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Raymond Lam Releases New Album, “Self-Portrait”

By on August 16, 2012

Raymond Lam Releases New Album, “Self-Portrait” thumbnail

Raymond Lam (林峯) attended a press conference to commend the release of his seventh music album, Self-Portrait. The new album will be released on August 17, 2012. TVB management executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), and EEG CEO, Ng Yu (吳雨), also attended the conference to support Raymond’s album launch.

Raymond, who will hold a concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum in January 2013, did not disclose his wanted list of guest performers, but did reveal that a male singer who he had always wanted to work with has already accepted his invitation.

When asked if he plans to invite his rumored girlfriends, Karena Ng (吳千語) and Liu Yuqi (刘羽琦), to attend his concert, Raymond simply responded, “I will invite my friends and colleagues.”


Raymond’s Self-Portrait album is ballad-centric, consisting of 11 new songs. The album is produced by EEG golden trio, producer, Alvin Leong (梁榮駿), composer Christopher Chak, and lyricist Lin Xi (林夕).

The music videos for the album’s first few plugs, Stubborn Stone (頑石) and Because of You, were shot in New York last year, during Raymond’s United States concert tour. Oceane Zhu (朱璇) was featured in the music video for his R&B track, I’m Okay, while Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) was featured in the TVB version of the Stubborn Stone music video.

Watch Raymond’s MV, “I’m Okay”

Source: On.cc

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  • Readers' Comments (41)

    1. Melue says:

      Just heard all the songs; definitely worth buying album; variety of styles and song; will not disappoint

      no doubt this album will sell good; Go RAY!!!!

    2. MARS says:

      support support support

    3. Screamooh says:

      Oh wow seventh already? I think I only has 2 of his albums. Hes too fast for me to catch up. I haven’t keep up with what he I’d doing recently. Haven’t even watch his series. I was such a big fan of his until I realized that hey so many celebrities are doing so many things to make money n working their way to achievement. I need to catch up n stop daydreaming. Hope to see him in his con certs one day. I already stopped sitting around watching these dramas as they are a waste of my time. Reading news about them is quick though. The only way to keep me updated with all these celebrities. Thanks for this great website jayne!!!!!!! I wished I have more time to sit and watch a full drama now.

    4. Timiti says:

      This news has been cut off! Thank you so much for translating but if you kind enough to translate, please translate the whole news.
      There are a Minh Bao version which have more infomation:

    5. elin says:

      havnt heard ths… wll check ths out

    6. RLF Lover says:

      Have already placed an order for the album last week, so excited for this! Have heard some of the songs today on YouTube (couldn’t resist) and I fell in love with 年時 (Youth) after listening to it once!

    7. Fox says:

      This album has better quality than all of his previous ones. He showed his singing skill in the songs.

      • looooooooooooooooo says:

        new music production lead by legendary producer, Alvin Leong (梁榮駿).His famous credit include collaborations with few successful divas & divos which include faye wong ,sammi cheng, andy lau, aaron kwok and late leslie cheung.

        • Fox says:

          Not only Alvin Leong (5/11 songs) but he also has Shu Man of Zoo Music, C.Y.Kong, Lam Jik, Christopher Chak, etc. in the group. Alvin gave him praises and said that he would work with him next time.

        • looooooooooooo says:

          Hei how come 3 kingdom’s rpg track not included in ‘self-potrait’ album? Really like that song.

      • looooooooooooo says:

        Miss LF’s collaboration with tang chi wai whom consist british and euro house element and deal chong’s american hip hop & retro-funk elements.

        Hope to see the trio’s co-operation again in the next mandarin album

    8. Gar says:

      Have always been a huge fan of his songs – fast and slow. I’m sure this new album will be just as great and successful!

    9. AC says:

      This album is definitely better than the last one. I think this song is my favorite: http://youtu.be/uh2v7D5H7hc

      • YanYanKong says:

        I know, his last album was horrible. Worst out of all his albums, but that’s prob cause he had to release 2 albums in one year, so the quality decreased.

        • Fox says:

          Are you saying of LF? LF has good songs and I don’t find it’s that horrible for singing techniques. If you are talking about First, its package is kinda bad but the quality of the songs isn’t bad either. It just has the unsatisfied package of an album made in 3 years.

