16 New Dramas Introduced at 2014 TVB Sales Presentation

With nearly a thousand sponsors attending the event, the 2014 TVB Sales Presentation was held with tremendous success on November 7, 2013. The trailers of sixteen new television dramas were shown at the star-studded annual presentation. Twelve new variety shows and informative programs were introduced to the audience, which included the long-awaited 2014 Mr. Hong Kong competition, a male beauty pageant had been on hiatus in the last two years.

TVB Will Focus on Comedies

Next year, TVB announced that they will focus on producing light-hearted comedies and other productions that will focus on the current issues of modern Hong Kong society. Franklin Wong (黃華麒), producer of Below the Lion Rock <獅子山下>, an immensely popular RTHK soap opera about the lives of Hong Kong citizens, is confirmed to produce a television drama that will spawn 13 to 26 episodes for TVB.

Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍), who wrote and starred in 2013’s most critically successful drama Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, will return to write an unrelated sequel Inbound Troubles 2, which is currently under the temporary title Cousin, You’re So Hea! <老表,你好Hea!>.

In addition, TVB also confirmed that award-winning actor Anthony Wong (黃秋生) will be returning to TVB next year to film the television drama, Kung Fu <功夫>.

Star-studded Red Carpet

Over 60 TVB artists attended the special presentation in red carpet fashion. Former couple, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), appeared on the same stage but avoided each other. Bosco was accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Bean <貓屎媽媽> costar, Eliza Sam (岑麗香), while Myolie Wu walked the entrance with Ron Ng (吳卓羲).

Arm in arm, former couple Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) entered the stage together. The former couple were arranged to stand next to each other, but were not seen interacting. However, Kevin later insisted that he had chatted with Charmaine backstage. Niki Chow(周麗淇), who had dated Kevin in the past, was seen chatting with Sammy Leung (森美) and dodged Kevin throughout the night.

On the other hand, current rumored couples like Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) withLinda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) with Tony Hung (洪永城), did not show any awkward signs and happily complied with the media’s request of taking photos together. They were also seen chatting together on stage.

The 2014 TVB Sales Presentation will air on TVB’s Jade channel on November 30, 2013. The following are the sixteen new television dramas that were introduced at the event:

01. Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, starring Dayo Wong, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, and Elena Kong

02. Mr. & Mrs. Bean <貓屎媽媽>, starring Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Michelle Yim, and Vincent Wong

03. Property Protector <守業者>, starring Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, and Maggie Shiu

04. Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>, starring Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law, Oscar Leung, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung, and Mandy Wong

05. M Club <女人俱樂部>, starring Carman Lee, Rachel Lee, Flora Chan, Fennie Yuen, Gloria Yip, Angie Cheong, Elvina Kong, and Lawrence Ng

06. The Good and the Bad <忠奸人>, starring Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin, Ron Ng, Louis Cheung, Kiki Sheung, and Jason Chan

07. The Vinegar Lady <醋娘子>, starring Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Alice Chan, and Gigi Wong

08. The Apothecary <大藥坊>, starring Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Ngo Ka Nin, Shirley Yeung, Pat Poon, and Susan Tse

09. The Battle of Tomorrow <再戰明天>, starring Lawrence Ng, Kate Tsui, Vincent Wong, Joyce Tang, and Cheung Kwok Keung

10. The Apostle <使徒行者>, starring Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Elena Kong, Sharon Chan, and Sammy Leung

11. Walking With You <陪着你走>, starring Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, and Priscilla Wong

12. Trade Wars <商戰>, starring Wayne Lai, Ron Ng, Edwin Siu, Kenny Wong, Johnson Lee, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Lai Lok Yi, and Evergreen Mak

13. Inbound Troubles 2 <老表,你好Hea!>, starring Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Angela Tong, and Bob Lam

14. The Five Eunuchs <太監五虎>, starring Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Maggie Shiu, Nancy Wu, and Kenny Wong

15. Eye in the Sky <天眼>, starring Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan, Kenny Wong, Tony Hung, Matt Yeung, and Fred Cheng

16. Opera Rouge <水髮胭脂>, starring Wayne Lai, Joyce Koi, Lin Xiawei, Katy Kung, Matthew Ko, and Joey Law

2013 sales presentation 2  2013 Sales Presentation Kevin Cheng  2013 Sales Presentation Raymond Lam

Sources: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc; Weibo.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Tavia was so pretty that night! What was LINDA CHUNG wearing?!!!

