Andy Lau’s “Firestorm” Unleashes First Action-Packed Trailer

Upcoming crime thriller, Firestorm <風暴>, which stars Andy Lau (劉德華) and Gordon Lam (林家棟), recently revealed its first trailer. Produced by Andy and EDKO Films’ Bill Kong (江志強), Firestorm is the first Chinese-language police film to be shot in 3D.

In Firestorm, Andy plays Lu Mingzhe, a police inspector who is forced to take justice into his own hands when he seeks to arrest Cao Nan (Hu Jun 胡軍), the ringleader of a criminal gang. Against Mingzhe’s better judgment, he agrees to use his childhood friend and ex-convict Tao Chengbang (Gordon Lam) as an informant, but nothing can prepare them for the impending storm.

The movie’s trailer opens with Mingzhe at the morgue, gazing at a corpse and explaining why he became a cop. After his monologue, the action kicks up a storm: the Hong Kong police Special Forces Unit descends onto the street, a group of masked gangsters tries to gun them down, a bus is hooked into the air by a metal crane, and a hail of bullets explodes into the market in broad daylight. Explosions, gun fights, and car chases abound as Firestorm attempts to challenge its viewers’ visual senses with fast-paced action scenes and realistically rendered 3D.

Since Andy is one of the producers of Firestorm, in addition to its star, some fans wondered how these two roles differed for him. In response, Andy said that his responsibility as a producer was to communicate with director Alan Yuen (袁錦麟) prior to filming. One of their main conversation topics was the movie’s script, which went through more than ten drafts before filming began. After the start of filming, Andy said he concerned himself only with his acting responsibilities, and everything else was handed to the director to decide.

Firestorm will open in mainland Chinese theaters in December 2013.

“Firestorm” First Trailer

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  1. Oh god I hope they dont start filming all HK movies in mandarin now. Dub it for god’s sake, but dont make the main stars speak it natively.
    Cantonese sounds so much nicer imo. Plus it is just showing how Beijing wants to kill Canto.

    1. The Chinese government is making another push to remove all dialects and enforce Mandarin as the single official language of China – they will start in the countrysides first.

      Who knows, in 20 years time, Cantonese could be a thing of the past… I fully expect Hong Kong will resemble nothing of its 1999 self.

      1. I don’t think they had ever let up; it has been going on for decades and I am surprised that there are still 30% of the population don’t speak it at all.

        I guess the Brits were much more efficient at this in their efforts to wipe out Gaelics in Wales, Ireland and Scotland so that all in those regions are English speaking only.

    2. Don’t worry, they are all dubbed as the Chinese Authority does not take any chances of allowing any poor to flawed Mandarin spoken on films or TV dramas. I guess they don’t want to annoy the audience and destroy their viewing pleasure. LOL!

      To date, the majority of the Mainland audience has never heard the real voices of all HK actors/actresses.

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