Andy Lau, Gordon Lam Return to Action with Upcoming Film “Firestorm”

Although his schedule may not have allowed him to do much more than guest-star in last year’s police thriller, Cold War <寒戰>, Andy Lau (劉德華) is not missing another chance to work alongside Bill Kong (江志強), the head of EDKO Films and a savvy film investor. The two are producing the upcoming action film, Firestorm <風暴>, which will star Andy, Gordon Lam (林家棟), Yao Chen (姚晨), and Hu Jun (胡軍).

Firestorm tells the story of Lü Mingzhe (Andy Lau), a cynical police inspector who wants to arrest Cao Nan (Hu Jun), the infamous ringleader of a criminal gang. Willing to use whatever means necessary to put Nan behind bars, Mingzhe agrees to employ Tao, a childhood friend and ex-convict, as an informant, on the grounds that Tao is given a chance to start anew with his ex-girlfriend (Yao Chen). However, after the crisis passes, the two suddenly realize that they have fallen into a chaotic mess that they may not be able to get through alone.

Although Firestorm began shooting at the end of last year and wrapped during the Lunar New Year season this year, the production has kept tight-lipped about details since. Netizens managed to snap photos of a scene shot in downtown Hong Kong, but little information about the film was revealed otherwise. According to an insider, Firestorm will feature many gun fights and car chases, as expected of a top-notch action film.

In recent years, Bill Kong has targeted new directors with his investing endeavors, such as the currently filming Rise of the Legend <黃飛鴻之英雄有夢>, which is helmed by Hong Kong director Roy Chow (周顯揚). Firestorm is no different; the film is directed by Alan Yuen (袁錦麟), who previously directed two films but is known more for his screenwriting. A frequent collaborator with Benny Chan (陳木勝), Alan penned the screenplays for Jackie Chan’s (成龍) New Police Story <新警察故事> and Rob-B-Hood <寶貝計劃>.

Firestorm is currently in post-production and is expected to be ready for release by the New Year.


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  1. looking forward to seeing this.hope its better than that movie switch.Is it released chinese new year or end of 2013?

    1. Personally I find Switch a lousy movie. Somethin to watch when you really have nothing else better to do, otherwise might as well contribute the time to better use.

  2. Don’t intend on sounding mean but why do almost all HK films have mainland chinese actors in them now? I prefer watching a cast of familiar faces and names.

    1. Hu jun is familiar to tons of people (one billion in china alone) would producers want to cater to your personal preference or that one billion in china? Hard decision uh?

    2. You say it like that’s something bad. Having mainland actors will vastly improve the quality of HK movie. If they are not familiar to you, maybe you need to start branching out more.

  3. I love Andy Lau and Gordon Lam! They have great chemistry! But is this going to filmed in Cantonese or Mandarin? Will watch it anyway! I love Hu Jun too!

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