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Wong Jing Considered Signing Oscar Leung for 10 Films

By on January 5, 2013

Wong Jing Considered Signing Oscar Leung for 10 Films thumbnail

Oscar Leung’s (梁烈唯) acting versatility is greatly admired by director Wong Jing (王晶). Aside from casting Oscar in Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序>, Wong considered offering Oscar a contract to film ten movies. However, due to Oscar’s lawsuit with Kenny Wee (黃浩), Wong decided to withdraw his offer, which was valued at a seven-figure sum.

Oscar’s legal troubles started when he publicly criticized Kenny Wee as having “persecutory delusions” and yearning for attention after the restaurateur claimed that Eric Tsang had physically assaulted him. Oscar’s refusal to apologize to Kenny cost him a lawsuit and also the missed opportunity to sign a lucrative multi-film contract with Wong Jing.

After his breakout television performances and an endless barrage of interviews with the Hong Kong media this year, Oscar Leung caught the attention of Wong Jing. “Oscar has a lot of potential. Whether he plays the main or supporting character, righteous or comic role, he has the reflection of a youthful Stephen Chow (周星馳) and Nick Cheung (張家輝)!”

Wong believes that Oscar holds a lot of promise and considered casting him in a big-budget movie starring Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). Due to Oscar’s lawsuit, Wong will have to watch and see how the situation unfolds prior to any casting decisions. Wong said, “I am afraid that Oscar has unresolved emotional issues [due to the lawsuit]. So I am putting aside my plan to sign him for ten films, but I will still offer him a contract on a per film basis.”

Aside from Wong Jing, Oscar is strongly backed by TVB. Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), stated that the company will provide a lawyer to assist Oscar in his defamation lawsuit, as he is a valued employee.

Source: The Sun

Jayne: Happy to hear that Oscar Leung has made a deep impression on Wong Jing. It’s such a compliment to be praised as reflective of Stephen Chow and Nick Cheung’s talent. There will definitely be a sequel to Young and Dangerous: Reloaded, unless the film is a major flop, which is also unlikely.

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  • Readers' Comments (34)

    1. jaci says:

      Ouch! Missing out on a 7 digit contract… but it’s definitely a good example of why having a high EQ and knowing when to bite your tongue is important.

    2. apalucakap says:

      When do these people learn to keep their mouth shut? Yet another jackass who put his foot in his mouth. Is there so much to gain polishing an apple for ET? Guess a simple public apology would have resolved the case. He now needs to worry about the negative impact on his acting career more and the extra sprouting of grey hair.

    3. DC says:

      T___T Sigh. Hope this will be over soon. Nevertheless, support Oscar.

      • Yen says:

        Poor Oscar :(
        I find it very funny reading comments from others that when u are not on Kenny LIAR side, u are called an ass-kisser >.<||
        All the while I've been blasting this BRAINLESS KENNY, so, does that mean waaahhh EricTsang will give me $$$??
        Many of us here blasted the STUPID KENNY, so? Which mean all of us will be receiving letters from his lawyer?
        He only targets Oscar just because he knows Oscar can be easily be bullied!!
        Why not sue-ing Hillary, Josie & Sam Lee??

        • DC says:

          Exactly. And like Jayne said, Oscar has a lot of friends that are more well-known and famous than him. Just because Oscar is less famous than others like Eric T, doesn’t mean he’s a bootlicker every time he’s making good comments about them or defend them. And can’t Oscar and Eric be good friends too? Although that we don’t really know. But if they are good friends, so every time Oscar say what he thinks and people will say he’s trying to lick Eric’s shoes? >__>

        • lolo says:

          Oscar is a public figure, what he said has been published by the media, the impact is much greater than the comments on here

          sue Hillary for what?? So you think Kenny feels ET can easily be bullied as well?!?

