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Oscar Leung Counter-Sues Kenny Wee for Million Dollar Loss

By on January 7, 2013

Oscar Leung Counter-Sues Kenny Wee for Million Dollar Loss thumbnail

A short-term solution to Oscar Leung’s (梁烈唯) legal battle with Kenny Wee (黃浩) will not appear anytime soon. After Kenny Wee sued Oscar for defamation in December, the 33-year-old TVB actor is now counter-suing the  restaurateur for the loss of a 10-film contract with Wong Jing, valued at more than $1 million HKD.

After Kenny Wee pressed charges against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) for physical assault, Oscar Leung defended Eric and called Kenny yearning for attention and possessing “persecutory delusions.” When Oscar failed to meet Kenny’s ultimatum to apologize, Kenny sued Oscar for defamation and sought compensatory damages.

Kenny’s lawsuit against Oscar is widely criticized as picking his battles against “lightweights” in the industry, since Oscar was not the only artist to have publicly bashed Kenny.

Million-Dollar Loss

Oscar is fully supported by TVB, in which senior management agreed to provide Oscar with legal counsel over the matter. Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序> producer, Wong Jing (王晶), also sided with Oscar and expressed his intention to offer Oscar a 10-filming contracted, valued at a 7-figure sum. However, Wong withdrew his offer on concerns that Oscar may be emotionally troubled by Kenny Wee’s lawsuit, which will impact his acting performances.

News surfaced today that Oscar filed a counter-lawsuit against Kenny at a Hong Kong court. Oscar is seeking compensatory damages from Kenny due to his lost multi-film contract. “The decision was made after discussions with my lawyer. Since the lawsuit is now in the hands of the court, I cannot comment further.”

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) supports Oscar’s decision to counter-sue Kenny and will organize more work for Oscar to earn money for his lawsuit. Oscar’s manager added, “We will continue to arrange work for Oscar. However, his lost opportunities cannot be calculated immediately; it is a very long impact.”

Kenny Wee in Car Accident

Is Kenny Wee battling his lawsuits alone? The restaurateur’s recent antics have angered film producer and godfather, Charles Heung (向華強), who is ready to severe ties. Kenny’s wife, Suki Chui (徐淑敏), has declined to comment on his actions.  While chauffeured on January 7, Kenny and his mother were involved in a collusion accident with another car. Kenny’s bodyguard was also in the car. The car accident was minor and did not result in any injuries to the driver nor passengers.

Source: On.cc; The Sun

This article was revised on January 7, 2013 at 6:07 PM to reflect additional news that had surfaced.

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  • Readers' Comments (130)

    1. AC says:

      Haha, love it! Although it does make me wonder if it was all part of Wong Jing’s plan to reveal his original contract offer so that he can help give Oscar/TVB a reason to countersue?

      • smurf120 says:

        AC – I was thinking exactly the same thing. WJ does not seem to be a person who is afraid of controversy and probably welcomes a little media attention to his film stars.

      • Cleo says:

        doubtful – they all act like fools helping to keep this story on the front burner – Oscar was begging Wong Jing to reconsider earlier and now his attorney or someone else has given him false hope that his act of defamation which caused a claimed retraction of a job offer that was never even previously made will somehow encourage Kenny Wee to drop a lawsuit when the guy was just in a suspicious car accident with his MOTHER in the car.

        • AC says:

          Wong Jing was the one who made a public statement of his original contract plan, so when the media asked Oscar about his thoughts, he just said that he hopes he reconsiders because he would be emotionally ready. That is hardly considered begging.

      • Me mms says:

        Stupid Oscar dislike!
        Those celebrities think the rule the world.
        No good

        • Yen says:

          Me mms, you think the celebrities are ruling the world??! HAHAHAHAS!!
          Have you heard of another profession namely POLITICIANS?? >.<|||

      • lolo says:

        I am thinking the same. It’s weird to make it public that he had considered offering Oscar 10 films contract and decided not to due to the lawsuit. Really, would an actor be affected that easily…

    2. skinnymocha says:

      Oh wow, they sure like burning money…

    3. Yen says:

      Support OSCAR 100%!!!
      Not only should that liar jerk need to pay for Oscar loss but also he should be charged for giving false statements and slandering others!!!
      OMGoshh!! I’m so happy!!!
      This coward picks up on Oscar thinking Oscar is nobody and easily be bullied, surely he did not expect such outcome!!!

    4. lol says:

      this kenny a loser big tim his getting sued by oscar and eason i think eric should sue him as well kenny asked for trouble himself

    5. pandamao says:

      All of this fiasco has made me realize, Oscar is just a talented actor and nothing more. He does not possess the off screen charisma other successful artist exert. I’m a little disappointed in him in dragging this on. At this point, I expected him to be a bigger person and just let this go. If WJ was genuinely interested in him, the contract will follow through. Let’s be real, WJ has signed plenty of artist with drama bigger than what Oscar is facing. WJ is milking for some media attention and now Oscar is either gullible in thinking that or milking with WJ.

