Eddie Peng Denies Involvement with Costar Bai Baihe

While attending a press conference in Hong Kong for Dante Lam’s (林超賢) upcoming film Breaking Wind <破風>, Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng (彭於晏) denied rumors that he had caused a rift between mainland Chinese actress Bai Baihe (白百何) and her singer husband Chen Yufan (陳羽凡).

After Eddie and Baihe collaborated in the romantic comedy, A Wedding Invitation <分手合約>, in 2013, rumors sprouted that the on-screen couple had gotten involved in real life and thus sparked hostility from Baihe’s husband, Chen Yufan. Although Baihe and Yufan both already stepped out to denounce the rumors, reporters still insisted on asking Eddie for his take on the events.

At the press conference, Eddie explained, “We were just filming a movie. Perhaps everyone was just too immersed in the story.” His longtime friend and Breaking Wind costar, Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan (阮經天), jumped in to defend Eddie, saying, “I’ve asked him before. It really wasn’t him.”

When reporters switched the topic to whether or not Ethan had secretly gotten married to Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu (許瑋寧), the two actors smoothly played up their own friendship. “Actually I’ve been waiting for Eddie this whole time,” joked Ethan, who explained that the ring that the reporters had spotted on his left ring finger was one that he had been wearing for a long time already.

Ethan went on: “[Eddie] is my best friend in the industry, and I’d worry about him if I left, so I have to be with him. For now, we’re just going to focus on doing a good job of filming Breaking Wind.”

“We’ll give everyone an explanation at the end,” added Eddie.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Who’s the first guy with the heavy makeup? All three guys are hot. The ladies will flock to see the movie just for the eye candies…and gay bois too 😀

    1. I assume you’re talking about the guy on the far left? That’s Carlos Chan.

  2. This rumor sounds like the media’s breaking wind

  3. all guys here are so hot and yummy..no wonder not surpise if they have same feeling for each other.. i think paparazzi more interested to know their “brokeback” relations more than with the straight relations if it ever true…

  4. Glad they could work together again Eddie Peng & Ethan Ruan.

  5. Ethan Ruan was so great in Fated to Love You. I would love to see another wonderful drama from him. 🙂

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