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Grace Chan Wins 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant!

By on September 1, 2013

Grace Chan Wins 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant! thumbnail

With over 170,00 votes, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) has been crowned as the 2013 Miss Hong Kong winner! Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), with 110,000 votes, was selected as the first runner-up, while Moon Lau (劉佩玥), with 60,000 votes, was the second runner-up.

Virginia Lau (劉温馨) from Beijing came to a close fourth place, earning 23 percent of the votes. Vicky Chan (陳偉琪) came in fifth place, winning 12 percent of the votes.

The 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant took place on September 1, in Tseung Kwan O. Continuing with a new voting system that was first implemented in the 2012 pageant, the winners were selected using a one-vote-per-person format. With a total of 530,000 votes collected, fifty percent of those votes were from professional and celebrity judge evaluations, while the last fifty percent were based on popular audience votes.

Winner Grace Chan, 22 years old, is a college graduate and an early favorite in the pageant. In the Miss Hong Kong semifinals, which were held on August 25, Grace was among the five contestants that were chosen by the audience. Grace also won Miss Photogenic and the Tourism Ambassador award, as well as Audience’s Current Favorite and Media’s Favorite at earlier functions. Grace aspires to become a successful television presenter and artist.

First runner-up Sisley Choi, 22 years old, was also an early favorite. A college student from Germany, Sisley aspires to live an exciting and fulfilling life.

Second runner-up Moon Lau, 23 years old, also aspires to become a successful television artist.

Miss Friendship winner Tammy Ou Yang (歐陽巧瑩), who came in eighth in the pageant, was plagued with rumors and negative gossip throughout the two-month competition, but the 20-year-old expressed her confidence and faith.

In a round that tested the contestants’ heart rates, Tammy was asked about how she had dealt with her rumors. She said, “I am most unhappy when they talk about my family. They’re very important to me. I can handle everything else.”

Celebrity judge Eric Tsang (曾志偉) asked, “Then what about rumors of you working at nightclubs, losing your virginity at 13, smoking, and being vulgar?” Celebrity judge Nat Chan (陳百祥), who was testing Tammy’s pulse, noted that Tammy’s heart rate did not increase. Tammy calmly replied, “As long as it’s not about my family, I can handle it.”

Raymond Wong: “Nothing Special”

Aside from Eric Tsang and Nat Chan, Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) and Hacken Lee (李克勤) were also among the celebrity judges that co-hosted the event. Raymond Lam (林峯) and 2004 Miss Chinese International winner Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) were also invited to the pageant as guest judges for Miss Friendship.

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) admitted that he was not very impressed with recent Miss Hong Kong pageants, expressing that he felt the older Miss Hong Kong pageants had more spirit and energy. What about this year’s pageant? Raymond said, “Nothing really special.”
Ex-rumored couple, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, were put on the spot by pageant co-host Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), who exclaimed, “One is Linda BB. Another is a guy who has a BB!”
In regards to the winners, Raymond Lam pointed out that the winners were very close to what the audience had hoped. Linda Chung praised title winner Grace Chan for her confidence.
2013 Miss Hong Kong winners 4  2013 Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan  Raymond Lam Linda Chung
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  • Readers' Comments (179)

    1. why oh why says:

      great u ruined it for me again!

      • bbfanny says:

        Why must it ruin you?

        • why oh why says:

          she ruined it because i wanted to watch it spoiler free.I mean if u gonna watch a movie and some idiot reveals the ending of the movie u dont want to see the movie do you?

        • bbfanny says:

          Get over it. The finals was over last night and the results are everywhere now. It’s not considered spoiler anymore. If you don’t want to know the results, stay away from the news today.

      • Woooo says:

        Like this, while you’re watching the show, you get to closely see how well they performed that night and how they won the votes from viewers.

      • loooooooooooooo says:

        Sisley Choi is too straight and guilible. wander she will survive in this industry

        • kolo says:

          why not? anita mui is also very straight,she was one of the most succesful and respected artist in hk.

        • loooooooooooooo says:

          she does resemble of karena ng , wander lam fung did vote on her?

        • Chen says:

          This is a joke how many of the girls are reported to look like Karena Ng!!!!!!

          Early reports said that Virginia looked like a mix between Tracy Chu and Karena Ng then the media started saying Sisley looked like Karena Ng and introduce herself to Raymond as “I am fake Karena Ng” now people are saying Grace looks like Karena Ng!

          Do all girls from Hong Kong look like Karena Ng!

    2. Ady says:

      The results this year is pretty good. But I would prefer Virginia to be 2nd Runner Up.

      • Ady says:

        Well Moon is pretty but if you were to compare them, I think Virginia is prettier. However in terms of speaking and height Moon has more advantage.

      • bbfanny says:

        I was torn between Virginia and Moon for the runner up too, both are pretty but maybe Virginia has language barrier.

      • bbfanny says:

        Since I haven’t watched the show somehow the winner and the runner up went according to my guess based on their performances, pictures and impression before the finals. Grace has the prettiest face and Sisley has a standout personality onstage.

    3. asdfjkl; says:

      so much better than last year imo

      • clementine says:

        Yep I totally agree with you on that. I think this year’s finalists are all quite attractive in their ways, looks and intelligence. But I also do have to agree with Raymond Wong’s comment…as the years progress, the peageant’s are becoming more and more standardised- nothing special and particularly WOW-ing compared to the competitiveness of the older pageant days imo.

        • asdfjkl; says:

          Miss Hong Kong should be renamed to Miss TVB. It seems like most (if not all)the participants wants a shot at stardom, and Miss HK is the perfect place to do that

        • clementine says:

          then why else would the candidates participate in Miss HK? Hasn’t it always been the main aim in participating for Miss HK. And by stardom, I’m thinking you mean recognition in the public eye.

        • asdfjkl; says:

          yes, by stardom, what you mentioned and also establishing themselves in the entertainment business. I guess I’m unfamiliar with beauty pageants from other countries, but the goal of contenders seems to lean more towards the pageant title rather a ticket to the entertainment industry.

          I don’t know. In the recent years, the idea of Miss Hong Kong isn’t as exciting and elegant as I feel it should be. Maybe it’s the media at work that’s ruining the (once) greatness that is Miss HK. But then again, everything’s better in reminisce.

