Uncles Lead 2015 TVB Dramas

Hong Kong actors over 50 remain to be favorites for local audiences. In TVB’s 2015 drama line-up, over half of the dramas showcased at the annual Sales Presentation are led by actors over 50 years old.

Upcoming series Limelight Years <華麗轉身>, which completed filming in September, stars 65-year-old Damian Lau (劉松仁) and 67-year-old Liza Wang (汪明荃). The supporting cast features 30-year-old Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and 34-year-old Alex Fong Lik Sun (方力申).

Next year’s Anniversary drama, Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>, is led by 52-year-old Anthony Wong (黃秋生), 56-year-old Kent Tong (湯鎮業), and 50-year-old Wayne Lai (黎耀祥).

The Last Imperial Physician <末代御醫>, an upcoming Qing Dynasty about the empire’s last royal doctor, stars Roger Kwok (郭晉安), who is 50 years old.

After his health scare, 54-year-old Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) returns in period comedy With or Without You <東坡家事>, a series about the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo.

Fifty-one-year-old Kenny Wong (黃德斌) will take the reins in the street race drama When the Motorcycle Meets the Car <當鐵馬遇上戰車>, a series about traffic cops.

Fifty-one-year-old Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) will also team up with 35-year-old Sharon Chan (陳敏之) for an upcoming sex comedy, Sex with Love <性在有情>.

Younger Artistes

Though most of the station’s major dramas will be dominated by established veteran actors, TVB will still leave room for a chance to have the younger stars to shine. The 20-episode cycling drama Young Charioteers <衝線> will feature 30-year-old Him Law (羅仲謙), 31-year-old Sammy Sum (沈震軒), 23-year-old Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), and 27-year-old Lin Xiawei (林夏薇) in the lead.

Modern drama Brick Slaves <樓奴>, which completed filming in October, is led by 31-year-old Vincent Wong (王浩信) and 33-year-old Selena Li (李詩韻).

Thirty-seven-year-old Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and 33-year-old Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) will star in the police comedy Madam Cutie On Duty <師奶Madam>.

Source: Ming Pao 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yup, these uncles are both better looking and can act better than Ruco or Kenneth. I hope they stop promoting those two nobodies.

  1. TVB uncles are really leading! I had no idea some of them were that old. Kenny Wong looks really good for his age! Roger too, though his face is forever youthful! Nothing from Ruco in 2015? Moses or Kennth Ma?

    Looking forward to see Vincent Wong in a leading role, since that does not happen often.

    1. was surprised to know that Kenny wong is 51…please cut down on Moses.
      More Vincent Wong & Ruco please.

  2. I really dont mind…..I like watching all of them beta then the ones they are trying to promote now with not much experience

    1. I’d grew up watching and all of them are the best of the best

      1. I also grew up watching their dramas, they are the real stars with real acting

      2. Same here. I loveee Damian. I had to double check when i learned about his age because he looks the same 20 years ago.

  3. I don’t mind watching uncles. They act better than guys in their 30s. I like Wayne Lai and Power Chan chemistry. Hope to see them more.

  4. Yay!!! HK Uncle Power!! Make the “Si Ni’s” gush all over!!

  5. Uncles but acting good – I rather see these uncles on screen than see Mr. Jason Chan

    1. I agree. The young ones who can’t act like Jason Chan, Tony Hung, Him Law should learn from these uncles first!

    1. You cant say like that. Different environment and situation. Last time the fastest way to get fame is by getting involved into entertainment industry. But the world has changed. People can be very talented in many other fields compare to the past. But in fact, the world now is much more successful and greater than the past. So its not fair to judge and compare with the past. And also now due to globalisation, actors can venture into other country like china.

      1. Well try compare the young 20yr olds Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Louis Koo to the new generation(30 yr olds!) of Him Law, Jason Chan, Tony Hung, Edwin Siu who are highly promoted by TVB! There’s a huge gap! The newbie nowadays are mostly idol who sell their bodies and romantic lives!

