Wong Jing Preps for Category III Movie, “Gigolo King”

Wong Jing’s (王晶) sensual Category III films Naked Killer <赤裸羔羊> and Raped by an Angel <強姦> has been guilty pleasures for many viewers. Recently, the director is diligently planning his new film Gigolo King <鴨王>, a Category III film which will center on a male escort.

The film, which is slated to begin filming in mid-October, will star 23-year-old Dominic Ho (何浩文) as the central character. Wong Jing, who likes to use fresh-faced leads in his films, said he hopes to push Dominic as Hong Kong’s next sexy male god. It is said that Dominic’s role in the film is very similar to Simon Yam’s (任達華) classic role Sam, from the 1991 comedy Gigolo and Whore <雞鴨戀>.

Starring alongside Dominic will be Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏), Jeana Ho (何佩瑜), Hazel Tong (唐紫睿), and Fan Ling (樊玲). Candy, who is under the management of Peter Chan (陳可辛) and Sandra Ng (吳君如), turned down a role in Sandra’s upcoming New Year film in order to star in Gigolo King.

In a phone interview Candy disclosed, “Wong Jing said he has already noticed me five years ago. He praised my looks and said I was sexy. I am also very confident with his directing. In addition, I have quite a lot of screen time, so this is an opportunity I cannot pass up!” Candy further revealed that she will expose a lot more skin than usual for the film.

According to reports, Wong Jing has already started the pre-production work for his film and is scouting possible shooting locations. He will also arrange a group of girls to show up in bikinis at a press conference. Wong Jing declined to reveal the intimate scenes planned for the film. However, he said that the story of the film will be “more interesting than the skin.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. hahah LOL…i was about to say that but you got it first. haha LOL…
      exactly, didnt say say a while ago she does NOT mind stripping. hahaah… go ahead, promote your daughter…sigh…pervert dad.

      1. Yeah… if you’re going to promote someone, mind as well your daughter.

    2. Wong Jing said in his weibo that he doesn’t mind his daughter filming sexy scenes.
      He was upset because the movie used his name for cheap publicity when his daughter did not accept the role.

    3. Karma. I bet he cannot bear to watch his daughter doing sex scenes.

  1. “However, he said that the story of the film will be “more interesting than the skin.””

    Yeah, right…as if the movie goers will only focus on the story line than the characters’ skins. Lol!!

  2. I feel sorry for Candy Yuen. She looks very much like a young Kenix Kwok, but prettier (at least to me). She was a good actress in TVB, but she never got promoted in drama series. Most of her jobs were hosting, such as the “Scoop”.

    I hope she will become popular in this movie and switch back to regular movies in future, and not stuck in Cat III movies.

    1. Not many people watch his movies for the story line or acting. Here for the hot chix.

  3. “Candy further revealed that she will expose a lot more skin than usual for the film.”

    Soon she will have nothing left to expose, then what???? LOL

    1. windy,
      Dominic Ho was in “Lan Kwai Fong 2” and “Young and Dangerous Reloaded”. His acting still needs work, but he is good looking.

      1. Thanks Jayne.
        He sure looks eye candy up there. haaha LOL.. wow, b/c I don’t watch Chinese movies just series so have no clue who they are but the girl I think she looks vaguely familiar. She looks like she can be older than this Dominic thou. Oh well, it’s a trend to be a cougar huh? haa lol…

  4. I’ve never found Cindy to be sexy and she looks too mature for Dominic and this type of movie

    1. He is acting as a gigolo. I think, the woman is suppose to be older as she will be sponsoring him.

  5. Dominic was in the LKF franchise more specifically a larger role in the 2nd one.

    Din’t know he was that young though.

    1. Based on that picture this Dominic looks like Ruco, so definitely better than Him Law. Also much younger so another better point against Him Law.

  6. i like Candy Yeun and always thought she deserved bigger roles…i hope she did not have to compromise and be nude for screen time…its a shame she has to progress her career via cat III…

    1. Yeah, I feel sorry for her. Her acting was a lot better than many other newbies’. Her voice is a bit weak, but she can surely work on it.

    2. Candy Yuen is ugly. Why would TVB promote her? Her acting needs work.

      1. Don’t think Candy Yuen is ugly. She was one of the favourites in Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Unfortunately she did not perform well during the final, and she did not get placed.

        Her only problem is her voice which is a bit weak. Personally I think she looks prettier than the young Kenix Kwok.

  7. “Wong Jing, who likes to use fresh-faced leads in his films…”

    Well, this is something TVB can learn from Wong Jing, even if they don’t do film for the same type of entertainment.


  8. Wong Jing should use his daughter and Coffee Lam! They should be naturals in this movie with only one take!!!

  9. Disgusting directors!!! Wong jing only know how to direct porn movie…

  10. The girl above is ugly and Wong Jing reminded me of soft p0rn everytime. But the guy looks like Ruco, so he must be cute.

    1. Ruco is cuter haha… yes, the dude above look cute too. 🙂

  11. Anything from Wong Jing is full of crap. He’s so bloated he needs to lose fat. I worry for his health… seriously a bit off-topic here.

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