what a joke milking the cow…smh tvb.

  4. Yawn. Remember when kate Tsui said she had a “explicit rape scene” in H&L? Well turns out it was a 3 second shot of 4 guys looking into the camera.

    1. well myolie said she has professionally prepared for all her bed scenes including by watching tang wei’s bed scene in lust caution so i believe that myolie’s bed scene will be much better than kate’s 1 second rape.

      1. I will bet Myolie never dares to film what Tang Wei filmed! Clearly and surely TVB needn’t and wouldn’t and couldn’t go THAT way. Big talk but seriously empty talk.

      2. Funn,
        Lee Tim Shing is also not that type of “shock value” producer. He’ll imply enough to drive the plot, but I don’t even expect to see Myolie reveal her entire bare back.

        Just naked shoulders and arms with thick blanket.

  5. Not looking forward to this series because of Myolie & Sire Ma. But want to watch it because of Wayne. I really hope no intimate scene with Wayne. Sheren Tang should be the one in this so call Rosy Business 3, but thank god she isn’t now because of those stupid intimate bed & kiss scenes, which has corrupted this series & ruin the reputation of Rosy business

  6. If this is a spy drama, then why not focus on action instead something so boring as tame bed scenes?

  7. I have my reservations about the series but I’ll trust Tim Gor. I just hope they will be filming on location. Hate to just see the same setting as No Regrets.

  8. PLEASE TVB!! Enough of you “BOLD” bed scene, rape scene & so on..its all just some ppl looking at camera laughin evil or some girls with blankets covering them woke up from sleep & cry..ENOUGH OF THIS..

    I think everyone prefer watching a good storyline with good ending rather than your dunno wut “BOLD” scene..

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