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2011 Mr. Hong Kong First Round of Interviews

By on June 2, 2011

2011 Mr. Hong Kong First Round of Interviews thumbnail

Yesterday, the first round of interviews was held for the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong competition. The Mr. Hong Kong competition was known for its outlandish antics. However, the majority of applicants at yesterday’s interview were attempting to look cool. Perhaps the Mr. Hong Kong applicants set Raymond Lam as their target instead?

Thirty-two applicants appeared at the interview yesterday. In the past, the applicants often showcased their abdominal muscles; however the men only flashed their cool exterior yesterday. The men only showcased their muscular arms and demonstrated Latin dance and martial arts poses. The physical appearance of the applicants was not outstanding either.

The good-looking applicants included model Edmond Siu, “Big-eyed Cheung Lap Kei” and “Big-eyed Kwon Sang Woo.” One of the applicants immediately flashed his arm muscles before the press upon arrival. He did not pay attention to the bag that he dropped on the ground and the onsite staff had to urge him to go backstage. When he entered the stage, he posed in various postures and removed his outer shirt to show his muscles.  When the press asked the candidate whether he worked in law enforcement, he made a salutary gesture.

Several applicants resembled TVB’s actors, such as “Swollen-eyed Ron Ng,” “Dimpled Louis Yuen,” “Ugly version of Bosco Wong,” “Michael Tse Look-a-like” “Small-eyed Kenny Wong” and “Short Chilam Cheung.” When the press mentioned to a candidate that he resembled Michael Tse, he said that many people made the same comment. He immediately striked a “Laughing Gor” pose. Three of the applicants appeared to be older and one man made a martial arts posture.

The 2011 Mr. Hong Kong competition will be held on July 16th at TVB City. Twelve candidates will be selected to participate in the competition. Originally, forty men were scheduled for the first round of interviews; however eight candidates did not appear for unknown reasons. The panel will contact the candidates who did not appear for the interview. The applicants’ age ranged from 20 to 40 years old. Several candidates were from Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.

At yesterday’s interview, the applicants were judged on their articulation skills and were asked to wear a swimming-trunks-like garment to see whether the applicants had tattoos on their bodies. The event producer confirmed that tattoos were acceptable in the competition. (Were the applicants banned from revealing their muscular bodies before the press?) Event producer, Wai Sai Fai said, “No, that’s not the case. It’s fine since they are men.”

Source: Baidu.com

Jayne: Actually the man that resembles Michael Tse possesses Michael’s magnetic eyes. Not bad…I spot 2 or 3 decent looking men. Can’t really judge from one photo alone. I’ll reserve judgement until I see swimsuit photos.

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  • Readers' Comments (85)

    1. Addy says:

      Do they have an age limit for the MRHK?

      • HeTieShou says:

        I am guessing that if they have similar rules to the MSHK pageant then they should. But not 100% sure…

      • Jayne says:

        According to the article, 40 is the age limit. There appears to be several candidates in mid 30s, but most guys appear young.

    2. Masaharu says:

      What caught my interest in any pageant in HK is how the media will “report” them instead of the actual event itself…haha sorry, I just found HK medias peculiar.

      As shown above, the recent years’ trend of HK pageant reporting is to point out “who resembles who”, although personally for some of them I can’t see the resemblance.

      • Jayne says:

        What do you think of the man resembling Laughing Gor? Hot or not? I find him mildly hot; it depends on whether the has muscles or not.

        In 6 weeks, the Mr. Hong Kong competition will held after the applicants just met with the panel. Personally, I feel the Mr. Hong Kong competition is a shoddily planned event. Many of the candidates sound very nervous on stage and this is due to the very short preparation they have prior to the competition. The female judges are so eager to vote out a contestant who has a shaky voice! Women like a man who has confidence. If the candidates are trained better for the night of the competition, some shyer types will fare better.

        Due to its long history, Miss Hong Kong has more sponsors and is a more prestigious event compared to Mr. Hong Kong. I do feel that Miss Hong Kong candidates are more prepared on the night of the competition. At least most of them sound articulate and are not visibly shaking before the camera unlike the Mr. HK guys.