      • Aiya says:

        It depends on what you want to do. If you want to sing, there are singing competitions out there. If you want to dance, there are dancing competitions out there. If you want to act, I don’t think there’s an acting competition, in which case participating in Miss HK is indeed the road to take.

    4. TVBFanatic says:

      In the first article where Jaynestars listed all the women’s profiles, I chose Grace, Sisley and Susan.

      To quote the Meatloaf song… “2 out of 3 ain’t bad!” ;D

    5. tammy says:

      Not a fan of her long long jaw.. Other than that, she’s cute

    6. sophia says:

      Congratulations to all the winner!!!!!! I picked Grace Chan!!!!!!!!!

    7. Yo says:

      Raymond Wong: “Nothing special”

      Correction -> Raymond Lam: “Nothing Special”

    8. idontknow says:

      yeah, i watched the preshow when they were on ‘vacation’ in different places, and i chose 15 Sisley and 17 grace, and yup, they won!

      what a good taste do i have .. LOL

    9. advo says:

      She is pretty, but can she act?

    10. Maria says:

      Grace was the prettiest, she deserved to win. Congrats to Grace.

    11. Aiya says:

      Good for Sisley cracking top 3. I agree.

      I question the majority of you on 17 Grace. Not sure if extreme anorexia is a good image and representation for HK. Clearly sending the wrong message to future participants in the same process. Weight issues aside, her looks are debatable. Her long chin is not a good thing imo, but society seems to differ because I get the impression that the warped minds of society think long chins looks good on women. I would put Sisley, Peggy, and Vicky ahead of her in photogenic.

      Surprised that 12 Karen didn’t win more appeal. She comes off as the most likeable to me and someone I had rooted for to do well. 9th is disappointing.

      9 Virginia, I don’t know why she is among the popular. Her Cantonese isn’t that good and quite frankly her pinocchio nose bothers me.

      • clementine says:

        Looking very skinny, does not define one to be suffering from anorexia or being anorexic. Anorexia is a mental disorder…it is not to describe how someone looks in terms of slimness or weight image. It’s also noted and expressed by Grace herself that all her life she has been around this thin, so it’s not under her control to change how she’s genetically built. In saying that, it is quite clear that she is very thin, so I wouldn’t rule out that it may give audiences or those who would look up to her in the future a not so good message on body image. But It’s also important to know that she hasn’t purposely slimmed herself down to her current shape & weight-because THAT would be giving the wrong message . I dont see why she wouldnt be a good representation of HK with the things that she may do to promote good morals/values/beliefs through her actions and intelligence. I mean, yeah looks are important, but it isn’t everything-wouldnt want to be just another pretty face…

        • Aiya says:

          Of course we don’t want another just pretty face, which is why I don’t understand. I mean this year was considered balanced, and as a result there were several girls that had looks and spoke just as well that had a much healthier weight. There were better choices. Sisley has everything Grace has and more, how come she didn’t win?

        • clementine says:

          You do realise like 50% of the votes come from the public, so even if a candidate spoke well and has a much healthier image, and has the votes from the judges, the other half of the votes is determined by the public. And of course the public would have either similar or different preferences to you, and vice versa. I personally also preferred Sisley to take crown, but as the results showed that Grace Chan is deserving of her win, so why not congratulate her success :) Wish them all the best though! It’s hard for all of them to come this far in the competition, im sure Sisley and other candidates would get lots of opportunities to develop in the industry (if they choose to do so) other than the Crown winner.

        • Aiya says:

          But the judges also voted for Grace, the one that’s not so much a healthy image. They knew it, they saw it and they still voted for her.

          As for the public, the voting lacks credibility anyways. Not only do I not trust closed public voting, but the both voting for semi and final were opened 1 week before the 2 shows, and there was very little for the public to base their votes on besides profile pictures online. By the time the finals rolled around, there wouldn’t be enough time for extra votes during the 1-2 hour show to shift the rankings in anyway, which means the public’s votes were already determined before the final.

          I absolutely realize that the results of the pageant will not determine how successful or unsuccessful all contestants will be in the future. A lot of the outcast will be interviewed by TVB and probably be signed to a contract. So I’m not basing my opinions on the future at all. I’m strictly talking about the pageant itself. I think there were more well rounded contestants to choose from. Seems like the results were already pre-determined before the final and the show itself was not much of a competition as a result. Why bother with the show if it doesn’t mean anything?

        • Aiya says:

          I’d also like to make note that 13 Tammy was top 5 in public voting for both semi and final. If that’s not trolling, then I don’t know what is. The HK public has lost their damn minds.

      • bbfanny says:

        Thin doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy. Some people just can’t gain weight no matter how hard they tried. Wasn’t there a fitness session in the MHK where Grace somewhat excelled in? I think I saw some of the pictures and news back then.

        • Bubblez says:

          Well said bbfanny. It can go vice versa as well. Those who try hard to lose weight just can’t.

        • bbfanny says:

          Some people can eat Mc Donalds all week and 3 heavy meals a day but still underweight because their metabolism too high that the food went through their system quickly, while some others can be a vege the whole month and not shedding that much weight. Grace could be one of the high metabolism people. Welcome to the real world.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Grace could be one of the high metabolism people”

          If she is then she should be looking much much much skinnier. Nahhhh she is just very thin and underweight but not high metabolism. You can google the pictures and you can see what I mean.

        • Bubblez says:

          Some people can eat Mc Donalds all week and 3 heavy meals a day but still underweight because their metabolism too high that the food went through their system quickly, while some others can be a vege the whole month and not shedding that much weight. Grace could be one of the high metabolism people.

          ^ Well said. I have a friend who eats Mcdonalds and she is like Grace Chan, my friend doesn’t gain anything and is naturally slim.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          ^ Time will fix that.

          Everyone’s metabolism slows as they grow older.

        • bizzybody says:

          Not sure on your remark – my siblings and I have been skinny our whole life. The more we eat, the more we poop. Good thing about it is we look much younger than friends our age, though it is frustrating when others think you’re dieting or anorexic/bulimic/suffering from eating disorder just because you’re thin. Funny how those who judge us this way are usually those who have weight issues or whose health is worse than ours yet commented that we don’t look healthy :(

      • Chen says:

        Actually Tammy was not in the Top 5 voting wise for the semifinals. I think Tammy came 7th behind Vicky.

