Charlene Choi Recognized for “Sara” Performance in Japan

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) has achieved critical acclaim with her unorthodox role in Hong Kong psychological thriller film Sara <雏妓>. She not only received a nomination for Best Actress at the upcoming 34th Hong Kong Film Awards but also received a Special Mention award at the 10th Osaka Asian Film Festival earlier.

The Special Mention award is not an annual award, but only given out by the judging panel for deserving recipients. A spokesperson for the Osaka Asian Film Festival explained that the award was given to Charlene because of her nuanced and multi-layered acting, which enabled her to convincingly portray the growth of her character over the span of ten years.

Portraying a teenage prostitute, Charlene was taking a big risk when she first agreed to the role. But the risk seems to have paid off. Charlene’s stellar performance has finally transformed her from a pop idol to an internationally recognized actress.

Unable to attend the Osaka Asian Film Festival, Charlene said, “I am overjoyed! Thank the judges for giving me the affirmation.” She then added that viewers’ responses were more important than receiving awards. “My biggest motivation for filming is, after all, the audience. I’m really happy to see that we’ve performed well at the box office so far.”

At the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, Charlene will be competing with Zhou Xun (周迅), Sandra Ng (吴君如), Tang Wei (汤唯), and Vicki Zhao (赵薇) for Best Actress. On whether the Special Mention award from the Osaka Film Festival has made her feel more confident in winning Best Actress, Charlene said modestly, “I feel more relaxed now. Award or no award doesn’t really matter to me.”


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  1. Has anyone watched the movie already? Sounds creepy yet interesting.

  2. Does anyone have the link to watch the full movie?

  3. yes, watched Sara in cinema (10th floor) in Mongkok, Hong Kong. real good. captivating, engaging. it’s worth it.

    the coverage on prostitution in thailand based on real situation in Thailand. kudo to screenwriter for research made.

    kudo to chapman to (producer) on selecting Charlene choi to act in sara. Charlene said she didn’t know why chapman to selected her to act in sara. Charlene chose to act in sara due to the good script enable to develop the character.

    kudo to Charlene for her bravery. her first nude movie. actually mostly showed her nude back towards audience. but simon yam seen her bottom front and touch her breast (as shown in promotion poster, clips).

    it’s a meaningful movie.

    1. mee,
      Thanks for sharing your take on the movie. It sounds like a breakthrough performance for Charlene.

  4. Watched on March 12, 2015. Cinema Broadway Mongkok Hong Kong (screen at top floor, 10th floor). ticket price after discount (used octopus card to pay) HK63 cash per ticket. No discount for credit card payment.

    Go watch it. Recommended.

    Eric Tsang support Charlene Choi to be awarded best actress coming April 19 (Sunday) HK Film Awards.

  5. Thx for all the links and recommendation of the movie :). But does anyone knows how we in the states can get hold of the movie not just the preview but the whole movie. I’m not sure if they are going to show it here.

    1. Tess,
      With the international attention “Sara” is receiving, it will likely show in limited runs in USA theaters. If you live near a large metropolitan area, it should show.

      It is opening in Singapore on March 26, so perhaps has a later release in the USA.

  6. The movie had a huge successful opening in Hong Kong! It ranked #1 for the entire first week of its released, the film now gross over 15 million in the HK box office. It certainly surpassed the ‘ideal’ box office. SARA did extremely well for a film that is not entirely mainstream or high budget. Sadly because of the sensitive subject, this movie won’t get shown in China, but quite a few oversea markets had picked up the film so that’s a positive sign. I’m waiting for the movie to get released on DVD but based on what the audience said on weibo, it was a good film. Both Charlene and Simon were said to have given great performances. Best wishes to Charlene for the upcoming HK Film Awards. It seems that this year’s competition will likely be between Vicki and Charlene.

  7. Saw the movie and all I can say is: meh, not very good but not horrible either. Charlene may be able to pull off playing a teenager but that doesn’t make her performance best actress worthy.

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