        • Yen says:

          Lolo..if u follow this news from the beginning, the whole chaos started because Hillary posted the pic of KENNY LIAR with very awful remarks online.
          And she even held a press conference stating that she did not do drugs at the restaurant as that stupid Kenny claimed, which means indirectly she is calling him a LIAR!
          Hillary is too a public figure and why not sue her?
          Because this coward Kenny knew Eason is not someone to mess with!
          He targets Eric bcuz he knew Eric had bad images thus many ppls will blamed Eric and sided him.
          He targets Oscar because he knew Oscar can easily be bullied because he is a nobody.
          But I guess he did not follow-up on Oscar news, yup, he is not a mega star yet but in all interviews on other artists, whenever Oscar name is mentioned, many ppl praise him as a good friend!
          Even Linda Chung in one of her interview said in the showbiz, she only has Steven Ma and OSCAR as her TRUE FRIENDS, someone she confide her problems to and trusted her secrets will be safe with them.
          Christine Kuo after pairing with Oscar in the SDU drama also commented that Oscar is a gentlemen and she nearly fall for him.

        • Cleo says:

          Why? because Oscar Leung is a genuine third party like Eric Tsang but unlike the latter, Oscar was dumb enough to name Kenny in a way that is pursuable legally.

    4. give me the contract says:

      i’ll take that 10 film contract but no nudity oh what the heck a little nudity is fine i will be the next big star!

    5. Sel_fi_wu says:

      i liked oscar more when he has no fame. he was more likeable and humble back then. now instant fame got to his head and can see from his recent interviews after fame that he got an overconfident and full head air all on himself.

      the hk netizens community are calling him stupid bootlicker boy. he only has his own mouth and attitude to blame.

      • Jayne says:

        “the hk netizens community are calling him stupid bootlicker boy. he only has his own mouth and attitude to blame.”

        It’s presumptuous to call Oscar a boot licker, because this is based on premises of Oscar and Eric’s social and financial status. That Oscar as a struggling actor for almost a decade has now made him desperate to lick Eric’s shoes, without regard that perhaps Oscar was only revealing his dislike for Kenny Wee.

        If Oscar’s words were spoken by a different actor, perhaps someone more established in his career, for example Michael Miu, would the same “bootlicker” statement apply?

        Also Oscar has been criticized as being arrogant for criticizing Kenny Wee, but Vincent Wong also claimed he doesn’t even know who Kenny is. Is that also considered to be arrogant.

        I find it unfair that netizens are picking on Oscar and calling him a bootlicker when he is not the only one who had defended Eric Tsang.

        Furthermore, Oscar has some well-to-do close friends, such as Chilam Cheung, Nat Chan, etc. Many of his close friends even offered to pay for his wedding, which he didn’t have money to hold a banquet last year. If he were such a bootlicker and spurred by financial gains, then he’ll be eager to take up on his friends’ offers to pay for his wedding. But he vowed to make his own money and pay for the wedding himself.

        Somehow the negative sentiment against Eric Tsang was transferred onto Oscar when he came to his defense. But bootlicker is going too far IMO. Fortunately, the HK media seems to side with Oscar and has not resorted to bash him for being a bootlicker.

        • Sel_fi_wu says:

          the netizens are free to have their own opinion and doesn’t have to agree with who the media in hk are promoting.

          last time wong jing said he wants to make a grand production with ma ming and deanie yip. wonder what happen to that project now or did wong jing busy chasing for quick box office money and the media boy at the moment?

        • AC says:

          Well spoken Jayhe. I totally agree with everything you said.

          Sharon Chan is supporting Oscar so is she a bootlicker for some reason as well. No.

          Many netizens just seem eager to criticize anything basically. :P

        • shu says:

          ” without regard that perhaps Oscar was only revealing his dislike for Kenny Wee”

          if thats the case then he should shut his big mouth after the incident but he didnt and put more oil to the fire by calling K.W. a ‘locust’ and continued his arrogance attiude by saying he has the freedom of speech.

          you right that he is not the only one that have defended K.W. but he is indeed the only one that have offended K.W.in front of the camera for things he doesnt know, because he wasnt there when k.w. slap e.t. nor the celebs taking drugs,so why he is judging things he can never know?

      • stars says:

        I don’t get how standing up for your friend is ass licking? I’m sure he is good friends with Eric Tsang (since most people are in the industry) and just because his friend has a higher status in the industry then it is called bootlicking? So next time he should just now stand up for his friend and let them get accused of? What a great friend.

