William Chan and Kate Tsui Dubbed Worst Film Actor and Actress of 2013

Since 2006, Apple Daily has been holding an annual Golden Plum Film Awards online to recognize the worst performances of the year. Netizens cast their votes in deciding the year’s Worst Film, Worst Actor, Worst Actress, as well as other categories. With ten thousand votes collected, William Chan (陳偉霆), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and the film Switch <天機: 富春山居圖>, were earlier dubbed Golden Plum’s “winners” of 2013.

Both William and Kate won the unfavorable awards for their roles in comedy films. Garnering 33 percent of the votes, William was named Worst Actor for his performance in Hardcore Comedy <重口味>, making it his third-time receiving the title. Meanwhile, Kate earned 34 percent of votes for Worst Actress for her performance in I Love Hong Kong 2013 <2013我愛HK恭囍發財>.

Directed by first-time director, Jay Sun (孫健君), Switch was chosen by netizens as the Worst Film of 2013 with 48 percent of votes. Likewise, Jay was named Worst Director for the production. Despite starring popular artistes such as Andy Lau (劉德華) and Zhang Jingchu (張靜初), the action film was heavily criticized for its exaggerated attempts to cover up plot holes. Besides being dubbed Worst Film/Director, it also took the lead in two other categories including Worst Scene with 42 percent of votes and Worst Chinese Film with 44 percent of votes.

Below is a full list of the 9th Golden Plum Film Awards Results:

Worst Film/Director:

Switch <天機: 富春山居圖> – Jay Sun 孫健君 (4473 votes, 48%)
Kick Ass Girls <爆3俏嬌娃> – Vincci Cheuk 卓韻芝 (2413 votes, 26%)
The Midas Touch <超級經理人> – Fong Chi Keong 馮志強 (994 votes, 11%)
Christmas Rose <聖誕玫瑰> – Charlie Yeung 楊采妮 (817 votes, 9%)
Together <在一起> – Clarence Fok 霍耀良 (528 votes, 6%)

Worst Actor:

William Chan 陳偉霆 – Hardcore Comedy <重口味> (3064 votes, 33%)
Young and Dangerous group 古惑仔兵團 – Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔:江湖新秩序> (2578 votes, 28%)
Raymond Lam 林峯 – Baby Blues <詭嬰3D> (2206 votes, 24%)
Donnie Yen 甄子丹 – Together <在一起> (1076 votes, 12%)
Ko Chen Tung 柯震東 – Together <在一起> (301 votes, 12%)

Worst Actress:

Kate Tsui 徐子珊 – I Love Hong Kong 2013 <2013我愛HK恭囍發財> (3130 votes, 34%)
Lin Chiling 林志玲 – Switch <天機: 富春山居圖> (2639 votes, 29%)
Christine Kuo 苟芸慧 – Hardcore Comedy <重口味> (1637 votes, 18%)
Tian Jing 景甜 – Special ID <特殊身份> (1323 votes, 14%)
Yao Chen 姚晨 – Firestorm <風暴> (497 votes, 5%)

Worst Scene:

Switch <天機: 富春山居圖> – Every scene from beginning to end (3860 votes, 42%)
Christmas Rose <聖誕玫瑰> – Courtroom scene (1971 votes, 21%)
Kick Ass Girls <爆3俏嬌娃> – Violent fighting scene (1837 votes, 20%)
The White Storm <掃毒> – Nick Cheung scene (889, 10%)
Firestorm <風暴> – 30 minutes of it (668, 7%)

Worst Chinese Film:

Switch <天機: 富春山居圖> (4093 votes, 44%)
Out of Inferno <逃出生天3D> (1884 votes, 20%)
Tiny Times <小時代> (1342 votes, 15%)
The Rooftop <天台> (1137 votes, 12%)
Special ID <特殊身份> (769 votes, 8%)

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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      1. is it racist and rude to use the word “Jap”. please stop using that word. Use Japanese. thank you

    1. This is rubbish award with stupid survey. This award should be abolished.Who is the organiser? They are bunch of _uckingloser with little entity of filmaking.They deserve to be scold & screw

      1. however, it is the people that voted, not the organizers. Take it as a laugh, not seriously to the point you want them to be “screwed.”

    2. Anyone who use the the word ‘chink’ deserves to be called jap.

      Nothing wrong. Alee_Chink asked for it.

  1. It is like the Razzies. I wonder will there be any ceremony? It will be fun to know who actually turns up!

    1. Disagree about the vote!!! Who are this bunch of losers who entitled to vote. Kate tsui is a great actress .she acts better than angelababy ,Lin Chiling 林志玲
      Christine Kuo

      While for worst actor will be definately alex lam(george lam’s son).

      Raymond lam is a brilliant actor ,he did really well in baby blues

  2. I thought Out of Inferno was quite nice, it kept me engaged throughout the movie.

  3. the image looks funny. looks like badly cropped/photoshopped.

  4. HAHAHA.
    This is awesome, From the winners I recognize, I totally agree that they were/are awful. It’s about time someone called them on it. Hope they give out an actual award trophy for them.

    Switch – Every scene from beginning to end (3860 votes, 42%) LOL

  5. Christine Kuo should be on the list instead a of Kate.

  6. Kate is not a terrible actress she’s just not suitable for comedy films in my opinion. I cringed a lot watching the I Love HK film, way too cheesy.