    1. Yes, Linda Chung’s dress looks hideous. For once Tavia dressed well, refreshing and not too old looking.

      1. I thought I was the only one who was questioning Linda- what was she thinking o__O shocked me actually since Linda usually gets it right imo

      2. I know, she usually goes for simple yet elegant pieces. WTH was that really?
        Grandma color and just weird looking on her and the added humiliation w/those shoes? haha LOL…God, that was an awful look overall.

      3. I agree and thought Linda’s dress looked like one of those really old fashioned pilgrim like dresses. Not flattering at all.

      1. The whole outfit is just so wrong, shoes are just icing on the cake, in a bad sense

      2. Why does Emporio Armani make this cheap looking unflattering dress? That coupled with Ruco’s night market cheap looking shirt doesn’t do any good to the eyes. My eyes, they hurt.

    2. Tavia looks great! Myole Wu also look great!
      And Tavia looks good with long hair, she should keep it long, it make her look younger., better pairing with Him Law.

      1. Yes Tavia looked great. She can tend to dress a bit Aunty, or too old but with the hair down, not too heavy make up and the pastel coloured, short dress, she looks much younger

    3. Thanks for sharing UNI. Please share more if you have more :).

    4. Tavia look so elegent… Linda Chung looks like she is wearing a rug haha

    5. You’re right! Tavia’s dress looks really pretty. And…Linda looks like shes wearing a grizzly bear on her x.x

    6. Yeah, I agree she was very beautiful! Hey, can anyone tell me where to watch this

    7. tavia looks better with long hair! think its coz him law once said in an interview he prefers his ideal wife to have long wavy hair? lol

      yeh linda chung is definitely the WORST DRESSED on the night. And when she was interviewed on TV about her choice of clothes she said she loved it, and that she will focus more on appearance and style (since she played a designer in the last series) this year and that its a sign of respect when you dress nice. She thinks her dress is very cute and pretty and reflects olden day feel, her shoes are really cool…… WTH, is she blind?

      Sometimes Linda dresses ok but sometimes she’s just weird…. like one year on anniversary award night, last year she wore some conservative white long sleeved gown that looked awful and one year she wore a silver space suit with alien space hair… omg…. so bad…. shame she has a pretty face and a nice body but bad dresser

      1. Well she also said on her weibo she received many compliments from wearing the dress o____O I seriously wonder where the compliments come from. The dress is already bad enough, then she dons it with matching shoes and GLOVES (rarely any tvb female artists’ have pulls off gloves with their outfit..do they not see or learn from the past failures D; )

  2. I’m looking forward to “Trade Wars” and “Eye in the Sky”.

    “The Five Eunuchs” may be a dud due to the treasure-hunting plot.

    1. Me too!! Eye In the Sky looks really good! After seeing Tavia play a killer in AGWTC2, really anticipating for another cooler/scarier role from her as a serial killer.

  3. Ruco what is it you are wearing?!?!?!

    Not to be outdone, Bosco is just … what is it you are wearing?!?!?!?

    As for the series, perhaps Anthony Wong’s series is interesting sounding. But I do look forward to not related sequel. Inbound Troubles II. I am however disappointed with sequels that are not related to prequel which stars the same people. Why not different people for different feel?

    1. Kevin looks good in an ill fitting suit. His favourite colour must be red! Raymond’s suit is nice but he looks tired. The rest don’t know since no pictures. But I suppose this is not a formal event so you can wear anything except not too informal.

      1. Bosco usually has a weird dressing style to me but haha perhaps he likes that

      2. Ron looks weird but i like it .. it’s kinda korean ish… haha

      3. Ron looks like a pimp and also an older version of 2pm Chansung, although Chansung is much younger and hotter with his hot body.

    2. “Ruco what is it you are wearing?!?!?!”

      LOL 🙂 Oh come on, after Brother’s Keeper, Ruco looks good no matter what.