        The only one I like most ib TVB now is Ruco! Current newbies are not even reaching Ruco’s level! Let alone the level of Andy, Tony, Louis!

      2. Well if that’s the case, can you name a few superstars that’s from the new generation?

      3. Having said that I think fame is easily obtained and therefore most were just brief moments of stardom and not so serious as the celebrities back then. As you said there are so many means of being discovered unlike back then that they would have to really stood out to be noticed, so they can’t afford to be mediocre. I think term “superstardom” will soon be extinct.

      4. Exactly! No more Andy Lau superstar nowadays! The music industry in dying too! Eason Chan was the last super singer produced!

      5. You cant see in TVB, but maybe other companies?

        Btw, Louis was listed as an idol during his 20s time. People criticize TVB a lot when they gave him the leading role in Condor Heroes. I wonder if you (Toby) really know about how hard the famous guys were during their 20s. For example, Andy was criticized as wooden, no voice, etc. during his early days.

        I like none of the name you listed in TVB artists, but you are overreacting. Give them sometimes, who know 30 years later your daughter will say that they are incredible at acting during 2010s and better than any young actor in 2040s.

      6. I wonder if this greatness of the 90s & 80s young actors view is really fact or nostalgia.

        I watch old series sometimes, and I don’t find Andy to be especially good in his acting. Tony is a natural talent so, no argument there. Louis Koo (who I like very much) also have to struggle for a long time before being acknowledge as a good actor.

        Jason Chan’s acting might bad now. But, who knows, he might do a Gallen Lo and turn from a wood to a great actor.

      7. The 80’s and 90’s actor has it easier than the current batch. Their path to stardom was easier because they started at the heights of HK showbiz industry. HK dominated the Asia E business at that time. There were way fewer competitions. No Korea, no Mainland China.

        If you drop a young Andy Lau in current HK showbiz circle, would he become a superstar?

      8. Jason Chan is god awful but that guy has the looks and the height unfortunately his age is catching up.

        “If you drop a young Andy Lau in current HK showbiz circle, would he become a superstar?”

        Yes he will. Because the young Andy was good looking, he worked hard, he had talent. In fact he would have become HK’s idol drama king.

      9. Funn,
        I recently watched Jason Chan in an episode of lifestyle program, “Dolce Vita”. He is actually quite charming speaking with his British accent. He is better hosting than acting.

        Part of the backlash towards the TVB newcomers is that their TVB careers are not very carefully planned and they are cast in inappropriate roles that reveal their weaknesses. There seems to be a one-size-fits all strategy in promoting new artistes, which is mainly through romantic rumors and making into tabloid headlines.

        Under Virginia Lok’s management, the focus became more about making money than perfecting acting as a craft. Artistes were multitasking in singing and making evening appearances at promo events to make money. In recent years, more TVB artistes are branching into business and using their name as lucrative personal brands.

        Dramas are designed for mass consumption on the go, perhaps for channel surfers who would switch if the dialogue slows down or if there are no titillating scenes to look forward to. Although I am enjoying “Come On, Cousin”, it’s a “fast-food drama” which you get immediate gratification but doesn’t leave you with anything deeper nor lasting flavor unlike older TVB dramas.

      10. @Kidd: As far as I see, Andy didnt sell out his concert ticket in Guangzhou last year. So my answer for your question is: No, I dont think he can become a superstar that easy if putting him in current HK showbiz.

        I mean the audience now like to complain too much. If someone has the look, they will say that person is only an idol. If someone is highly valued in other market, they will say that person is overpaid. If someone have a date, they will dig the past of the partner out to criticize. Harder to be an artist now.

      11. beside the acting,the 80 and 90,actors have star allure,tony andy,louis,ekin,leon,gallen,etc. they all have that idol feel,i cant say that from actors of this generation,i cant name one that have that kind of charisma,maybe they will become good actors in time,but a star like chow yun fat will never come again im afraid.

      12. lol kid;”If you drop a young Andy Lau in current HK showbiz circle, would he become a superstar?” i dont know if he would, but im sure if you put jason chan or tony hung back in the 80 or 90 they can not even become a kelefeh.

