Is Mark Chao’s Old Rivalry With Vic Chou Gone?

Once Mark Chao (趙又廷) and Vic Chou (周渝民) were good friends. However, an award came between the two friends and now they are no longer on talking terms. For the first time since they went their separate ways, their paths may cross again when Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 <單身男女2> starts filming. In the new movie, Vic will star opposite Mark’s girlfriend, Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓).

In 2009, good friends Mark and Vic were both nominated for Best Actor in Black and White <痞子英雄> in the Taiwanese Golden Bell awards. Although Vic was widely speculated to walk away with the award, the award eventually went to Mark. Vic was reportedly very saddened by his own loss, and stayed inside his house for days. Since then, their friendship nosedived; Mark and Vic stopped talking to each other.

Vic Chou film for director Johnnie To’s (杜琪峰) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2, joining Louis Koo (古天樂) and Mark’s girlfriend, Gao Yuanyuan, on the set. Mark does not believe there will be any awkwardness between Yuanyuan and Vic, as both are professional actors and dodged further questions on the subject.

Mark’s new film,  So Young <致我們終將逝去的青春>, which is directed by Vicki Zhao (赵薇), has grossed over 500 million RMB in mainland China’s box office. However, Mark’s acting was critiqued, particularly by Vic’s fans. Mark said humbly, “I will seek to improve myself.”

Mark, Eddie Peng (彭於晏), Kai Ko (柯震東) and Chen Bo Lin (陳柏霖), were labeled as “Taiwan’s Four Fresh Meats” and the media often compared the actors’ earning power, looks, and marketability.  Mark did not mind the comparison, as this was the media’s tactics in news headlines. Seeing his good friend is not on the list, Mark added, “Where’s Ethan Ruan (阮經天)? No matter what list I’m on, Ethan must be on it too!”


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  1. to be honest, neither of them were deserving of the award, but relatively mark had the better performance in black & white.

    all in all, black & white was an awful show undeserving of its popularity; illogical plot, messy editing and poor acting. vic overacted, which made his portrayal unbearable to watch, his face was often contorted in strange ways.

    1. =tearfulheart ,
      U r so right about F4/Vic, I never find his acting good in any way. He always overacts and just seems so weird. The other one, I don’t know about him but he’s cute by appearance and heard his dad has connections w/him winning. What is there to be mad abou anyway? If you are truly friends, why let a fake award get in your friendship, obviously not REAL friends if you asked me.

  2. one on the left should be vic? read that he is the plastic type, shouldn’t vic be happy for his ‘good’ friend for winning the award? anyhow, some people who are your so called friends may be spending time with you for some reasons, so we don’t know who is at fault here

  3. Why Vic didn’t just say congrats and move on? Why end a friendship over an award he could of received the year after or years ahead? Sounds like a sore loser to me. I never understood his attitude toward Mark. Surely his company explained to him the process of award shows.

    1. His fans are even worse, irrationally “blaming” Chao for Chou’s loss.

      Well, Karma is a biatch.

      As Chao’s movie career really on the rise now with several hits under his belt including the latest “So Young” directed by Vickie Zhao, Chou is still struggling with one flop after another including the latest turkey “Saving General Yang”.

      1. >including the latest turkey “Saving General Yang”.

        I thought we all agreed that it was all Lam Fung’s fault.

      2. Saving General Yang wasn’t a turkey. It was just a half baked chicken, that’s all. And it isn’t Ray’s fault in entirety. So many sons, each deserves some blame. Mom too.

      3. @dd

        Lam Fung is the icing on the turkey cake.

        However, his real-life drama has been quite a hit though.


        Ok, I know turkeys are not indigenous of Asia so a chicken would do.

        My bad!!

  4. what a loser to not become friend with anyone b/c of an award.

  5. It is sad that you break your friendship just because a stupid award that may or may not mean anything as the years go by… How sad…

  6. What happen to u VIC u become like this make feel sad coz u yourself know friends are important! In career u also need friend no matter how good actor u are! U have alots of years to go still so why u like this!

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