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Roger Kwok Surrounded by Warmth of Family

By on February 10, 2013

Roger Kwok Surrounded by Warmth of Family thumbnail

Roger Kwok (郭晉安) always looked forward to the Lunar New Year holidays. Not only is this festive holiday one of the world’s oldest surviving celebration, it is also a holiday for family, friends, and new hopes. As for Roger, the Lunar New Year is that time of the year when he gets to see his family… in the sunlight!

“It’s a rare occasion for me to be with my family in the day!” Roger sweetly said. “On the first day of the new year, we will greet our seniors in the morning. We will all send each other our blessings. It is a time for happiness and harmony!”

Vacation Plans

Rising to become TVB’s number one brother is not an easy feat. Roger has used up many sleepless nights and weary days to maintain his leading actor status for the past twenty years. But the traditional, family-oriented Roger knows when to stop. After marrying Cindy Au (歐倩怡) in 2006, Roger settled down and slowed down his workload. “Family always comes first,” said Roger.

Cindy gave birth to their first-born, son Brad, in 2008. Three years later, their daughter, Blair, was born.

Every year, Roger will spend some time off from work to bring his family on a vacation trip. For this year’s Lunar holiday trip, Roger and Cindy plan to bring their kids to somewhere hot. Roger said, “Brad is turning five years old soon, and Blair is only one year old. They are still too young. If we bring them to museums or historical landmarks, they wouldn’t understand how to appreciate them. They’re also not old enough to ski yet, so we will bring them to an amusement park instead. Brad also likes to swim, so we will choose a warmer vacation spot.”

Prepares $70,000 of Lucky Money

Roger Kwok Cindy AuBoth Roger and Cindy come from fairly traditional families. Lunar New Year customs and traditions should never be neglected. As Brad has recently learned how to make a New Year couplet at school, Cindy and Brad have been making their own couplets to hang around the house. Cindy also enjoys preparing for the traditional New Year candy box. On the other hand, Roger enjoys shopping in the flower market, and would often take Brad with him.

Roger revealed that he and Cindy have both prepared up to $70,000 HKD of red envelopes to pass out to their relatives, friends, and co-workers. As for Brad and Blair’s red pocket money, Cindy laughed, “Brad and Blair each have a piggy bank to keep their lucky money. They are still young, so we will help them manage their banks for now. The money will be saved for their future education.”

Cherish the Moment

Although the couple waited seven years before getting married, Roger and Cindy had already decided to live together one year into their relationship. “Our financial situation at the time was not as good as it is now. The two of us lived in a three to four hundred feet flat, with one living room and one bedroom. We could literally see everything with just one look around the flat.”

When asked of the most romantic memory they had shared with each other, Roger immediately laughed. “One year, we went to a very expensive French restaurant in Yau Ma Tei for Valentine’s Day. I gave Cindy 24 red roses, but she didn’t look very appreciative!” An extremely shocked Cindy merely stood frozen, staring at Roger. It was then when Roger realized that Cindy was not the romantic type.

“I’ve matured. I used to think being romantic is all about creating the right environment, but now, I’ve learned that as long as two people are together, and when you can only see her in your eyes, it can be the most romantic thing in the world. We will never know what will happen in the future. I wish to live in the now, to cherish every single moment we share with each other.”

Source: 3 Weekly #696 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. Exo jern says:

      Brad so funny in that pic! My image of Cindy is when she was in her holiday show days in the late 90s!

    2. Funn Lim says:

      Cute son!!

    3. Karen says:

      A family man is always a winner in my book.

    4. kiki says:

      wow, she is supposedly 15 or so years younger, that pic does NOT show it hahah…

      • Khanh says:

        I will have to agree she looks a lot older than roger.

      • Djojs says:

        She is definitely not a looker.

        • Storm says:

          excuse you. Considering, she gave birth to 2 children and women’s physical features will change after. Cindy Au was an extremely beautiful person before she got married. Go watch Lady Fan, she was in it. She probably looks better than you.

        • gold says:

          giving birth to baby boys is okay but i heard that baby girls will take away the beauty of the mom

    5. P. Tan says:

      They look such a happy family and I hope they remain such always!

    6. HeTieShou says:

      Oh my gosh, their son is adorable!!! What a cute family!

    7. rei says:

      Roger looked extremly tired…he could used some sleep. Wife had a little makeup on. Probably tired and stress having to care for the kids 24/7…but I think she could look refresh with the right makeups, grow her hair long and straghten it, put a pair of heels on. She’s no longer working in TVB so it’s not that important to look pic perfect.

    8. sandcherry says:

      Roger Kwok usually looks young for his age, but he showed off his age in the above photo.

      • onearth says:

        I couldn’t agree more. He has always look younger than his age but even in the new series Inbound Troubles, i think he is starting to look his age, i dont know i just feel his face is a bit older than usual but above pic, both of them do NOT look good and esp if the wife is only 33 years she does not look like she is 15 years younger, looks matched up now.

      • sandcherry says:

        I think Roger wore a lot of makeup in his drama series, which made him look younger, plus he has a young face for a man of 48.

        Cindy looked fine in the above photo. I think she just did not wear too much makeup.

    9. random G says:

      i think she looks totally fine for a normal mother of 2, in her 30’s.

      roger does look tired! i’m shocked to see all those lines around his eyes. he looked totally fine in the recent inbound troubles drama.

      • gold says:

        they should hire a maid, go for facials, btwn HK$70k just for ang pows is a lot of money, hope others understand that roger and wife have children and also give ang pows to roger’s children.. about the same amount they receive

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