      13. kid why do you think that the uncles from the 80 or 90 still have the lead in drama’s and movies and the siu san of today just play the second tier?

      14. “The 80’s and 90’s actor has it easier than the current batch. Their path to stardom was easier because they started at the heights of HK showbiz industry. HK dominated the Asia E business at that time. There were way fewer competitions. No Korea, no Mainland China.”

        I seriously doubt u guys will want to watch the Korean or Mainland dramas back then. I have seen some of them and it can’t be compared to HK at all. Even Japan has better dramas like Kindaichi.

    2. In the 80s or 90s, dont even have smartphones or whatever FB and stuff. But the world now is not just focus on the drama or acting. Its the environment that will affect a person and what kind of experience that he can get in his/her life and will help a lot in their acting. The veteran actor are much more open in their past compare to the current. Just look at the movie produced in 80s and 90s, so nice right. Because of the environment of that time and also the actors can openly act without putting any barriers on themselves. If you got to put Andy lau of 20 year old in the current industry, i doubt he can easily become a superstar. At the first place he did not sing any great song compare with Jacky,leon, but with his handsome look he always got the most popular hong kong singer.
      @Tess, human nowadays no necessary have to venture into the entertainment industry. You can join finance, medical, aviation and many others. How do you know those that are not in the entertainment industry are not real talents? SO its stupid to compare to the past than now. Now we have smartphones and high tech electrical items. The world nowadays is much more superior than the past.

      1. We are discussing about celebrities and superstars here dude! You are at the wrong channel.

        “How do you know those that are not in the entertainment industry are not real talents?”

        This is so IRRELEVANT?!

      2. Because you duno how to compare. You only compare person to person but you neglected the environment of that moment. Duh

      3. I so disagree with your comment “If you got to put Andy lau of 20 year old in the current industry, i doubt he can easily become a superstar. At the first place he did not sing any great song compare with Jacky,leon, but with his handsome look he always got the most popular hong kong singer.”

        Andy did sing great songs but probably you don’t know because you were not born in that era yet. So, if you got to put Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai of 20 year old in the current industry, do you think they can easily become superstars? In my opinion, Andy has more memorable songs than Leon Lai and he sings better too.
        And if you don’t know, Andy was not only a singer, so I’m not sure why you compare their popularities. In fact, Andy was / is a superstar / megastar, not only a singer. A singer only needs to sing well and sings good songs like Jacky Cheung. A superstar needs more than that if you don’t know. You are probably too young to understand and see this.

        You already mentioned about “Different environment and situation” to defend the TVB newbies of this generation. So why did you ask “if you put Andy lau of 20 year old in the current industry”? This is so irrelevant. If Andy was a newbie in this generation (born in the 80’s or 90’s), he would have been exposed to smartphones, grew up with karaokes, online downloads, facebook, etc. With his charismas and networking skills, I’m sure he can survive well in this today’s entertainment circle. This is how you compare! Not just put newbie actors 30 years ago to current industry with “No Difference in environment and situation”. Duh!

      4. Nope. if he sings any great song, he would had been getting GOLD song medal long time ago. All his song is just so so only compare with LEON and JACKY CHEUNG.. You really dreamt longer if you were to put 20year old Andy at this industry, he still can ever become superstar. You really dream longer lar. That era having so many good actors he can pair with. But look at now, its very limited and the quality of movies nowadays are not nicer than the past. Eason Chan can sing better than Andy Lau by alot. Andy LAU can be superstar because he has the best look among the 4 heavenly king. But if you just put him alone in this era, you dream longer he still can become superstar. DUH..

  6. Oh boy uncles in the 1980 and 90s tvb had true talent gallen nick Louis deric Andy, tony , ray lui all those guys had true acting talent

  7. Better having uncles than “siu sang”s that can’t act.

    1. Agree. I’m scared to watch Him Law and Tony Hung leading next year. Prefer to watch uncles who can act!

    1. It’s ok, she’s demoted to a supporting actress which is fitting for someone who can’t act. I can’t stand her acting in ATBIS and TC2. Bring back auntie Jessica!