      • Yen says:

        Pandamao, why not u think of that coward Kenny to be a bigger person??!
        Ur r so funny!! All this started bcuz this coward Kenny sued Oscar and cost him to loose lotsa $$$$!!
        Kenny made a fuss out of this bcuz Hillary+the gang complained that his restaurant is over-charging them and all the drama starts!
        Oscar has every right to sue him!!!

        • pandamao says:

          @Yen – Kenny and Oscar both play different roles in this nonsense. Kenny is a directly involved with the case and then Eric stepped in and tried to be a “big brother” and Oscar decided to jump in to support Eric.

          Other than Hilary + original party friends and Kenny, everyone else does not need to add their two cents. They can add their two cents with their family and friends, like how everyone does – not publicly to a media that can blow up crap.

        • Jayne says:

          Although Oscar may have benefited to keep quiet instead of criticizing Kenny Wee so openly, Kenny was the one who picked on Oscar’s status as a “lightweight” actor to sue him for defamation.

          Oscar may have been too proud to apologize to Kenny, but Kenny’s lawsuit did result in Oscar’s million dollar loss over the next few years. From Wong Jing’s statement, Oscar may have a very good case in suing Kenny and obtaining compensatory damages.

          If Oscar does not counter-sue now for the monetary loss of the contract, there is no guarantee that Wong Jing will in fact cast him in the next 9 films. A contract lost at the golden opportunity is considered a financial opportunity loss, as tomorrow another new talent may emerge that catches Wong’s attention or the market conditions or even Oscar’s popularity may plunge. Thus, Kenny should be held accountable for Oscar’s loss from a business perspective.

          Perhaps Oscar should have bitten his tongue to begin with, but now that Kenny’s defamation lawsuit has advanced to this stage, Oscar will still have to fork over the legal counsel fees. Counter-suing for compensatory damages is his best way to recuperate very real losses (in the lost film contract with Wong Jing which may have some advance payment upon signing).

          I think many people are blasting Oscar for his proud ego, and perhaps think that he is counter-suing Kenny for revenge or even being petty-minded.

          From a very pragmatic point of view, I support his counter-suing Kenny. Because who else will compensate for his lost income that has a multi-year impact?

        • Bob says:

          Agree with Jayne
          I think Kenny singled out oscar. so many celebraties took Eric side but oscar is the only one to get a law suit?
          Yes oscar could have avoided the lawsuit with an apologies. I am not sure i will call it arogance but rather i think he has too much pride. some people can be too proud to apologies for something that they are not really sorry for and that in times can be a bad thing. But even if oscar did apologies everyone will say he is not sincer and at the same time some might look down at him, potentially say he has no back bone. i guess this is what you can call a rock and a hard place?

        • Victoria says:

          Losing the contract for 10 films with Wong Jing not only means losing 1 million dollars, but also much more than that. There was a chance that Oscar may have become even more well-known after filming for Wong Jing and earning even more. As Oscar’s manager said, “his lost opportunities cannot be calculated immediately; it is a very long impact”. Also, Oscar should not have to apologize for something that he completely believed in. It was his opinion and he should not be sorry for thinking that though it would have been better if he did not say it aloud. Oscar’s decision to counter-sue Kenny is an extremely reasonable one.

        • clamine says:

          Losing the contract for 10 films with Wong Jing not only means losing 1 million dollars, but also much more than that. There was a chance that Oscar may have become even more well-known after filming for Wong Jing and earning even more. As Oscar’s manager said, “his lost opportunities cannot be calculated immediately; it is a very long impact”.

          Ever heard of The Milkmaid and her Pail Aesop’s Fable?


          Why did Wong Jing stop at $1 million, why not 2 or 3 or 4 etc? Considering how famous Oscar has now become headlining numerous tabloids.

        • lol says:

          im sure wong jing would be happy to sign oscar after the law suit has finished

        • Cleo says:

          When has Wong Jing EVER signed anyone to a 10 picture deal? Wong Jing unlike Oscar Leung is not dependent on popularity for his earnings. Wong Jing was being wicked when he suggested to Oscar that a ten picture deal had been lost. Also, his former mistress, Yau Suk Jing’s husband attempted to ameliorate the situation at that wedding where Kenny Wee was slapped and then herded into a private room by men in black. Wong Jing just added to the confusion and kept this story alive with another nontwist.

      • Alice says:

        totally agree…

    6. Gar says:

      The saga continues…….

    7. Cleo says:

      wow, the professional looks so unsavory whilst the private citizen looks harmless – tsk, tsk – who casted this farce?