        If you think about it this way Tammy came 7th when people could choose their Top 5 whilst she came 5th when people could choose their Top 2. Besides being liked after the semifinals it shows that Tammy has more “dedicated” fans that like her than fans that think she’s a good delegate to make the Top 5. There is a difference. It’s one thing picking 5 girls you think are good it’s another to choose your two (or one) favourites.

        I don’t really like Tammy but you have to praise her for her steady finals performance despite all the harsh comments.

        • Aiya says:

          You’re right, Tammy was not 5th in the semi. I confused her with someone else. Her votes are unjusified either way. She has no business being in the final 10. Opening polls 1 week before the shows certainly attracted a lot of trolls. How she finished ahead of 16 or 12 is beyond me. She is easily last (10th), but I would rank her even lower as I think she took a spot from someone who had more potential from the semi.

    12. Primrose says:

      Grace and Moon are deserving winners. Sisley – I don’t know. A Miss HK should be more elegant, poised and classy. Sisley looks more like an unpolished gem, more a high school beauty queen than a Miss HK. If she represents HK in an international pageant, she will stand no chance against the Latin beauties, and even some of the Asian beauties like the (Northern) Indians.

      • bbfanny says:

        Sisley has plain looks and not as pretty as Grace or Moon, but she has interesting personality and sense of humour in camera and onstage. That makes her interesting.

        • clementine says:

          Agree- I like candidates who can express their own sense of style and personality on screen, instead of being so ‘tailor-made’ due to the fact that they have to present themselves in a certain way to appear ‘Miss HK’ worthy if you know what I mean..

        • Primrose says:

          Yup agree that personality counts since these girls are likely to start their career in TVB. And the audience vote is important because it is about popularity. But in an international pageant, the judges look at different things. Which is why in counties like Venazula, there are schools to groom and “tailor make” beauty queens. And Venazula produces the most Miss Universe and Miss World.

        • Primrose says:

          Typo – Venezuela.

    13. miriamfanz says:

      17 Grace does look like Karena. Must have gotten high high scores from Raymond

    14. rita says:

      Grace is pretty but just too skinny. Kind of embarrassing to represent HK. Sisley looks a lot better.

    15. E says:

      Grace reminds me a little of Taiwanese singer Lara Veronin, former member of Nan Quan Mama.

      I knew Grace and Sisley would be in top 3, but I actually thought #1 Kendy would have a chance too. Moon is pretty and tall, but my impression of her worsened after I heard she has attitude issues. I also liked Peggy, too bad she was ranked #10.

      • bbfanny says:

        Grace looks like a prettier version of Karena Ng. However I don’t think Grace is mixed. How does she get that mixed look?

        • c3 says:

          Plastic surgery. Unless you are familiar with PS, people will disagree. Also she looks nothing like her parents and neither of them have sharp features.

        • CMOK says:

          I know her in real life, Natural.

        • c3 says:

          sorry but knowing her in real life doesn’t mean she is natural.

        • CMOK says:

          take my word for it, you’ve pretty much told me that she’s too good to be true, accept her beauty, there are a lot of natural beauties out there.

        • c3 says:

          actually that’s not what i said. that would imply an incomprehensible beauty that the only logical answer would be PS, however there is a difference between making an allegation versus making an assertion.

      • Sofie says:

        ANYONE (including c3, the person who LOVES to say people had PS) who thinks Grace had plastic surgery to look mixed, please look at this photo of her when she was a kid:


        Like I already said, maybe she has some foreign blood from generations ago that she doesn’t know about that just showed up now either that or one of her parents isn’t really her real parent lol. She said both of her parents are Chinese. I saw a pic of her mom and her mom looks very Chinese and doesn’t look like her. But she looks very mixed as a kid too.

        • c3 says:

          you think kids from rich families don’t get PS done? it’s more common here than you think. she looks nothing like her parents and neither does her chin.

        • bbfanny says:

          Does she have uyghur bloodline from her an ancestors? Uyghur Chinese can looks Eurasian.

        • bbfanny says:

          Sorry for the typos. I’m on mobile.

        • Sofie says:

          She does not look plastic like people who have had plastic surgery, especially her childhood pics. She looked like a cute innocent little girl. And plus, she would’ve had to have drastic surgery as a kid to look that Eurasian. What the hell, you think a really Asian-looking kid can look foreign just by doing a couple procedures and make it look so natural? My foot! You make it sound so easy when I’ve seen so many fails. And plus, I don’t know what it is like in HK, but in the US, I heard you cannot undergo plastic surgery until you are 16 because your bones/features are still developing and that may seriously mess things up.

        • c3 says:

          sorry but getting PS does not mean you will look plastic. some PS practitioners are simply better than others. just look at koreans for example. they don’t look ‘plasticy’. they still look natural except the natural lines are give aways. unless you are familiar with PS, you wouldn’t be able to tell. to get that eurasian look she would only need to add a high nose bridge and a chin job. bones don’t even need to be touched. there are also allegations that her child pic was photoshopped. it’s all over apple daily right now about how she doesn’t even look anything like her parents. and no, the idea of foreign blood/genes from generations long ago and not showing up until now is absurd.

      • Chen says:

        Kendy was actually one of my favourites but I never expected her to make the Top 3 as she just doesn’t seem like a MHK. She is pretty but Hong Kong people find her pretty the more “common” type I think. Also she really disappointed in the finals, she performed much better in the semis. She stuttered a lot and didn’t have much time to shine. I was very happy that she got 6th place.

      • Susan says:

        To E: Yes, I think Grace looks like Lara (the Taiwanese singer) who used to be in a group too.

        Lara is mixed though, not sure about Grace.

    16. sandcherry says:

      Personally I don’t think Grace is the prettiest one. She is too skinny and her jaw is too long. Her eyes are quite pretty though.

      I think the 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up are prettier than the top 2 winners.

      • bbfanny says:

        I think Virginia Lau is pretty, but Grace grew on me more despite her skinny figure. Her smile looks sincere and sweet and she has a glowing appearance. Virginia is still pretty but her language is a barrier.