  8. don’t for get miu kiu wai and Lawrence Ng and Francis Ng i don’t think there is any thing wrong with this trend , the younger actors can learn more from the actors that went a head of them in actting

    1. oh yes, who can forget Miu Kiu Wai…absolutely a killer with his charm. I only watch HK actors…never have a thing for Korean ones. as for female actresses, I like eliza sam, Charmaine, fala. no kate tsui please.

  9. Well, their acting and charisma is alot better than younger actors who only show bodies and try hard to look chok

  10. Back in the 80s and 90s the youngsters were the future. Now the future depends on the same old generation. I fear for the future of HK television.

      1. New talents nowadays are crap. Look at the new generation TVB is promoting: Him Law? Jason Chan? Tony Hung? All can’t act good like the uncles.

      2. It’s also sad that all the newbies are already in their 30’s! Where are all the young and talented 20’s? This is why I love watching C-drama and K-drama where they have young and good looking actors and actresses!

      3. The world has changed la. You cant compare to the past. At the past, they had very less opportunity and hence all would venture into entertainment industry and try to strive to become a good actor/actress and competition is very intense. But nowadays, you dont really need to be actor and can venture into other industry or you can choose to venture into china or other country. Thats why you wont able to see so talented actors anymore.But at least the world is performing better than the past. Drama quality/acting skill might deteriorate, but greater improvement in other aspect in life. Last time not much electronic items, now everthing to nice got internet and so. So no need always compare back to the past. World has changed. The youngster nowadays no longer gone through that kind of experience that those veterans had in the past.

      4. Korea can produce 20yr olds like Lee Minho and Kin Soo Hyun who went international, why HK only produce the mediocrity 30yr olds of Him, Jason, Tony, Edwin? They all are newbies of the same generation – 2010’s!

      5. TVB doesnt represent for HK in the world. TVB artists now are only TV artists which mean their popularity in HK is limited.

        On the other hand, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun do not go international. In fact, the Korean actors went international is the 40+ guy Lee Byung Hun (before the scandal). After him, only has Bi who is over 30.

      6. What is the fuss? It’s all TBB’s fault for not utilizing the youngsters and mold them into idol dramas suitable to their age. TBB has limited resources of artistes and script and environment. That’s why once they hit certain marketability stage the ones for instance Lam Fung, Bosco venture out to Cdrama and movies to get new costars and new challenges and now TVB has that shortage of young artistes again when so many venture out and TVB has to make do with the veterans since the new ones are too green. Likewise, it was a waste that none of Mr HKs managed to make it.

      7. Around 9-10+ years ago, the winner of Most Improved Actor will immediately rise to ‘siu sang’ status and become a ‘lead face’. Moses-Lam Fung-Ron-Bosco-etc…

        Flashback to these recent 3-4 years, has Oscar Leung or Vincent Wong recognized as a siu sang or frontliner yet and how old are they now? What has happened to this award?

      8. @Sum: That award now is Best green leaf becoming lead in small series.

  11. I prefer watching these uncles than the likes of Him Law, Jason Chan, Edwin Siu.

      1. He looks like a block of wood everytime. As bad as Him, Tony, or Edwin are, at least they managed to have emotions. Jason – zero.

      1. Ruco has no filming project after he finishes COD. I hope TVB utilizes him and gives him a great series to act. I want him to pair with someone his level such as Charmaine Sheh and not Grace Chan level.

  12. The uncles of TVB have tons of experience to share. I like Kenny Wong…didn’t know he is 51. also like Sammy Sum.

  13. Kenny Wong is 51??!!!!
    I can’t believe it!!!
    I love watching him since I watched him in “MasterOfPlay”!!

    1. Should be the first drama I fell in love with his acting and find him real cool in “The Gem Of Life”.
      Then the Master Of Play!!
      Can’t believe he is 51?!!!

