Bowie Lam Reports He is Safe While Filming in Thailand

Recent political changes in Thailand called for martial law to be put in place. Artistes from Hong Kong and mainland China currently working abroad in Bangkok are worried about possible danger, since fully armed local Red Shirt soldiers regularly patrol the streets in the city.

Bowie Lam (林保怡), who is filming for new movie Masseur <按摩師>, called home yesterday to inform family members he is safe. Bowie explained the street situations are intense, and many citizens aim to hurry home prior to 10 p.m. each night. “[In the evening], a car ride that would usually take half an hour took two hours. I was really scared of losing wifi and being unable to communicate with the outside world.”

To ensure his safety abroad, Bowie’s manager kept a full schedule of his work shifts. Furthermore, Bowie praised his driver for being very cautious, “My driver is great; he avoided the streets where the soldiers stood guard. We did run into those who were holding real weapons, but luckily they were friendly because they knew we were only filming.” Since most of the filming for Masseur takes place in the less affected suburban areas, progress has not been stalled.

In related news, Patrick Tam (譚耀文), Natalie Meng (孟瑤), and local Thai actress Poyd are busy with new film, Thailand Love <泰戀>. Patrick revealed that due to the worrisome circumstances, all their morning scenes have been cancelled for safety purposes, and the cast stayed in their hotel.

Although Meng Yao seemed to enjoy her free time swimming and relaxing indoors, she posted her worries and anxiety on Weibo. As a local, Poyd stayed home in the mornings to study her script and deal with other work. Much of her scenes have been cancelled, since they mostly take place in isolated forests and temples.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Right before the coup, I was there and left just before it. I didn’t see any protests except on TV. It was peaceful if you avoid the government epicentre so to speak. Tourists were there, business as usual. I don’t see why they should be shaken or feel fear. The story doesn’t really mention violence so any assumption of violence is overblown.

  2. Hello, they are HK celebrities filming, can they be exempted from this curfew ?

    1. Sure…and get hurt/ shot at by opposing protest parties…the curfew is for the safety of the general public…

    1. Lol wow do you realize the article you quoted is from 1994…20 yrs ago!…haha. I been to Thailand and no not everyone go there for the sex trade.

      1. That article just happen to show up at the top of the search list but the TV news coverage was definitely within the past few years.

        And, I did not say “everyone” go there for the sex trade. You did.

    2. So..what has this got to do with the current political unrest? Why highlight the topics in this thread??

  3. there is something wrong with southeast Asian countries water? Geez, another stupid government.

    1. Not the govt but the people mainly 2 gangs or maybe more.

  4. so excited to see Patrick Tam as male lead! he’s always been one of my favorite actors.

    hope everyone stays safe while filming in Thailand

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