Raymond Lam’s New “Stone” Music Video

[vsw id=”i5cs9PcV0No” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Enjoy Raymond Lam’s new Cantonese song, Stone <顽石>. Raymond turns into stone and shatters in pieces, signifying his heartbreak!

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  1. nice song and great mv, non stop i hearing everyday.

    1. really sad that christine kuo is sacrified in this video became stone and vanished. But sure it is a nice song

      1. love this song, the tune is so nicw, especially his voice

  2. The tune is very nice…he has a nice range in vocals. <3 it

  3. I thought Ray turned into stone signifying that he is just as stubborn as the girl he likes for continueing to fall in love with someone you know will never like you. Cause the girl he likes is like a stone and unchanging or moving and then he finds out he is also like a stone.

    But I don’t know cause my chinese is really bad. I can’t even read chinese, so have no clue what the lyrics are about exactly!

    1. The last line of the song is that. He also turns into a stone and cant feel the hurt anymore.

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