    2. for some reason, I find his expressions very wooden, acting is so so, not a lead type

      1. same. but let’s see what happens. he finally got a chance to lead

  14. So agree the one in the 30’s like Oscar leung Him Law Jason Chan can’t compare to veteran actors such as Bobby Au Yeung Roger Kwok lawrence Ng Wayne Lai Evergreen Mak Anthony Wong n so forth I can’t really imagine what’s gonna become of TVB series for 2015

    1. Kenny Wong ok at least I rather watch him cause I can’t stand Oscar Leung

    2. YES to Bobby, Lawrence Ng, Evergreen Mak, Miu Kiu Wai…Wayne Lai ok if he is not portrayed as overly smart chauffeur.

  15. i don’t mind this at all, much better than having inexperienced young actors and pageant queens leading all the dramas.

  16. I rather see these uncles … the new generation takes while to get used to…

  17. As for the millennials in HK, here is one more reason to stay away from the idiot box and go back to your social network, games, Kdramas and Cdramas.

  18. I would rather/prefer the uncles act as the leads than the newcomers. At least they could act much more better. Although they are not young, but they are much more charming than the newcomers in my opinion. But I do want to see Kenneth too, I think he is suitable for both first lead and second leading roles. I think the second leads or supporting roles should be Power Chan and Raymond Cho they attract audiences. But what’s important is a good storyline with experience actors that are good in acting and maybe the newcomers could act in supporting roles first instead of the leading roles. Personal opinion.

  19. TVB lacks young actors capable of being idol dramas. These are veterans and I will watch their series but you know, sexy they’re not. Just don’t pair them with girls have their age or let them play characters half their age.

    1. TVB is not lacking in actors that can play in idol dramas. TVB just don’t dare to try their new actors. There is an actor in TVB that looks like Li Minho, tall and handsome. But, he’s still in small part. And there are the TVbeople winners, participants from ‘The Voice’. Even the Mr.HKs they did not fully utilize.

      1. Kidd,
        TVB never promoted their Mr. HKs, which is a shame. With the right casting and better direction from TVB directors in dramas, some Mr. HKs could have become bigger stars. The Mr. HK also seems to be a dropped idea now, as the winners’ careers are going nowhere.

      2. It’s a risk they don’t wanna take. Even their current crop of young actors may be young but TVB just doesn’t know how to create, maintain and publicise young actors as idol drama actors. I don’t know why. They’re overreliant on the veterans and it is almost a talent drain. Look at the Anniversarry show. They have their own homegrown singers who can sing, like Fred and Hubert and such and yet Hacken Lee takes centra stage and the rest were at best back up singers where each hardly got more than 2 chords/sentences in. As much as I love Hacken as a singer, I feel that moment should be more for the young ones and Hacken as the backup. Like passing of the torch.

        Same with actors. TVB may have young actors but none of them is given the chance and backing and the scripts do not allow for creation of idols.

        P/s who is the actor?

      3. @ Jayne

        Yes, it’s a shame. Those Mr.HKs already have the look and publicity. Their acting can be polished.

        @ Funn.

        The actor is Hinson Chou. He is also a new singer. He was in beginning of ‘Rear Mirror’ as the love sick young man from Taiwan who chase Natalie Tong to HK.

      4. And they did not know how to capitalise on unplanned popularity.

        Stanley Cheung became popular as Ka Ming during the airing of ‘When Heaven Burns’. He even get to present music award in a music award ceremony outside TVB. But, TVB did nothing to follow up with the heat. In fact, they only gave Stanley bigger roles after the heat died down. 🙁

        Maybe Stanley isn’t under any higher executive camp. So, they did not bother promoting him.

      5. sorry but i dont think stanley cheung is leading material,if you promote him means you are downgrading the level of lead actors,agree with funn there is no young actors in tvb that have the potential to become an idol.

      6. Please! none of the Mr Hks can act. Look at Matthew Ko, Stephen Hyun, Benjamin Yuen, William Chak. I think Stanley Cheung has the looks and he can sing too. Acting-wise, I thought he was ok in Reality Check.