        • Masaharu says:

          Jayne, I find him having a nice built so far and imo better looking in pictures than Laughing Gor. I’ll comment more when I see him in clips and with another expression besides “chok” :D

          Chilam’s look-alike has a funny face and dressing style. Haha..I wonder if he made it.

          On another note, I feel sorry for the “Ugly Version of Bosco Wong”. Sure, this guy is in no way hot in my standard..but he’s not ugly either(and my sight must be terrible since I can’t see the resemblance)..Nobody wants to be called “ugly” in their first public tryout…Ouch poor guy.

        • Kidd says:

          I personally enjoy watching Mr.HK contest more than Miss HK precisely because it’s short. The Miss HK pageant drag too long. When I watch Miss HK nowadays, I thought I was watching a travelogue and tourism promo. I enjoy watching Mr.HK and Miss MCI pageants more.

          I hope they revert back to the old format. The 1 person 1 vote severely restrict the chances of other contestants all awards go to the most popular guy only.

        • Chriselle says:

          @Kidd, The MsHK show was even longer in the past. In recent years, I believe it’s only an hour an a half or no more than two hours. I remember back in 1997, it was 3 hours long, which I agree can be too tedious to watch. Nowadays, the contestants only has one interview segment with the MCs. That’s actually my favorite part of the show and I’m a bit disappointed that it’s cut. Eric always amuses me.

          I don’t enjoy the MrHK show as much and like Jayne said, these men are ill-prepared. I feel like the show is a complete joke, especially in the intro segment when the men forget their lines, lol. It’s amusing because my favorite part of the show are the pool of pretty female voters, walking out in their glamourous female gowns. Even the MCs are more interesting than the male contestants themselves.

        • Chriselle says:

          I meant *evening gowns, lol. :)

        • Jayne says:

          Mr. HK show is like a muscle talent competition, while Miss HK is a beauty pageant. Thus Mr. HK is more humorous and bolder in content while Miss HK is somewhat pretentious in how candidates conduct themselves.

          The Q and A can be better in both segments. The hosts, Dodo Cheng and Eric Tsang, tend to be overly sarcastic and cut off contestants’ responses and in some cases twist their responses to make them appear dumb. I think Eric is best in variety shows; his leering of female bodies is a bit too much to take. Didn’t Cheng Dan Shui host Miss HK in past? He was a gracious and classy MC. The show used to be classier in the past.

          Kidd, the travel is necessary because travel agency, Hong Tai, is a major sponsor of Miss HK. They even give out the Travel Ambassador award.

        • Vivien says:

          MHK and Mr HK are increasingly becomeing a joke competition. The really handsome and really pretty guys and girls don’t want to enter. I’m sure there are better looking guys and girls out there

    3. Jayne says:

      Many of the Mr. Hong Kong applicants had terrible hair! Trying too hard to look like Korean idols without success!

      • Masaharu says:

        I admit I’m tired of seeing so many youngsters getting these Korean style haircuts. Most can’t carry these crazy hairstyles LOL

        In my circle I encounter a younger friend who wanted to get an eccentric TVB haircut. I was watching 7 Days in Life with this guy when he said he wanted this stylish haircut, and abruptly I said please don’t….you don’t have this guy’s features. I’m cruel…

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and why can’t someone just be themselves instead of trying to copy someone else? It usually ends up being a disaster when you try to copy another person…

    4. Funn says:

      Looking at the tiny picture, he does look like Michael Tse! Could have been his brother!

      I understand the need to associate names. These people are nobodies. By comparing them to established stars as in likeness, that is publicity.

    5. Miss China says:

      Jayne, since you know I am in Europe, please let me know, is there a live streaming where I can watch the Mr.HK pageant? On a side note, I don’t like the fact that the guys are already being compared to famous TVB artists, I mean “Ugly Bosco Wong’? Seriously? Anyways, I like the fact that the age is limit is pretty much high (40). It seems that all of the guys have their own charms but I really liked this one guy~ (http://www.jaynestars.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/2011_Mr_Hong_Kong_Applicant_14.jpg) Jayne, keep us updated on this one~~

      • Jayne says:

        Miss China,
        I’m not sure where you can watch the live streaming video since you are based in Europe. LOL I want to watch it myself but finding the feed after the event is a challenge too.