        • clementine says:

          At first Grace’s appearance didn’t leave an impression on me-number 9 did (Virginir),but I must say during the final competition Grace’s beauty stood out for me, along with Sisley! Sisley’s still a favourite for me, hope she gets a chance to develop further in the entertainment industry! She’s quite photogenic

        • sandcherry says:

          I haven’t watched the final yet. Perhaps you guys are right.

        • bbfanny says:

          Grace looks pretty in pictures and on tv screen, she deserves the Most Photogenic award. Sisley sometimes look manly and too plain in pictures but she looks quite cute in moving footages. Virginia lost her appeal towards the end of the pageant when the contestants start having better makeup and outfits.

        • kolo says:

          agree grace has a glowing appearance,one that you can immediately recognize as a star.

      • sandcherry says:

        Grace Chen’s face is too long to me based on her look.

    17. UNI says:

      Why is Moon the second place runner up? I did not see anything unique about her.

      • Sofie says:

        Moon is very tall and cute! She was my second pic for winner. She has a really good figure too!

        • Primrose says:

          Moon is tall. And if Miss HK is really about choosing someone to represent HK in an international pageant, then Moon’s height will be an advantage as most of the Latin, European beauties are leggy and tall. Moon also has a proportionate figure – neither too skinny nor too fat. She is also well endowed – another feature that most international beauty queens have. And she has nice features (not as sharp as Grace’s though) – the kind that Caucasian judges look for in Asian beauties. Alas, Miss HK is just a recruitment exercise for TVB to hunt for a pool of actresses. So it doesn’t matter who wins the crown.

        • Primrose says:

          Argh … Posted wrongly. This should be a reply to UNI.

        • bizzybody says:

          @Primrose – I would’ve picked Moon too (for the same reasons you stated). But Grace does look better in photos (hence the deserving Miss Photogenic title) because thin people looks better in photos. Those normal weight people look chubby in pics, that’s why supermodels have to be superskinny to appear better in ads/mags.
          Anyway, regardless of what others say, I think Grace Chan is not a bad pick. She looks sweet and charming.

      • karen says:

        Have you actually watched the pageant yet? I thought her interview/speaking skills and performance was pretty good. I think she would be a good representative for Miss International.

      • Chen says:

        Reading forums Moon always seemed to be a threat in terms of fan votes, that’s why I put her in my predictions Top 5. I always had an inkling feeling that Virginia would either win or not get into the Top 3 (she just doesn’t seem to fit 1RU or 2RU). However on the night I agree I was shocked Moon got 2RU at first but still she’s a good choice.

        I wouldn’t say she is great for international pageantry but I think her looks might cater well to Miss International (if it is hosted in Japan). She has a decent height and a cutesy face which I think the Japanese will like.

    18. Larry 3 says:


    19. c3 says:

      What a poor decision by the judges and people of hong kong for picking Grace Chan. It sends a message to girls that they need to be anorexic and spend money on plastic surgery to be beautiful. Absolutely pathetic.

      • clementine says:

        Once again- the term ‘ANOREXIC’ doesnt define someone who looks thin. Just because someone is thin, does not mean they are anorexic-see it’s people like you who continue on the wrong belief that thin=anorexic, so when people see thin people, they automatically think they are sick. How is that fair to those who are naturally slim and are healthy both mentall and physically? Does that mean that the judges should discriminate those who are thin or the meatier to deliver out a ‘role model’ who is so-called healthy-perfect-shape in order to give out a ‘good message’? No. Because reality is, everyone has different body sizes fyi. And I dont know why you’ve mentioned plastic surgery, unless your reason is ‘judging by your own eyes’.

        • Bubblez says:

          Well said. :’)
          Some people out there can eat very healthy but gain every pound of what they’re eating. Yet, they are considered to be “fat” in today’s society. On the other hand, some people can eat very unhealthy, yet not gain a single pound (people call it anorexic/thin).

          As an audience viewer, unless we know what their diet is and how they maintain it, we won’t know if that person is naturally thin or naturally that slim.

        • c3 says:

          i read what you wrote earlier about anorexia, however, it is difficult to believe that she is unable to gain weight when she is 87 lbs. it is a good indicator that she very well could be, albeit nobody can know for sure. in any case, i never implied that grace was herself anorexic. it sends an unhealthy message to girls that they may very well have to be in order to be beautiful.

        • Bubblez says:

          “it sends an unhealthy message to girls that they may very well have to be in order to be beautiful.”

          True but almost every media outlet, not just TVB does the same thing.

        • Aiya says:

          Wouldn’t it be better if someone was not naturally thin and has to work very hard to keep fit and maintain healthy weight? I’d have much more appreciation. That said, if someone is genetically thin, it’s not their fault and I would never fault them for it. But that’s not what we’re talking about. No ones blaming Grace for anything. We just feel there were better choices out of the group to be winner.

          Talk all you want about genetics and naturally slim, but perception is reality in the eyes of many. People will not reason when they look at the fact that she is 87lbs. According to BMI (Body Mass Index) Sisley is also on the anorexic scale at 98lbs, but she is a lot closer to her healthy weight than Grace does. And if Sisley is 11lbs heavier at about the same height and still on the anorexic scale, then what does that say about Grace? She is way under that.

          And as you say everyone has different body sizes……….that’s all fine and well. That just proves the point that not every can and is fit to be miss pageant. We have winners way too thin, we like to call anorexic. We have meaty ones we like to call pork chops (ie. Kayi Cheung). Why can’t we have a well balanced winner? Shouldn’t the winner be just that? You pick any as 2nd or 3rd place, we don’t care. But the winner best be the best and most balanced along with all the other atrributes like wisdom and speaking ability, etc…Grace has a lot of qualities but that image perception isn’t going to change as perception is reality. Not her fault, but just accept life.