    8. Panzer says:

      Why does this sound like some scheme cooked up by wong jing and eric tsang to me? It’s kind of the only way they can get back at him legally and hurt him financially.
      How convenient that wong jing provides such easy countersuit material and totally passive aggressive which is just like eric tsang. He knows that if he gets his triad buddies invovled it can be traced back to him, so he does it another way.
      Really lost my last bit of respect for Oscar after this debacle. All he had to do was apologize even if he didnt mean it. What a massive waste of resources and money and all to boost their egos. So childish on everyone’s part.

      • pandamao says:

        Not sure where Oscar’s ego is coming from but if he keeps it up, no series can bring back the lost respect.

        However, I will say, I still respect Oscar as an actor. He has a lot of good friends supporting him and that speaks volume. If he keeps this crap up, I can’t say the same though …

      • exoidus says:

        Yeah, this so-called countersuit nonsense.

        All Kenny has to do is to win his case and that will render the boot-licker’s countersuit utterly useless.

        Obviously apologize would be the rational choice, however the boot-licker needed to finish his job. He got alot of free PR, gained the trust of E.T & Co and the support of TVB. No wonder he is acting almighty.

        Don’t give up Kenny. If you are going down make sure to bring the boot-licker with you!

        • Victoria says:

          Funny how harshly you critize Oscar when you have no proof whatsoever of his so-called “boot-licking”. On the other hand, it was a known fact by all that Wong Jing was going to cast Oscar in 10 films.

        • Yen says:

          Actually I’ve posted this b4 and posting it again now xD
          The whole chaos started because Hillary posted the pic of KENNY LIAR with very awful remarks online.
          And she even held Yen says:
          January 6, 2013 at 2:36 am
          Lolo..if u follow this news from the beginning, the whole chaos started because Hillary posted the pic of KENNY LIAR with very awful remarks online.
          And she even held a press conference stating that she did not do drugs at the restaurant as that stupid Kenny claimed, which means indirectly she is calling him a LIAR!
          Hillary is too a public figure and why not sue her?
          Because this coward Kenny knew Eason is not someone to mess with!
          He targets Eric bcuz he knew Eric had bad images thus many ppls will blamed Eric and sided him.
          Oscar because he knew Oscar can easily be bullied because he is a nobody.
          But I guess he did not follow-up on Oscar news, yup, he is not a mega star yet but in all interviews on other artists, whenever Oscar name is mentioned, many ppl praise him as a good friend!
          Even Linda Chung in one of her interview said in the showbiz, she only has Steven Ma and OSCAR as her TRUE FRIENDS, someone she confide her problems to and trusted her secrets will be safe with them.
          Christine Kuo after pairing with Oscar in the SDU drama also commented that Oscar is a gentlemen and she nearly fall for him.
          a press conference stating that she did not do drugs at the restaurant as that stupid Kenny claimed, which means indirectly she is calling him a LIAR!
          Not only Hillary,Josie Ho and Sam Lee had such same press conferences too.
          And during the wedding incident, Janet Chow, too saying she found it hilarious to know bout Kenny statement, saying that what she saw is the other way round.
          And of course, many artists too blasted Kenny.
          I often read comments that bcuz Oscar is a public figure and his words made impact..
          Huh?? Hillary?? Josie?? Sam?? Janet?? and other artists??! They are all public figures too!!
          This coward basically targets on Oscar because he knew Oscar is a not-well known actor.
          1. Hillary, he knew Eason is not someone to mess with.
          2. Same goes to Josie, going to court is burning $$, who will wanna compete it with Josie Ho?
          3. Janet Chow, the daughter in law of Sammo Hung!
          And I honestly feels this coward too targeted Eric because he knew Eric had bad images among lots of ppl, so ppl will sided him and blamed Eric.
          Eric is well known to get drunk in all occasion, you knew he is drunk, why still walk up to him and add fuel? Because he needs someone to be blamed and make it as the whole scenario is real that he is being threaten as he claimed!
          And it’s never a fault to side a friend no matter who u are!
          U find Oscar for ass kissing but I found him as a real man that dare enough to stand up to speak for his friend!

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t think Kenny Wee made all these plots to have Eric Tsang slap him in the public. I read in some Chinese magazines that the whole incident was video taped in the hotel and some artistes witnessed it at the Police Station.

          Therefore, I support Kenny Wee for reporting it to the police.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree with exoidus. I think Oscar Leung thinks too highly of himself after winning the “Most Improved Actor” award. It took him 8 years to get the “Most Improved Actor” award. Many actors have already got the Best Supporting Actor awards already.