    William on the other hand he’s horrible especially in that Triad film he did. I don’t think he’s a much better actor than he is as a singer

    1. I absolutely agree with you about the comedy ….I cringed watching her in Bounty Lady so I had to stop watching lol. She’s okay at other genres like action, tomboy roles, but NO to comedy.

      1. Uh no, she’s only suitable in those “I’m-going-to-stick-my-headlights-in-your-face-trying-to-be-sexy” roles. She can’t act that’s why she’s only suitable in easy to act roles like being a tomboy and pretending to be sexy by squinting her eyes and pouting her lips. Horrible actress

      2. ^lol, I realise she is always given the ‘sexy’ type of roles, the roles that require her to flaunt all that she’s got, even when she’s playing a cop…

    2. yeah exactly i don’t really like when Kate is filming
      she doesn’t even any expressions and she is crying
      and feeling upset it looks so fake

      1. No. Kate is great in the sad scenes. Her crying is convincing and she actually has a pretty crying face (if that makes sense).
        She does best in fighting and crying scenes. I’m like in awe.
        Sexy and/or comedic roles aren’t her best, though. She really has to lose those heels and eyelashes. Her roles don’t necessarily call for them. Hope she realizes that.

      2. She really has to lose those heels and eyelashes. Her roles don’t necessarily call for them. Hope she realizes that.
        Absolutely agree. However, she said high heeled-shoes and extra long fake eyelashes are her favourites. What can you do? Even producers have to let her do it. Sigh~

      3. Compare Kate with tvb actresses she’s fine, not great but alright. If you compare her to aimee and priscilla, she’s a fairly good actress but thats setting the bar at a really really really low standard. Outside in the movie industry she’s not a good actress, a fairly bad actress. That’s what the survey is about – the movie industry not tvb’s worst fadan.

      4. I don’t think Kate Tsui is the worst actress, but she will become one soon if she does not change herself …………. dress (with proper makeup) appropriately as per her role. I feel that she cares more about her pretty image than her acting, which makes it awkward to showcase her acting skills.

      5. Since when eyelashes play a role in acting ability ? Please explain me …
        You can have no make up and you don’t have the ability to act

      6. I don’t think her make up or attire matters as much as her acting ability since I would say she’s the most versatile leading TVB actress today. Even in American films you see people waking up pretty and what not. This is the entertainment industry, they gotta make you look good. I just seem to think some people seem to find flaws with a particular actress they don’t like on the littlest things that doesn’t matter that much.

      7. Personally I don’t thick extra long eye lashes and 4 or 5-inch-high-heeled-shoes would fit the roles of a police force officer, firefighter, or a woman of a poor family background. This kind of makeup will be good for a model, rich woman, fashion designer, actress, dancer, prostitute, etc., but definitely not impressive for a simple, poor woman, or someone in a disciplinary force. Again, that is my honest opinion and the opinions of my other audience.

      8. Personally I think Kate Tsui’s acting is not amazing, but a lot better than many other actresses, such as Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, and many other newbies. She has more flexibility in acting different roles than Linda Chung and others.

      9. Her appearance in the show is not really her decision, if the producers agreed to let her walk in those high heels then so be it. Besides I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wear high heels as long as she’s not an officer on patrol. If she was a madam I can tell you a majority of them wear high heels and make up, their main duty is my to chase after criminals they’re the brains but of course TV has to make it dramatic and make them run after criminals in those heels, guys seems to find that appealing.

        Besides if Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow can take down many guys with those heels as a Shield agent then no doubt about Kate. Sex sells on TV. It’s not natural for people to wake up pretty in the morning but yet they do on TV.

      10. I think Kate can act… but her best roles (IMHO) are ones in which she plays a character with little emotion. Like in 14 blades (which I loved).

  7. i obsoletely agree with what the article is talking about
    the ‘kick ass girls’ movie film that one sounds violent and
    not suitable for children at all and i believe that this movie film it shouldn’t be film anyway and is only something precent which is very low and directors u should thunk about when you film a movie film u should
    know if is good and general for people not just film one movie and it is so gross and when i just saw that name kick ass girls that is very gross and people won’t watch it and don’t have people supporting it and giving much more votes and not to be chosen as a worst movie film………..

  8. I dun know about William cos I have never watched any of his projects but as for Kate, I think she over do it some times. Very dramatic.

  9. Hey, take it in stride. Sandra Bullock accepted her Razzie Award right before winning her Oscar. It’s s’all good. Always room for improvement.

  10. I think there’s nothin’ really wrong about my name? :DD. I’m a Chinese and I’m not a xenophobe. @msxie. I ain’t a Japanese. :DD.

  11. I’m not surprised that the worst actors and actresses contains Kate Tsui, William Chan, Raymond Lam and Christine Kuo. These TVB stars are not qualified to be in movies, what were they thinking. Leave the movies to Nick Cheung and Zhang Zi Yi!

  12. How did Kate and Ray suddenly become worst actors after coming so close to gaining TVBs best actor and actress award in 2012?
    By the way, my whole family thought Kate did very well in I Love HK 2013. She does not deserve worst actress there.
    Surprised Donnie Yen is also a worst actor? He seems to do really well all the time. Guess he really needs Yip Man.

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