        • Bubblez says:

          Wouldn’t it be better if someone was not naturally thin and has to work very hard to keep fit and maintain healthy weight? I’d have much more appreciation. That said, if someone is genetically thin, it’s not their fault and I would never fault them for it. But that’s not what we’re talking about. No ones blaming Grace for anything. ”

          ^ I never thought or said that people were blaming Grace for anything at all. I just added the comments that there are people out there who eat very healthy and has a a moderate amount of exercise but their weight may/may not be healthy. And then, there are another group of people who can eat what they want, don’t need to do much, yet their weight may/may not be healthy

      • Sofie says:

        On every comment you post that attacks Grace as having PS, I will post this pic of her that I found from her MHK Fan Page:


        Why don’t you just give up, okay? The world will thank you. It’s haters like you who think they know everything and don’t have any proof that spreads gossip and madness in the world. You are just jealous and can’t believe there is someone as pretty as Grace.

        • c3 says:

          No, I actually do think there are naturally pretty girls out there, I just don’t include Grace as one of them when her lines are unnatural. The pic of her as a kid doesn’t prove your case. Rich families doing PS on their kids at an early age is more common than you think.

        • CMOK says:

          To c3

          I understand you dont know her in real life, and you are curious, and when we dont know the answer, we tend to just assume… but Grace is a god’s gift to the world, most definitely the sweetiest girl, i’ve ever known. Her presence is just outstanding, true to herself, just full of love and care. She is naturally Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous. So stop trying to find flaws about her. I am so proud of her !

      • Sofie says:

        For anyone interested:

        Here is her fan page and it has tons of photos of her from her childhood. Her mixed/Eurasian looks are GENETIC and NOT PLASTIC.


        • c3 says:

          and yet she looks nothing like her parents, even as a child.

        • Sofie says:

          Rofl, so are you saying that she got plastic surgery as a kid? You’re terrible. Who in their right minds would have their kid go through that trauma? And besides, she looks completely natural to me as a kid and as an adult.

        • c3 says:

          it’s more common with rich families than you think. and there are also allegations that her child pic was photoshopped. and it isn’t just me – i’m not the only one who feels she has had work done – it’s being talked about in the media on apple daily news as well.

        • bbfanny says:

          I seriously don’t think she had PS since she was a little kid. Here’s another picture. Grace has been looking un-Chinese since very young and she also has a twin brother who looks more un-Chinese than her! Both of them don’t look like their parents.


        • May says:

          Maybe her mom had an affair with a foreigner and then got pregnant but her husband forgave her due to face values, or maybe her husband was not ‘capable’ and then she borrowed sperm from a foreigner to get pregnant, or maybe Grace and her brother were adopted. Who knows? I just read an article that her dad is a millionaire, so there are many possibilities that her family background is complicated since most rich families have many problems because they are rich.

      • Chen says:

        c3. Before you continue making your comments, you should go back and read every single one you have posted. Just because you want Sisley to win doesn’t mean she will win. Your not representing Hong Kong, thank goodness. I’m not disagreeing that Sisley had potential to be the winner, but the way you bash on others that you do not like is something that is not necessary. If you think everyone is pathetic for picking Grace Chan then maybe that says something about you. Everyone has their own choices, and the votes proved that she was the winner. I understand that you are questioning the reliability of the votes, but if you think that TVB has already planned out all the winners, then don’t watch or care about MSHK. And on the topic about plastic surgery, “YOU” are the stupid people that always accuse people of plastic surgery. If you have any proof, throw it out to the media. If you don’t then shut up about every single celebrity having plastic surgery, regardless if they have it or not, its none of your business. For all means, you can make a campaign and not support any celebrity that you accuse of plastic surgery. And one last thing, YOUR PATHETIC, not because of your choices on who you think should win, but because your selfish and hateful comments to others that you do not even know. Maybe next year you should vote…

        • kolo says:

          agree,although i hoped sisley would win miss hk,but grace definitely deserve this title.grace is the prettiest miss hk from the last decades.

        • c3 says:

          actually if you read what i wrote about sisley, i stated that as much as i like her, i didn’t think she would win. as for making allegations about PS, i understand others will not readily agree with me, but unless you are familiar with the field then you wouldn’t be able to tell. as far as i can tell, most asian celebrities have had work done. yes it is their business/prerogative if they choose to have work done, but when someone openly asks why someone’s nose, jaw, chin, eyes, looks weird, I will state my assessment if it is in my opinion that they had work done. Whether you agree with it or not is up to you. It doesn’t make me pathetic for having an opinion. And yes, I think it is a poor choice to choose someone that will prompt girls to become anorexic and turn to plastic surgery. Not knowing her is irrelevant.

        • c3 says:

          and for the record, i felt grace would make it in the top 3 but not win. because to make her the winner as a role model for girls to aspire to is what i am in contention with.

        • CMOK says:

          Are you a doctor? do you have a ph.d? Have you, yourself gone under the knife? Do you have such a low self image that you have to go knit pick at her. We are all human, we have different genetics, we are born differently. There’s so many people that you should be worrying else about, than Grace chan. There are girls out on the street who prostitute themselves to men, maybe you should go worry about them too, selling their bodies, instead of worrying about girls getting the wrong image to become thin, and attaining PS. There’s so many celebrities out there… maybe you should go bash em, bc in the end no ones going to care what you think, negative attracts negative, good luck with life.

        • Chen says:

          I won’t be going around reading every one of your insecure and rude comments to any of the contestants or the people in this community. I specifically put in bold that you are pathetic for your hateful comments, not your opinion. If you think that this will make the community strive to be in the range of 80-90 pounds, then maybe you should stick you head out of your own little island and look around the community of hong kong. Girls are already striving for the tall, skinny, big boobs, and features of tvb celebrities; this is not going to make a difference. If you care so much about hong kong, maybe you should make some change to the qualifications to the admission process, Minimum 100 lbs. Actually, I forgot, you are useless to the society except causing trouble and annoyance so you are incapable of achieving anything.

        • Chen says:

          BTW, that comment was towards c3 not CMOK.