        • exoidus says:

          What proof you do want? A pic of him literally licking E.T boot? LOL
          And it will soon become known fact that Kenny was going to take his restaurant public with an estimated market cap of HKD 10 billion (his “friend” offered him HKD 5 billion for his shares). Bc of the boot-licker’s remark he had to postpone the deal and will lose an immeasurable amount money! haha

          From yr earlier posts you keep calling Kenny a coward and based on perception he might be one. Why he only sued the boot-licker? Well he made a direct remark and yes bc he is only a big klf in TVB i.e break the weakest link.

          This goes the other way around i.e Oscar aka the boot-licker made his remark bc Kenny is a nobody in the entertainment industry. Put someone like Albert Yeung in Kenny’s shoes would Oscar the brave, speak up for his friend?

          Moreover, it might be the boot-licker’s plan all along i.e free PR and joining the inner circle of E.T & Co.

          Conclusion: both can be viewed as cowards. Can’t wait for the boot-licker to crash & burn :)

        • lolo says:


          LOL, Kenny never said Hillary took drugs at his restaurant. If he did Hillary would have sued for defamation by now. Generally people are smarter with their comments and not to expose themselves to lawsuits. Oscar had made comments that makes it easy for Kenny to sue. It is what Oscar and not his status that Kenny decided to sue him. I am not saying that I am on Kenny’s side. But just from the law point of view.

        • shu says:

          oscar is a very important chess-piece now for E.T. to counter-sue K.W. without self have to come in action. a chinese phrase say ” to lend someone’s knife to kill someone else. E.T. is an old fox.

        • exoidus says:

          E.T wasn’t even asking for it, but how could he refuse when a “ba chi chai” willingly turns himself into a knife and ask “please master use me to stab him”, LOL

          Let’s hope the pawn can get promoted before the king decides to sacrifice him for the greater good.

          Yes, indeed “the older the ginger, the spicier it becomes”

      • nomad 822 says:

        I am totally with you, Panzer.

        My first reaction was also?: “How convenient” and “Really?!?” when I first read of Wong-jing’s comments.

        And who’s to say if it was ever a genuine offer he had for Oscar? But now that it’s out – aha, it provides tangible justification for counter-suing.

        You have to have justifications in place for counter-sue. And Wong-jing conveniently provided it.

        It’s NOT really about a Kenny vs Oscar lawsuit. It’s really about Kenny vs Hillary+Josie+their gang …. Eric and his circles of friends and their influential connections.
        They will all be backing Oscar – in funding, in legal clout.

        Even Kenny’s only source of support – Charles Heung, is supposedly pulling out.

        It’s NO longer about who was right or wrong at the start = it’s escalated to a battle of egos. As Eric has said – ‘you want to play, let’s play big then’.

      • shu says:

        on the one hand i dont like his big mouth but on the other hand i have some empathy with him because he has been used by his “good friends” aka (crocodile N.C. and E.T.) as a weapon against K.W.

    9. Sand says:

      Alright Oscar! Sue him!

    10. KC says:

      Oscar’s ego is not getting him far in his career but otherwise. If he didn’t win the TVB award, would he stand up and speak for Eric Tsang??? He is doing all these for publicity. Who knows it might backfired.

      • AC says:

        It’s not like Eric and Oscar are strangers. They are soccer friends so of course he would have still stood up for Eric. Oscar was asked by the media because he sang at his friend’s wedding if he saw anything. He gave his point of view as well as many other people but somehow Oscar was the only one that Kenny decided to sue because of his “lightweight” status.

    11. Mlove says:

      Kenny ur karma has just started. Hahaha can’t wait for this fool get locked up and lose his restaurant. Good job Oscar!!!! Good job Eric!!

      • Yen says:


        • Mlove says:


          We are on the same page about this Kenny loser drama from the start. Ppl here dislike Eric, but we love Eric. He’s smart and funny. Super Trio Show is the best. :)

        • Yen says:

          Actually I’m not on Eric side or anyone side but this Kenny changes his statements too often and the more he did so, it’s obviously that he is a liar!
          Yup, can’t deny that most ppl here sided that coward because they dont like Eric.
          If they really look into this matter clearly, it’s so obvious that this liar Kenny is just pissed when Hillary and the gang complained of the over-charging bills and posted it online.
          And he starts all these dramas and make himself a victim!

        • lolo says:

          I liked Eric before the slapping incident. But I do not agree with his actions. I don’t know whether Eric slapped Kenny or not, but Eric should not have talked about the ‘dog eating crap’ story in respond to the slapping incident

    12. apple says:

      There is no black & white contract on 10 flim offer to Oscar yet is a vebal agreement WJ can say what he likes any thing can happen in few years time is not that easy to counter sue Kenny.

      • apple says:

        Unless Oscar begs WJ to make a fake contract for him so can have the money.

        • shu says:

          i also think so,it isnt black on white yet,and the timing for wj to say that isnt it very conspicuous?

      • sandcherry says:

        Agree. I think Oscar Leung has a better chance to sue for money loss if he has already had a signed black and white contract of 10 movies with Wong Jing. I doubt that he can sue Kenny Wee with just his few words.