        The photos are the 32 guys that interviewed in the first round. Only 12 guys will be chosen to enter the actual competition. Hehe I’ll be sure to cover the men who make it into the contest!

    6. sure-lee says:

      Whoa, that guy really does look like Michael Tse a lot!!

    7. Veejay says:

      LOL, i was about to say that Applicant no. 1 resembles Michael Tse alot. At first, I really thought it was Micheal Tse before reading the title of the topic :p.

      Not bad, this year’s candidate are quite decent looking ^^ better quality than Ms. Hong Kong :p

    8. Kidd says:

      I understand why the reporters have to match the contestants with existing stars. They did it for Miss HK and now they do it for Mr.HK. Some contestants that they said look like a certain stars do not resemble the stars at all.

      The contestants are their own individual person, not a copy of the stars.

    9. Pineapple says:

      I thought it was Michael Tse also. Sure its not his twin brother??

    10. Vivien says:

      He look like younger Laughing Gor! I think I can spot Louis Yuen lookalike and Chilam lookalike but Chilam lookalike dont look cute like Chilam! The man in pic #6 look the best!

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think if any contestant wins just because they look like any particular artist is a bit sad. It is sad since they are only being noticed or won because they look like someone else. They did not succeed based entirely on their own selves. If they entered the circle like that then they will forever be in someone else’s shadow and I don’t really find that always a good thing…

    11. Kidd says:

      Of all the participants here, I like no3 the most.

      He looks very pleasant and easy going.

      I predict Laughing Gor will be a hot favourite.

      Beside no3, I also like no14 and no31. No14 looks like a happy guy while no31 looks intelligent, like a computer whiz kid.

      No17 looks like a classy guy that will very himself well.

      Beside no1, no.21 also looks like Michael Tse

      No13 also not bad.

      Lastly, which one is Ugly Bosco?

      My prediction on who will get in

      No 13, No 1, No 14, No 17, No 18, No 3, No 2, No 20, No 26, No 29, No 31, No 21, No 7

      Ok, I know there’s 13 guys here. But, I don’t know who to take out. So, I’ll leave it be.

    12. Jayne says:

      When the 12 official candidates of the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong contest are announced, JayneStars will hold a contest to reward the lucky winner who predicts the man who wins the Mr. HK title! :)

      Let’s keep our eyes peeled on the men! :)

      • sehseh says:

        Last year was easy guess (only 2-3, including the winner was decent).

        Let’s see how this year goes. I admit I watch this contest annually for the sake of 2nd hand embarrassment during the talent segment.

        p.s. A bit saddened that TVB removed the martial art segment as the final round.

        • Jayne says:

          Hehe the talent segment in the Mr. Hong Kong can be entertaining to watch. Most athletic guys with some rhythm tend to show off hip hop dancing skills. The cringe-worthy talent performances are when the guys just strut around onstage showing off their muscles; it makes you wonder so this guy has no talent to share at all?

          Maybe they removed the martial arts segment because many candidates do not have such a background and training them to handle the weapons convincingly takes too much time?

        • sehseh says:

          Jayne, a few years back TVB was badly lacking young potential actors. The so-called ‘young’ batch were the Raymond, Ron, Kenneth group but they are already advancing into their 30’s. TVB need young blood badly as Raymond’s group are expected to move up and fill Roger, Bowie, Moses, Joe etc shoes.

          Like MHK, Mr Hong Kong were established for the purpose to source young(er), attractive males to join TVB. However, education is not a big factor. I feel that the martial art segment is to see whether they have potential to film costume series.

        • Vivien says:

          TVB don’t get the Raymond, Bosco, Ron generation from any competition so what makes TVB think they can get new blood from Mr HK? TVB got them from acting class students, dancers and hosts.