        • bizzybody says:

          @Chen & CMOK, some people think that those who opt to enter the entertainment industry (acting, modelling, beauty pageants, etc..) should be prepared to face all sorts of gossips/news whether good or nasty and able to handle it well without feeling hurt by what others are saying. While I do not agree with these thoughts and I’m sure I’ve never gone to such great lengths to spew hatred even when I dislike the news/someone immensely, I would admit that I have commented on certain articles too, whether in a good or bad way.
          Since Grace has been crowned Miss HK, everyone should accept it gracefully and wish her well. She received the most votes from the judges and the public. We may have our doubts about her competing in the international level amongst all the other taller contestants, but as others say, Miss HK is more like Miss TVB, so it shouldn’t matter. If height/weight is an important criteria, the sponsors/organisers would’ve specified a min. height/weight requirement. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.
          What makes me amused (in addition to the anorexic and plastic surgery, bla..bla..bla…) is the way how some spin tales which even includes doubts on Grace’s paternity, how she’s conceived, possibility of her mother’s infidelity, etc…
          If any of you know Grace personally, no doubt you’d be furious on her behalf esp. if she’s a good friend to you. It may be difficult, but pretend you’re just reading a movie script which Grace may have to act in and those spewing filth are the temperamental scriptwriters.
          These people are hiding behind their anonymity without showing their ‘pretty/handsome unplasticky’ face and passing judgement or dishing out criticism easily. No point getting worked up over these nobodies (myself included).

        • c3 says:

          I don’t see how any of my statements are being rude to the contestents. If you are capable of comprehension, there is a difference between criticizing the contestents and criticizing the results. There is nothing wrong with me doing the latter. If someone wants to be 80 lbs and get PS done, then that is their prerogative. I have no problems with that. However I am in contention with any message to girls who may want to aspire to that. Yes girls are already aspiring to be tall and skinny, that’s nothing new. But none of today’s tvb artists are 80 lbs either. In fact, I think it’s rather pathetic to think that it is okay to send this kind of message.

      • ANGELA says:

        Seriously should reword. Grace and Sisley are NOT anorexic.
        Does not send wrong message to the community.
        They obviously won not only because of their looks but talent, and charisma! Have to be fair. If you look at their body measurements its pretty proportion.. they slim/slender. You cant rule out a person for being slim/skinny (NOT anorexic) to participate in a pageant.

        • CMOK says:

          I completely agree wih you angela! They’re too intelligent minded to be anorexic, people should really do some research on anorexia…. And Asian girls can naturally be thin.

      • Carole says:

        Haha….can’t imagine a flat chested skinny standing next to those voluptuous and tall contestant in Miss World/ Miss Universe!

        • Sofie says:

          Yeah…Grace does lose a few points for that. 5’4″ is average in real life, but short for pageants. It’s not like she can get any taller though. BUT I believe she can gain a few pounds..even though she says it is genetic. Maybe just 5 pounds would make a difference on such a skinny body! She is really pretty though!

        • kolo says:

          but did any hk contestant been far in miss world/universe? i’ve never seen any hk contestant comes through the first round thus it isnt a matter of flat chest or not.

        • Chen says:

          The only real success Hong Kong have had in Miss Universe/Miss World has been more than two decades ago. Maggie Cheung placed in the Top 15 of Miss World, whilst Rowena Lam placed in the Top 12 in Miss Universe (she was the host delegate).

          Pauline Yeung has had the biggest success in international pageants placing in the Top 12 in Miss World becoming the Queen of Asia whilst getting 4th RU at Miss Universe (1988 was the year of the Asians).

          BUT actually Kayi Cheung made the Top 16 of Miss World by winning the Beauty With a Purpose fast track event – I’m sure most will be surprised to know the “worst Miss Hong Kong in history” actually placed internationally.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Beauty With a Purpose “? What’s that? I mean purpose to do what?

        • Chen says:

          The Beauty With a Purpose award was previously given to the girl who the organisation felt had been the most charitable, by helping a cause. (The format has since changed) I think Kayi submitted her work with the Wai Yin Foundation and was chosen through that to enter the Top 16. How the other girls that win Miss Hong Kong not automatically win because of Wai Yin is beyond me as surely all winners will be linked with Wai Yin’s causes.

        • bizzybody says:

          Out of all those bashing comments by others, I think your comment is by far the most valid. The rest just gives the impression they’re pathetic haters with accusations of anorexia and plastic surgery.

      • CMOK says:

        You dont even know her story, and understand her body. stop being pathetic…….you are starting to irritate me…….this girl eats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • bizzybody says:

          @CMOK, it’s good of you to try to defend Grace even though your defense is shot down immediately by obsessive haters (there’re plenty of those out there).
          I agree that being thin does not mean the person is not healthy or have eating disorder (people who look like they’re normal in weight could be hiding some disorder too – take Princess Diana, she looks beautiful to me, but sad to hear of allegations that she’s bulimic).
          Just take it in your stride that there are plenty of narrow-minded, lesser read people out there who prefers to be armchair critic and judge/criticise others and we may also be one of them sometimes when we don’t agree with certain things.

    20. sushiroll says:

      She does look naturally thin to me-her hair, skin, teeth and bone structure looks really healthy. Normally with anorexics, they have really bad skin and balding hair.

      • Funn Lim says:

        No one is naturally thin unless you are those where you can’t gain fat. Anyone who is above 5 feet 2 and is only double digit in weight is underweight and unhealthy. Whilst she looks healthy and she probably is since she is young, it doesn’t mean it is ideal. Not all anorexics have bad skin or balding hair. She is probably not an anorexic but that doesn’t mean she is not too thin.

    21. Funn Lim says:

      No offense but they all look rather plain. And since none or most won’t qualify for Miss Universe or whatever mostly due to nationality, etc, it is a long held tradition that joining Miss HK is really to enter into showbiz as it is TVB’s months long interview for prospective future fa-dan. It used to be 1st place is not the one they want for the acting, usually 2nd or 3rd place is the one but nowadays the lines aren’t so clear anymore.

      Anyway I hope they all can act because I see some torture time for us all.

      • Primrose says:

        Spot on Funn! Miss HK is just TVB’s recruitment exercise for actresses. So whoever gets the most public vote is likely to be popular with the audience.

        • Bubblez says:

          I don’t believe the statement, “So whoever gets the most public vote is likely to be popular with the audience.” is always valid/true for every year’s Miss HK pageant, at least not for last year’s Miss HK.

