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Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu Re-Visit Primary School to Promote “Brother’s Keeper”

By on September 19, 2013

Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu Re-Visit Primary School to Promote “Brother’s Keeper” thumbnail

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) are certainly meant to play brothers in TVB’s Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. It turns out the two studied at the same primary school during their childhood and has known each other for over 20 years.

On September 18, the cast of Brother’s Keeper, including Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), and Louise Lee (李司棋), visited S.K.H. St. Clement Primary School in Cheung Sha Wan to promote their upcoming series. Ruco and Edwin revealed that they both attended the school and met each other during the sixth grade. The two were excited to re-visit their old school and had a great time chatting with its current students. They also brought gifts from the series’ sponsor, Koi Kei Bakery, and passed them out to all the students attending the event.

While Ruco arrived at the school bright and early, Edwin unfortunately was late due to prior work commitments. When reporters teased him by saying that he has forgotten the way to his own school, Edwin denied it and joked about his poor sense of direction, saying that he must rely on a GPS no matter where he goes. When asked if he knows the way to the home of rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho (何傲芝), Edwin cleverly replied, “Where is it? I heard that she moves around quite often.”

Speaking about their new drama, both Ruco and Edwin are confident that their series will achieve high ratings. Ruco believes that the cast members gave excellent performances, and urged viewers to catch the show to avoid missing out on a great production. Edwin added that he hopes the series will win Best Drama at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

Linda Chung, who plays Ruco’s girlfriend in the series, is often said to be a top contender for this year’s TV Queen title. When asked to comment, Linda said, “Thank you! I hope people will appreciate [the series]. When my character suffers from SARS during the story, I did not wear any makeup so my face looked very flat. That was probably my ugliest look since my debut in this industry.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (30)

    1. choco-bunny says:

      Ruco for the win <33333333

    2. Ivy says:

      Always support Ruco!

    3. RLF Lover says:

      Always excited to see Ruco on screen. He only gets better with every drama!

    4. pssst says:

      Ruco, i hope BK will make you an even bigger star; you deserve some recognition for your good work. In my eyes, you’re the TV king above all other TV kings. Before you came along, there’s no one else who can move me with his acting……you changed it all for me. How can i truly appreciate another actor when i have you?

    5. sandcherry says:

      Wow, Linda Chung wears her hair short (probably a wig) in Brother’s Keeper in the above photo.

      • sandcherry says:

        Actually she looks pretty good in short hair (as per above photo). Don’t understand why she never changed her hair styles in any (or most) of her characters.

    6. sandcherry says:

      If Edwin Siu and Ruco Chan were classmates in Grade 6 in the same primary school, Edwin definitely looks younger than Ruco. I guess they should be almost the same age.

    7. Conscience says:

      i prefer edwin siu compare to ruco. edwin can act all kinds of character..be it a bad guy, good guy or dumb guy…hahahah

      • choco-bunny says:

        haha, ruco’s been there, done that and better too :-)

        • Clover says:

          Can’t agree more.. I can instantly relate his bad guy role to Kwan Syu Yan (When Lanes Merge), good guy as in Keith Lau and dumb guy as in Stupid Kid. He was superb in all these roles.

    8. lol says:

      when ruco gets tv king i got a feeling people will say its rigged

    9. AL says:

      I hope Ruco will win TV King…But look like TVB is promoting Kenneth Ma this year :(

      • scorpio2010 says:

        I’ve got nothing against kenneth; in fact i like him as a person and Ruco also said in an interview that Kenneth’s one of his closest friend but i and a good many other people here think that he’s really undeserving of the best actor award. I mean, comparing both of them, it’s a no-brainer that Ruco’s acting is way superior; even in the way they deliver their lines, Ruco stands out miles ahead; Kenneth, no fight. For the life of me, i can’t understand why his acting in On Call was ever considered Best Actor material. TVB shld just consider scrapping the awards altogether if they’re just going to give out awards to favourites notwithstanding that they do not deserve it at all. Spare the audience the monkey show.

        • scorpio2010 says:

          Forgot to add that Ruco’s definitely got more in the talent department as he can sing very well too whereas Kenneth can’t sing at all. Sorry if KM’s fans feel offended but it’s the truth (even if you discount the acting aspect).

    10. scorpio2010 says:

      Ruco’s role will be the one to watch out for in BK. From the trailers, he’s just awesome, whether as the cool cop or the desperate man who resorted to kidnapping his own brother. Looking forward to his action scenes (referring to his cop action scenes as well as his love scenes, lol). Seems he’s a woman-magnet in BK cos he’s got Linda, Ankie and Becky falling for him. Ruco described the kissing scenes as his biggest challenge when filming this. He’s a really shy and humble guy in real life from what we can see in his interviews. Really rooting for him all the way!

      • py says:

        Sam Sir is tailor made for Ruco. He has the looks, physique and charisma that women will fall for and therefore so convincing. Plus the half evil character, there’s no better choice in tbb. Bty, Becky is his good partner not g/f, not sure whether she falls for him too.

    11. ahYuen says:

      two words, Edwin Siu. I’ve always held up that Edwin is supposed to gain more popularity. Personally, he’s way better than Ruco in acting as well as appearance.

      • scorpio2010 says:

        Sorry to disappoint you but BK will be Ruco’s series. Though Edwin shares more or less equal billing, most press reports are talking abt Ruco’s character. Billing Edwin as equal male lead is likely to be commercially motivated as BK is sponsored by Koi Kei and Edwin’s character is loosely based on the life of its founder. Edwin’s being promoted by TVB right now but his acting still has some way to go before he can reach Ruco’s level. As for appearance, to each his own.

      • py says:

        I have the reverse opinion. Edwin’s acting doesn’t reach Ruco’s level. He looks fine, but too common and lacks character.

        • Bern says:

          He tends to overact, seriously. His performance in AGWTC2 would have been better if he had toned down a little.

        • scorpio2010 says:

          @Bern, i agree that he way over acted in AGWTC2 to the point that his acting became as exaggerated as his buck teeth. Found his character most irritating after the initial novelty wore off. Found the love triangle most unnecessary.

    12. penny says:

      I really don’t see Linda as TV queen quality. Her acting really needs improvement (as well as her singing).
      Sheren Tang, Ada,Joey Meng, and Esther, are all TV queen quality in acting. Younger ones, Kate & Tavia are much better than linda in acting. She just isn’t.

    13. Norika says:

      Getting ready to shine even more, Ruco!

      • pssst says:

        If the script is good, Ruco will definitely shine in BK. From the trailer snippets, his acting has already grabbed a lot of eyeballs and attention. His smart look and fit physique makes him really suitable to act in cop roles; hope to see him in more action dramas. Ruco all the way!!!!!!

        • windy says:

          yup, hope he gets some sort of bs awards in tvb soon. even if its bs awards, , it seems to open up mainland markets for most artists, that way he will be more in demand. =)

    14. choco-bunny says:

      yeah!!!!!!!!!BK airs tonight!!! Get ready to be blown away by Ruco’s awesome acting!!!!!!

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