    2. Funn,
      The 50-something actors paired with younger TVB actresses in their 30s will continue, as there are few actresses in their advanced years consistently leading TV series. Actresses in their 40s such as Maggie Shiu are already playing motherly roles. Joey Meng may be a recent exception, as her cute personality is able to pull off much younger characters.

      1. Even worse. I want correct age playing the character’s true age. So a male actor who is in his 50s play someone who is in his 30s on paper is paired with an actress in her 20s playing someone around that age sounds ok but on screen dear lord, just wrong. Joey Meng at least in Come On Cousin is playing someone who is 40 which is ok. Roger is also playing someone who is 40 but he looks sorta youthful and can play a 40 year old guy, more so Joey next to him doesn;t look too odd.

      2. Funn,
        It is rare for older TVB actors to play characters their age these days. Many of the scripts are written about younger, single characters in their 30s searching for love. The scripts are often written by fresh college graduates in their 20s who have little life experience and don’t have much insight over older people’s mentality. Anthony Wong pointed this out while filming “Lord of Shanghai”, which he felt was necessary to personally change the script himself to correct the flawed and immature-sounding dialogue.

  20. Whilst they’re at it… bring back Gallen Law and Gwong Wah! Gwong Wah was an awesome emperor!

    1. yes kong wah is the best emperor i’ve seen,his portraying as the conqueror hong yu is just outstanding,his masterpiece was the king of yesterday of tomorrow which i have rewatched it many times back those days.

    1. I was about to ask why Uncle Lawrence won’t be appearing in TVB dramas.

  21. There only few series im gonna watch which is the the

    Sour Lady: starring Moylie Ron Eliza and Arrgghh Him Law

    Eye in the Sky Starring Ruco Kevin and Tavia

    With or With Out You:Starring Bobby AuYeung and Joey Men

    The Emperor: Starring Kenneth Ma and Mandy

    thats all im going to watch for next year series cause the rest im not insterested sine there’s one with leading lady Sisly Choi she disturbing my eyes

  22. The conclusion is that young actors these days are forgettable, they still need to old blood to “dilute” the new blood.

    1. Youngsters nowadays have a rather easy life and enjoyable one compare with the veteran actors. Veterans actor at that kind of environment in the past of course will have very special experience than the youngster nowadays. So for sure the veteran can act better and their exposure in the past are so different from the current youngster. So its not fair to judge both the youngster to the veteran actors in ther 80s or 90s. Totally in different environment.

      1. “Youngsters nowadays have a rather easy life and enjoyable one compare with the veteran actors. Veterans actor at that kind of environment in the past of course will have very special experience than the youngster nowadays. So for sure the veteran can act better and their exposure in the past are so different from the current youngster”

        Quote and unquote: you are contradicting yourself. I think you are confused with your own opinions.

      2. And you can compare their experiences and environment and I cannot compare their REAL talents?! Get your facts right and you definitely not sure what you are talking about!

      3. talent or not talent we wont know. You assume everyone will show out their talents for you to see ah? Even they are talented, but they can choose other profession. So its not that there is no talent. Is nowadays not necessary have to venture into entertainment industry.

    2. Generation nw is more concern on the education. You think entertainment industry is the only way for everyone? Maybe in 80s or 90s, then yes lar, that time not even had internet.So it stupid to compare now with the 80s and 90s.Duh

      1. No one wants to compare the TVB newbies (although 30 years old +) with the stars of the 80’s and 90’s compare except you.

  23. I think the new batch of artists are less talented than the 80’s and 90’s. Back then actors could sing and act well. Some were better at singing and some were better at acting, but they could do both. Today’s generation is mostly idol actors. Same for MHKs.

    TVB is also afraid to experiment with the newbies. Perhaps the lack of talent pool?