          And Carat Cheung (the winner of last year’s Miss HK) nor Kelly Cheung (she’s given a hosting role, similar to how Eliza Sam first started out) hasn’t even acted in a single drama while Tracy Chu was given her main role in THC 2 or Roxanne Tong was given a role in the sitcom.. :$

          And there are only two routes to get into TVB:
          – through pageant or their acting class
          – through referrals (eg. Priscilla Wong)

        • Primrose says:

          Yup but there was a big messed up with the voting system last year. And most believed the winner (and the one with the most votes) should be Tracy.

        • Bubblez says:

          @ Primrose: I was aware of the mixed-up vote system last year and the fact that winner may have been Tracy. But as a Vancouverite, when a person from Vancouver or anywhere in Canada wins any type of Chinese pageant, you’re happy for them because they’re from your hometown/country. And honestly, I would have been fine with all three winning since they’re from Vancouver xD

        • Primrose says:

          I forgot to point out too that Carat is probably not given any roles in TVB as in her first year as she is suppose to fulfill some “tour of duty” kind of work.

        • sandcherry says:

          I would have been fine with all three winning since they’re from Vancouver xD
          Who were the three winners from Vancouver? Just curious.

        • Bubblez says:

          I am also aware of that. It was mentioned in another article but thanks. :)

          But her duties should be done by now since tvb has just crowned a new miss HK! (:

          And yes, I know that Kelly Cheung was crowned as Miss Chinese International 2012 and was also TVB’c choice to send her to last year’s Miss World Pageant!

        • Bubblez says:

          Tracy, Jacqueline and Carat were all overseas contestants from last year’s Miss HK pageant! They all come from Vancouver.. It was a featured article in Sing Tao/Fairchild TV.

          Tracy was a student at SFU while Jacqueline and Carat were students at UBC.

        • sandcherry says:

          Thanks! I know about Carat Cheung. I think she won the 1st runner-up in Miss Chinese-Vancouver Pageant, but I did not know about Tracy and Jacqueline. They were not born in Vancouver, were they? They seemed to be very good in Cantonese?

          Chinese people used to say Vancouver is “人傑地靈”, and has all the beautiful Chinese girls. I guess it is true then. Anyway, Vancouver is very pretty in scenery. You are lucky to live there.

        • Bubblez says:

          According to wikipedia, all of them were born in HK :)

      • Chen says:

        Quite a lot of the candidates normally are born in HK and then go abroad to study (Canada being most popular) I think Tracey and Jacqueline went down that route.

    22. Woooo says:

      Virginia lau is pretty but please don’t stick her not dramas yet. We already have enough from eliza Sam and Christine kuo

      • sandcherry says:

        I did not know Virginia Lau is from Beijing until I read one of the above posts.

      • Chen says:

        Can we actually say Virginia is from Beijing? Just asking whoever knows because if I remember correctly she said she was born in Hong Kong, moved to Tokyo and recently moved to Beijing. Her parents don’t live in Beijing right? Obviously it’s easy to say she is from China because she has that accent but I’m just intrigued where her parents are from.

    23. jacky chan says:

      my next target.

    24. kolo says:

      i like sisley choi the most. she has a very straightforward character thats very rare in the showbizz nowadays. she also possess that big sister aura.she do me remember of anita mui.i hope she will make it as an actress.

    25. ANGELA says:

      Grace is definitely deserving winner for Miss Hong Kong this year!

      Disappointed that Virginia Lau didnt make it as 2nd RU.
      True that her Cantonese is not that good, but hello, she does understand. We’ve had vairous MHK top 3 winners who had poor English..and yet the public accepted them!!
      1994 – Annamarie Wood, Theresa Lee
      2002 – Victoria Jane Jolly
      2004 – Sze Sze Fu

      So I dont understand what the big deal is. You cant put someone down like that just because her Cantonese isnt up to scratch.

      Look at Theresa Lee, she won 2nd RU and her Cantonese was terrible, but she made it through and caught the audience attention with her fun personality and smile.

      • Aiya says:

        Difference is, Virginia didn’t do well in her Q&A segments. Those you listed from the past had good and memorable G&As despite their lack of fluency in Cantonese. You don’t need to be fluent to give out good answers to questions.

        • pandamao says:

          Hmm – I think the 3 listed here had a pretty good performance the evening of, especially Theresa Lee, hence won a placement.

          Virginia was a bit bland for me and she was very close to winning … so …. a little more effort would have changed the whole thing.

        • ANGELA says:

          I agree and totally understand.
          I was simply answering to the few comments above about how her Cantonese is really poor and shouldn’t be considered in being contestant.

          Agree also with pandamao. She needed a little more effort to get herself placed, Virginia lacked

    26. l'eanne says:

      Is Grace Chan a virgin ? Being from a western country and a christian, Sisley surely is one.

    27. sushiroll says:

      I also hate the questions they asked. Like “what qualities do you have that are better than the other contestant?” Or “who is the fakest contestant?”. Rolls eyes. Does not challenge their intelligence at all.

      • Funn Lim says:

        “who is the fakest contestant?”

        Seriously? So if she answers then she is considered a be-yatch. If she doesn’t, people say she is fake nice? What happened to how will you save the earth question?

        • sushiroll says:

          These question they ask just don’t do them any favours at all. It’s so dumb. I would have prefer them to asked more meaningful questions like health, education, issues affecting HK citizens etc.

        • pandamao says:

          Actually – I thought Acca gave the best answer.

          Her response was, “even though Grace was born in HK, i was the one that has been in hk and actually immersed myself into the society going through their ups and downs that happened these past few years.” rough translation, bad memory on my part too … that was excellent. Acca caught my attention in semis and glad she stood out with that answer as well!

          I liked that question, the contestants just did a poor job responding it.

    28. Mt says:

      After a quick scan of all your comments, I can understand why Carol Cheng and TVB were able to get away with comparing #17 and #19 in the semifinals, basically calling #19 fat. I bet none of you blinked an eyelid at the comparison, which was extremely rude and totally unnecessary. Alas, this is HK and ultimately weight matters most. You guys (the judgmental ones who spoke about anorexia and plastic surgery, etc…you know who you are) really should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • sushiroll says:

        I actually noticed that one. In the semi finals they made both of them stand together and basically treated them two like cattle, only number 19 had it worse.