        • Cleo says:

          even if Stanley Ho secretly bankrolled Wong Jing’s uncharacteristic signed contract for ten films to smear someone who did not call the police, did not turn over the tape and never said what Hilary voluntarily denied, Kenny Wee’s attorneys can subpoena Wong Jing’s history of contracts to show (1) that Wong Jing is not in the habit of offering a ten picture deal in writing – I doubt he would have given a security blanket to Yau Suk Jing when he wouldn’t even marry her and (2) it is suspicious that he should offer one to someone who has had a known struggling career – that indicates that Wong Jing’s participation in this may be unnatural.

          Wong Jing would be committing fraud and does he want a ngor daye like Eric Tsang? Oscar Leung is not Chow Seng Chee or Jet Li or even Nicholas Tse.

          FYI – to people used to getting their own way and having their own word only because their conflicts have been against people in a lower position, it’s not that way in court.

          You can’t make manipulative remarks to win an argument. Frankly, the claim in Oscar’s countersuit sounds more like the vernacular of Cantonese verbal aggression – I can actually hear him in Cantonese like one of those aggressive merchants in Wanchai who say “so what” to Mainlanders. That’s what Oscar is trying to win with? a “so what?” – he claims that Kenny didn’t suffer a loss but that now Oscar has suffered a loss – he really hasn’t been apprised of the law by his legal representation if he really believes that. If he had any real friends, they would have pointed out that he is not correct in the assumptions of his countersuit.

          Kenny absolutely DOES have a case and Oscar’s actions are indefensible and Wong Jing’s participation is useless. Oscar does not have a case.

    13. LyNN says:

      Burning money on unnecessary legal suits. What has gotten into the mind of these ppl nowadays?

    14. TN1 says:

      He’s getting overbearing for my liking n such a change of personality after getting d TVB MIAA, slow down buddy!

    15. mito says:

      Seem likely cause. And Oscar do have support of TVB in term of the aid. Properly TVB don’t want to be seen as cold.

      It just hope it is settle out of court.

    16. Mark Lim says:

      So who else laughed when looking at Mr. Wee’s eyes on this pic? lolololol…

    17. miriamfanz says:

      Yes! About time someone teach that troublemaker Kenny a lesson.

      • shu says:

        no,the troublemaker isnt K.W. but are those celebs who supposedly have used drugs in K.W.’s restaurant and E.T. who acted like a pig. K.W. only defends himself.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree. I surely think so.

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t think Kenny Wee would make all these up himself in order to get some publicity. No businessman would do it.

        • Yen says:

          Hahahahahas and you are so FIRM on that news??
          If there is really such thing happened, why the polices did not arrest anyone!!

        • Yen says:

          Sandcherry, it’s all started because Hillary n the gang are saying the restaurant over-charging them!! To save the image of his restaurant, he made up all these false reports to turn the blame to the artists!
          Artists are human too and some even might earn lesser income than us! If they feel unfair with the prices charged, of course they have the right to speak up!
          Had u heard of the story that the son of Bill Gates gave a waiter a USD500 as tips but Bill Gates only tips the waiter USD5!
          The waiter asked him and he answered because
          “My dad isn’t Bill Gate”
          $$$$ is hard to earn even to the artists!

        • sandcherry says:

          If the dispute started with the overcharges laid by Kenny Wee’s restaurant, why didn’t the celebrities settle those overcharges privately with Kenny Wee? If they were stupid enough to pay for those overcharges, they were the ones to be blamed, not the restaurant. Or they could have taken it to some Government departments to complain as consumers.

        • Lol says:

          Yen, please stop yelling if you don’t know the law. Police can’t just go arrest someone for possisbly doing drugs based on a video tape…specially after the fact. Remember Kate Moss? There were clear pictures of her doing cocaine & did she go to jail? No, she actually made more money then she ever did in the past…why? Because like the entertainment industry…the fashion industry is very tight & they just sweep the ugliness under the carpet…to hide their shame from the world.

        • Yen says:

          Sandcherry, that’s all I wanna stress out, Kenny should go over Hillary n the gang but why not them but Oscar?
          And for Lol..ohhh?? Then u are a policeman?
          And do u know that different country with different law system?
          BLEKKKKKK–I’m screaming now!! Lalalalala

    18. Nicole says:

      I’m also kinda on Oscar’s side.
      Why of all the artistes who commented on Kenny Wee, those who were calling him a dog on Instagram, or posting his photos and making very crude remarks, are not sued, and only Oscar is sued?
      Kenny Wee thinks that Oscar doesn’t have the clout, and thus, dare to sue him, but doesn’t dare to sue the others who made bad comments on him, or he might as well sue the whole entertainment industry!