          As Fox said below the artists that TVB promote as new blood now don’t even come from Mr HK. TVB stopped promoting Matthew Ko now and I understand why because he don’t look like he enjoy acting.

        • Fox says:

          Sadly that the guys from acting class now are not valued. Matt Yeung had second leading roles in W Files. Jack Wu in the series with Wong He and Myolie as a second lead. But Fred Cheng, Oscar Leung, Oscar Chan, Stephen Wong (Ka Lok), etc., have they ever had second leading roles?

        • Vivien says:


          Matt Yeung is troublesome so TVB froze him for a while. Now he come back and sadly become supporting to more handsome new person Jason Chan.

          Oscar Leung had his second lead role in that series with Roger and Esther. I forget the title already.

          Stephen Wong Ka Lok cute boy but sometimes he act ok sometimes too stiff.

        • Vivien says:

          wait wasn’t Oscar Leung second lead in YOu’re Hired too

        • Kidd says:

          @ Vivien

          You’re Hired has only 1 male lead, that is Dayo Wong. All others are supporting roles.

          Not all series have to have a second lead.

        • Fox says:

          Nope, in Five tastes of live (I dun rmb its name is this or not), Oscar is a supporting only. Roger is the only lead.

    13. FanWen says:

      A lot of them don’t even deserve to walk through the door lol. But some of them are pretty decent looking as well. But I still think Mr HK pageant is a little too gay for my liking.

    14. Aly says:

      Whoa! The Michael Tse look-a-like really looks a lot like Michael! Same eyes, smile, “chok” look. He should be casted in Laughing Gor prequel!
      I think he’s the standout for now! The rest, I would need to take a closer look when they announce the final 12!

    15. samche says:

      ewww…that is my answer. they’re below average men in the streets that i will never bother looking twice at. even my bf looks better than them. sorry to say this. i think these pageant associations should go out and look for people instead of them entering themselves into the competition.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I personally always thought that the pageants(if they mean anything) are based on more than just looks… If they only had good looks then they are better off just being models. But I do think the quality of these pageants have really gone downhill. I think they still have them so that newcomers can have a chance to enter the circle.

        • Vivien says:

          Although Miss HK are getting less talented year after year the TVB artists that come out of MHK still better than Mr HKs. Mr HK mostly can’t act even after so many years. TVB should give them acting classes first.

    16. EkinFan says:

      Man im better looking than some of these guys

    17. iampheng says:

      When are they going to start taking off their shirts?

    18. Darren says:

      asian fashion always make me cringe!

    19. Kidd says:

      I really really hope they do away with the PK round. It’s unfair. Last year, there are many instances where 2 contestants’ performance are also strong, but only one can got to the next round. Then, there’s another group where both are weak. But, the winner still get to go to next round when his performance is weaker than the one who lost in the strong group.

      • Jayne says:

        I agree that the judging criteria in Mr. Hong Kong is indeed unfair. TVB apparently does not intend to make the Mr. Hong Kong pageant anything more than provide a sensational form of entertainment. The candidates have less than 6 weeks to prepare for the event.

        Aside from the shoddy planning and unfairness in judging process, TVB management does not seem to promote the winners from the contest. They seem to value other factors aside from muscles in a male artist. However, they continue with the contest because the audience finds it entertaining.

        • sehseh says:

          TVB did try to promote the first few Mr HK, but unfortunately they fail to live up to expectation, or build strong audience rapport. A lot of chances were given to Matthew Ko and Stephen Huynh. I see that Benjamin Yuen is now getting more supporting roles, but I partly attribute it to his past experience. He isn’t exactly newcomer.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Sehseh

          I think TVB give up on Matthew Ko too easily. Audience like him in the Fat Myolie series. They could have continue giving him supporting roles to polish his acting and slowly move him up. But, his roles nowadays are a little more than kelefe role.

          I want to see more of Hui Ka Kit. But, I’ve only see him in one series so far.

          Actually, this fate does not only befall Mr.HK, but, also Miss HK. In the past, the winner of the MHK crown will sure get promoted. But, nowadays, even if you win, you are still only given minor roles.

