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Angelababy to Huang Xiao Ming: “I Want More than a Sex Partner!”

By on March 23, 2011

Angelababy to Huang Xiao Ming: “I Want More than a Sex Partner!” thumbnail

Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy’s romantic relationship has become increasingly apparent. Xiao Ming’s ex-girlfriend and former co-star from The Duke of Mount Deer <鹿鼎记>, Li Feier, spoke about their former love triangle. Li Feier alluded that Angelababy was the third party and pursued Xiao Ming, sending explicit love messages.

Li Feier, who dated Huang Xiao Ming from 2007 to 2010, broke her year long silence to reveal the juicy details in a recent Hong Kong tabloid magazine. “”I feel that it was she [Angelababy] who had chased him [Huang Xiao Ming]. After seeing text messages on his cell phone, I requested breaking up.” Although Xiao Ming and Angelababy’s rumors started at the end of 2009, Feier chose to trust him.  One day, Feier was curious and looked at Xiao Ming’s cell phone text messages. Angelababy sent a message that said, “When are you going to give me an answer? I want a boyfriend, not a sex partner!”

After seeing Angelababy’s text message, Feier chose to end the relationship. Xiao Ming did not explain himself nor try to dissuade Feier. Reflecting back, Feier felt it was Angelababy who had pursued Xiao Ming.  “He did not ask to break up. He is a simple man and has many good qualities, which would attract many women interested in pursuing him. From the break-up, I can see that it was her who had chased him. There is no right or wrong in love. I do not hate Huang Xiaoming, nor do I hate Angelababy.”

Angelababy’s Response

Regarding the tabloid article that alluded Angelababy was a third party and revealed the text message she sent to Huang Xiao Ming, Angelababy claimed the news was fabricated. Since the article had a negative impact on her image, she will consider pursuing legal action.

Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: If Li Feier is telling the truth, then Huang Xiao Ming cheated with Angelababy. It’s difficult to say what had really happened.


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  • Readers' Comments (36)

    1. pandamao says:

      Lol – she needs to move on. Dwelling on something like this makes her look desperate.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Totally agree. Once a relationship ends, then just let it end and move on. There is no need to dwell on the sad events of the past. Dwelling on it not only makes her seem desperate, but it also makes her look bad and petty…

        • Ad says:

          she’s human. why can’t she talk about her grief? give the woman a break, its quite a painful matter to be cheated on by someone you had trusted. ppl find solace in speaking the truth.

          if they can commit those acts, then those watching above will reveal them.

        • Kidd says:

          Agree with Ad. Maybe the reason she tell it is for her to get a closure and move on.

        • pandamao says:

          talk to friends, not the general public.

          there’s a fine line. as much as she wanted to vent and release her pain, she’s a public figure. gotta keep the composure. if she can handle the repercussions, fine, go ahead and speak to the world about it. trash angelababy and hxm.

        • Ad says:

          she didn’t trash them. she said there is no right or wrong in love. she spoke of HXM good traits, and that he is a man of little words. what repurcussions? your scorning? doesnt matter, she’s not gonna spend her time online caring about what anybody thinks of her.

          the press know she was once his gf, if they seek her out, asking about the breakup, why she have to cower/lie? it takes a brave woman to stand up for herself.

        • HeTieShou says:

          True that is she is a human and needs to vent her anger and all, BUT she has friends and others she can talk to. Why does she have to talk to the press about it?? If it was something unhappy like someone cheating on you, I would want to keep it out of the public’s eye unless I had no choice. But she is choosing to pour out the past to everyone. Once again, it is the past now so why did she need to bring it up now? Why did she not talk about it before when it did happen? Don’t tell me that she still has not gotten over it yet so she has to scream to the world about it…

        • Aarif says:

          you guys are too harsh on the ex. even if she is somewhat bitter inside, why have to protect these adulterers? everybody involved should face the consequences. i wouldnt side with them either. let the woman talk! freedom of speech, dont discriminate who it is, to whoever you want, the way you all are speaking about it also.

        • pandamao says:

          Not trying to protect anyone. I’m just saying, this article made her look desperate. You can disagree.

          It takes a bigger person to let go and move on, despite who is right or wrong.

    2. Pvt. Joker says:

      The guy in the middle – is his picture cgi or something? It looks funny somehow, like it was PS to death.

    3. Fox says:

      How can the reporter read Angelababy’s text message to Huang Xiao Ming? Like they can go to their phones :P.

      • starry says:

        They didn’t. It was revealed to them via Feier. That’s under the assumption that the article isn’t fabricated.

        • Fox says:

          I’m referring to this art in the article:

          Angelababy sent a message that said, “When are you going to give me an answer? I want a boyfriend, not a sex partner!”

          This message is of course sent to HXM, not Feier.

        • Snow says:

          One day, Feier was curious and looked at Xiao Ming’s cell phone text messages. Angelababy sent a message that said, “When are you going to give me an answer? I want a boyfriend, not a sex partner!”

          feier saw the msg in hxm’s phone

    4. FanWen says:

      I think I’m going for the ex. She seems more honest than Angelababy.

