Raymond Lam’s Music Videos, “Broken” and “Chok”

[vsw id=”TW3gYD5rVNo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Preview of Raymond Lam’s new song, “Broken”!

[vsw id=”mE1SnyX7L-A” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Raymond in Hip Hop gear performing new hit song, “Chok” !

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  1. Do you like Raymond Lam in Hip Hop look? I think his voice is more suitable for love ballads.

    1. I find the Chok song is quite catchy in the live version (concert one). But Broken is my fave this time.

      1. Oh I love Broken. Especially when you can hear him sing those high notes very well. He can sing you know.

    2. If you show “Chok” MV clip in New York City, non Asians…. you will get what kind of reaction?

  2. Like the Chok song because the lyric finds too real, and also love His Broken MV, love his signature hand movements. LOL.

  3. I think it’s refreshing for Raymond to try out a new image. His dance moves are quite good (MV wise & concert wise). My fav song from his new cd is 人一個.

      1. Baby, tonight you gonna be my girl, not enough to understand :P?

  4. I prefer Broken’s song and Choke’s MV.

    Both MVs depart from Raymond’s usual good boy prince charming image. I’m still not use to seeing Raymond like this. But, between the hip-hop Raymond and trying-to-be-sensual-and consumed-by-deep-red-passion-Raymond, I prefer hip-hop Raymond.

  5. The ‘Broken’ song shows that Ray really can sing and is actually quite versatile. I’m still not used to the sensual/dark passion look and his hip-hop look. But, I’m happy that he’s branching out to other type of songs an not just love ballets. Hip-hop song still does not suit him, but, he sings the ‘Broken’ song well. His ranged also good. Hope people will not be prejudice against him and overlook his talent/ability because he’s heavily promoted by TVB and EEG.

    1. Don’t worry, his album sells great anyway, always on the top list

  6. Chok – auto tuned to death.Like most k-pop.

    Broken – better but also auto tuned. Will be interesting to listen in live version minus all the autotune.

  7. The most positive comments about Lf’s Chok anywhere on the internet. So refreshing…hate is just everywhere for this song… 🙂

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