        • skinnymocha says:

          清者自清. If Eric did no wrong and has a guilt-free conscience, let Kenny go on about it all he wants since he will only be hurting himself. Either Eric’s friends were too scared to reveal the truth or they weren’t threatened by Kenny’s accusations at all and therefore did not speak out. Oscar, on the other hand, was too rash and started mouthing off (in public) when it wasn’t necessary. It’s like playground behaviour.

          Ah, why did you have to get yourself embroiled in all this, Oscar? I just want to watch you act.

        • 939393 says:

          Agreed @skinnymocha.
          It’s fine if you want to defend your friend. Oscar could just state “I’m supporting Eric on this one” to the media. Instead, he had to go two steps further and calling Kenny all sorts of names. Shows how immature he is in handling matters.

    6. asdfjkl; says:


      If I’m comprehendin it correctly, Wong Jing didn’t withdraw the offer because of the lawsuit itself but rather because he worries that the lawsuit would affect Oscar, which would translate into work conflicts as he is not able focus and get into character.

      everyone needs to stop making such a big deal about how he should’ve just kept his mouth shut. i still think he has the freedom to say whatever the hell he wants. if he was SO WRONG, he wouldn’t have so much support.

    7. DannyK says:

      I am not stupid,Wong Jing is actually using this situation to PROMOTE Oscar Leung

      This Old Wolf smart-ass by taking advantage circumstances of bootlicker to sell his film.

      Look how he praise bootlicker that he has the reflection of a youthful Stephen Chow and Nick Cheung

      Old Wolf-
      “So I am putting aside my plan to sign him for ten films, but I will still offer him a contract on a per film basis.”

      What is the difference of intention of signing him for 1 films,10 films or even 100 film and end of the days you still sign him to act

      Free Publicity at the BEST

      • Sel_fi_wu says:

        agree wow. wong jing is a businessmen. oscar is getting noise for his lawsuit with kenny wee and in the winning end with the support from tvb high execs and wealthy nat chan. wong jing signing oscar for per movie contract for 10 movies is same as signing 10 movie contracts. oscar is not so poor at all with all this immense backing from powerful people.

      • lol says:

        well said. and tvb support Oscar is sending the message they’re support Eric T…without really have to comment on the situation. So Oscar don’t think this is all about you.

      • Cleo says:

        it seems like Wong Jing is being wicked and dangling a ten picture film deal when Oscar is feeling vulnerable – has Wong Jing EVER offered a ten picture film deal to anyone before – why would any director/producer need to give so much job security to ANY performer? What if they were maimed or disfigured in an accident tomorrow, would you still be legally bound to give him ten salaries?

    8. dd says:

      Oscar lucked out. No-one *needs* 10 films with Wong Jing. Do 2,3,4, then get out or you’ll never be considered as a serious actor.

      There’s a reason why Andy Lau hasn’t worked with Wong Jing since 2002.
      Wesley’s Mysterious File.

      • based says:

        Andy Lau worked with Wong Jing 3 years ago on Future X-Cops. It sucked, but it was a hit in the mainland.

    9. Funn Lim says:

      Oscar, apologise now! You already lost out on 10 movies!!

      Err youthful Stephen Chow? Sorry to burst your bubble, you’re not even the infant Stephen Chow! Nick Cheung… maybe.

      • shu says:

        agree funn,the only thing he have to do is apologise,the fact is that he had offended someone in public what is not his matter.

      • exoidus says:

        No need to as WJ can sign him after the law-suit has settled down.

        I can see that his boot-licking strategy is paying off.

        God of comedy Stephen Chow? Yeah, I guess in the seed stage and will take him 10000 years, haha

    10. blurjen says:

      oscar has the x factor

    11. Woot says:

      Overhyped news, overhyped actor.

    12. laughing says:

      a reward for bootlicking.. ‘oscar the dog’ got a role in wong jing’s catagory III movie, can imagine wong jing yelling at him to do all the xxx scenes haha things ppl do for money

    13. rei says:

      See how kissing ass works. But for Eric T no way thats too low.

    14. elin says:

      stll like oscar

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