Ron Ng and Kate Tsui Promoting “Forensic Heroes 3” in Malaysia

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Ron Ng and Kate Tsui speak about filming process for “Forensic Heroes 3,” including filming with a real human skeleton. Ron Ng: “Most of my time chasing girls is onscreen!”


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  1. AWWWWWWW! Ron is so sweet! I think both Ron and Ray are both so caring and kind to the people around them. Would like more info bout the freindship between Ron, Kate, and Ray!!

  2. Ron Ng has like no screen time, he’s almost like a Kelefe…SERIOUSLY WHERE IS HIS DRAMA?!?! What happened to Ron, his roles are getting wworse and worse…What happened to the Ron that played Chung Lap Mun!!

    1. He is kinda turning into a Kelefe, but I love his acting though. Don’t think his roles are getting worse though. I like how he gets to act as all different kinds of characters, unlike Ray who’s always a handsome good guy.

  3. I also wanna comment about something that I’ve noticed about Ron and his dramas. Has anyone counted how many times he’s lived in the same house in different dramas?!!!! Every time Ron’s portrayed as a rich guy in dramas, he’s always lived in that same mansion. I can recal him living in that house in the old drama about hotels, The Brink of Law, Wax and Wayne, and Forensic 3. I’m sure there are a few more, but I can’t recall them.

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