Sisley Choi Has No Generation Gap With Kenny Wong

With the filming of modern police procedural drama Speed of Life <當戰馬遇上戰車> underway, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) shares details of her daring action scenes as well as what it is like to work with TVB actor Kenny Wong (黃德斌).

In the series, Sisley takes on the role as a youthful and energetic traffic cop who worships Kenny as an idol. Although Sisley frequently gets in trouble with Kenny, she treats him as a role model and eventually becomes one of his highly regarded apprentices.

While Sisley joked that she is a flirting machine in real life, she said she did not try to flirt with Kenny. Sisley laughed, “Why would I flirt with him! Kenny and I are very funny together – we always tease each other. I don’t why, but we don’t even have a generation gap.”

Sisley will not be involved in any romantic relationships in Speed of Life, although there is a minor story arc in which she falls for Jack Wu (胡諾言). “But he pursued me because he wanted revenge! It’s not really a love relationship, since he had his mind on revenge from the start!”

Since she plays a traffic cop, Sisley has a number of action scenes. In one of the fight scenes, Sisley accidently injured her back and had to get stitches. To enhance the effects of her injuries on camera, Sisley had a special makeup team to achieve realistic effects. Sisley recalled, “My eye needed to be very swollen. It took a special makeup artist an entire day to create the desired effects, and I felt the results were very interesting.”

While Sisley accumulated minor injuries on set, she disclosed she was lucky enough to have a stunt double take her place when her character was required to ride the motorbike.


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  1. omg why do they keep giving her roles, her acting is terrible and she isn’t even that pretty.

    1. I will ask the same question but to Kenny Wong. He is a wooden actor, now he is also on the older scale, I find him painful to watch and now paired with much younger actresses which is just.. why? WHY?!

      1. i agree wholeheartedly. imo, kenny is neither good looking nor a good actor. he also has little, if any charisma at all. i will avoid this series like the plague. i would rather watch evergreen mak, power chan or raymond cho lead a series than him.

      2. To me Kenny isn’t a versatile actor, but he can act if given a character that suits. Other than that, he is very wooden, when speaking his dialogues it’s very much monotone , tape recorded like :/

    2. For the record, he is not that much of a looker either.

      His face looks like a used toilet bowl.

      1. ^ Just a lame retort to all the “si ni’s” who always have bones to pick with young actresses while glossing over their aging/ugly TVB idols.

      2. How would you like it if someone said that about ur looks terminator

    1. I agree, there was one scene where she was crying, but it sounded like she was laughing! I don’t see why everyone thinks she is pretty, she’s very average looking and flat chested; not Miss HK material.

  2. I always asked that question why is sisley Miss Hk she’s butt ugly!!

  3. she has a really high pitched squeaky voice, dont’ like the way she says her lines

      1. No offense but every time someone compares Charmaine with new comers especially Sisley I would like to say Charmaine looked way better than Sisley.

      2. i’m not comparing the two on look wise. what i meant was that when Charmaine had started, her voice was squeaky. she had improved on it later on. i’ve never seen sisley in any series as i have stopped watched tvb series lately so I can’t say that I like sisley or not.

  4. Don’t need to be pretty (whatever that means) to be a good actor and to win Miss HK runner up. It’s usually the attitude that counts.

    1. Yes,it should take much more than just looks to win a beauty pageant.

  5. im looking forward to this serie,im a fan of sisley since i saw her in officer geomancer. her acting is natural and i think she has a face that can do different kind of roles.

  6. Sisley and grace…really cannot tolerate these 2.

    Kenny wong will do a good job as a police officer because he has that look. don’t count on him to do romantic roles.

  7. i like sisley and grace chan…performance are above average for newcomers…i think those who criticize them never watch charmaine’s performance in snowy mountain flying fox..i was much more awful…and now she is a TV queen..give sisley and grace time..they will improve..definitely will

    1. I can see them improving too. Constructive criticism is good, but when people just target their looks to justify their performance abilities it’s bizarre.

  8. I reckon Sisley looks like a mixture between Astrid and Elaine. Her acting is pretty decent too, for a newcomer.

    1. People pick on those newcomers who get the opportunities, to me Sisley and grace aren’t bad when you’re looking at the performances of other newcomers. They do pretty well, afterall they’ve only just started. If people really want to compare, they may want to compare the the performances of A line artists now of when they first started to newcomers now. I think newcomers nowadays pick up things faster, even pointed out by experienced artists (of course this does not mean ALL newcomers do). Society is getting so critical towards entertainment , I mean barely-even-artists are being compared to actors who’ve been in the industry for 10 plus years… O_o don’t expect newcomers to get it at first tries when it took idolised artists 10 plus years to be a gem.

  9. omg cant stand watching Sisley, her acting suck in the last 2 series. gonna give this one a miss lol

  10. OMG TVBs drama is getting worse ,promoting all this new actress Ms HK Sisley Choi & Grace Chan whos is so new still not good in acting , where are those good actress ?

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