      • Funn Lim says:

        “Alas, this is HK and ultimately weight matters most. ”

        Indeed as in everywhere in everyday life. But you must admit, double digit, I believe 80 plus pounds for one (?) is unhealthy unless she is below 5 feet tall. Well that’s HK. Put 2 super slim people together, the bigger looking one is called fat when she may be at the ideal BMI thing and the thinner one is actually way underweight. And joke is the so called fat one may also be underweight. I don’t feel there should be any shame about discussing the extreme thinness of some of them. It would be a shame if everyone here claps happily and ignoring the blatant issue. As for PS, frankly I am not in the position to tell but since most will argue double eyelid surgery is PS (which I totally disagree), I suppose PS has a wide definition. The one who should be ashamed is TVB for the stupid questions. The comments here about the weight is WYSIWYG style.

        By the way those who are so thin but has breasts, I mean there is such a thing called push up bra.

        I suppose one thing not in argument is their intelligence? Since no one ever said any one of them answered stupidly. That is a welcome sign unless of course the usual answers given and practised is errr practised. Then it is a question of poise, steadiness and calmness.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          agree! she’s 5’4 and only 80pounds? unhealthy! is she starving herself?

        • Selena says:

          If you have paid attention to what Grace has said then you would know that she didn’t starve herself. She is naturally thin. She even mentioned that her mom’s weight was 80 pounds when she got married.

    29. anoninhk says:

      i’m so glad grace won. not only is she gorgeous but she performed really well last night. i just hope she can put on a bit more weight once she starts working at tvb.

      also glad my other two favourites, moon and sisley made it to the top 3 too.

      however, i found revealing all 10 contestants scores was cruel and unnecessary. i only needed to know who was top 3 or 5, not the bottom 5. i felt so embarrassed and indignant for them.

      • Ady says:

        I agree with you. when they announced that they’ll start from 10th place I was like what? It must’ve been really awkward for them….

      • c3 says:

        “i just hope she can put on a bit more weight once she starts working at tvb.” Somehow I think the Grace supporters in here would disagree with you. Because if she does, then we will know that she was lying all along which makes me right about what I said about her being a poor role model. As long as she is 80 something pounds, she will always be a poor role model in my opinion.

        • Bubblez says:

          “As long as she is 80 something pounds, she will always be a poor role model in my opinion.”

          ^ I don’t think it’s fair to describe someone as a good or a poor role model based on someone’s weight, rather it should be on their values and what that person has contributed, etc.. A person can have a healthy weight but still be a poor model depending on what that person does. Vice versa.

        • CMOK says:

          Agree with bubblez.

        • c3 says:

          I disagree. When it comes to MHK, a role model isn’t just about values, it is also about image and physical representation. It is a beauty pageant after all.

        • Bubblez says:

          In my previous post, it was really generic. It wasn’t just for beauty pageant winners to be role models.

        • Apples says:

          Oh my god. I’m so sick of reading all of your stupid critical comments about her weight and if she has had plastic surgery or not. I know Grace in real life, her twin brother is my brothers best friend. She is not anorexic nor had plastic surgery. She’s a very kind person who deserved to win and I’m so happy for her. She’s not a poor role model, she’s a great role model. She’s sweet, kind, and definitely not fake. As for the “she doesn’t look like her parents” comment, it’s just how she was born. Even her twin brother looks different. From her and her parent, he’s about 4 shades darker than she is, but that’s how it always has been. Sorry that Sisley didn’t win, but doesn’t mean that you can just be taking out your anger on the person who did and worked hard to win. Grace is a beautiful, caring person and I hope that you will realize one day that she is real and natural.

    30. sel_fi_wu says:

      glad she won! finally we have an acceptable miss hk! agreed that she’s too thin though. she need to eat more and have more meat! she’s skin and bones now and we don’t want a bad example for other women out there!

    31. hannahh says:


    32. UNI says:

      Where can I watch this?

    33. BLing says:

      The weird thing is, I actually like her. She’s got the looks and I didn’t find her personality fake. Hope this person she presents herself as is the real her.

    34. homoyoudidnt says:

      I really think Sisley should’ve won. I mean, Grace is pretty, but I don’t find her to be special. Straighforward-ness, IMO is still the best way to go!

      • ANGELA says:

        Being too blunt may cause offense. So need to be careful. You need to be smart/quick witt and approachable with being straight forward. Obviously Grace had the overall package to win,Sislely already placed, so am sure she will have a great future ahead of her in the entertainment industry.

    35. HeTieShou says:

      I am shocked that Tammy won Ms. Friendship even though she was plagued with bad rumours and all.. I wonder what are the requirements for the Ms. Friendship award??

    36. happybi says:

      My pick from the beginning. Congratulation Grace!

    37. HaHa says:

      Grace got the winning smile:) Love the order of all the winners!!! Not easy:)

    38. HaHa says:

      Tammy is in the wrong competition. She should be in the mud fighting competition. She looks mean and ready to scratch out someone’s eyes…

    39. sophia says:

      Congratulations to Grace Chan !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you more in TVB series.

    40. nono says:

      Glad they choose a beauty for a winner.

      Sisley looks like a Thai ladyboy. Must have other qualities than looks to place then.

    41. clee says:

      O god…Why the duck face??? This is a pageant, not instagram!

    42. Chloe says:

      At least the pageant has been getting better. The absolute worst year was 2009. Sandy was acceptable but everyone else was below average. It’s been getting better since.
      Grace is gorgeous. I also like Moon. Sisley is OK but I would have preferred Virginia.

    43. Jessica says:

      Hi I did disevered that grace can be a first runner up
      Also that u think virgina is good I don’t think she is
      Ok and this year in the miss hong kong is so much better then last year seriously

    44. Holiday says:

      Hi I like moon and sisley and grace but grace is so pretty and gorgeous as well I love her and this Year’s judge is quiet good I don’t understand why Raymond lam and Linda Chung will have to sat on their sat for so long for the whole pageant of miss hong kong holiday is just nickname

    45. Holiday says:

      Yeah me to I hope that I can see grace acting tv shows with sisley and moon

    46. Holiday says:

      They just sat there and look at them perform and talk about how they good at it

    47. Holiday says:

      I mean Raymond lam and linda Chung

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