“Forensic Heroes 3” Promotional Trailers

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TVB series, Forensic Heroes 3, will be broadcast in Hong Kong on October 10, 2011. The series stars Wayne Lai, Maggie Cheung, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Ruco Chan, and Nancy Wu.

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Another promotional clip for Forensic Heroes 3, highlighting Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan.

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  1. SO looking forward to this drama!! Hope this will be a good one… there hasn’t been a good investigation drama since “Detective Investigation Files”. Love Wayne Lai! Good castings overall. Thank goodness he’s pairing with Maggie Cheung! Whoever thought of Charmaine needs a good pair of glasses – brother/sister relationship perhaps but as a couple (??)- that would have been dreadful!

  2. Wait a minute – Is Wayne Lai paired with Nancy Wu in the beginning?? (The trailer shows a wedding pose). Please NO… Nancy is like a little sister!! *cringe*

      1. Yeah and I think they also have a daughter in thsi drama? (Well, from what I saw on Nancy Wu’s Weibo)

      2. this*

        and oh btw the trailers look promising. Finally! Something that seems decent !

    1. Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu are not well matched as a couple in terms of age. Wayne Lai would look better if he was Nancy Wu’s big brother or young uncle.

      1. and they have a daughter in this drama series! Nancy Wu just turned 30 in her real age. Hard to accept it.

      2. What a coincidence that I just looked at a 7 years ago photo of Nancy Wu(and most of Triumph in The Skies cast). She looks cherubic and youthful! 😀

  3. Saw Stephen Huynh in the promo. Will watch it even though Stephen’s role will most probably be small and only involve one case.

    Too bad. If they have continued from FH2, maybe I can see him as Ma Kwok Wang again. He became nice after his sister saved him from the kidnappers.

    1. I agree!! Should have named this series something else!! Forensic Heroes is for Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah…

    2. Watch 1st 2 episodes of FH3. Very boring in episode 1. Somewhat an improvement in episode 2 with some action.

      Lots of talking, no or little action = boring.

      Episode 3 preview looks like good episode if Lau Dan is a ….. wont spoil it.

      1. You’ve spoiled it for me already. 🙁

        I’ve only watch 1/2 of episode 1.

  4. NANCY IS MINOR ROLE AGAIN!?!!!? *sigh!!!
    I loved 1&2! so 3 better not upset me!!
    Wayne..I always loved his acting so we’ll see how this go.

    1. I’m looking forward for nancy’s role of deaf woman boxer more.

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