        • Jayne says:

          @Kidd @Sehseh,
          I agree that Matthew Ko deserves more opportunities. He has a leading man look and not without his own charm. He also has a scholarly look that would work well in ancient dramas. Matthew does comes across as a little wooden in personality and this may be the reason why he didn’t have greater opportunities.

          Stephen Huynh sounds like he is focusing on his French restaurant and he may have given up hopes of making it big at TVB already.

          Since Matthew is in same age range as Ron, Bosco, and Raymond, it is extremely competitive to secure those same roles often handed to the trio. From Sammul’s interviews, he sounded disillusioned that his talent was not supported by the same opportunities. His manager gave the impression that Sammul was given undesirable roles he didn’t quite like either.

          It is TVB’s fault for downplaying the prominence of its Mr Hong Kong men after the competition. Miss HK attend a variety of prominent affairs and PR events after the contest, but we rarely see the Mr. HK men. Their prominence declined further with each successive contest.

          I’ll lump Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International into one since both are beauty pageants and serve the same purpose since the early 90s, which is to find pretty women and develop them into fadans. Myolie, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Oceane Zhu, Mandy Wong etc. All came from Miss HK. TVB always saw it as grounds to recruit its leading ladies, except right now we have a large group of the ladies in their late 20s and early 30s, the prime age to lead series.

        • Vivien says:


          ” He also has a scholarly look that would work well in ancient dramas. ”

          TVB had given him a role like this before as a second lead in Lee Tim Sing’s series but his acting is too wooden and his face is dead. Even if Ron has dead eyes but he has expressions on his face but Matthew just has a dead face for every expression.

        • Vivien says:

          TVB might promote William Chak more than his predecessors. He’s getting some big supporting roles now which are not kelefes and he has a few years of experience before.

        • Fox says:

          If I rmb rite, Matthew is second lead in a series with Kenneth, rite? Kenneth is first lead, Matthew is second lead.

        • Fox says:

          As for new blood, Oscar Chan and Oscar Leung should be used as new blood. Yes, they are not young but their faces look young.

          However, I think they now promote:

          1. Him Law
          2. Vincent Wong
          3. Raymond Wong

          to be the new next generation.

        • Fox says:

          Ah forgot Ruco Chan. But I have a problem with his face – looks good to evil roles. When he is in goody roles, I always have the feeling next minute he’ll turn bad.

        • Vivien says:


          I agree with you. I see those faces and names often now. In the end TVB still don’t use Mr HKs to promote new blood

        • Fox says:

          Maybe they’ll use Benjamin Yuen, too. Seeing him in a lot of series now, but mostly small roles.

        • Vivien says:


          Rofl agreed Ruco can act good but he look like a bad guy.

        • Fox says:

          Ruco has the manly fierce look.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          Haha. Raymond Wong as next generation. He’s older than Raymond Lam.

          Kinda funny to promote Raymond Wong as ‘next generation’ when he’s the same generation as Raymond Lam and gang.

        • blubelle says:

          Is it true that TVB’s Artist Training Academy no longer exist?

        • Chriselle says:

          @Fox, That series you’re referring to is Man in Charge. Matthew’s character was actually more interesting than Kenneth’s. But it landed on an actor with little potential and Matthew had the same expression throughout the whole series.

        • Fox says:

          blubelle, the acting class is still existed but kinda underground, only for TVB-ers (such as the girls in the gameshow or MHKs)

        • Fox says:

          @ Kidd: Lol, I think so too. Ruco is also older than the 79 gang.

        • Vivien says:

          Are K4 in YSSS from unsuccessful Mr HK?

        • Fox says:

          Cilla Kung is from a short term of acting class and Beautiful cooking “Hey ya” girls.

