Sharon Chan Stars in TVB Sex Comedy

TVB will feature  Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) as sex experts in an upcoming sex comedy. Producer Jazz Man‘s (文偉鴻) series also stars Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Benz Hui (許紹雄), Elena Kong (江美儀), and May Chan (陳嘉佳). The sexual emphasis of the drama will certainly generate heated discussions among more viewers.

Sharon Chan Has Normal Sex Life

In preparation for her role as a sex therapist, Sharon admitted that she had sought advice from a professional to better immerse into character. “I want to understand what kinds of sex problems and difficulties patients experience.” When teased whether she has any sexual difficulties herself, Sharon embarrassingly responded, “I don’t! I’m very normal.”

Due to the sexual nature of the drama, Sharon was asjed whether she will have any seduction scenes with Eddie Cheung. Sharon said, “No! Just bed scenes. The audience now has a very high level of acceptance.”

Eddie Cheung Excited About Sex Comedy

Eddie Cheung plays Sharon’s husband and a sex social worker in the upcoming drama. Eddie supports TVB producing a refreshing series on the topic of sex despite the traditional values of its viewers. He said, “Actually, this drama in Hong Kong is a big step forward. Many other places right now are very open. Hong Kong television series should also accept a wider variety of topics.”

Currently a father to both a daughter and a son, Eddie was asked about whether he feels embarrassed filming the drama. Revealing that his daughter is studying sex education in fifth grade, the family is open to discussing the topic at home.


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  1. I’ve never thought Sharon was sexy. She also walks very weirdly when trying to be sexy in all the shows.

    1. tvb trying to make Sharon chan to be another sex pot like kate tsui?
      same producer as line walker producer Jazz Man (文偉鴻)

      1. I think sharon is definitely hotter, sexier, and prettier than kate

      2. But I think Sharon is not sexy at all. TVB is just trying too hard

      3. She has a prettier face than Kate but definitely not sexier. Kate has a better body and more natural being sexy.

    2. Hi Cindy,
      That was exactly what I thought also.
      Some ppl don’t understand what sexiness is all about. They thought sexy is wear low cut or revealing clothes to show off the breasts or very short skirt. It’s an aura the person gives you. I personally feel she doesn’t have it.

  2. For some reason I’m not surprised! These days Sharon is always the one filming “risky” scenes ever since Ghetto Justice..

  3. Another Jazz Man production that has Sharon Chan, Elena Kong and Benz Hui in it

  4. Omg no. Sharon can only look sexy but she can’t be sexy. It’s completely oppoilsite of her personality. Pushing her to it only makes me think she’s a terrible actress. I might have to pass on this drama, even though I luv Eddie cheung.

    1. OMG NOOOOOO is the word !! The more TVB tries to make Sharon ‘sexy’ the more she backtracks as an actress ! And What’s with TVB’s obsession with her damn 42inch legs ??? I just don’t get it….. It’s getting lame, tiresome and oh so shallow !!!
      Worse of, they may be long but they are oh so shapeless !!

  5. HK viewer gonna put in complaints saying it Inappropriate lol

      1. I don’t know if the rumor is true or not. But Jazz Man surely gave Sharon a lot of good opportunities in his dramas. And now he offers her a lead role opposite Eddie

  6. Sharon? Yuck she’s not sexy at all despite dressing sexy. She was horribly pretentious in TUA and LW!

    1. Agreed! Next time you see her characters in a mini tight dress, just pay attention to the way she walks. She tries so hard to look sexy, it looks like she’s limping or something.

      1. Agreed.In her earlier days, she was so much sexier just being herself. And then TVB went to spoil it all by trying to squeeze every ounce of her sexuality. A girl can be sexy without trying too hard, or without even trying at all.

  7. Wow I’m surprised TVB would greenlight this. Can’t wait to see how many complaints it gets.

    1. Or a knockoff of Showtime’s Masters of Sex with Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan.

      IDK why TVB bother with a topic that’s so “racy” for their conservative audience. Showtime is American cable while TVB viewers complain if even a woman is shown in her bra. Is the show supposed to just be people sitting around in an office and discussing sex? Then why choose that topic, instead of e.g. mental illnesses.

      1. Was that in regards to the Fala Chen scene a while back? Was that during the 8:30 or 9:30pm timeslot?

      2. Their see lai audience would be terrified if they ever made anything that was remotely similar to Masters of Sex. I think this is probably going to be closer to something like Big Bang Theory…

  8. Somehow on the first go, i misread that Eddie will be playing a sex worker. I read it again and found it was actually sex social worker.

    1. The funny thing is, he would probably make a sexier sex worker than Sharon Chan. She is so annoying. and not sexy.

  9. Ankie Belkie. Everyone else is just a pretender. Sharon is not sexy. She is painful to watch as sexy or otherwise.

    1. Yup. That’s true sexiness. No one come near Ankie Belkie, at least no one in TVB.

    2. Yes! Loved Ankie in Brother’s Keeper and Line Walker. She can be sexy naturally without trying too hard like Sharon does sometimes.

  10. Just finished watching line walker, and like her partner said: she can’t act sexy lol… Sharon is pretty, but her acting is weak, and she’s far from sexy >_< (I just pointed out another tall slim lady not sexy :p bite me :p)

  11. This just makes TVB sound even more desperate than they are.
    I guess it’s probably easier to copy or write a show about sex, than it is to write a drama or wuxia script.

    I love Eddie Cheung, but wont be watching this dreck.
    Would have loved to see him and Michael Miu in a serious cop drama or something.
    I think they would make a great team up, or even enemies if given the right script.

    1. I agree with you guys! I’m pretty sure TVB decided to make this series because HKTV made Sexpedia (though they forgot one important point–HKTV is internet based so they have more freedom with their subject matter, whereas TVB needs to consider the limitations of television and also their housewife audience).

      I love Eddie Cheung as well, but I can’t stand Sharon…plus I don’t have much confidence in TVB`s scriptwriters nowadays. Such a waste though — with 2 Best Actor awards from international film festivals under his belt, Eddie is worth way more now than what TVB is able to offer him….he should have either declined this project our request to have a more high profile, capable actress pair with him.

  12. Sharon is all bones.. she won’t even give me a boner.. she needs to get some meat, just a little to look healthy… such a shame for her face their not equal. That’s what fad diets do to you!

  13. Oh this sounds truly terrible! What is TVB thinking? Some things just aren’t supposed to happen…this is one of those times.

    1. Nothing on TVB is ever truly sexy or designed to be too subtle
    2. Sharon looks hot but she never pulls off sexy, she exaggerates it when acting and can’t even act sexy.

    Agreed! Ankie Belkie would be fabulous and shine in this. Kate Tsui would be interesting maaaybe depending on her face and Nancy Wu is amazing but surely won’t degrade her image to this – won’t do her any good.

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