“Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou” Will Be World’s First 3D Wuxia Drama

Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou <陸小鳳與花滿樓> will make its footprint as the world’s first wuxia television drama. With the rising popularity of 3D,  Tsui Hark (徐克) was one of the first film directors to merge 3D and wuxia in 2011’s Flying Swords of Dragon Gate <龍門飛甲>. Now home viewers are in for a visual feast in Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou, which will star Raymond Lam (林峰) as the main character.

Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou will be based on The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng <陸小鳳傳奇之大金鵬王>, a novel by renowned wuxia writer Gu Long (古龍). The storyline follows Lu Xiaofeng (Raymond Lam), who is investigating a strange sickness contracted by the emperor, as he discovers the Golden Bird Dynasty, an old and forgotten country. During his investigation, he meets Princess Shangguan Danfeng (Lan Xi 斓曦), who shows him to the right path, and the two fall in love. However, Xiaofeng’s female friend, Ah Xin (Zhang Meng 張檬), who has accompanied him throughout his investigation, is unwilling to let go of him even though she is fully aware that Xiaofeng’s heart belongs to Danfeng.

Lead actress Lan Xi, who rose to fame after playing Shen Meizhuang in Legend of Zhen Huan <后宮甄嬛傳>, shared that the details of the love triangle were still a secret. She praised Raymond for being a professional actor and said she was delighted to work with him. In Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou, she will be reunited with mainland Chinese actor Zhang Xiaolong (張曉龍), who played her love interest in Legend of Zhen Huan. Here, Xiaolong will play Hua Manlou, Lu Xiaofeng’s good friend who lost his sight when he was young. Although Lan Xi and Xiaolong’s characters are not in a romantic relationship this time, they are involved in many fighting scenes together, since Lan Xi will also be playing Shangguan Dantu, Princess Danfeng’s twin brother, who seeks to murder Hua Manlou.

Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou has a production budget of over 100 million RMB. The production company selected the world’s most advanced 3D equipment for the filming crew, hoping to attract viewers with a more solid, lively, and realistic wuxia world, as well as bring about daring innovations for domestic wuxia projects.

Source: Hunantv.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. If they’re dubbing this in Cantonese, PLEASE for the love of god, get Raymond to do his own dubbing.

  2. The only point of 3D in movies is to inflate the tickets and earn more. There is zero reasons for doing 3D TV. How do people watch if they don’t have the TV or the glasses?

    1. They watch the normal version on a regular TV. It is only known as a 3D production because it is shot with 3D equipments, making it compatible for 3D TVs.

      1. Just reinforced my point further. 3D equipment and technique is more expensive since it’s not refined yet, and then most will not even be able to experience it so what on earth is the point of shooting it in 3D?

  3. I don’t get it. If the series is in 3D, does that mean you have to have a 3D compatible TV to watch?? Does everyone in China have 3D TV?

    1. 3D TVs may be getting popular but I highly doubt that everyone in China can afford one because it is certainly not cheap. I am sure the series can be viewed on a regular TV as well, but having it shot with 3D equipments make it compatible for 3D TVs, unlike other series.

      It is the same for 3D movies as well. It is both viewable on normal screens and in 3D theaters.

    2. screw 3D TV. that thing hurts your eyes after a while. i stick to regular tv!!

  4. Sorry but rubbish concept. 3D in movies is unrefined, in TV will be worse due to the small screen. Not everyone has the 3D glasses or 3D TV. And it is hard to concentrate on the movie or series when your eyes are straining at what you’re seeing. I know because I tried with The Hobbit and I was very happy I saw the 2D version before that. The better way is to make it HD with details on the background that will practically fly out like 3D.

    1. Agree. I watched the Olympics opening ceremony on 3D BBC broadcast and we happily swapped over to 2D after 10 minutes. Same thing with Hugo and The Hobbit!

      1. The bad guy fought with a pen0r sword, I’m pretty sure it qualifies.

      2. I lol at this comment! Well done, dd! /clap lol

    1. dd,
      “Sex and Zen 3D” already holds title as world’s first 3D sex movie. I’m sure the movie also set many “firsts” as you mentioned in your post.

  5. Raymond needs to stop acting in these Chinese ancient movies cause he look so bad in them and it’s so boring…

  6. I think this idea of 3D for TV will not be so well accepted. According to the discussion/debates we have here, everyone is quite clueless. Perhaps Tsui Hark himself or Jayne can clarify this for us?

    I enjoy Tsui Hark’s works tremendously but as a martial arts enthusiast, 3D is NOT for one-on-one fight sequence (the action looks odd). However, if it’s on a big-scale basis, then it isn’t so bad (but then again we already have cgi for that don’t we !!!)

  7. raymond looks odd as luk siu fung and i don’t buy the 3d tv series too. unnecessary or maybe this series just want to use the hype over the ‘first 3d wuxia’ series

  8. there is a “The Iceman Cometh 3D”…maybe 3D thing is a trend…although i don’t know how it is work in TV…but a guess try new thing is good…at least he got high paid on filming this drama…i can only support LF…

  9. Ok, haven’t watched legend of zhen huan, but zhang meng is way too pretty and cute for Raymond to not love her :p

    1. Lan Xi is not pretty by any standards. I mean she is pretty but not gorgeous. Too thin, too dark. But she has one edge over any actress out there and I hope her voice isn’t dubbed because her voice and her accent is super cute. She is very lady like, very feminine, like someone who is “tai tai” sort of character. And she will make Ray look bigger in size so that’s a plus point. And she can act.

      Zhang Meng I have seen before but I just can’t recall.

      1. I was looking for that one word, after posting I just remembered; Elegant. Lan Xi is very elegant.

    1. Yes, at the risk of upsetting Raymond fans… I think he looks like a bad looking pervert.

  10. “Lan Xi will also be playing Shangguan Dantu, Princess Danfeng’s twin brother, who seeks to murder Hua Manlou.”

    Oh she’s playing a male character too??

  11. Although Lan Xi and Xiaolong’s characters are not in a romantic relationship this time,

    Does that mean Shangguan Feiyan won’t be in this version?

    1. Have. Feiyan is Man Lou’s love interest. She appeared. But Dan Feng and Feiyan might not 1 this time.

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