William Feng and Ni Ni Prove Romantic Resilience in “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Mainland Chinese actor William Feng (馮紹峰) and mainland Chinese actress Ni Ni (倪妮), who quietly confirmed in May of last year that they were in a romantic relationship, collaborated for the first time in a feature film, ironically titled Love Will Tear Us Apart <我想和你好好的>.

Penned by famous Weibo commentator Zuo Ye Ben (作業本), Love Will Tear Us Apart is the story of white-collar worker Liang Liang (William Feng) and young actress Miao Miao (Ni Ni). They fall in love and move in together, and at first, their romance flows hot and heavy. However, some of Liang Liang’s actions, which include meeting with an ex-girlfriend late at night, exchanging flirty text messages with a female colleague, and running off to night clubs with friends, cause Miao Miao to feel insecure about her worth in his life. As a result, she resorts to increasingly more inane ways to control him and the relationship.

Collaborations between real-life couples are always highly anticipated by fans, many of whom wish to see the pairing’s real-life chemistry translated onto the silver screen. There, however, exists a tendency for fans to deduce that the fictional story is somehow representative of the love life of the actors themselves – a fact that screenwriter Zuo Ye Ben poked fun at during a recent press conference when he joked that Love Will Tear Us Apart depicted William and Ni Ni’s real life.

“It’s because our acting was too realistic,” William later explained, adding that their off-screen romance is much more ordinary than the melodramatic story in Love Will Tear Us Apart. He also shared that he was surprised at Ni Ni’s performance in the film, since she is naturally introverted, whereas Miao Miao is willful, spoiled, and prone to violent temper tantrums.

Although Liang Liang and Miao Miao constantly quarrel in the film, William and Ni Ni both agreed that, in real life, they tend to keep their cool when facing problems in their love life. “He is more tolerant of me. We are both ordinary people, who have relationships just like ordinary people do,” said Ni Ni.

Director Li Weiran (李蔚然) shared that the advantages to casting a real-life couple in this film far outweighed any possible drawbacks, since William and Ni Ni were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship during the filming period, and their passion was overwhelmingly obvious just from looking at their eyes. “They had something real in them,” he said. “This is very difficult to attain – not every film will have it, and not everyone is capable of lighting a spark between the male and female leads.”

Love Will Tear Us Apart opens in theaters on October 12.

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” Trailer

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Sources: Sina.com; Baidu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ni Ni is gorgeous – very striking. Her eyes in particular can convey this sultry seductiveness that’s quite rare. Not the typical cutesy looks that seems to be prefer in Asian entertainment circles. Judging by her acting in Flowers of Nanjing, she has talent as well.

  2. Wiliam Feng – nowadays, his improving alot in acting! Especially in “King Of Lan Ling” & the recent film “Young Detective Dee”. Love to watch him and of cors his real partner Ni Ni as well.

  3. I absolutely adore Feng shao Feng, after watching “Lan Ling Wang” and I look forward to seeing him in future dramas/films. He has such a charming smile that just makes you melt and I enjoy his onscreen chemistry with his co-start.

    Does anyone know where we can watch this online? I’m interested in seeing his chemistry with his gf.

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