        • Aly says:

          That’s why Mr HK has failed to attract some more potential men to enter. Not all men has the “thick skin” to walk around in just swimming trunks and winning based on how popular they are with the ladies in the audience. It’ very intimidating to stand there and have your votes tally up. The guy next to you can have 250 votes, and you may end up with 25 votes. The transparency of the scores could be quite embarrassing.
          Also, no past Mr HK has been highly promoted yet, so there’s not much appeal. As most of you mentioned, the most prominent ones were probably Matthew Ko and Stephen Huynh, but they have been given less significant roles now. Probably Benjamin Yuen and William Chak will start getting more promoted. I’ve noticed Benjamin Yuen taking on more roles recently. I haven’t seen William’s performance yet, but he seems to be in few series lineup. I’ve only seen Jack Hui in Every Move you make and his acting seemed a bit wooden. And Calvin Chen might start getting promoted. The advantage he has is he relatively young, and he is tall, so he has more time to polish on his acting. The rest of the guys are entering their 30’s soon, and if they don’t get promoted now, then it will be hard when they are older. Not everyone will be like Wayne Lai and reach their peak of the career when they are in their 40’s.
          And yes, I wonder where the guys of K4 came from. I’ve never seen them before.

        • Vivien says:

          Cilla was a pair with ROn in The 4 before but the other K4 dont know where they come from although some I’ve seen in kelefe roles before K4

    20. Miss China says:

      When will he know who the 12 will be?

    21. j00ky says:

      eww, these guys have nothing on Stephen Huynh! lol still hot as ever *drools*

      lol@Jayne: “I’ll reserve judgement until I see swimsuit photos.” ;P

      • Kidd says:

        Hi five. Stephen Huynh is still one of the best looking Mr.HK in Mr.HK 5 years history. Too bad his acting is still not good. If he can act more naturally, he can make it big because he has good looks and I personally think he has a very nice and warm smile. When he smiles, he looks adorable. But, when he’s serious, he can look quite mean. Maybe that’s why TVB like to put him in bad roles now.

        • Vivien says:

          Stephen Huynh look good and have droolworthy muscles but

          -he can’t act
          -his speaking is weird
          -he’s short

        • Chriselle says:

          I use to like Benjamin Yuen too, but he was quite disappointing in Relic. He was like a block of wood and emotional scenes with Elanne weren’t convincing. He had the same expression throughout and for someone who has had acting experience? My sister told me he had a minor role in Infernal Affairs, which dated back in 2003.

          @Kidd, I liked him in D.I.E. and D.I.E. Again with Mimi Lo. He was funny, but perhaps some of that credit is due to Mimi drooling all over him. I think he will probably fare better in evil since he doesn’t express too many emotions in his characters. Although his acting is raw, I still like watching him in minor roles here and there.

          @Vivien, He’s short? I never checked his height, but he looks rather tall to me. Much taller than Kevin Cheng, whose only 5’8.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Chriselle.

          Me too. I still like to watch him in minor roles. I prefer he do good guy roles like in D.I.E. Maybe he did well in his D.I.E roles because his role there didn’t have emotional scenes. It’s just him and Mimi being lovey-dovey. :D

          Benjamin Yuen is disappointing in Relic. He was pretty good in Sister Fah as the arrogant rich guy. But, he was not convincing as the arrogant general in Relic. Does not look/sound commanding at all.

          I hope William will do better. I participated in ATV’s training class before. So, he should know the basics already. I check his wiki. He has also acted several ATV series before.

        • Fox says:

          I dun like Stephen Huynh in MHK but in the Mister World (is it the name?), he is so attractive (even short)

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          Stephen Huynh did not participate in Mr. World. His brother Francois did.

          I think Francois was the only Mr. HK that was sent to participant in Mr. World. I don’t remember reading about any other Mr. HK participating.

          Even if TVB were to send a candidate from that year, they would have sent Matthew Ko not Stephen since Matthew was the winner.

        • Fox says:

          My bad, I mean Francois.

    22. Miss China says:

      I can’t wait~~~haha :D

      • stmlw20 says:

        Me either :)

        I always have a good time with my mum
        I wonder where we can watch the old Mr Hk…I know on chinese tvb cable..they used to do the old Miss HK, but I have never seen any of the Mr Hk replays..

        • Kidd says:

          I want to know also. The later Mr.HK got DVD. But, the first 2 seasons don’t have. I’m looking for the first season.

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