    3. I think the guys are all trying to outdo each other.. I like kenneth and Raymond’s outfit.. Simple and classy.

    4. Ruco has weird dress sense all the time.. he overdoes it all the time

  4. Wow I finally see Fred cheng name in the line ups. Interesting … Seems like Ron is back in favour but I don’t see any under ma ming

    1. Yup Ron is promoted with 3 series under his belt while Kenneth has none as a promoted artiste but I think Kenneth has successfully get permission from TVB to make series in mainland and make money for his mom and family.

      Kevin will have a series with Tavia next year that sounds interesting.

  5. Looking forward to property protector and eye in the sky! Looks promising!! Hope eye in the sky actually films

  6. Ruco’s suit made go dizzy!! kenneth and tavia is just so matching!!!

  7. What is Ruco wearing? The suit made my eyes hurt and made him look old. Is linda wearing a garbage sack?

    I believe that is Kate Tsui accompanying Bosco in the picture and not Eliza Sam. How can reporters mistaken Kate and Eliza?

    1. Personally I think Ruco Chan needs to hire a fashion consultant to package him up – to give him a good image. His sense of fashion is quite odd. Until recently (or maybe late last year), he would wear tuxedos without wearing socks, or tuxedos with sneakers. Very weird. He should know that he has a long upper body and short legs, but he always likes to wear long jacket and short pants. It shows his upper body longer and legs shorter.

      1. sandcherry, he should just wear that security guard suit from Brother’s Keeper or anything from The Other Truth.

      2. It looks like the guys don’t like to wear socks. Many others including Wayne,Chow Yun Fatt, Kevin Cheng and even Ron here don’t wear socks with shoes all of the time, be it with a formal outfit or not.

      3. You are right. I like Ruco Chan better if he just wears dark suits, like his outfits in “The Other Truth”.

      4. agree,ruco looks like a referee in his black white stripe tuxedo,he really need some fashion advisor.

      5. Agree with sandcherry and Funn. Ruco can look so great if he sticks to simple outfit. Simplicity is elegance in his case!

    2. actually, the one who accompanied Kate was Raymond Lam, Bosco and Eliza went together. Kate and Bosco were just posing for taking picture together – I think so

  8. I cant wait to see Property Protector and Eye in the Sky. I like Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan and Steven Ma. Yay!

  9. raymond looks old and uncle-like. what happened to him? he really looks aged now.

      1. But the same day :). He had two functions yesterday, one is Beauty Avenue which tat pic come from, one at nite is Sale presentation. So one person in same day, just different clothes.

      2. this post actually had some pretty good pictures since it relates to the story…

        some other stories tend to recycle pictures that don’t relate to the story.

        i wouldn’t blame jaynestars for photographer taking a bad angle of a tired raymond.

        the pic u posted is a much better looking ray though. haha

  10. I am looking forward to “Property Protector,” “Eye in the Sky,” “Tiger Clubs II,” “The Apothecary,” “The Battle of Tomorrow,” and “M Club.”

  11. Property Protector, Eye in the Sky, and Trade Wars. HKTV PLEASE.

  12. I can’t help comparing TVB 2014 sales presentation albeit with photos only to the one HKTV did for their 2013 program’s. The stage setting was very outdated with 3 major artists Maggie Cheung, Felix Wong and Dominic Lam. Frankly how many hit shows have FW and DL done in the past decade? They were good in the past but nobody stays “hot” forever. A good drama needs a balance of both “green leaves”, current favourites and even kaleifei to make it interesting. TVB definitely have a strong stable of established artists and new comers who still need to learn. Hope viewers will tolerate them while they polish their performances.

  13. Both Kevin and Raymond have claimed that working in PRC give them more rest time, personal trailers for outdoor shooting etc etc so why do they look worn out?? While Ruco and good old Wayne look bright and sharp? I have never been a Linda’s fan but she looks fabulous in that dress.

    1. Because of bad pix chosen. Is it weird tat Jaynestar staffs like to choose bad pix?

      1. Perhaps you can show us a better pic of Ray that night. At the SP event.

        I wouldn’t blame JayneStars. I saw the news at a different website, and it had the same pic from here. I’m guessing that was the more popular pic of Ray featured from the sources.