    10. Flower says:

      I used to think Raymond was not handsome and overrated when he first started his first drama with TVB. After watching a few more of his dramas I started to think he was a good man and saw some goods in him of his character and I thought he’s actually handsome but since his plastic surgery romur leaks and with him denying it I started to think he’s dishonest. The scandel with Mavis and then dating with an 18 year old really made me just dislike him, in his character and his image are just fake his real character is actually a player…His music aren’t that great…I mean he’s nothing like Jackie Cheung or Cass Pang. He is not even handsome anymore!
      I hope Lam Fung is a better character as in real life…

      • YanYanKong says:

        I know that Ray isn’t such a nice guy in real life and everything on screen is fake. But I don’t like him for his good looks or anything like most of his fans. I just really like his acting and his singing skills. Don’t agree with what he does in his personal life, but that is his personal life, so none of our business (unless it’s something like smoking or drugging which is really really bad for your singing voice)

        • HeTieShou says:

          How do you for sure if he is not a nice guy on real life? You do not know him personally and are not an immediate family member or close friend of his. Therefore, you do not know for sure how he really is.

        • simplitee says:

          Well i met him and all i have to say is that he treats fans very well (offering to sign albums, take individual photos, have short friendly chats if have time etc) so that’s enough for being “good” unlike some artist that i asked for a photo but rejected and just walked off.

          Plus, it’s the entertainment centre.. You’d expect majority to be fake.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I guess if you count not having a stable love life, not being 100% faithful in love/ relationships,lying about relationships,etc.. Then maybe he is not a good person. However, if not and as long as he good on other ways like being nice to fans, being a good friend, a good son, etc.,, then he is a good person. The same would apply to Bosco and Ron as well.

        • Fox says:

          He dun smoke, dun use drug, don’t be worried.

          Plus, it’s the entertainment centre.. You’d expect majority to be fake.

          All are fake, not only the majority.

        • looooooooooooo says:

          From my observation in this hk ‘s entertainment industry,artists that so called fake ,naugthy,bad boys, not genuine in real- life love affair are usually attracted to viewers and will remain successful in this industry for many years. e.g icon like alan tam , eric tsang , jackie chan and patrick tse

          Because viewers or fans will be attracted and fascinated by their negative addictive chronicles.

      • Fox says:

        Good person in which side? If you are considering yourself as a fan, I guess you only need him to treat you as a fan well. And he can do this thing. He is someone usually treat his fans and even outsiders well whenever someone gets near to him. This thing I don’t see in many artists, providing that I met quite a lot.

        But if you have dream of becoming his gf/wife, I think you shouldn’t :P. Not saying that he is player or not, just looking at his family background. Joining a rich family is a hard way to go and his father is strict.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yea, many women who dream and think that marrying into a rich family is great and that they are set for life is being too ideal. There are a lot of problems that you would face marrying into
          a rich family as we have seen in many series. Of course they are only series, however, they do present many problems that can be realistic in many real life scenarios. I personally would rather marry into a normal family where you may have to work harder and struggle financially a bit more but at least you may be more content in many other ways and not have deal with all of the problems and stress that comes with marrying into a rich family.

      • looooooooooooo says:


        The reason why LF had become to this mischief behaviour is well scrutinized in his new song-LFX 6.8 (from self-potrait album)

        Kindly refer to this tube and lyrics-

    11. YanYanKong says:

      I’m guessing the male guest Ray is talking about is Kevin Cheng since he’s the new singer in EEG and they wanna promote him.

    12. simplitee says:

      I love his album. The best on so far and hope the quality continues for his future albums! :)

    13. ALovesFung says:

      Congrats LF on another terrific CD! I love THE ONE, BECAUSE OF YOU and BABY I’M OKAY, your voice is so dreamy!

    14. P. Tan says:

      I like his voice and I think it’s a good one hence so many albums produced successfully by him. Besides his boyishly handsome looks and winning ways are attractive and could win many, many fans, especially the ladies. Here’s all the best to Lam Fung! As to his male guest singer, I would pick Kevin Cheng, as a gesture of welcome to his old buddy who is a newcomer to EEG and that would be really nice and generous of him.

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