      • shu says:

        no matter who is strong or weak,an offence is an offence and it has nothing to do with him.

      • Cleo says:

        they were cleverer and referred to that dog instead of mischaracterizing Kenny Wee by name – Oscar even said after he was sued that he needed to be cleverer (not more moral – cleverer).

    19. Julia says:

      lawyers are making big bucks these days!!!

    20. Lol says:

      People it’s one thing to idolize celebs but don’t throw your common sense out the window. Why would OL waste time and money to countersue just because WJ made a comment? it’s not even a verbal contract…WJ made a comment to the media, it’s not like he had a long/serious discussion about the offer with OL. I agree with some of the above comments…OL is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    21. Funn Lim says:

      This is stupid. Oscar has no case. It is pure economic loss and just a speculation. At the time Kenny sued him no one knew Wong Jing wanted to or even prepared the contract for 10 movies. I am beginning to feel Oscar is doing this for the publicity and I am losing patience at this idiocy of every party involved.

    22. mito says:

      I believe Oscar wanted to settle, but was advised not to do so. Talking about losses. I believe Kenny has more to lose than Oscar.

      Oscar will gained much fame. Althought, not sure how HK people view him.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        Oscar’s new fame after this case will help promote Wong Jing’s new YND and TVB. I think all this lawyer movement is decided by TVB legal team and funded by Nat Chan as mentioned in news before.

        • sandcherry says:

          I think so, too. If he knew that he was not “recognized” by TVB, he surely would not have the guts to make his nasty comments on Kenny Wee. He must think that he is so famous and popular now and have the backup from TVB and his good friends.

    23. Larry 3 says:

      countersuit is lame. more money to the lawyer$

    24. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Why is Oscar’s lawsuit news everyday now with Nat Chan and Wong Jing also butting in in a high profile manner.

    25. RaySimpson says:

      He should have sued for 10 millions! I was going to offer him 9 millions for 20 movies, but I was concerned about the lawsuit so I withdrew my offer.

    26. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      I dislike Kenny too and don’t think he has good intentions, but after recalling the comments again if Oscar can sue because Wong Jing held back his 10 movie contracts worth a million which may cause Oscar’s future fame and money from the movies, Kenny also can sue because as a restaurant owner, Oscar’s remark as a public figure that Kenny has perfuctory delusions can cause customers to be wary of eating at a mentally unstable owner’s restaurant.

      • Yen says:

        Then he should first sue Hillary and the gang!
        They are the one complaining about the restaurant over-charging them!
        Hillary posted it on her I’m not sure weibo or whatever but it turns into a complete chaos when smartie Edison shared it out to the world online!

    27. Gabby says:

      I personally think that Oscar should let all this lawsuit down, because the more lawsuit, the more time lost, the director will not wait for him forever to film his movie
      there’re a lot of people fullfilling his role, he’s not the only actor in this industry

    28. Charbydis says:

      I think that this incident has been overhyped to the point that neither side are willing to stand down due to face even though both are receiving bad media coverage. Maybe they need a good middle person to negotiate things.

    29. LUCY says:

      I’m sorry but i am on kennys side on this one. Oscar did defame him by saying he has persecutory delusions. Trying a little to hard to suck up to eric there…

    30. him says:

      I believe wj take the opportunity to promote its new movie only. extra promotion for the y &d movie.

    31. apalucakap says:

      My gut feeling is this wj is a opportunistic out to fish for media attention by bleating ‘had plan to cast Oscar’and later retracted statement saying Oscar might be bogged down mentally with the lawsuit sounded like child play.

      Yet without any solid written contract in sight, this swell-headed Oscar triumphantly proceeded with his own lawsuit suing for virtual loss earnings.

      Verdict: Will get nothing, zippo, period.

    32. hannahh says:

      SUPPORT OSCAR 101%

    33. chps says:

      Contrary to some of the above comments, I think if the defamation lawsuit fails, there is a chance that the coutersuit might work? I mean not just the 10 million contract but perhaps the opportunity cost forgone in terms of other job offers, work etc Up to his lawyers to draw the link on how the defamation suit impacted on Oscar.

      Is it even a defamatory comment in the first place? Theres a difference between saying “Maybe he has persecutory delusions” and “Kenny Wee must have persecutory delusions” and I’m not too sure how strong Kenny’s case is in the first place.

      Anyway this has dragged on for far too long. Its just drama for dramas sake.

      • Cleo says:

        Oscar basically accused Kenny Wee not only of dishonesty but of lack of sanity. That’s just incomprehensibly stupid and irresponsible.

        And Wong Jing does not really want to get dragged into it even if he doesn’t need legal representation when giving testimony. Wong Jing is an opportunistic filmmaker and would NEVER offer a ten picture deal as if Oscar Leung was Elizabeth Taylor Bette Davis under the old Hollywood studio system. Oscar has a Montgomery Clift style accident and you are stuck with a broken face for the rest of the contract? NO WAY.