      2. Uhm, it’s pic chosen. Actually it isn’t a blame. If you wanna see better pix, better to see the clip. Both men are not photogenic.

      3. Then why are you being defensive? Sometimes we’re caught at a bad angle, including artists. NBD.

      4. Do I sound defensive? Because I’m not the only one whoever think tat Jaynestar staffs like to choose bad pix.

      5. That’s kinda true. There’s so many pics from the event to choose from, yet Jaynestars staff decides to put random ones to represent the article. Must be trying to promote their favourite or something. For this article, I think group ones are more appropriate than having individual pics. Maybe take that as a feedback.

  14. Never seen Tavia this gorgeous and feminine… she should have curls in her hair more often.

    Am sick of seeing Sharon in formal dresses with the high-slits and posturing of skinny 43in leg. Everytime I see one of these photos, it reinforces my thinking that she ‘mou lieu’.

    Hope Linda is wearing some highly fashionable 80s velvet dress…?? Same with Ruco… that pattern…

    Bosco is in fact very toned down in that he’s wearing a normal cut suit, albeit a ‘funny’ pattern.

    Ron somehow reminds me of the Deuce Bigalow movie…

    1. Yes!!! Sharon always have the same style! She wears that to big tvb events, she wears that to public events, she wears that when she’s hosting, she wears that if she plays a hot chic in a series…… no more WOW factor anymore… she can show all that cleavage and leg but it just won’t do it for me anymore.

  15. do u guys notice 2 suen poon actors are missing in 16 drama? who are they? jason chan and kenneth ma…is it surprise?

  16. when i saw the picture for the 2014 tvb presentation i think priscilla need a new hair stylist that hair style just look bad on her

  17. I am mostly looking forward to 使徒行者 🙂
    I personally liked Eliza Sam’s outfit the most.. Some artistes’s choice of outfit is really questionable. >.<

  18. Not impressed with the fashion that night. Now onto the awards…hopefully, there will be better choices.

  19. Just saw Tavia. Looking like at her wedding reception. Yes she does look pretty with longer hair and wavy. Saw the bottom part of Ruco’s suit and yes he does well with tight pants but the top, my eye! My eye!!

    Myolie’s is weird. Like got slashed? Kristal looks good, very chic. Kenneth looks great although he looks dazed with that super tall hair. Linda wears too old for herself and her dress velvet? Like carpet?

    Oh and Wong Cho Lam lost weight? Raymond Wong dresses ok but kinda too old for himself. Also bad posture gives me an illusion he is an old man in a young man’s body.

    1. Charmaine’s dress is weird, like some body armour. Not liking it. Takes away her femininity.

      1. P/s Tavia looks really really pretty. I see her with Kenneth, smiling so radiantly, wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that’s the wedding reception!

      2. Agree that Tavia Yeung looks more feminine with long curly hair.

      3. At first I could not recognize Tavia. She does look nicer with long hair. I do not like Charmaine’s dress at all. It does not even look like a dress.

      4. I think Charmaine’s dress is very punk/gothic and I like it personally. It makes her different and stand out from the rest.

  20. At first i thought Ruco’s outfit looked ewww, then i saw what the other guys were wearing……….(face palm).

  21. There are a couple of series missing from the list like Midas and that series with Kenneth and Selena…does that mean they’re not going to air it next year? Ruse of Engagement as well is another series that’s waiting to be aired.

    Not too sure how I feel about those light-hearted comedies. Apostle, TC2, The Good And The Bad and Property Protector are the only ones that sounds interesting so does the one with the prison theme.

  22. Tavia looks gorgues! Love the long hair on her. Also liked Eliza’s dress

  23. kristal tin looked great. Sharon chan usually looks so pretty but not this time. She looked so old.

  24. I actually liked Kate’s dress. Tavia’s is nice but it sort of looks like a bride’s maid dress.

  25. Linda look very pretty and gorges with that dress.
    Tavia dress is nice but she look old.

  26. I think Tavia looked pretty with the hairdo but i dont like the dress actually. Myolie was very daring. I dont think she wore any bra. Interesting dress.. Elena looked sweet.