    1. As i said talent or not talent we wont know. Unless TVB is asking 7millions or whoever that fluent in cantanose for audition to test their talent skill? Even you are talented, you still need hard work and some luck. There are many people that can sing nowadays. But to have a great song,is not easy. Jacky cheung voice is superb but imagine if without those great song, “everyday loving you more and etc” then also pointless. Only can say generation nowadays not really putting much effort on acting compare to the artists back in 80s or 90s. But at least human are putting much efforts on other fields and improved our lives by alot!

  24. I think the problem is due to many factors. First in the ‘old days’ larger proportions of artists actually joined the actor training programs instead of being pageant contestants ie. Miss Flower Vase or Mr. Beefcake, and thus actually had to have some acting ability. Then, they would have been mentored by talented people. You read the stories of how veterans like Kong Ngai or Kwan Hoi San used to run the classes or nuture the newbies. I think its highly doubtful that they would have such talent running the programs today.

    Second, the artists themselves generally appeared to have more natural talent and charisma. As already stated above, there is just no comparison between the likes of Tony Leung, Felix Wong, Michael Miu, Barbara Yung, Kitty Lai, Kathy Chow etc. to current day ‘talent’ such as Him Law, Tony Hung, Jason Chan, Priscilla Wong, Eliza Sam etc. both at the start of their respective careers and when they became ‘Frontline Stars’ in terms of tvb promotion.

    Then theres the issue that more middle aged or other older talent are shafted by tvb or have left for other opportunities

    Lastly, TVB appears to have absolutely no interest in developing actual talent these days, but rather inetrnal politics and packaging idols for commercial benefit with little investment required. Thus all the stories of poor pay to support actors, scriptwriters film crew etc.

    All part of our current celeb driven culture I suppose, but should we be suprised

  25. Chi lam is a load of crap he said he will be back filming for tvb at the end of 2014 and he only said it cos he wanted the BA award last year

    1. Chi lam left for greener pastures.
      Not all the uncles of tvb are able to hold their age well. Damien Lau was impressive in BBJX. Wayne Lai ok. Miu Kiu Wai charming. Hope tvb treats the actors/actresses well.

  26. I just saw The Duke of Mount Deer (1984) with Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

    While I didn’t care much about Carina Lau, Kiki Sheung and Sandra Ng… I was very impressed with Andy’s and Tony’s acting. The charisma and chemistry is something you don’t see a lot of nowadays in actors.
    Perhaps it is also the series. 80’s series (or maybe 90’s as well) seem to be about personal struggle with friendship, loyalty, and betrayal.

    It would be great to see Andy or Tony again in a TVB series… probably not going to though since their salary is more than what TVB can afford.

    1. because they have good looks and very handsome. Definitely good looking than current siu sang. Its not that andy and tony really can act until extraordinary at that age during their 80s. And judgement on acting skill is very subjective. There is no benchmark to judge it. Its all based on your perspective and likeliness.I also can say Gallen Lo can act better than Andy. But andy has better achievement or extraordinary achievement than gallen.

      1. You are not giving credits to Andy by saying that he only has good looks to become famous. Is he better looking than Him Law or TVB actors of this generation?? Come on, of course Andy was a heartthrob but he was not perfect-looking, probably Him Law can surpass him in looks. The thing that the TVB newbies don’t have are charismas and 魅力. They are easily forgettable and don’t have any charismas. They can be muscular, tall, cool and handsome but that is not enough.

  27. Hahaha adding uncle title to the veteran actors is funny.

    When’s the time for leading aunties?

  28. Wow, it’s about time they promoted Kenny Wong to lead in something. He always quietly supports all the other artists with great (but small) performances.

    It will be interesting to see if he can handle the lead without any other big names.
    I hope the writing doesn’t let him down, cause I think he has it in him to become a good lead if given the right script.

    He doesn’t come across as pretentious like most of the other “big” 1st line TVB stars. e.g. Moses, Wayne, etc.

    1. Kenny Wong deserves a chance to shine.
      He has the height and experience.

  29. Wow Liza Wang in one serial. Sure best actress for her next year.

  30. TVB doesn’t have an eye for picking talent anymore. They are promoting the worst of the bunch. IF any of them had an ounce of talent and charisma, it would only take one or two chances before they shine. They have to promote Linda Chung like a horse beaten to death 50 times in our faces, that shows a dire lack of talent on her part when the reception today ( 10 yrs later) still isn’t good.