      • Cleo says:

        It will be argued by even citing the history of obedient and circumspect TVB stable of actors Like Wong Yut Wah who was never put on ice because he kept his mouth shut and did his job to the appoint of damaging his liver that you as an actor pay a price if you go outside the capacity of your career to make public remarks – ANY remarks – even if it is Carina Lau trying to brush off the seriousness of Tony Leung not yet pulling out of that Japanese film a few months back.

        This is what it is – you can choose to never be controversial like Andy Lau or you can get sued like Oscar Leung.

        Oscar made a choice to voice a negative opinion. It doesn’t matter who else did the same.

    34. Clementine says:

      Kenny Wee you pee. This guy is pathetic imho. His picture above makes me want to chopstick jab him in the eyeballs.

    35. Applelim says:

      The saga goes on and on….. Personally no matter whos is right or wrong, this shouldnt roll on. The person who calls ‘halt’ is the bigger and better person. This continous counter sue is so childish, only makes the lawyer smile

      • nomad 822 says:

        Precisely – the only winners in this are the lawyers who are padding their pockets.

        Imo, it’s NO longer about who was right or wrong in the first place, that sparked off this circus. It’s now escalated to a battle of egos and face.

        And it’s not just about Oscar vs Kenny, or Eric vs Kenny.

        It’s about the whole gang (who’s now quiet, but probably providing support and funding) – Hillary, Josie etc ++ Eric and all his friends (too many for Kenny to handle) – all with way more influential clout.

        Kenny’s funding is not as flexible or elastic.

        Oscar stands on Eric’s side … so he has Eric’s extended backing and all that support that comes with the territory too. Eric bosom buddy Nat Chan is funding Oscar’s legal fees .. now Wong-jing has vocally expressed his ‘potential’ although whether or not that contract offer was going to happen ot Oscar is really debateable. But it shows how many people are involved in supporting Eric (and indirectly Oscar).

        The ultimate winner gets to win face. Even if he has to create a whole bunch of false ‘justifications’ legally, which may be far from the truth.

        Agree with you it’s damn foolish to have escalated to this stage legally. But then major egos are concerned. And when egos are concerned … those types cannot take the moral high road to be the bigger and better person in any situation.

        • Cleo says:

          I disagree that it is about egos – I think that the reaction from the suspected drug takers is one of unaccustomed fear and sense of danger. No one will ever hurt the HO daughters but they can be arrested and people are already very cynical about them – those baby mamas are pretty disgusting even if it isn’t illegal to have four wives.

          They are absolutely enraged and desperate to control the media coverage but also vocal public opinion – they would prefer if we were silent when not complimentary e.g. Gigi Chao is a WONDERFUL LOVING DAUGHTER and Cecil is just “eccentric.”

          They “doth protest too much” if you know what I mean – that is not what Kenny Wee is doing – he isn’t overcompensating at all. He hasn’t embraced Buddhism the way Callie Kwon did when she was trying to vindicate her failed attempt to wrest Christopher Ho from his marriage. She’s still overcompensating to this day – whilst bedecked in MILLIONS of dollars worth of diamonds in the early afternoon – how vulgar is she, really?

      • Cleo says:

        not when one side is on the receiving end of heaps of abuse from MORE and MORE operatives – at least Oscar getting sued will discourage some but not all of the inexplicable third party attacks.

        Seriously, I wish Jayne could report about the suspicious longwinded voluntary interview by an entertainment manager who got permission from Stanley Ho to operate a junket.

        • nomad 822 says:

          Yes, even though the real “danger” is smelled – I still think it is also also about egos being ruffled.

          Eric is familiar with who the celeb drug users are. As I am sure it is also common insider info to many other people, including some in the media.
          Just like it is probably als common knowledge which way Gigi Chao swings .. but having that acknowledged publicly is another matter altogether.

          So yes – this kind of info kept within inner circles is one thing, being expose to the public is something else.
          Huge loss of family face, and reputation = ego as well.

          And Kenny’s crossed right away into enemy lines ruffling the HO ego.

          Triads also act base upon on the face thing – and actually are majorly reactive over what they perceive to be major loss of face.

          Callie Kwong: LOL … totally with you on the “vulgarness”. I have never bought her altruistic, charitable, gentle veneer = it’s at odds with her Christmas tree jewellery preferences from head to toe.
          And how revealing are her chosen dogs’ names: Cash and Euro?

          So different from the Buddhism-zen, calm and simplistic veneer of that ‘peaceful’ Callie when she’s doing her Buddhist missions. And always highly publicised, and covered by media.

          Those celeb gfs Callie hangs around with = they don’t work much either, nor were they ever that famous that they have tons stashed away for retirement …. yet they’re all in leisurely activites like Art exhibitions etc.