      • pandamao says:

        it’s not up to us to decide, HXM already decided.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Yea, when 2 girls like a guy, it is up the guy to pick who he likes more. I guess XM has already made his decision so let it be.

    5. Kidd says:

      Who she played in Duke of Mount Deer?

    6. Ad says:

      why does HXM want Angela? hasnt he seen her before pictures? grotesque. guess the after is all that matters.

      i believe the ex, sometimes you have to let it out, that way, no longer that matter that gives unrest at night and can truly move on. plus, a person needs to see the true side of ppl with these fake personas.

      i never thought highly of this lang mo so it doesnt surprise me that she is cheap and would go for another’s bf. in fact, when the Earthquake happened in Japan, after Angela got back, she joked about it, tried to scare everybody that she was experiencing a new one, then equating it to the vibration in her chair. she makes gags out of ppl’s devastation, which shows an immature character. never once, did i hear about any donation or whatsoever from her. she’s just selfish kid who never grew up. HXM isn’t better than her so i guess they go together fine. self-centered and self-centered match i suppose.

      • HeTieShou says:

        DId Angelababy look that bad before plastic surgery?? Do you have the link to her before pictures?

        Well, about donations who knows if she did make some or not?? THere are many celebs that donate but no one knows since they don’t announce it. They don’t want people to think that they are trying to make a big fuss or showing off that they are donating. Yea, it is really selfish and self centered of her to make a joke about others who are suffering. She will get her punishment when her time comes. As for Xiao Ming, he doesn’t really seem like that type so I honestly don’t know why he likes her… But then again, I have seen good guys with bad girls and vice versa so I should not be surprised.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      Is this like stoking his ego or something? Sex partner? So the sex was that good?

      • j00ky says:

        hes got to be doing something right considering his ‘package’ isn’t all that great lol

        • Funn Lim says:

          Everytime I see this headline I just had to laugh. Anyway who are we to say unless we have seen for ourselves. Moreover, it’s how you use it.

    8. iampheng says:

      Hmmm the text message seems to imply that HXM and AB were sleeping together before he broke up with Feier. This is actually kind of interesting lol Though it’s truth is a question for concern because we don’t know these celebrities in real life, but I must admit this: I am inclined to believe that Angelababy could have done as the news reported. I’m not sure why, I think Angelababy is really cute and all but there is this strange vibe of deception that I get from her. That’s just my own prejudiced thinking though.

      What does HXM see in Angelababy? Well, perhaps the same thing that Raymond Lam saw in Mavis Pan, a really good looking and sexy female. I think that for most men [most, not all] plastic surgery is no big deal for girlfriend criteria as long as she came out prettier and he didn’t have to witness that transformation himself haha. In addition, perhaps AB shows a side to HXM that she does not to the public.

      HXM, despite his really profound looking face and overall attractiveness, does seem to have a moderately mild personality. Angelababy sure has a “sue happy” tactic. Is it just my imagination, or does she seem like she’s always wanting to sue this person and that person for slandering her in some way. You’re a celebrity, people will talk about you.

      • Funn Lim says:

        You did explain why she has a need to sue. Slander goes to reputation and she probably likes her reputation to stay somewhat squeaky clean.

    9. tirah says:

      i don’t see why HXM would care whether or not ABB had plastic surgery. Thats not the first thing you think about when dating someone. And im sure he doesn’t mind anyway because he’s done some surgery himself.

    10. EkinFan says:

      AB is cute, but has no body. Li has the body. Imma go with Li on this one, but AB is a good one nighter.

    11. Yumi says:

      LOL Angelababy seems to always use the “legal actions” to threathen those who talk bad about her, honestly fame at such an young age will get to her head and she’s never going to grow up.
      Let Angelababy have HXM, Fei er can do better :)

    12. Masaharu says:

      I don’t know and don’t care if she’s a third party of plastic girl or whatever bad personality she has, but from my perception she has potential in acting.

    13. Ayoub memon says:

      Well, Masaharu did, and this critic did too.

      Quote from the review.
      “Surprisingly, the most balanced story of the bunch is the one between Angelababy and Jing Boran. The usually glamorous model sheds her hip image here to play an innocent village girl, and she shows enough comic timing and acting ability to make her underdeveloped character a convincing romantic target. “

      This reviewer also likes her performance.

      The scene at the train station was decent imho. Not an award winning performance but adequate.

      In case you assume, I didn’t like Angelababy’s performance because I like Angelababy. It’s ‘Hot Summer Days’ that made me like Angelababy. Before that, she was just another leng mo to me and I didn’t even know she’s Angelababy until
      I check the credit

    14. rujario says:

      hi.i have need sexy m or f.

    15. RL says:

      ew.. angelababy is too pretty for that HXM dude… even thou she had surgery.. still.. shes too pretty for him… he deserves his ex… i dont care what you haters say most haters are just jealous coz angelababy is so darn pretty

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