    I say let them all audition for their roles, it doesn’t matter their bg kelefe or lead, whoever can capture the audience attention naturally should be promoted to lead.

  31. Promote Matt Yeung to lead, he is an excellent character actor, on the likes of Ruco, Raymond Wong. For females, I can’t even think of any, thats how bad the majority in there are. All looks, and some no looks as well, all with no talent. They have a bad direction at TVB. Need new artist managers and talent promoters. Just fire Virginia Lok already. If she wasn’t crooning all the benefits to a few actors all these yrs, TVB would of already had many new actors to choose from as lead. Now only Him Law stands out. Sammy shun isn’t even on par. Elaine You should be promoted to lead, her acting reached another height compared to Nancy Wu, Selena Li, all stagnant.

    1. Louis Cheung and Matt Yeung will be the lead in a series to start filming next month. Pairing with Tavia Yeung. TVB takes a good move this one.

  32. The new Miss HKs REALLY get on my nerves, creepy-saw-face-smile Grace Chan and unfeminine Sisley. No thanks!!! I will turn away from TVB for good if they continue this way.

    1. I agree that Grace seems so fake and tries to act cute / adorable / pretty. She seems like she cares about her facial look so much that she smiles as perfectly as she can while acting / talking. This is not natural acting because she is trying too hard to be likeable. Sisley is more real but kinda plain.

      These are the best younger generation newbies that TVB picks out of the pool of newbies to promote to become idols and female leads.

    2. agree totally!!! who in the world is grace chan and Sisley? selena li also no no. tired of seeing linda chung and casting her in tiger cub.

  33. The title of this article is translated incorrectly!! In the Chinese article, the actors age 50+ were called “Grandpas” instead of “Uncles”. Think of it, “伯爺公” sounds more like “Grandpa” or “Elderly man” to me, not uncle. It is mean to call them Grandpas. To me, Grandpa should be someone who behaves / acts like an elderly man with shaky voices and gestures, slow talking, very wrinkle skins, etc. For example, Woo Fung 胡楓, Chung King Fai 鍾景輝 , etc. I will never refer someone in his 50’s or 60’s such as Roger Kwok, Wayne Lai, Kenny Wong, Eddie Cheung, Miu Kiu Wai, Bobby Au-Yeung, Chow Yun Fat or even Damian Lau as an Elderly Grandpa aka “伯爺公”.

    1. You’re right…”grandpa” is a bit more fitting.

      Just to give some background on how this article came about (by the way, some of the original article wasn’t even translated at all)….director Wong Jing was the one who started it all, as he was bashing HKTV by saying that all the leads in their dramas are “grandpas” and therefore HK audiences wouldn’t want to watch their series (ironically, he’s actually older in age than most of the actors he is claiming to be “grandpas” at HKTV…I guess when you’re desperate to bash someone, you’ll say anything to try and get the upper hand, even if what you say is rubbish). The reporter at Mingpao who wrote the above article felt it was unfair that Wong Jing was calling 50-something actors (such as Felix Wong for instance) “grandpas” and claiming that HKTV won’t attract an audience because of it, so he/she “countered” with the above article to point out that 1) TVB is doing the same thing (having — to use Wong Jing’s word: “grandpas” — lead their series, and 2) these are not “grandpas” — they are well-respected, established veteran actors with valuable acting experience that is hard to come by nowadays.

  34. in my opinion, there are no ‘aunties’. Mary Hon, Elena Kong are still able to carry off their characters as 女强人. 50 something actors are still able to hold themselves well. It’s hard to believe some actors are 50 because they are better than those in the 30s.

  35. I hope to see Samantha Ko and Eliza Sam, they are so pretty, sexy n talented in actings. I have enough of Tavia, Linda and Kate. Its time to promote the talented younger actresses to replace them.

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