    36. Terminator says:

      Under the strictest objective point of view, the ground for this counter suit is totally ridiculous. First of all, how on earth can he prove that Wong Jing’s withdrswal of his multi-film offer is caused by Kenny Wee? Second, has KW made any public statement on this Oscar guy that can be viewed as slander?

      Under any legitmate court system, this counter suit would have been thrown out seconds after it had been filed. But then, we are talking about HK’s court system, which can be categorized as a kangaroo court.

    37. Cleo says:

      This and Gigi Chao’s news have made it outside of Hong Kong and I really feel it leads people to suspect the moral culture of the place. Plus who can forget the Edison Chen situation.

      • Cleo says:

        I would really question the law and order of Hong Kong now that Kenny Wee has been in a collision and I would question the effectiveness and the ability of the police if the Hilary contingent are so brazen in their animosity towards Kenny Wee. So far it seems the characters involved are worse than the paparazzi and usually it is the press who is sensationalizing everything. Now this is all horses’ mouths stuff.

    38. Carole says:

      The judge should throw all these frivolous lawsuits out.

      • Cleo says:

        It’s not okay to malign someone without penalty and if Kenny Wee’s suit against Oscar is dismissed, that is the message that Hong Kong will be sending out. I would find that unforgivable because the moral side of Hong Kong is the PRIDE of Hong Kong and the respect that we, outsiders, have for Hong Kong. You lose that, you throw that away and it’s over for Hong Kong as far as I am concerned. We will simply have more of that daily dose of supposedly good men standing by and doing nothing while evil is transpiring. That is unacceptable. Hong Kong is already rife with front companies protecting Japanese investment worldwide not just China. There are many polite looking people both Hong Kong locals and Japanese expats working for the yakuza in Hong Kong. Look at the moneylender who sued Christopher Ho successfully – wasn’t she civilized and pretty to look at? And look at how he defended himself with tall tales that she taped him admitting as fabrications simply to pollute the comprehension of third parties especially the court. Now isn’t that what is being done to Kenny Wee?

        Look, there is a reason that Canada and the State of New Jersey reject people even associated with Stanley HO nevermind related to him. I think international law enforcement that he is not a simple predator but what could he be doing that would make the law SILENT about why they mind his existence so much to the point that CNBC has no problem infuriating his son by asking about his organized crime connections?

        what indeed

        Stanley Ho’s collaborating with the Japanese who raped children not only in China but in Hong Kong is on his wikipedia page.

        Now at what day of what year did Stanley Ho stop collaborating with the killer elite of Japan?

        That is what is going on – the upholders of the law despise that entire family.

        Something is going on with the HOs in this Kenny Wee torturefest.

        • Cleo says:

          if it’s not true or if the HOs want this story to go away – why don’t they simply order everyone to keep their distance from Kenny Wee – let the story die a natural death in the public eye at least

        • Cleo says:

          China’s going after corruption in Macau, nu? And Broken Tooth’s prison release got international press coverage – that doesn’t happen with similar criminals getting released.

          It’s all about the Hatred for Stanley Ho. It wouldn’t matter if he got the rest of the Summer Palace zodiac busts returned to China. Evil is evil and a hanjian is evil. They just let him think that everything was acceptable.

          I hope and pray he had nothing to do with wrecking Carina Lau but there’s something wrong with that and why Carina Lau was cast in the second Internatl Affairs film.

          FYI – the two main characters of the Internal Affairs film compose the name for Akihito.

    39. BLing says:

      This is just getting retarded…

    40. dd says:

      that cover picture of Oscar flexing his arm, and all that comes out is a bunch of flab hanging out near his elbow is priceless

    41. smileyy says:

      do you think kenny wee’s eyes look kinda creepy , like an alien ? lol ?

      • Cleo says:

        They actually look like different versions or two sides of the same coin or maybe one is supposed to be Japanese/Korean and the other is supposed to be Chinese.

    42. Gia says:

      Not a fan of both, but the underdog always wins with the public and that’s what really counts in the end !

      • Cleo says:

        I agree about fighting for the truth despite great personal expense BUT it is only satisfying if this leads someday to a big drug bust. Eric Tsang’s father was one of the key members of one of Hong Kong’s greatest scandals but he escaped to Taiwan with the money so maybe it would be justice if Eric Tsang was a party to whatever drug scandal might be there – he’d be paying for his father’s as well as his own sins.

    43. trini says:

      This ‘accident’ that Kenny Wee was involved in makes me wonder. Could it be a message to Kenny of more severe ‘accidents’ that can happen in the future?. does make one wonder.

    44. yooky says:

      Support Oscar 100%! It’s not his ego. Why would anyone wanna apologise to a locust?

    45. girl says:

      what’s crazy oscar kelefe next step? sue wong jing?

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