“Saving General Yang:” Ekin Cheng Survived Near Death Situation

Above: “Saving General Yang” cast at fan autograph session in Taipei.

The cast of Saving General Yang <忠烈楊家將> is currently on a whirlwind promotional tour in Taiwan.  After appearing at a formal press conference in Taipei, Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健), Vic Chou (周渝民), Wu Chun (吳尊), and Yu Bo (于波) and director Ronny Yu (于仁泰) were guests on Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) Kangxi Lai Le <康熙來了>. Ekin’s private life was drilled relentlessly on the variety program.

Ekin revealed that in one scene in Saving General Yang, he was riding a horse with 300 other horses following fiercely behind. Momentarily, he accidentally fell off his horse and was hanging in mid-air. Ekin feared that he would be trampled to death by the horses should he fall down. It was then that a mystical force gave him strength to pull himself up again. Ekin attributed his safety due to Ronny Yu, who had prayed to the flag of the Yang family that was hung at Kaifeng, Henan province where filming was done.

Ekin’s Private Life Drilled

Newly married Ekin was not spared of Dee Hsu’s sharp questions about his personal life. When asked if Ekin was forced into marriage by Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧), Ekin said, “I’m a rebel. When others insist I do [something], I don’t. When people don’t ask me to do it, then I’ll do it,” indicating that he is willing party in their marriage union.

Dee did not let down and pressed on with more embarrassing questions. At one time, she asked Ekin if he still likes to look at other women now that he is tied down. Without missing a beat, Ekin replied, “Of course! I am looking at one right now!” After complimenting Dee on her beauty, Ekin then added, “You look older now.”

Dee pointed to rumors that the couple will quit the entertainment industry and go into the toy making business. To that, Ekin denied, “I love to buy toys, but I have never thought of going into business, neither have I thought of quitting acting.”

Ronny Yu Will Not Direct “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2”

Ronny Yu also clarified that he will not be directing the sequel of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon <臥虎藏龍2>, which will star Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊). Ronny said, “They did ask me but I will definitely not accept. Ang Lee (李安)’s film is a classic and I respect him too much to continue his work.”

Fan Autograph Session

Meanwhile, the cast and crew continues to promote Saving General Yang in Taiwan, in which a fan signing session was held today. Fans lined up to have Ekin, Vic, Wu Chun, and Yu Bo sign photo books. Excited fans will likely eagerly snap up movie ticket sales when the film opens on April 4.

Vic Chou 3  Vic Chou Wu Chun  Wu Chun 13

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com

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  1. Raymond is missing out on all the fun!! But then again, he may be having even more fun at his vacations with Karena.

    1. HeTieShou,
      Raymond would enjoy Karena’s company more than work. This is the longest vacation break he has had in years.

      Virginia Lok seems to have lost her grip on Raymond, who finally is saying no to TVB’s “no dating in the public” policy.

      1. Jayne,

        Not only that, but I feel Raymond is sorta determined to stop his entertainer life. I think he has had enough of the terrible stories that circulated around him since his fame skyrocketed.

        Personally, I never understood why he would even bother stepping into the entertainment industry. He has his life laid out for him even if he didn’t develop his own career. Is it the ego? ‘I refuse to be fed the silver spoon’ mentality? It remains a mystery.

        I have my doubts if Karena will stick with him through thick and thin, but its the moment that counts. More so, he is loving every minute of it. I think that is what matters most.

      2. Crystal,
        I don’t think Raymond is ready to leave the entertainment industry. He seemed to enjoy himself immensely at his January “A Time 4 You” concert. He seemed lively and full of energy; the happiness of being in love was very obvious.

        After putting in more than a decade of hard work and sleepless night, Raymond is likely wishing to have a better life balance between work and personal life. Relax and love openly for example.

        He will be more selective with his projects, preferring films over TV dramas given the wider international market and also better filming hours. He’s ready to take his acting career to the next level, with EEG fully ready to back him.

        Given his wealthy background, Raymond wished to not simply manage his father’s business but forge his own path in life and make his own choices. He wished for the freedom, yet his chosen profession doesn’t necessarily allow a lot of freedom in terms of personal privacy.

        Even if being with Karena is not forever, Raymond may be chasing back his lost youth. He’s looked the happiest in years. Thank goodness Ms. Lok is not hanging onto his sleeve at every function now.

      3. Hopefully, Ms. Lok has the discipline to leave her all time favorite alone from now on. I am going to miss seeing Raymond on the small screen. The last role I absolutely enjoyed from him was Kau Chong from TOB.

      4. Jayne,
        Yea, you are right and Raymond deserves a long vacation after years of work. TVB really does have a no dating in public policy?? I never knew that since many couples from TVB often publicize their relationship and all. At least they don’t restrict them from dating each other which is a policy with some music companies in Taiwan and Japan.

      5. HeTieShou,
        Not necessarily no dating policy, but sternly monitored so that if dating, if the pair is not considered to be a good match, management may frown upon it. Or asked to hide it in the closet. Even Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam dated for 2 years before going public.

      6. I also find the promotional activities more fun than work. The true work was when they were filming, but the promotional activities seem to be more relaxing and enjoyable.

  2. Hello Jayne and everybody ,is this movie based on real history and a remake of Yang Family saga by TVB in 1980an ,is Ekin the first one to die in the movie just like the TVB version since he the first son.

    1. y3k,
      My guess is that there will be a sequel to “Saving General Yang”, so Ekin and the other brothers may not die so quickly in this film.

      1. Ronnie Yu mentioned of an indirect sequel with the cast in modern time. I guess it might happen because this movie, if continue, the whole cast can’t revive and I dun think the audience likes that.

  3. Heard from the news that Zai Zai will have 11 lines for this movie. He will feel good and enjoy it.

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