    1. Yep they look so compatible and cute. They were holding each other hands. Aw.

  27. Guys:
    The guy next to Prisilla (don’t know his name)
    Kenneth is OK but that’s b/c NONE of the guys look really sharp
    Ron – sharp on the upper part, but bottom parts s/b saved for the runaway not a formal night? haha… too trendy

    Tavia ( nice and sweet )
    Myolie ( elegant and sexy in a close up way )
    The women next to Ben Wong? (don’t know her name either )
    Kate is alright ( too safe n prom like)

    Sharon Chan – is it just me or she looks PREGNANT in that getup or the way she was standing or posing? Not a flattering pic probably…

    Where were they thinking?
    Raymond Wong – the one w/the bow?
    Snake Woman
    Bosco-What a trendsetter?
    Ruco – You are too cute in that getup period. Haha LOL…

  28. Most probably No Reserves will not be shown next year, because the director made an awful drama, Bullet Brain this year.

    But still, I don’t mind watching it.

  29. aside that the level of the dramas are going down. the fasion is going down 2. while looking at the pictures i was like”what are they wearing.”
    based on this pictures http://asianuniverse.net/forums/Nearly_200_Artists_Attend_TVB_Programme_Presentation_2014_t375364.html

    the top dresses are:
    1. tavia (dress was the nicest but face looks old)
    2. lady in blue (nice dress and elegant)
    3. kate ( dress was okay but hair looks oldfasioned)

    worst dresses:
    1. linda chung ( what the hell is she wearing. paying so much money to wear that !!!.)
    2. niki ( the dress was not bad but niki dont have a sexy body what makes the dress looks bad.
    3. too many to mention

    sharons dress is nice but her pose ruined it for me. why copy angelina?

    the best suits:
    1. raymond ( not a wow suit but he looks great in the picture. its better to go safe than trying to look better but turns awful)
    2. no one ( or maybe keneth but … no )

    the worst suits:
    1. bosco ( firat thought when seeing it: really ?!!!. dont know what 2 say)
    2. ron ( too much blue and the shoes complety turn me off)
    3. ben ( whats with the purple)
    4. rucko not really bad but just not my taste


  30. My Best choices are:

    Men’s Outfits:
    1)Raymond Lam – Elegant and classy
    2)Ben Wong – pretty and sharp with his shiny purple jacket
    3)Kenneth Ma – dressy
    4)Hung Wing Sing – dressing

    Ladies’ Outfit:
    1) Kate Tsui – elegant and dressy
    2) Tavia Yeung – beautiful hairdo and pretty cocktail dress. It makes her look young than usual
    3) Sharon Chan – beautiful evening dress, but she looks old and old-fashioned with her hairdo
    4) Esther Kwan – pretty and sharp cocktail dress
    5) Nikki Chow – Her dress is pretty, but it does not suit her as she does not have a nice figure for it.

  31. Kate Tsui, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia, and Natalie Tong all looked so gorgeous. Myolie is better dressed than usual while Sharon is not…

  32. In general, the ladies look gorgeous in their attire, striving to improve what they wear every year. Tavia seems to have won this year’s best dressed actress and I agree that she looks youngser and more feminine. She has indeed managed to improve in both looks and dressing this year. I also like Niki’s dress. She looks elegant and chic. Even Lisa Wang has discarded her usually weird outfits at such occasions for the more traditional and looks very good in the photo. Likewise, Linda and Kate who, I think, have improved in their choice of outfits this year. Disappointing are Myolie and Charmaine. I just don’t like the slash in Myolie’s dress and Charmaine’s ‘futuristic’ looking attire. Yes, this kind of ‘steely’ look does not befit her gentle demeanor.

    As for the men, no one stands out particularly. Suits are suits and should be traditional and elegant without distractions like trimmings and other embellishments.

    1. Suits are suits and should be traditional and elegant without distractions like trimmings and other embellishments.

      Totally agree, in both suits and tuxedos. Either you wear them properly and classically, or don’t. I never like a mix of T-shorts with them. I also don’t like people wearing NO socks or sneaks when they wear formal clothes, such as tuxedos and dark suits. I guess people in Hong Kong like to dress up “trendy” and “weird”. They seem to get this kind of idea from Japanese movie stars/artistes.

