Corinna Chamberlain Releases Debut Cantonese Single, “Different Species”

The controversial social setting of Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> has made the comedy television serial into one of the most-discussed dramas in town. Praised for its realistic social commentary, the drama reflects on the dramatic cultural differences between Hong Kongers and their mainlander cousins.

With its highly successful ratings, Inbound Troubles also brought fame to several its main stars, including “Little Tiny” May Chan (陳嘉佳) and “Caucasian Girl” Corinna Chamberlain (陳明恩). Even Inbound Troubles young screenwriter, 22-year-old Mo Mo (吳沚默), is getting her fair share of headlines in the news.

Corinna Chamberlain, a 31-year-old Hong Kong-born Caucasian actress, has used this rising opportunity to release her first Cantonese plug, “Different Species” <異種>. “White” on the surface but “yellow” at heart, Corinna sings about the struggles in living as a “different species” in a land of homogeneity.

“Different Species” is written and produced by John Laudon (劉諾生), a regular collaborator with Janice Vidal (衛蘭) and Corinna’s Inbound Troubles costar, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍). Cho Lam also helmed the lyrics for “Different Species.”

Corinna graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where she studied musical theater and dance. Prior to joining TVB, Corinna worked as a backup vocalist for several Hong Kong singers. Corinna is also a choreographer and a dance teacher.

Listen to “Different Species”

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  1. Corinna Chamberlain’s voice sounds very good, although the weakness lies in the song’s musical arrangement, which lacked distinction.

  2. Linda and Fala should take singing lessons from her.

    1. agreed…her voice is so much better than those so-called singers in hk nowadays.

    2. agree. these two so called singers from tvb who are just selling their idol popularities should be ashamed of themselves after listening to corinna’s singing.

  3. WOW! She is good and her cantonese is flawless so much better than so-called TVB goddesses, LOL

    1. considering she was born and raised in Hong Kong… I hope her Cantonese is good.

  4. She’s a great actress and singer (:
    I cannot wait to see what she will do while being at TVB!
    She’s much better than most TVB goddesses xD

  5. I think Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles was her first drama? She played someone’s mother (who I think is actually older than her in real life :D)
    Anyway, I was very impressed by her cantonese accent, quite authentic in comparison to most other Caucasian artists. She also sang a bit in Silver Spoons as well, which she performed well.

  6. Beautiful voice… but the song really sucks. She needs to find better composer to work with.

    1. John Laudon is a great composer, one of hong kong’s finest but the song is merely ok.

  7. Wow.. Her singing is excellent .. HK artist need some lesson from Corinna…;)

  8. Nice~! I’d much prefer her as a singer than an actress.

  9. I think that her debut was great!, it wasn’t excellent but I think that she has a brillant range, she just needs to find a chance to show it off! I can’t wait to hear more from her…and in several years, I can see her holding an award alongside the other female singers in hk!
    Some artists who came from outside of hk must take chinese lessons from Corinna Chamberlain (umm….eliza, christine, jj, and oceane)

    Good luck Corinna!

  10. It pretty unfair to compare overseas asian’s Cantonese to someone who was born and studied in Hong Kong. You are around Cantonese speakers day in and day out. Overseas, Cantonese would be a language you have to learn but not use often unless your family also speaks the language. Even so, you will still need to find school that teaches the language (include read and write).. pretty difficult to not be able to practice all day.

  11. wow…..her cantonese is so good. has anyone know if she actually can read and write in chinese? or she only can speak cantonese?

    1. I’m amazed people still don’t seem to understand or read the part in the article which states she was born and raised in Hong Kong -.-

      1. However, this does go to prove (to some extent) how bedazzled some are with the colour of one’s skin and eyes. Look at all the positive comments she receives because she “can speak Cantonese” – DESPITE the fact she was born and raised in Hong Kong.

        Would people say the same thing for any Asian Hong Kong singer? Nope… they would expect it because they LOOK Chinese. Seriously… people need to look beyond the skin colour.

      2. Sorry for the triple post – but this reminded me of the time I was living in Japan. I had a friend from Canada who was a Japanese-Canadian born in Canada.

        I remember talking with her that she was having a really difficult time in Japan because everyone just assumed she could speak Japanese fluently… and when she had to apologize and said she couldn’t, they treated her with disdain, like she “wasn’t good enough” because she couldn’t even speak the language of her “roots.” It was really stressful for her, and impacted her with her job.

        I present this because i wanted to point out that it goes both ways….

  12. I’ve heard her sing before in youtube long before she filmed ‘Inbound Troubles’. I’ve like her voice since then. She has a beautiful voice.

    Her singing in Cantonese is a novelty. But, I still like her singing in English better.

  13. She did graduate from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts majoring in Musical Theatre Dance, so it’s not surprising if she has a nice voice and she win afew awards.

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