“Iceman 3D” First Teaser Trailer Released

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Law Wing Cheong’s (羅永昌) adaptation of the 1989 Clarence Fok (霍耀良) film, Iceman 3D <3D冰封侠>, has released its first international teaser trailer and poster to the public after attaining a global platform to promote the film at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival last weekend.

Starring Donnie Yen (甄子丹), Iceman 3D is about a heroic Ming dynasty guard (Donnie Yen) who gets frozen in ice with his enemy (Wang Baoqiang) during a fight on a snowy mountain. When the pair are defrosted and revived by modern Hong Kong scientists, they resume their battle, wreaking havoc in the city of Hong Kong.

Iceman 3D held a photo call and press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2013, attended by leading stars Donnie Yen, Huang Baoqiang, and Eva Huang (黄圣依). On Saturday, the cast attended a cocktail party with the film’s producers and investors. Xinhua reported that the film had attracted the interest of many international distributors and producers, largely due to the fact that it has been a while since the release of a Chinese-language action film.

Donnie Yen is the action choreographer of the martial arts film, which is produced by Zhongmeng Century Media. Donnie’s international fame and recognition for his kung fu ability is reportedly a selling point of the film, and critics are expecting Iceman 3D to have one of the biggest Chinese openings of 2013.

At the cocktail party, Donnie thanked his wife Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩), whom he called as his biggest supporter and motivator. He also expressed his regret in not adding more action sequences for costar, Eva Huang, to perform. Donnie praised that Eva was exceptionally talented in doing her limited stunts and urged her to consider becoming an international action star.

“It has been great working with Donnie,” said Eva happily. “I really hope that we will be able to film a sequel together!”

“Iceman 3D” Trailer

Source: Xinhuanet.com

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7 comments to “Iceman 3D” First Teaser Trailer Released

  1. DooK says:

    Aside from showing more action than usual (obviously to boost international sales), the movie looks great!

    Law Wing Cheong – director of the highly underrated PUNISHED – has always been underrated and with his unique directing skills combined with Donnie’s explosive action choreography and star charisma, I think the movie will fare good or even better.

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  2. pandamao says:

    The trailer looks retarded so i hope the movie is nothing like the trailer. I got dizzy watching the trailer, especially with the sudden flashes here and there.

    Really hoping this movie has more to offer than just pure action ..

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    • jasmine7 replied:

      DY fans will definitely clamour for this but in my opinion, endless cgi/over-rated action makes it ‘dull’. Whatever 21st century treatment given to this remake (DY’s favourite hobby in ‘remaking’) will NEVER replace Yuen Biao’s legendary original.

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      • DooK replied:

        Define overrated action.

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      • dd replied:


        Who is Corey Yuen?
        Who is Tsui Hark?


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  3. TVBFanatic says:

    I like Donnie Yen… but I have to wonder, doesn’t he have another expression when taking a promo photo?

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  4. Darren says:

    more of the Lord of the Ring custom. So tired of chinese dramas and movie like to dress something so bizarre. it tacky!

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