  33. reading that article, seems like niki chow and charmaine still have a grudge against each other. they are friendly with their ex (kevin cheng) but between the girls, no friends. so many ‘bones’ in their responses.

    when charmained was asked if she spoke to niki, charmaine’s response: I spoke to a lot of people, i can’t even remember who i spoken to.”

    Errz, if you didn’t speak to Niki, just say you didn’t (because you don’t know her and you have not worked with her before). Why say you don’t remember? As if you can’t remember who you spoke to 30min ago!?!?!?!

    1. Really? That’s interesting. Haha… Wow, holding grudges for sure base on that unpleasant response. Who broke up w/who anyway? I always thought the snake woman dated KC after and was simply just a rumor I guess NOT. haha..lol..
      But I don’t care for either girls; both average acting wise and beauty wise as well. If I had to pick who goes better w/KC, I will pick KC even thou she’s younger, she looks cuter w/male KC.

    2. Nikki looks younger and is prettier. Charmaine is more famous and richer. Hard to pick. haha.

      1. An older woman has a young boyfriend will always look vibrant and glow plus youthful cuz the young boy gave Niki the electrifying energy…ha….ha..not bad getting a young man than an old mannnnn.

  34. Ruco looked like he just rolled out of bed i stripped Pjs…what on earth LOL He usually looks dashing in his outfits at events. This was disappointing to see ..

    1. If Ruco looked that good just out of bed I’m sure lots of women won’t mind.

  35. Linda’s dress is unusual but she carries off the whole look well and reminds me of a runway model. Definitely classy and trendy.

    1. Totally agree with u! It reminds me of dresses in runway shows! Although the dress looks weird to me, but linda nailed!!

  36. Btw, why does every artist have a little red star on their attire?

    1. Yeah same thots.. Reminds me of when we were schooling and the teacher gives us a red sticker which we proudly stick on our shirts..

  37. Linda Chung looks very mature for her age, hope she can maintain her youth as she ages.

  38. holy crap!,what kind of hairstle is this man,ron ng looks like a ladyboy with his choppy poppy haircut.

    1. Mandy Wong sloppy choppy cut looks terrible. It added years to her look

  39. Where is Chistine Kuo? She was the ‘high’ promote new fa dans, right? Or TVB is boycot here, because of here weight? Cuz, she is not listing in any drama’s. TVB Don’t want here anymore? (Btw, I’m not a Chirstine fan, urrrgggg).

    Top 3 best dressed women:

    1. Tavia: fabulous, freshing, lovely and finally she looks young.
    2. Myolie: very classy and sexy.
    3. Lee Ann: sexy but not ordi, here legs in this dress looks much better than Sharon.

    Top 3 best dressed male:

    1. Kenneth: pretty young full because of his tie inside. Like the little details.
    2. Bosco: u like it, or u hate it. I like it. Very outstanding but not too much.
    3. Raymond lam: black is always good because it is safe.

    Top 3 Worst dressed women:

    1. Linda: finally you are the winner! Unfortunaly for this item. Her dress looks like my plaid on my bed.
    2. Sharon: zzzzzZzzZzzZzz….. Need I say more?
    3. Charmaine: black make here too old. It must be a little black dress (LBD) but I don’t see the ‘little’ I must say ‘too much’. In here little dress, there is too much thing happens.

    Not in the top 3 but also look good:
    – Nathalie Tong: very classy and stylish in that jump suite.
    – Niki: the dress is ok. But the dress looks better when she have more ‘ body’
    – Jason Chan: love the leather jacket
    – Samantha Ko: she looks nice in every dress with that body.

    All the commend are bases on the picture from cc and Instagram. I’m exciting to see the show!!!

  40. Are they able to pick and chose what to wear? The girls dresses look great, loved Myolie’s dress or was it Kate Tsui’s?? Regardless, the girls look great, the guys … OMG, what were they wearing, and what were they thinking? Some of the men’s wear were just horrendous.

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