Chinese Horror Film “The House That Never Dies” Releases Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for the upcoming 3D horror thriller film on Beijing’s haunted Chaonei No. 81 mansion, The House That Never Dies <朝内81号>, was recently unveiled. A series of promotional and character posters online have also been revealed, featuring horrific images of the main cast dressed in traditional post-Qing garment while standing in front of a forlorn set of abandoned rooms.

The 3D film, directed by Raymond Yip (葉偉民), stars Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Ruby Lin (林心如), Tony Yang (楊祐寧), Li Ching (李菁), and Monica Mok (莫小棋) as a family haunted by the mysteries of the Chaonei No. 81 mansion, one of the most eerie areas of Beijing. The Chaonei No. 81 was a three-story French Baroque-style house which was built in the 1800s by Qing officials. Legend says that the house became haunted after the end of the Communist Revolution of China in 1949, when the wife of a Kuomintang official who once lived there committed suicide. It is believed that her spirit still haunts the house.

Raymond Yip introduced, “The Chaonei No. 81 has a mysterious history. What happened to the house 100 years ago? What made it become Beijing’s most haunted house today? We will be using the current life of Chaonei No. 91 to unveil the dust-laden history of its lonely spirits.”

With a production budget of nearly 100 million RMB, pre-production preparations for the The House That Never Dies took three years, whilst production for the film took one year. The filming crew visited the Chaonei No. 81 and collected over 3,000 pages of data. Scouting for outdoor locations in historical cities such as Beijing and Wuxi, a large sum of money was also spent on building a real house that was an exact replica of the real Chaonei No. 81.

“The House That Never Sleeps” Teaser Trailer

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House that Never Sleeps 3  House that Never Sleeps Francis Ng 2  House that Never Sleeps


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  1. I truly hope this is scary enough to scare one’s pants off!

  2. I’m willing to bet Francis Ng won’t be watching this alone at home even though he’s in it!

  3. This is a pretty good teaser. Nothing about the story but makes me want to watch the movie. I just hope that francis didnt have to speak in mandarin…im sure he did :/

  4. I love Ruby and Francis is a great actor too but I dont like horror movies. I am too chicken. ;-(

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